Photos/Video: Car Flips Over In Smiths

January 23, 2011

[Updated w/video and photos] At approximately 10:15pm this evening [Jan 23] a car smashed through a wall and flipped over on Harrington Sound Road opposite the junction with Lolly’s Well Road in Smith’s Parish.

Car Accident Harrington Sound Road Bermuda Jan 24th 2011-1-6

The car was being driven west along Harrington Sound Road, and appeared to damage a fence, a hedge, a wall and demolished a moongate before flipping upside down.

It appears that two people were injured in the accident with one man being trapped for a few minutes before he was able to crawl out with assistance from a passing motorist who had stopped to assist. He was taken by ambulance to King Edward Memorial Hospital with injuries that did not appear to be life threatening.

The Fire Service attended to assist in extricating the man trapped in the car but he was able to get out before they arrived. The road had to be closed to traffic while emergency service personnel attended the scene. We will update with official information as able.

This is the second time this month a car accident in which the vehicle ‘flipped over’ has occurred in the Harrington Sound area, following an incident on January 3rd.

Update 5:00am: At 2:30am a crane came and removed the car, and it was transported away. Additional photos and video of the car being hoisted and removed is below.

Update 2:50pm: Official statement from the Police:

Around 10:30pm on Sunday, Police attended a reported single vehicle road traffic collision resulting in injury on Harrington Sound Road in Smith’s parish near the junction with Lolly’s Well Road.

It appears that a car was traveling along Harrington Sound Road when the driver, a 32 year old Smith’s parish man, lost control. As a result the vehicle went over an embankment and overturned. The driver was injured and taken to King Edward VII Memorial Hospital via ambulance for treatment. The passenger, a 26 year old Warwick man, was also injured; however he declined medical treatment.

The car was extensively damaged. Inquiries into this incident are underway. Police are appealing for any witnesses to this collision to contact PC Darren Harvey on 295-0011

Photos by Only the Best, click to enlarge:

Update 5:00pm: The driver has been airlifted overseas for further medical care.

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  1. Call as it is says:

    Yet another one de road… making Bermuda roads safer everyday!!!

  2. For real says:

    If they survived it was truly a blessing from God and it was not their time! Seeing this wreck you wouldn’t believe anyone survived!

    • Call as it is says:

      oh really!! God was the copilot huh?

      • WOW!! says:

        SMH at you!!!!!

      • Prayer works says:

        Yes God was, he gets prayed for on a regular. God we give you
        all of the glory and praise!!!!!

        • Call as it is says:

          all the glory for letting him crash this car!!!

          gimme a break!!

  3. Curious says:

    Is it really possible to flip a car at 35 KPH? I guess so, as nobody speeds around here because if they did, wouldn’t the police do something about it? Like Saturday afternoon when a car passed my doing 70-80 KPH, right in front of a police car. At the least they could of got him for driving without due care as he almost hit 2 other vehicles…

  4. Terry says:

    Just imagine. A few more feet and I don’t think they would have survived going into Harrington Sound.



    • Call as it is says:

      Personally I hope the driver gets the bills and is made to pay every last cent to any repairs to the road,fence,hedge,wall and the Moongate!

      • Young Bermudian says:

        ‘Call’ I bet you wouldn’t be saying that if it was a loved one who cause this accident and it was trluy an accident!

        • Reality says:

          Accidents are unintentional…..35 KPH does not cause this type of damage to cars or property. No one wishes injury or death to the driver and/or passengers but they will have to answer for their actions with the driver accepting his fate (time off the road, a fine and reparations to property owners). Also, what would you say if someone’s loved one killed your loved one because of their dangerous driving?

        • Scott says:

          just FYI, in the US, officially, they are called crashes, not accidents, because 99% of the time they are preventable. Speed, not watching road, distractions, even “accidental” things like someone elses bad driving.

          it is far to rarely ever really accidental.

        • Call as it is says:

          read below fool!

      • Rose-Anna Smith says:

        We have yet to know what truly happened… so you should reserve your comments. Just as your are speculating and passing judgement… I can also speculate that you are another “small-minded” Bermudian with little else to do, but pass judgments. With that said, I am not being fare in my speculations, and therefore neither are you.


        Signed: The Driver’s Mother

      • victim's sister in the US says:

        Call, I agree with my mother! U don’t know wat happened so it would be best to keep ur thoughts n opinions to yourself! U never kno, u might be next n who says u will be as lucky to survive! Think before u speak! Who r u to pass judgment? No damn body worth hearing….

        Signed the driver’s sister in the USA

      • c douglas says:

        f&%# u “call” ( the brother )

  6. Sara says:

    This is so ridiculous, these are the types of accidents you see on the dang highway in U.S.!

  7. Choir Boy says:

    Can’t even tell what kind of car it is (was).

    • Icarus says:

      MG ZR

      Put it on display out in front of City Hall as a reminder of what happens when you act a certain way on the roads.

      • Mack says:

        They did that a couple years ago, having the results of accidents place all over the island….had no effect what so ever.

        • UncleElvis says:

          Sure it did… all those displays actually CAUSED accidents.

          Not quite the effect they were going for…

  8. Young Bermudian says:

    Is it a surprise how quick people are to cast judgment. I mean unless you work for the police or you were there, nobody knows what really happened. This is the reason why our young bermudians act the way they do because they are already shun in a negative light. I mean I wasn’t there but I do believe in giving people the benifit of the doubt. The accident may have occured similarly to what you have stated, but what happens if it didn’t. Are you going to apologize. I think not. To me it looks like the car may have flipped as the result of falling of an embankment, but that is just my perspective. It would be crazy if there was an ederly person driving and he suffered from some type of illness or a tire could have blown out to result in this accident. ‘For real’ you are absolutely correct that for the two to survive it was a blessing from God. ‘Call’ how dare you make a statement like that because I know God has been with you through your trials and tribulations. Don’t judge unless you can be judged.

    A Young Bermudian

    • StarLeeLee says:

      AGREE 100%

      • Reality says:

        That’s the problem with Bermudains……too much faith and not enough responsibility. The bottom line is, although we are quick to make assumptions, and some are stupid assumptions, we can all agree that speed played a roll in this crash. Responsibility people, and stop trying to make excuses for those who make improper decisions!!!! We are just validating their actions as ‘OK’.

        • Sarah says:

          The (debatable possibility of a) final judgment doesn’t preclude you from having to answer for your own actions while living.

          • Young Bermudian says:

            Again did anyone her me state anything about not owning up to your responsibility. I thoroughly believe in everyone facing the consequences of their actions. All I said was do not cast judgement until the truth has been revealed. How many times have things seemed totally obvious, but been extremely wrong. I not saying that they was or wasn’t speeding. I am not saying that the driver is guilty of due care or not. Fortunately it is not my job to do so and I surely hope it isn’t yours because if it is, most people are guilty until proven innocent. And if you believe that then you do not believe in the moral fibre of our justice system. This reminds me of the Salem witch trials.

    • Patricia Pimentel says:

      Absolutely agree…innocent until proven guilty but ultimately God will be the judge of all.

    • Skeptical says:

      Are you for real?????

    • Truth is killin' me... says:

      @ Young Bermudian Yeah elderly…yeah right! It was a 32 year old and 26 year old. Could have killed someone else as well.

      • Young Bermudian says:

        You are absolutely correct. Obviously I stated that example as a scenario, but you did not know if that scenario was true or not until the facts were presented. If you want me to be judgmental at your comment, you sound like elderly people cannot cause accidents only us young people. How much elders have died on our roads compared to us youngsters. This was how I perceived your message and although I am casting judgment, my judgment can totally be right or it can be totally wrong. We wouldn’t know the answer to that unless we obtained the truth correct.

  9. Over 40's BABY says:

    Young Bermudian, I so agree with you!!

  10. Choir Boy says:

    I see the airbag went off – proving that they really do work!

  11. Arthur Raynor - Atlanta says:

    Having attended thousands of road accidents in Bermuda, along with videotaping and photographing the results, I am not casting judgement on this accident, but ask the people who live along that road how ‘slow’ the cars travel along that road day and night.
    I have seen more than my share of cars which according to the drivers we extricated, they had dogs, cats, trees and walls ‘jump’ out in front of their ‘slow’ moving car.

  12. Paul says:

    Hope that the police press charges and the driver is made to pay damages. Cars do not flip unless they are being driven too fast. What if a cyclist, pedrestrian or bike was in his/her way?

    • victim's sister in the US says:

      F%$k u Paul n any of u other motherfuckers that have negative comments to say about my brother! Since u feel u kno so much, step foward as a witness! If u wasn’t there or the other victim in the car than shut the f$%k up n keep your thoughts n opinions to yourselves! That’s all you all do is sit around n look down your nose at people like you all high n mighty! Thanx for your concern, my brother is still alive a$#holes!

      • It Is What It Is? says:

        Sweetheart let not your heart be troubled….ignore ignorance…it’s easy to voice your opinion, lay blame, and judge when the ball is not in your court…

        Hope all goes well for your brother….prayers for you and your family….Peace and Love…..

  13. Truth is killin' me says:

    @Young Bermudian Bullsh*t! You all become the victims when you do wrong and then want everybody feel sorry for your stupid actions. Happens in the courts and it’s the same with all these car wrecks. One out of a hundred is an accident and the rest are careless speeders who have no respect for you or me on these roads! Bernews should show the licence plates of all these wrecks so all the gossips can tell each other who the driver is and name and shame!

    • bermyshotta says:

      @ Truth – what good is seein de licence plate gonna do?? lol omg you have my licence plate oh no he’s gonna tell etc etc…wat a joke. ain’t gonna deter nuffin just like those CADA advertisements really deter drunk driving hahaaha.

    • Young Bermudian says:

      Truth! You are as ignorant as you sound. 1 out of a 100 are the cause of careless speeders. You just confirmed what I was saying. Do you know if this was the 1% or the 99% or are you casting judgement. I never said that this person does not deserve their due punishment if they were truly at fault. All I said was do not cast judgement before you know your facts. GROW UP!

  14. Terry says:

    It’s all the “UBP’s” fault.

    If they were’nt selling these high end, over powered vehicles and making money off it….this would not have happened.

    • Tired of nonsense says:


      They’re the ones that designed and maintained these roads for 30 years, until 13 years ago…

      Also, if the UBP would have let massively oversized vehicles onto BDA’s roads, like the visionary Dr. Brown did, then Bermudians would have been able to figure out how to drink and drive SUV’s on our tiny island roads…

      They are truly idiots…

  15. Reality says:

    It would be nice if the powers that be at Bernews would post a story later as to the court outcome of the persons involved in some of these crashes. This would help satisfy the public’s thirst for information and quell the speculation surrounding these incidents. I know the case may reach the courts months later but It will show that there are indeed consequences for the driver’s actions. The Lord may have spared some of these drivers but the Courts wont.

  16. just saying. says:

    Half of the people commenting on this are just looking at the negative side of the story. I bet less than half of the people are perfect drivers and are always doing the right thing. If it was someone you knew it would be a whole different story don’t you think. Bermudians are quick to point out someone for the wrong doings when they know full well they’ve done the same. Imagine you having to wake up to a call like this, and their are idiots talking crap?

    • WOW!! says:

      Thank you.. One of the persons in the accident is my cousin.. Bermudians need to realize that these people are someone’s son\daughter. HOWEVER the crash\accident was caused I am THANKFUL that they are alive. HOWEVER this accident\crash was caused whoever was driving should be held accountable should they have broken the law. NONE of us are perfect drivers, so let’s stop pointing fingers and HELP solve the problem.. I guess that you all can make these comments because it is not on your front step.

  17. Icarus says:

    Anyone living in the blue cottage adjacent to the final resting spot of this car? Perhaps they would be willing to comment? After all, to your point, this mess was very nearly on their front door step!

  18. It Is What It Is? says:

    Just a quick note to all those that feel “that they know” the cause of the accident and are blaming it on speed, etc. (and you know who you are so I won’t call names)the Police are calling for maybe you should give them a call since you know so much….and for once I would like to see comments that don’t have the acronyms UBP or PLP!!! give it a break!!

  19. Um just sayin says:

    Before any of you pass judgement speaking on payment etc., let’s pray for his survival. I know him personally and he is a great person!!!! Things happen! It is not for us to ask why, how or to pass judgement!!!! Be sensitive for his family during this time!!!!!! Damn creeps!!!!!

    • bdamomma says:

      thank you, people rush to judge to quickly without the facts.

      the drivers aunt

      • Keepin it Real says:

        I do agree, let’s pray for his survival. I can also be sensitive to his family but note I was also in the waiting room to determine if the plug should be pulled on an innocent life. My cousin lost his life a few years ago while being in a passenger. It wasn’t his choice, he didn’t live to tell BUT the driver did and is enjoying his life, not behind bars either, but clearly the evidence pointed to driver neglect.

        For this driver and his family, he wouldn’t have to be charged to death by accident IF the evidence points to a fault of his. The passenger luckily was able to crawl with with minor scratches.

        No one is perfect, and not all things are preventable. That’s why we need to drive with CAUTION, to minimize or avoid the risk.

  20. Common Sense says:

    We should not rush to judgement regarding this accident, but it follows a similar pattern to far too many other high speed accidents. For those of us driving along Harrington Sound Road this morning it was possible to clearly see the length of the skid marks from the vehicle as they careened across the road where the car slammed into a fence, knocked down a hedge and a palm tree, totally demolished two sections of wall and a moongate, and then flipped over onto a raised area into bushes that saved this vehicle from ploughing into Harrington Sound. No doubt the Police will examine the skid marks and damage caused and be able to establish the approximate speed of the vehicle.

    No-one would wish the driver any harm and he will hopefully recover from his injuries. It’s sad to here that he had to be airlifted overseas for treatment. Our prayers are with him and his family.

    What we have to realize is that it would have been so easy for a vehicle or vehicles to be travelling in the opposite direction with this accident happened, and that could have resulted in a deadly head-on collision. Every time a car is completely written off, serious damage is caused to property, and someone needs intensive treatment for serious injuries, it costs all of us in terms of taxes to pay for the hospital and increased insurance rates because the insurance companies are faced with huge pay-outs.

    Those who are tried and found guilty of dangerous, reckless driving should be severely punished, taken off the road for a long time, and the insurance companies should band together and refuse to cover them again – period. It’s time to stop the madness.

  21. Call as it is says:

    always the same…
    its NEVER a crash.,.
    always an accident!!

    • Young Bermudian says:

      Just to clarify something. A accident can (may) result in a crash. A crash can be the result of an accident. Therefore your statement is totally an uneducated judgement stated to try and make your perspective of people always being at fault seem valid. Again GROW UP

    • It Is What It Is says:

      I guess its the same as you….NEVER nothing nice to say..always something negative!!!!!

      • Young Bermudian says:

        As the same as you! I haven’t read a positive comment from you yet!

        • It Is What It Is? says:

          @ Young Bermudian my post was not to you it was for “Call as it is” I posted directly under his comment but however it works, Bernews posted it under your comment..Pat can give you a better explaination! And if you check ALL my comments in relation to this article are positive..and if you look on the other blog in reference to the young being airlifted you will see that I was the first to wish he and his famiyl as well as offer up a word of prayer..

          • bernews says:

            Yes…sorry….once someone has replied to a post, the second reply will show as a reply to the first.


            • It Is What It Is? says:

              Pardon my typos!! Shame, should have used spell check!!

  22. Disgusted says:

    Damn I never knew Bermudians were so passionate over accidents…..I wish all this passion was shown when that lady knocked down and killed the little girl on the pedestrian while on her cellphone, or when that man struck and killed that little boy last year, or when just hear recently when that drunk lady stuck the young man Tony and her mother had the nerve to say that her daughters life is ruined. Bermudians always seem to speak up about stuff that don’t matter and are silent when their voices need to be heard. Who cares about the damn wall atleast W&E have something to do with their time. Accidents happen thats why they are called accidents instead of trying to figure who was in the wrong lets just thank God that him and his passenger survived and will be a living example of what happens when you speed.

  23. downderoad says:

    It’s all ways the same A$$holes saying dumb $hit!!!!!

  24. bdamomma says:

    Sand from Bierman’s could have contributed to this accident, and please do not judge before you get the facts. Both the driver and the passenger had divine intervention.

  25. Common Sense says:

    Sorry bdamomma but there was no sand on the section of Harrington Sound Road where this car started to go out of control – none. As for the driver and passenger having ‘divine intervention’ – are you serious?!!! We have literally hundreds of serious accidents on our roads. Do you really think that God, or some divine being, sits up there in the firmament pondering which ones to kill, which ones to maim, and which ones to allow to be uninjured. Let’s put it another way, is there any evidence to show that those who die in a relatively simple accident are really bad sinners, while those who survive serious accidents are not? Does God, or some divine being, decide who wins football matches, and if so how does he make that decision? Is it the team that prays the most? Is it the team that thanks God every time they have a win? Or is it the team that trains the hardest, has a good coach, and work together as a team. And how about the guy who wins the May 24th marathon? Is it the guy who prays hard and often – or is it the guy who trains hard and often?

    • bdamomma says:

      I take your point, ok they were very lucky then.

    • Um Juss Sayin says:

      Common Sense you are a bonafide, first rate jacka$$! Whatever Higher power you choose to believe in is divinely intervening in every breath you take! Because my God only knows ignorance such as yours shouldn’t be allowed to exist!!! God wakes you up every morning- let’s see what happens the one morning He decides not to!
      This accident could have had a much more horrible result and yes, divine intervention played a huge role in why it didn’t. And, yes, there is a pile of sand there that rolls off that hill from Bierman’s and settles on the road, but I ask you this, did your Higher power tell you where the car started to go out of control?? Unless you were there or unless your Higher power speaks to you about every and all accidents and how they occur and who is at fault for whatever reason, keep you narrow-minded, one-sided opinions of this accident to yourself.
      So I disagree bdamomma, it wasn’t luck- it was divine intervention, plain and simple!!

  26. Mooin says:

    35k doesn’t do all that… >.<

  27. shut up!!! says:

    everybody always has a comment until it affects them personally! nobdy knows the reason it happened all that matters is that the persons were able to walk away with life!! they are breathing and well and thats all that matters and if the property that they wasnt yours dont worry yourself with what needs to be paid for due to the accident! i am responding yes because i do know the driver and know full well that he is a very responsible and respectable indivdual that no matter if he was wrong or right will do what he has to do right the wrongs that he did! so i a few words shut the #@%& up!!!

  28. shut up!!! says:


  29. Common Sense says:

    Despite the comments of “Um Just Saying says”, I believe that in this so-called free society of ours we are all entitled to our opinion, and it my respectful opinion that whether the two men survived this accident or not had nothing whatever to do with divine intervention. I know it’s a real stretch for someone who has been indoctrinated with religion from the age of zero to accept that whether a person is or is not killed in an accident, or comes first or last in a race, or has a steady job or is laid off, or survives a cancer or dies of it, has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with “divine intervention”. It is as far-fetched as believing that a snake persuaded Eve to eat an apple, or that a 600 year old man and his small family built a boat so enormous that it could house 2 of every single creature on the face of the earth – and that they could go out and collect two of every animal. You can, by all means, hold your (religious) beliefs – and I can hold mine. Having said that I sincerely hope that the young man who was clearly so badly injured recovers from his injuries – with the assistance of the marvels of modern medicine.