Escapee: Too Hot To Come Out Of Hole

July 16, 2010

hot-sunMany locals are complaining about the heat today [July 15], and amongst them is escaped suspect Alvone Maybury who posted on his Facebook account at 11:30 this morning that he “I’ma turn myself in later 2night, its to hot to come outta my hole ritht now.” Mr Maybury had told both Bernews and ZBM yesterday that he planned to turn himself in today.

The Bermuda Weather Service says today’s high is near 29°C/85°F, and that tonight will be a low near 26°C/79°F.

24-year-old Mr Maybury escaped from prison officers in a dramatic daylight break outside of Magistrates Court on July 13. He was being brought out after facing firearm charges and just took off running at high speed up Parliament Street while still handcuffed with Prison Officers giving chase. The Police immediately set up a large scale manhunt, focusing initially on in the North Hamilton area.

The news that Mr Maybury was posting on Facebook was first broken by Bernews at 9:30am yesterday, picked up by other local media hours later, and then picked up by the international media late evening.

A special task force has been established by Bermuda Police Service and Department of Corrections to continue the search. The Police have asked that if Mr Maybury is spotted, contact police immediately on 295-0011 to report clothing description, his location and his mode of transport if he is seen.

They have reminded the public that harbouring a fugitive is a criminal offence for which a person can be sentenced to two years in prison.

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  1. Person of Interest says:

    The fact that this guy is still out there, with a reward on his head, and being protected by who knows who, is not only embarrassing beyond believe to all Bermudians – but also an indication of how much trouble Bermuda is in. The gang culture is obviously much more deep seeded than anyone knew. This is a wake up call for all of Bermuda. It is beyond pathetic that our police can’t find this guy – and beyond scary that nobody will talk. Bermuda is in deep trouble.

  2. What is this island coming to? says:

    How proud will Alvone be when he has to explain to his son that he was in prison on gun charges, used to commit robberies and escaping from prison and was on the run which caused his Momma’s door to be broken down by a police task force. Whatever the community think and I am no particular fan of the policing here, HE caused that – no one else. Whatever your issues are growing up, you have to eventually take responsibility for yourself. Its very easy to blame society, your parents etc but in the end, you have to take a long deep hard look inside yourself and decide what is right or wrong.

    • bernews says:

      Thanks for the comment,that was actually his ex-girlfriend’s moms door which was damaged. Alvone’s mother died some years back when he was a child….

      • What is this island coming to? says:

        Sorry I did actually mean to write his Baby Momma’s, not his Momma’s. I was aware his parents had died some years ago. My mistake.

    • AF says:

      I am glad for you comment. We must remember that with every right there is a responsibility. I may sound like a broken record but this is what I believe. When you aren’t responsible your rights are taken from u. Only you are responsible how you react to the trials that life deals you. You either be a victim or a survivor. Stand up and take responsibility for your actions. As someone once said, the sweetest revenge is success.

      To everyone helping this young man remain a fugitive and think you are doing what is in the best interest of him. You are not helping him or Bermuda. He needs to stand on his own two feet and take responsibility for his actions, face the consequences and then move on in a positive manner so that he still can be a productive member of society. None of this can happen until he faces the consequences for his actions.