Party People To Host Virtual Costume Launch

February 22, 2024 | 0 Comments

Party People Mas will be hosting a virtual costume launch on February 25th on Instagram.

A spokesperson said, “As the anticipation for Carnival in Bermuda builds, Party People Mas is excited to announce its innovative approach to this year’s festivities with the 2024 Virtual Costume Launch – Afro Future. Scheduled for 12pm on Sunday, February 25th, on Instagram, this virtual event promises to revolutionize the carnival experience for masqueraders and enthusiasts alike.

“The Afro Future theme represents a bold departure from convention, offering a glimpse into speculative futures and alternative realities rooted in African culture, history, and traditions. Keidric Smith, Head Executive of Party People Mas, elaborates on the inspiration behind the theme: “African futurism opens doors to rich storytelling and imaginative possibilities, envisioning Afrocentric futures that resonate with our cultural heritage. Our interpretation reflects a reality where African influence is pervasive across mainstream culture, past, present, and future.”

“Party People Mas is proud to welcome two esteemed costume designers, Shawn Dhanraj and Fon Rose, to their team this year. Their combined expertise promises to deliver carnival costumes that are unparalleled in creativity and vision, offering masqueraders a truly unique and unforgettable experience.”

“Our aim is to provide patrons with a carnival mas experience like never before,” Executive Team member Darren Woods said.

“We are Costume Launching on Sunday, with the launch of our website on Monday, February 26, 2024, and then we will open up our costume view showcase, for the public to come and see the costumes in person.”

The spokesperson said, “This year, the carnival bands will be on the road separately as their own carnival bands, Party People Mas emphasizes its commitment to the logistical aspects of the masquerade experience, ensuring seamless execution and electrifying energy on the road. The Executive Team further encourages former and new patrons to join the festivities and support the bands for an unforgettable carnival season.

“Party People Mas extends its heartfelt gratitude to its sponsors and partners: Pitt N Co, Paradise Mobile, BGA, BGA Health and Beauty, Coco Reef, Burgess Electrical Technology, Joe Viera Trucking, Lite Store, and Solutions Property Management, whose support has been instrumental in bringing the Afro Future Virtual Costume Launch to life.

“Follow Party People Mas on Instagram @PartyPeopleentbda to watch our launch, updates on the action and upcoming events. Visit our Website for more information.”

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