HRC Extends Survey On Disability Inclusion

July 4, 2024 | 3 Comments

The Human Rights Commission has extended the public survey on disability inclusion in Bermuda. The deadline for responses is Friday July 12 at 5pm.

Lisa Reed, Executive Officer of the Human Rights Commission stated, “The objective of the consultation is to understand the experiences of people with disabilities, and the barriers they may face while navigating life in Bermuda. This includes accessing public spaces and services, housing and accommodation, the workplace or when seeking employment.

“Disability is part of being human; anyone can become disabled at any point in their life and not all disabilities are visible or obvious. Examples of unseen or invisible disabilities include neuro divergence, learning differences, visual or hearing impairments, autism, use of prosthetics, traumatic brain injury, mental health disabilities, bipolar disorder, diabetes, ADHD, arthritis, Dementia, anxiety sleep disorder, multiple sclerosis, cystic fibrosis, and many others.”

Ms. Reed concluded, “The electronic survey will take about fifteen minutes to complete. We encourage all people in Bermuda to participate. Everyone’s perspective is important in addressing barriers and creating a more inclusive Bermuda.”

The spokesperson said, “The survey can be found on the Commission’s website: consultation-disability-inclusion-in-bermuda/. It can also be completed in person at the Office of the Commission at 32 Victoria Street, Milner Place, Ground Floor, Hamilton or over the phone by calling 295-5859.

“The last day to complete the survey is Friday July 12 at 5:00 pm.”

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  1. Joe Bloggs says:

    “Disability is part of being human”

    But apparently being gay and wanting to marry your gay partner is not “part of being human”!

  2. Packman says:

    Leaving religious dictatorial customs out of the equation.

    This is all about control of several humans over other humans.
    Well ! that is not exactly correct , in reality its control of our money.
    when you take the money away you take the power away regardless of who holds the gold .
    Can we not control our own destiny . Aparabtly not !
    Soon we will have laws controling other laws with the exceprtion or amendments.

    In my oppinion. If you define what is legal or that which controls authority from one country or nation to the next, becomes dependant on the whim on their respective legislators or polatitions which may not nessesarly be practical or realistic especially when one group people control one another, or allow, and creat legislation , or give the authority by the power of a law to govern or program the life style of others or individual or group of societies.

    If you ask 10 different people the same question you will receive 10 different answers . i ask one person 10 different questions will I get the same answer.

    From time to time we see unworkable legislation when the law of “what if” is overlooked or abandoned.

    In the natural animal world there are example of inter breading eg a Duck and a Swan creats a new breed or secondary breed of a Goose and a Gander.

    In the separate world of evolution not nessesarly unique to dog or cats world there are infanite variety of offspring with in their own family, chicken have a infinit variety of off spring but you never see two Roosers of Pit bulls in a partnership unless they are fighting.

    What seems to be lacking in our lives is a degree regularity and of conformity.

    So we have 50 football where no body know which ball to kick and where to kick it .

  3. Packman says:

    When they start messing with human rights they are diging up old bones of contention .

    Every day there are people complaining from both sided of the fence about their dissatisfaction with our Government.

    There are some things and situations in live which are best left on the bottom shelf in a dark closet.
    it s called” let the sleeping dog lye”.

    It is a known fact that there is not one person out there who is not suffering with some sort a of medical abnormality including bald pattern hair loss, for another example there are little children wearing eye class .

    You will have for your selves a hot potato as drivers license can be denighed or confiscated for insufficient reason .

    Peopl may loose their jobs for the slightest malany.

    You no doubt may have hear the saying” not a team player.”

    The university educated family doctor is more than capable of making recommendations to their patients that they should give as some future due consideration from buying a new car or consider driving the same, at any age.

    Here is where our seniors me included are being treated to put it mildly un fairly by having to re apply for a driver license on a semi annual basis either you are fit to drive capable or you are not .

    Do not throw our people on the rubbish dump.

    Are you going to dismiss half the hospital staff for a tooth ache or send the other half of B.E,L.Co home for the same reason.
    Hey ! guys do not buy a walking stick as you will be out of a job.

    Many doctors are not in agreement behind closed doors to disclose to a third party” Doctor Patient privilege ” information relating to a patients medical history .

    Please do not create unnecessary hard ship as the are not enough seats on the Government bus .

    May be if we had “affordable food “we would have a healthier population.

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