Gaming Wrapup: Vast Majority of MPs Against

May 8, 2010

Scroll down for a concise wrap-up of the political debate last night over the controversial subject of gaming in Bermuda. Bernews live blogged the entire gaming debate in the House of Assembly, for the full coverage click here, and below are the major points:

MPs who spoke for gaming:

  1. PLP Premier Dr Ewart Brown
  2. PLP Zane DeSilva
  3. PLP Walter Lister
  4. PLP Michael Weeks
  5. BDA Mark Pettingill
  6. BDA Shawn Crockwell
  7. Independent Darius Tucker

MPs who spoke against gaming:

  1. PLP Deputy Premier Paula Cox
  2. PLP Wayne Furbert
  3. PLP Patrice Minors
  4. PLP Elvin James
  5. PLP Alex Scott
  6. PLP Walter Roban*
  7. PLP Randy Horton
  8. PLP Dale Butler
  9. PLP Dame Jennifer Smith
  10. PLP Michael Scott*
  11. PLP Lovitta Foggo
  12. PLP Ashfield DeVent
  13. PLP Dennis Lister
  14. UBP Opposition Leader Kim.Swan
  15. UBP John Barritt
  16. UBP Bob Richards
  17. UBP Dr Grant Gibbons
  18. UBP Patricia Gordon-Pamplin
  19. UBP Louise Jackson
  20. UBP Charles Swan
  21. UBP Cole Simons
  22. UBP Trevor Moniz
  23. BDA Donte Hunt

MPs who Bernews could not indisputably determine:

  1. PLP Neletha Butterfield
  2. PLP Glenn Blakeney

MPs who were not present at debate:

  1. PLP Wayne Perinchief
  2. PLP Terry Lister
  3. PLP Derrick Burgess

Percentages [out of 35 MPs with a vote]

  • 20% were for
  • 65.71% were against
  • 5.71% Bernews could not determine
  • 8.57% were not present

Political Breakdown: UBP

  • 9 elected MPs total
  • Zero for
  • 9 against
  • All elected UBP MPs spoke against

Political Breakdown: PLP

  • 23 elected MPs total
  • 4 for
  • 13 against
  • 2 undetermined by Bernews
  • 3 missing from House
  • 1 Speaker, no vote/debate

Political Breakdown: BDA

  • 3 elected MPs total
  • 2 for
  • 1 against

Political Breakdown: Independent

  • 1 elected MP who sits as an independent, was for

MPs who spoke in support of deciding via referendum included:

  • Dr Grant Gibbons [UBP]
  • Kim Swan [UBP]
  • Bob Richards [UBP]
  • Dale Butler [PLP]
  • Ashfield Devent [PLP]
  • Dale Butler [PLP]
  • Glenn Blakeney [PLP]
  • Shawn Crockwell [BDA]
  • Michael Scott [PLP]
  • Dr Ewart Brown [PLP]

Notable Quotes

Dale Butler [PLP]

I have a $2 bet out now that the Premier will leave in October.

Alex Scott [PLP]

I didn’t support it when I was the Premier, and I don’t support it now that I am a lowly backbencher.

Bob Richards [UBP]

It’s the “low rollers” who make casinos the money, not the “high rollers”

Kim.Swan [UBP]

We want to jeopardize everything that is Bermudian for a dollar.

Glenn Blakeney [PLP]

I wish the Churches were as vociferous in addressing our social ills as they are about opposing gaming

To view the full coverage of the entire 10.5 hour debate click here

**Positions were not strongly made, but veered towards for/against

[Disclaimer: This may not be fully inclusive. All coverage is unofficial, and does not reflect official statements issued by the MPs]

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  1. Takbir Sharrieff says:

    for Glenn Blakeney…..Gambling is a social ill…….The Church is coming out hard against it……..and so am I…..I am vociferously against it…….