Audio: Interview With OBA’s Neblett & Medeiros

February 11, 2024 | 7 Comments

Politics, tourism, concerns the public have and road safety were some of the topics discussed during our recent audio interview with OBA Constituency #36 Sandys North candidate Carl Neblett and OBA Chairperson Aguinaldo Medeiros, which followed after the conclusion of their Town Hall series.

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  1. PA says:


    The OBA is not the ruling Government” and never ever will be the Government, simply because you do not have the support of the voting public and other reasons which you are most likely well aware of.
    Regardless of what ever platform you present, the country has made its choice to support the working man.
    Back biting the ruling party offers them and the country virtually no suport by taking issue at every turn ,is not exactly productive.
    Are the OBA not part of the team that represents ***** THE GOVERNMENT***** of the island of Bermuda ? Contention , is not what we have dreamed of for a successful and prosporouse future ,and voted for.
    We see our selves being left with no imput and no say so that kind of hurts don’t you think.
    Some times I and many others wonder, if double dip taxation is what we actually voted for.
    It is with a sad heart that I see Bermuda slipping into the abyss.
    We do not appreciate being controled as we are not robots.
    Dont be offended if the truth hurts, when we refer to Bermuda as the Island of where every law passed ends in NO ! We are living in the worlds bigest prison with cameras.
    In order to turn Bermuda around you will without doubt need the support of it people !

    ” Never put your hands in another mans pocket “.

    “The thinkers need to do the thinking ” !

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “We do not appreciate being controled as we are not robots.”

      And here you have identified a core issue.

      Is the PLP Government supposed to act in service of the people, or are the people supposed to act in service of the PLP Government?

      • Voter says:

        So you expect Bermudians to join a party that changed it’s name to escape it’s racial past. Stop trying to say the oba is not the UBP. Why do think the party only received a vote of 30-6 last election!?!?! Bermuda’s only hope is a third party with equal balanced whites and blacks working as one. The OBA continues to claim that’s it’s diverse as a zebra stripes, but it’s simply not the truth. Look at the turn out at the oba town hall meetings. More seats empty is what the media showed. Why didn’t any of their hard core bloggers show up to support them?

        • What says:

          For me I don’t think anyone should join a political party, I never would and never have. To join makes you blind to their performance. All politicians need to be held to account and parties can only go for two terms before running out of ideas or their political ideology becoming out of date and damaging as it is stuck in the past when they came to power and the world has moved on.

        • Joe Bloggs says:

          “Stop trying to say the oba is not the UBP.”

          Why? The OBA never was the UBP. The UBP was dissolved in 2011. It has not existed in any form in over a decade.

    • what says:

      Hmmm, where were you when the OBA was in power from 2012, when the PLP staged disruptor groups , shouting down, protesting and fueling people with disinformation even leading to shutting down parliament and using seniors as shields about an airport they now wax lyrical about and was proven to be a huge success story. The PLP are not for the working man, I am a working man and their increases in taxes and increases in the cost of living, talk about not being able to retire and collect pension until older is not for me. Handing out contracts for their relatives is not for the working man, its disgusting. The working man pays tax, that tax is being squandered and not used for the benefit of the working man. To say the PLP are for the working man is completely wrong.

  2. Facts says:

    People either vote PLP or don’t vote at all. The OBA is a complete clown show and these 2 are being used as surrogates.

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