Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Marks 12 Years

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Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda commemorated its twelfth anniversary with a church service, demonstration, prize giving, and dinner, recognizing outstanding students with Bushido Awards, and presenting certificates to black belt achievers.

A spokesperson said, “On November 14, 2011, Charles Butterfield Sensei branched out and opened his own school, Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda, in the church hall of Holy Trinity Church in Bailey’s Bay. Twelve years later, they are still going strong. Thank you to Holy Trinity Church for allowing us to train in the hall and for giving us a home to mentor and teach the students.

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“On Sunday, November 12, members and family of Tabata-Ha attended a church service at Peace Lutheran Church in Paget. Rev. David Trott welcomed those who attended from the school and included them in the prayers. Rev. David’s son, Amiel, is one of our upcoming junior students.

“That afternoon we held a demonstration, prize giving, and dinner to celebrate our students and their families; without their support we would not be where we are today. The event represented a number of important milestones in the life of Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda.

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“We first acknowledged Charles Butterfield Sensei for providing a home for Tabata-Ha Bermuda. Master Kazumi Tabata, was the founder of this unique style of Shotokan Karate. Through his direction and leadership, he showed us the true meaning of karate and how it can enhance our lives, and this method of teaching continues today with Butterfield Sensei and his team of instructors, Roger Trimm Sensei, Oscar Lightbourne Sensei and Andrea McKey Sensei, and with them we are sure we will have many more years to instill these teachings to all who want to learn.

“The demo team was led by Garon Wilkinson, the President and Head Coach of Bermuda Sanshou Association. The participating schools were Wing Lam Kung Fu School, Kai Yun Shaolin Academy, and the Wushu Sun Da and Taolu programs at Aeries Sports Center. We saw the team do traditional Kung Fu, modern Wushu Taolu, and Sun Da. Thank you to the demo team and we wish you well in the upcoming Wushu World Championships this week.

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“Next we had the presentation of the Bushido Awards by Minister Tinee Furbert, Minister of Youth, Social Development and Seniors. These prestigious plaques were presented to those students who have gone above and beyond the basic requirements of Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda. The Bushido Award is presented to the student who shows good spirit, regular attendance and has shown constant development over the last year.

“They also show dedication and respect, and are seeking the perfection of their character not only in the dojo but also in their everyday life. This year’s recipients were as follows:

  • Tiger Cub – Ethan White
  • Junior – Khwai Mendoza
  • Senior – Marie-France Thompson.

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“Following the Bushido Awards, the Dan certificates were presented by Paget Wharton Sensei and Minister Furbert. Dan gradings are black belt levels and these were granted from the Shihan Kai, which are the most senior instructors of Master Tabata the founder of the North American Karate Federation [NAKF].

  • Jerry Bailey Sensei 6th Dan – Bermuda Shotokan Karate School
  • Arnold Allen Sensei 6th Dan – Chief Instructor Harto Ryu School
  • Oscar Lightbourne Sensei 6th Dan – Instructor and Vice President of NAKF
  • Charles Butterfield Sensei 6th Dan – Chief Instructor of Tabata-Ha Shotokan Karate-Do Bermuda
  • Princeton Bailey Sensei 7th Dan – Chief Instructor of Bermuda Shotokan Karate School
  • Roger Trimm Sensei 7th Dan- Technical Director for Bermuda and Co Chief Instructor of the NAKF
  • Paget Wharton Sensei 8th Dan – he is the longest and oldest member in Bermuda, and was also responsible for bringing Master Tabata to Bermuda

“Butterfield Sensei acknowledged various individuals for their commitment and support over the past 12 years. Roger Trimm Sensei for his wisdom and guidance which has been the cornerstone of our martial arts journey. Oscar Lightbourne Sensei for his tireless efforts for shaping the future generation of karateka. Andrea McKey Sensei for her passion in martial arts and her encouragement of our members.

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“Tammy Burrows for meticulous financial management and her behind-the scenes work is the foundation upon which our dojo’s financial stability stands. Each received the Tabata-HaDojo Excellence Award. He also presented Princeton Bailey Sensei, who has been a pillar of strength with his unwavering commitment to karate and his exceptional leadership.

“Throughout the afternoon, Cordell Warner serenaded the audience on his saxophone.

“The school likes to give back to the community in some way, and like we have done over the years this year will be no different. Later in the month we will be having a cleanup in the area and we will also be collecting non-perishable foodstuff to assist with Peace Lutheran and Holy Trinity Church’s feeding programs.

“On December 3, we will be having our karate tournament where a lucky spectator and lucky competitor will win a push bike. The tournament will be held at Whitney Institute starting at 10.00am. Everyone is welcome to come out and see some amazing karate from our youth through to the adults.

“For more information, please visit”

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