Somersfield Academy Opens ‘The Quiet Room’

March 23, 2024 | 1 Comment

Somersfield Academy has opened The Quiet Room, a space “dedicated to mindfulness, lactation support, and multifaith use.”

A spokesperson said, “Somersfield Academy is excited to announce the opening of The Quiet Room, a serene and inclusive space dedicated to mindfulness, lactation support, and multifaith use. This initiative comes as part of the school’s commitment to promoting wellness and inclusivity and part of the celebration of International Women’s History Month.

“The Quiet Room will be a sanctuary for teachers and staff looking for a simple moment of stillness throughout their busy schedules. In addition to a quiet space, The Quiet Room has facilities that support lactation for our nursing staff, making sure that they have a comfortable and private space. The room is also designed for multifaith use, for staff of all religious backgrounds for prayer, reflection, or spiritual practices.”

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Riki Teteina, Head of School, said, “Through the opening of The Quiet Room, we want to show our commitment to providing a nurturing and inclusive environment where everyone feels supported.

“International Women’s History Month is a great time to reaffirm our dedication to promoting wellness, mindfulness, and equity within our community.”

Lee-Anne Cox, Somersfield Wellness Team Member and Educator, said, “The wellness of our teachers and staff has a major trickle-down effect on the overall well-being of our students.

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“By prioritizing the mental and emotional health of our educators, we create a more supportive and nurturing learning environment for our students.”

The spokesperson said, “The establishment of The Quiet Room was made possible through the generous contributions of parents to the Somersfield Fund, which funds the school’s main initiatives throughout the year, including programme enhancements and facilities.”

Kristen Scott Ndiaye, Marketing and Development Manager at Somersfield Academy, said, “Our parents’ unwavering support through the annual fund has allowed us to realize important projects like The Quiet Room.

“Their contributions make it possible to bring to life impactful initiatives that benefit the entire school community.”

The spokesperson said, “For more information on the Somersfield Fund and our goals, visit the website.”

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  1. Stacey O'Connor says:

    Well done Somersfield! What a great initiative! This should be standard in all workplaces!!

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