Pedophile Suspected to Be Hiding In Bermuda

March 25, 2010

harold-crooks-bermudaThe Jamaican press is reporting that an alleged pedophile may be hiding in Bermuda for the last few days. The fugitive is Harold Crooks, a former high ranking Policeman who was a commandant of the Island Special Constabulary Force [ISCF].

The report says that Jamaican police suspect the suspect sneaked out of Jamaica on March 17, entered the USA, before eventually entering Bermuda.

He is accused of fleeing Jamaica to escape trial for alleged sexual molestation of an underaged girl [other reports say boy]

Jamaican police launched a manhunt for Mr. Crooks last week after he failed to turn up for an interview at the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse on March 18.

Update 1:30pm: Go-Jamaica reports that Mr Crooks has made contact today [Mar 25] stating he is in Canada.  There is an audio link with a radio interview of Mr. Crooks calling in, and gives his side to the story.

The Bermuda Police today said:

Inquiries have been conducted today in relation to reports of a Jamaican fugitive being in Bermuda. There is no information to substantiate those rumors. is reporting that Mr. Crooks’ attorney, Vincent Wellesley, said that he received a call from his client Tuesday stating he left Jamaica. The report goes on to say that Mr. Crooks told his lawyer he is not returning to Jamaica, because he has no faith in the justice system and that due to his age, if convicted he will die in prison.

The Jamaican Observer quotes sources as saying that Mr. Crooks is the holder of an American passport [and therefore a US citizen] which could complicate the matter, as Jamaica is currently in an extradition dispute with the United States over Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, the Tivoli Gardens man who is wanted in the USA on charges of alleged gun and drug trafficking.

The fact Mr. Crooks may be a US citizen, combined with the factors that Bermuda is considerably smaller and generally more expensive then the USA, does shed uncertainty on reports that Mr. Crooks, an experienced policeman, would opt for this small island as a hiding spot.

In a strong stroke of irony, as a senior policeman Harold Crooks was responsible in 2009 for writing the “Crooks Report”, a 146 page report on police reform. What appears to be Mr. Crooks Linkedin profile details an extensive career in law enforcement

This report of Mr. Crooks potentially being in Bermuda is not confirmed by any official sources, click here to read full article alleging a Bermuda connection via Jamaica Observer.

Update 1:30pm: Go-Jamaica reports that Mr Crooks has made contact stating he is in Canada.  There is an audio link with a radio interview of Mr. Crooks calling in, and gives his side to the story.

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  1. jahyouth says:

    Allot of people really don’t know Mr.Crooks. They hear his accomplishments but don’t know anything about the man. He has been fighting police corruption and unfair practices by the Jamaican judicial system from day one. he has many enemies in high places that want to see him fall. they have never been able to touch him until now…I think it was a set-up…sweeten up the lion with thoughts of fancy in his old age and when he takes the bait, catch him and hang him and make an example of him for knowing too much….This man is a threat to the wicked…. I’ve seen 80year old men with young teenage girls in Jamaica and they still walk free and my friends grandfather who died at 78 just had a baby with a 19 year old girl he had a 4 year relation ship with ….the corrupt system is making the young girls lust for money. Jamaica is not for jamaicans anymore it is for the greedy and foreign investments…i live abroad and my house is the same price as a house in Jamaica and I make over 60,000 U.S. a year. How much does the average Jamaican make? if the allegations are true the man is wrong …but he is wrong via social norm not via law.