Escaped Suspect Makes News Worldwide

July 15, 2010

Bermuda is in the international headlines…and not for our pink sand and turquoise waters.

Various entities ranging from supersite Yahoo, to various news outlets in Africa, Australia, Canada, Honduras, India, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK and the USA are reporting on escaped suspect Alvone Maybury posting on Facebook while on the run. The story went out on the AFP wire service and has been picked up by countless news outlets spanning the globe. A search for his name this morning (July 15) shows over 1,300 answers, a drastic uptake from yesterday, indicating that hundreds of news outlets have posted the story on their websites.

The news that Mr Maybury was posting on Facebook was first broken by Bernews at 9:30am yesterday, was picked up by other local media hours later, and then picked up by the international media late evening.

The start of the AFP article is below, read the full version here on Yahoo.

A tiny island surrounded by miles of empty ocean might not seem like the ideal terrain for an escaped prisoner on the run. But 24-year-old Alvone Maybury has evaded police in Bermuda for more than 36 hours — and has still found time to update his Facebook page.

Mr Maybury escaped from prison officers in a dramatic daylight break outside of Magistrates Court. He was being brought out after facing firearm charges relating to a shooting last year, and just took off running at high speed up Parliament Street while still handcuffed and Prison Officers giving chase. The Police immediately set up a large scale manhunt, focusing initially on in the North Hamilton area.

A special task force has been established by Bermuda Police Service and Department of Corrections to continue the search. We sent a message to him via Facebook account, and have opened up a line of conversation, which concluded in him claiming he will turn himself in today. The Police have asked that if Mr Maybury is spotted, contact police immediately on 295-0011 to report clothing description, his location and his mode of transport if he is seen. They have reminded the public that harbouring a fugitive is a criminal offence for which a person can be sentenced to two years in prison.

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  1. Person of Interest says:

    The fact that this guy is still out there, with a reward on his head, and being protected by who knows who, is not only embarrassing beyond believe to all Bermudians – but also an indication of how much trouble Bermuda is in. The gang culture is obviously much more deep seeded than anyone knew. This is a wake up call for all of Bermuda. It is beyond pathetic that our police can’t find this guy – and beyond scary that nobody will talk. Bermuda is in deep trouble.