Dunkley: We Are Well Passed ‘Enough is Enough’

April 4, 2010

Echoing the sentiments of many, Shadow Minister of Public Safety Senator Michael Dunkley has said “we are well passed enough is enough”, further adding that “gang related gun violence is a catastrophic threat to our way of life”.

The holiday weekend has been marred with gun violence, with the daylight murder of Kimwandae Walker at a Good Friday kite flying event at Victor Scott field, as well as the Easter morning shooting of an 18 year old.

The full statement of UBP Senator Michael Dunkley J.P, Shadow Minister for Public Safety follows below:

No one in the community should be surprised by this latest vile examples of thuggery in Bermuda. We have been drifting toward this kind of horror for years now. We are well passed ‘enough is enough’.

It is fine to call for counseling and all the necessary support needed for the Police to do their job, but the immediate need is to:

  1. Get gangs to stop the shooting, and
  2. Start breaking down the structures that support the people who are committing and perpetuating these acts.

The United Bermuda Party will come forward with specific proposals on these two priorities later this week, but in the meantime, with the strongest sense of urgency, we appeal to people who know and support the killers and the gangs that send them to kill with the straightforward questions:

  • Is this life as it should be?
  • Is this what you want for your loved ones?

Each one of you knows that your behaviour, your acceptance, even your passivity is contributing to the violence.

Each of you has to ask themselves – under your god, before your children, in front of the mirror – whether what you are doing is the right thing. Are you living by the values of your parents? Are you living by the lessons of Christ? Are you setting a good example? Would the people you most admire approve?

Gang related gun violence is a catastrophic threat to our way of life – everyone’s way of life – from unionized workers to corporate chieftains, from dive boat operators to school children.

The threat will not diminish until people face up to the consequences of their actions or inactions. We cannot succeed in breaking this tragic and stupid cycle of events until the people supporting the violence decide to change their ways.

Until then, words will follow shootings and murder again and again and again.

April 4, 2010

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  1. Kevin says:

    The crime on the island has gotten to the point where I as a young black father wish to leave the island with my children. This island is too small and as far as I can see the more gun violence that arises the police seem to be hitting harder and harder on traffic violations. They say they want the people to come forward to help out!!!!!! When we go to the police they build such a poor case that the conviction or shell I say where the criminal should have been convicted has been let go. The way I see it you commit the crime you get off honestly, show me justice in that. I believe the youth that have their act together should build a new party along with some of the veterans of politics they should come with the past knowledge and experience to guide the new party to a better position to get a handle on the chaos that is taking over our island. This devastation is leaving locals without the ability to feel safe in their Childs schools their back yard depending where you stay. (Pass a law where the people can protect themselves, give us a chance to fight back). If the government takes too long to sort it out the people will eventually come together and use force to get them and that is when the true chaos will start. My advice to the leaders is STOP talking and start to act have the patrol out in the known areas and actually have someone in there (unlike court street etc..) car/van you passed the law to be able to search a persons house car and body without a warrant (tell us why this gun violence is still going on when you have the ability) ok that was a step now start knocking on doors. you made all the promises ok we herd you so now start showing us you can do more then just spend our money on trips 5star hotels when your people are here suffering finance spending on… you see there is a lot to look at as the people so you as the leaders need to step up we are like your children per say and as one of your children I speak up and say i am hungry for a solution please; please I beg you to provide even a pinch of hope for us.