Bermudian Wins 2011 Top Model Worldwide

April 15, 2011

Bermuda beauty Deandra Brangman was crowned the winner of a professional model search campaign event in Britain and may be poised to become one of the new faces of the European fashion industry.

Now in its sixth successful year, the nationwide Top Model search stretches over a six-month period from September to March, culminating in a spectacular three-day series of professional fashion shows and awards in London.


On March 27, the Top Model Worldwide finalists took to the runway in a three-hour entertainment and fashion show spectacular that featured a truly international mix of stunning contestants.

Ms Brangman secured the winner’s podium in a thrilling finale, with a host of other awards being presented to competing finallists from all corners of the globe.


All of the previous winners have gone on to walk in major shows, and 28 of the 2010/2011 finalists appeared at London Fashion Week via their qualification for the Top Model finals. All previous award winners have all since been photographed for top European designers and all received an array of prizes.

Top Model UK 2010 winner and now established London Fashion Week model Lizzie Elliott joined Top Model Campaign director Geoff Cox on stage to present the awards on all three nights, with the mass pack of photographers and TV crews adding to the heightened atmosphere at the prestigious Hilton Hotel event.


The contest had entrants from Barbados, Jamaica, Malta, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States.

Ms Brangman, 21, describes herself as “a well rounded, down-to- earth person” and has wanted to be a professional model for seven years. The five-foot-ten Southampton resident says “the ‘It’ factor” which sets her apart is her “killer runway walk.” She has modelled in Bermuda for Jakoma Entertainment.


[Photos reprinted by kind courtesy of Colin Chau]

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  1. shawn d says:


  2. Donna Ingham says:

    This is wonderful congratulations I will be sure to attach this and send to as many people in the USA as possible. Again well done and all the best. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO SHOW U FAVOR

  3. Evie says:

    Congratulations Deandra! You have done Bermuda proud!

  4. sr says:

    congrats to you as you are now in stratosphere, just pay attention to what is going on around you. get your mba so you can own & run properly an business that you want

  5. Smitty says:

    Congratulations!!! All the best to you

  6. Taurus says:

    Congratulations Deandra!! Wish you the best of luck!!Great to hear about the positive things our young people are involved in,as opposed to all the negative news we are accustomed to reading these days.Looks like she’ll go a long way!!

  7. Tired of nonsense says:

    She should be able to attract some visitors!

    Looking good and well done to Ms. Brangman…

    • PEPPER says:

      I think Deandra could make a lot of money …with the DIAMOND rewards programme,

  8. JEnt says:

    Deandra well done on the win! Very proud of you. Make the most of your opportunities, keep your eyes wide open, and your ears well tunned. As you’ve been told before it is not ALL glamour however it is a great experience to have. All the best to you!! Stay positive.

  9. LOL (original) says:

    So where are all those that were dissing Bermuda’s ladies saying they could not compete with the rest of the world? Thanks for proving them wrong Ms. Brangman. Hail to the “Top Model Worldwide”.


    • ._./ says:

      I believe that was with regard to the Miss Bermuda Pageant/Miss World — not some out of left field pageant that very few people have heard of.

      • Robert says:

        Dude give credit where credit is due. Just because you have not heard about it does not make it any less valid of an accomplishment. Sh8t always got to put it out there don’t ya.

  10. T Walker says:

    An awesome Bermuda moment!

  11. Tim says:

    CONGRATS!!!All the best.

  12. Kennette J Burgess says:

    Wonderful! GO BERMUDA. We have the most beautiful people in the world. In and out.

  13. says:

    Well done!!!! All the best!

  14. True Dat says:

    I am so Happy for you Deandra! I hope that Nothing but the best experiences happen for you through out your modeling career:)

  15. Kam says:

    Congratulations!!!! All the best Deandra :)

  16. Zi Zi says:

    Whoop Whoop Gooooo (Dan Man)Deandra, I’m proud of you girl…CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

    “Respice Finem”-Keep the end View!!!

  17. morelove says:

    Well sister Deandra we are so proud of you keep up the good work. God has truly blessed you.

  18. Truth says:

    Congrats to you! Stay safe. Stay grounded.

  19. Bermudian says:

    Dear Miss Brangman,

    Please come home soon and run as an MP, we badly need a pleasant face to tell us “You Bies are gonna have to take more licks as we RESET THE DIAL SEE!”

    Congratulations, you have made us proud and hope our Leadership give you a proper welcome at the airport as you actually achieved something, without running up expenses, or being funded by me the Taxpayer.

    I wonder how much the recent Business Bermuda London roadshow cost? We were told by one of the people who our tax dollars sponsored to attend that “it was our best conference ever, the Island will get lots of international business”.

    I think we got more exposure from Ms. Brangman, but what do I know, I aint paid $000k+ and expenses to pretend i am working “for the people”.

    Your Fan as of Today

  20. Worker says:

    you sound like you got relegated to the back bench, dont fret we are sure another cabinet shuffle is coming your way soon!!!……….do we have to call you Honourable when your pay goes up to $168,000 again?

    The public needs some good news right now and YOU are it we are proud of you and hope you really keep working hard and get some support from this bunch so you can be an ambassador for bermuda in your modelling career. your family and friends must be proud, so are we.
    well done


  21. chris famous says:

    big up

  22. Second says:

    Just great!! Bermudians are doing some great things! Congratulations Deandra!!!

  23. Proud as punch says:

    Well Done Deandra! No one since Gina Swainson has put Bermuda on the map for its legendary island beauties. May God contine to bless and keep you as you embark on what I predict will be your meteoric rise to the top. Keep Him first (and those good old fashioned Bermudian values) and you can’t go wrong. I don’t even know you and I am swelling with pride. Go head Girl! You have a nation of God fearing folk praying for you. Work Supermodel!

  24. Darnell Wynn says:

    Congratulations Deandra. I am so proud of you!! I look forward to seeing your beauty splashed all over the magazines worldwide. You have made your entire family, especially your Mom so very, very proud.

    Aunt Darnell