Former MP Allan Marshall To Run For UBP

May 4, 2010

AMarshallThe United Bermuda Party [UBP] today officially confirmed that former MP Mr. Allan Marshall will contest the Hamilton South seat in the next election. The next election is not scheduled as of yet, however must be called and held by 2012.

The Hamilton South seat was formerly held for the UBP by Darius Tucker, who resigned from the UBP in 2009, and now sits as an independent. The seat was contested for the PLP by Wayne Caines in the 2007 election.

Opposition Leader Kim Swan lauded Mr Marshall at a press conference today saying:

He brings with him business skills, experience and good character. And he shares with us a love for Bermuda and a commitment to making sure this island stays strong.

Allan has been a banker who has worked both here and abroad.He has been an entrepreneur who built a company from a dream, creating jobs and a product people trust. He is a financial manager who has worked for some of the most highly respected companies on the island, both local and international.

He has broad government experience having served on a variety of public boards as well as being a Member of Parliament from 1998 to 2003 and a Senator before that.

A former politician, Mr Marshall was appointed to the Bermuda Senate in 1997, and was elected to Parliament in 1998, where he served until 2003. A successful businessman, he is best known for founding Pure Water Ltd. in Bermuda.

Mr Marshall attended Saltus Grammar School and graduated from Princeton University in 1978. Upon graduation, he joined the Bank of Bermuda in 1978 where he worked for 13 years, spending 7 years in the bank’s Hong Kong office managing their Treasury Department.

In 1992 Mr Marshall opened Pure Water Bermuda Limited, which he later sold in 1996. In 1999 he joined Argent Financial Group as a director with responsibility for marketing and investor services.

At the press conference today he said:

I decided to run for office again because I have serious concerns about the direction the island is heading under this government. I am concerned because I see continuing failure to improve education. I see runaway public debt that has grown fivefold since 1998.

I see it in a crime scene that threatens our way of life, and in the collapse of our tourism industry. And I see it in our faltering and increasingly vulnerable economy.

I have watched this government closely and do not believe they are providing positive, effective leadership. The fact is that under this government Bermuda is not progressing as it should.

As a father, a husband and a Bermudian who is deeply concerned for the preservation of our safety and our prosperity, I feel duty bound to step forward.

We need change in Bermuda.

I do so under the banner of the United Bermuda Party because I believe it can do better for Bermuda. I have watched and worked closely with many in the UBP and believe they have the experience, the skills, the steady hands and the commitment to bring about the change Bermuda needs.

I have listened to what they have to say and I support the party in its calls for:

  • Strong and effective law and order
  • education reform that makes a difference in the classroom
  • rescuing tourism
  • steady, realistic economic management, and
  • reforming government to make it more open, more accountable; to make it work for the people.
  • We can do better, and I believe the UBP can do it. I believe it can make Bermuda work again.

As for the people of Hamilton South, I pledge to serve them and not let them down. I pledge to be available to them when they need me and to do my best to represent their views in the House of Assembly and at the Cabinet table.

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