Early Childhood Development & Education Forum

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Various non-profit and social enterprise organizations are set to host the Early Childhood Development and Education Forum at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute.

A spokesperson said, “On Monday, November 20th, 2023, in recognition of World Children’s Day, a group of non-profit and social enterprise organizations, including Union Square Productions, ParentGuide LLC, Kaleidoscope Foundation, BSMART Foundation, The Reading Clinic, and reFlexions Ltd, are coming together to host the Early Childhood Development and Education Forum. The event will take place at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute [BUEI] at 6:00 pm-7:30 pm.

“The Early Childhood Development and Education Forum aims to bring together a diverse and multi-disciplinary group of early childhood professionals from all community sectors both public and private, especially the infant-toddler educator workforce.

“The goal is to facilitate a collaborative discussion on how the community can work together to establish a more efficient and equitable continuum of services for families with infants and young children. The driving force behind this initiative is the collective recognition that, as a community, it is imperative to join forces and establish a formal Early Childhood Collective. This collective effort will harness the expertise and resources of the partnering organizations, fostering a more coordinated and effective approach to early childhood development.

“In 2015, the Zero to Three in Bermuda report highlighted five critical themes of concern regarding early childhood development, shedding light on challenges that persist and require urgent attention. These concerns include a general lack of public information, limited professional and material resources, insufficient national data collection, disjointed programs and services, and inequitable access to quality services for children aged zero to three.

“The identified gaps in the early childhood development field, as articulated in 2015, encompass:

  1. Lack of Adequate Information and Education in the General Public: There remains a significant need for increased public awareness and education on the importance of early childhood development.
  2. Inadequate Policy Development and Legal Standards: A crucial gap exists in the development of appropriate policies and legal standards to monitor and enforce quality care for children aged zero to three.
  3. Limited Access to Affordable High-Quality Programs and Services: Ensuring that families have access to affordable and high-quality early childhood development programs continues to be a challenge.
  4. Lack of Reliable Local Data on Children Zero to Three: The absence of accurate and comprehensive local data on young children poses a hindrance to informed decision-making and targeted interventions.
  5. Absence of Collective Voices for Advocacy: A unified voice for advocacy is lacking, hindering the development and implementation of effective strategies to address early childhood development issues.

“In the present day, these challenges persist, presenting opportunities for positive change. The focus areas for addressing these gaps include:

  1. Policy and Regulation Development: Establishing supportive policies and regulations to build the necessary infrastructure for a coordinated and effective early childhood system across the island.
  2. Increase Public Awareness: Enhancing public awareness regarding the significance of early childhood development and providing information on how and where to access available resources.
  3. Expand, Promote, and Provide Affordable Programs: Working towards the expansion, promotion, and increased accessibility of promising high-quality programs for early childhood development.
  4. Flexible Funding Mechanisms: Providing flexible funding to reinforce public, private, and non-profit “bright spots” with identified strategic needs.

“As we come together at the Early Childhood Development and Education Forum these challenges will be at the forefront of discussions. It promises to be a crucial event for anyone invested in the well-being and future of our youngest community members. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, we envision a future where every child receives the support and opportunities they need to thrive.”

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