Photos/Videos: 5ft Tall Cannabis Plants Found

July 4, 2011

[Updated] The Bermuda Police have discovered a group of cannabis plants growing in the St David’s area this afternoon [July 4].

A Police spokesman described it as “5 foot trees in a 30 by 30 patch in St David’s.” There are approximately half a dozen Police cars and a number of Police officers presently in the Smiths Hill Drive area, where the plants were located.

photo hhhhhhhhh

This is the second discovery of cannabis plants in St David’s in recent days, as the Police discovered four foot tall plants on June 27th.The plants are located within a brush area, and are not visible to us at this time. We will update as able.

Update 3:20pm: Photos of some of the plants below, some appearing to exceed 5ft tall.

bermuda cannabis plants jily 2011 (2)

marijuana plants 2

Update 3:35pm: Short video statement from Inspector Kuhn Evans, who called it an “extensive cultivation.”

Update 3:46pm: There are also a large amount of empty plant pots in the area:

july 4 2011 pots

Update 3:52pm: It appears the Police are working to remove the plants at this time. The cannabis trees are getting stuffed into plastic bags.

Update 4:49pm: Video above upgraded to better quality, additional photos added:

bermuda cannabis plants jily 2011 (5)

bermuda cannabis plants jily 2011 (3)

bermuda cannabis plants jily 2011 (4)

bermuda cannabis plants jily 2011 (1)

Update 5:04pm: The extremely shaky video below [our apologies for the quality, we were climbing through the bush filming] shows the path taken to get to the plants, and some footage of the cannabis plants.

Update 6:45pm: Police statement

At 2:25pm on Monday, police attended the Smiths Hill Drive, St. George’s area after a report of cannabis cultivation.

Officers made a large seizure of what are believed to be cannabis plants from a wooded area as a result.

No arrests were made at the scene. Inquiries into this matter are ongoing

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  1. Get a clue says:

    Maybe if the police had a draw they would realize they should probably stop ‘WASTING’ our money looking for weed, dont we have rapist, burglars, murders, and others who are directly impacting citizens lives? BPS lets prioritize please.

    Fair is fair, free up the weed.

  2. Terry says:

    Bwahaaaaaa…”half a police dozen”……….whats that….5″

    Just kidding Bernynews………

    • Terry says:

      The land looks familiar. And why is an Inspector there. Jingus…….Must have wanted to get horn dee tee vee…………….

      • itwasn'tme says:

        I didn’t know BPS had juristiction over St. Davids…..alwasy thought it was a soverign Nation! I’m callin my congressman for clarification.

  3. Repeal Drug prohibition now! says:

    terry your comments are getting stupider and stupider as life continues…give up and speak proper English

  4. well done says:

    good job police,marijuana is holding back and destroying a lot of young minds in Bda. It is a huge contribution to an ignorant mentality,I have seen it personally destroy many young men and countless families,, keep up the good work

    • jredmond says:

      the laws against it cause far more damage than the substance itself

    • Ganja mon says:

      really? You’ve seen it personally? Or are you just saying that because it sounds good?

      Im sure marijuana was the sole reason for these countless families “you have” seen destroyed. That doesn’t even sound right !

    • outkasted says:

      I once thought like you. But soon found out the miraculous benefits theis plant has for mankind. Until you educate yourself about the plant and its history you will soon find its MAN that is at the root of the problem and not the PLANT itself. Go on youtube and watch a few documentaries. WEED does not destroy families..PEOPLE do!

      • White Christ says:

        All those miraculous benefits have NOTHING to do with SMOKING the plant! St. John’s wart has miraculous benefits as well and 1000′s of other herbs but I don’t see people lighting them on fire expecting to inhale those benefits. So lets be real weedheads

        • Govnamon says:

          u aink got to smoke it idiot…. jus a method fool…. too bad govt and pharm. companies prohibit it’s development, there are many other means of taking it oh and PS: using the word ‘weedheads’ makes u sound like a todler who was informed about the plant by their mother at age 8 and told it was a ‘no, no’

        • Warrior 1 says:

          You need to change your name because you are a disgrace to both of those words

    • jonjo says:

      You sound like a total idiot with no idea! They will never ever win the war on weed, i think you need to do your research and stop speculating nonsense.

  5. My two cents says:

    All those officers to look at plants? LOL

  6. Nikki says:

    Idiots get over it! it is illegal and no matter how many times u guys come on here to b*T&C n moan nothing is going to change that

    Well done BPS…!

    • My two cents says:


      I can’t believe you come on here and call people idiots and tell someone to get over a law that is hypocritical, racist, and kills people every year by being illegal. Anyone that supports the illegal status of this plant has a huge ego and is blinded by their own emotional issue which is not in the best interest for the greater good of society. We will continue to write about the hypocrisy and lies that are perpetuated by people like you Nikki. Instead of being so immature and ignorant, maybe you should do some reading on the subject. Any black person that supports the illegal status of marijuana is indirectly supporting racism.

      • WOW says:

        If only you knew how dopey and delusional you sound…

        • My two cents says:

          Oh well, that is what the truth sounds like sometimes, sorry if it makes you feel guilty, it should

          • QUeen says:


          • Warrior 1 says:

            save your 2 cents until you have enough to educate yourself on THE TRUTH

      • Think about it says:

        You’re stupid for everything you just said. Firstly, how is having weed be illegal racist? Lol. That’s a new one. I for one am glad it is banned. All it does is make these young black males lazy and stupid and leads to them living a life of crime.

        Good job BPS, keep it up and I hope you destroy every one of those plants.

        • My two cents says:

          NO,no,no YOU are the stupid and uneducated one. Supporting marijuana prohibition=supporting racism indirectly if that makes you feel bad and it should then sorry

          • sandgrownan says:

            Wowo, that’s spectacularly dumb.

            • Govnamon says:

              NO IT IS NOT, RESEARCH IT U HIPOCRITICAL B#$TARDS!!!! DO U KNOW Y THEY CALL IT MARIJUANA? wow let me calm down. I hate ppl who talk about things they know nothing about… they call it marijuana because it is a derogitory term used to isolate mexicans who smoked the plant… Americans (as they do now) hate mexicans for their immigration and lifestyle (racism) therefore made the drug illegal (and for many other reason too) so that they could lock up all the ‘dirty mexicans…’ that my black freinds is racism, however u slice it…. JUST GO HOME

              • Think about it says:

                Ok dummy, so that is why the entire world calls it marijuana as well? So you mean to tell me that the entire world also hates mexicans and that is why it is banned in their countries too? Woow, you weed heads are stupid.

        • Concerned Bermudian says:

          It does not make people lazy, those people are just lazy and they happen to smoke weed. I know of plenty of people who smoke it on a regular and they have full time day jobs and have their heads right. They are good citizens who do not steal and are actually great people. So before you go saying that all these people who smoke are lazy you should realize that your examples are just plain lazy. I know plenty of people who are not on drugs who are lazy and do not want to work.

          • Think about it says:

            You all need to learn how to read between the lines. When I say it makes young black males lazy, I am talking specifically about the wall sitters, purse snatchers, drug dealers, and wanna be thugs. Of all the idiots sitting on a wall complaing that they cant go to school or get a job, how much are you willing to bet that if you checked their pockets they would have weed on them? Or if you asked if they smoked, how many would say yes? You all can call me racist if you want, but I only speak the truth. If people would stop getting so upset when race is mentioned and actually stop and THINK ABOUT IT, they would know it’s true.

            • QUeen says:

              no re**** its the alcohol and the high price of LIVING … your an idiot!!

              • Think about it says:

                Wow, what’s with the name calling? Do I know you, have I ever addressed you before? Then watch you mouth fool. I guess I must have hit a sore spot huh? Are you a wall sitter? Is that why you got so upset? How is it that you claim that the alcohol and high price of living are to blame for the way these young black males act? So only black men deal with high prices and drinking alcohol huh? That’s got to be the stupidiest response I have ever seen on bernews to date. White, Portuguese, filipino and indian men/women all deal with the high cost of living and alcohol and not one of those races use it as a crutch as much as black folks do.

                Prove me wrong.

                • Scott says:

                  with all due respect, what does that have to do with weed? White portuguese, filipino and indian use it too.

                  • Think about it says:

                    Scott please piss off. You never read my previous posts to see what point I am making before you comment and it’s really annoying.

                    I said that weed is making these young black males lazy, and the idiot above me said that it’s alcohol and the cost of living that is the problem. SO I SAID that other races deal with the same thing and dont use that as an excuse.

                    Are you caught up now? Good.

                    • Govnamon says:

                      mate u are just wrong. These kids are not affected by the weed they smoke. It is far deeper than that. It is sad that you will point to something so miniscule as the reason for their ignorance, something that is so harmless. There are millions of succesfull people around the world that smoke weed all the time (presidents, CEO’s, ect… look it up if u dnt beleive me) so how can u tell me it makes people lazy… these kids on the wall just realize it is easier to sit on the wall and sell weed than to get a job for one reason. WEED IS EXPENSIVE, THEREFORE YOU CAN MAKE ALOT OF CASH BY SIMPLY DISTRIBUTING IT. And whats the best way of doing that, sitting on the wall. What you fools need to realize is that someone else needs to distribute it. Because as you can clearly see by the 30 odd people posting in its favor here today, the demand for this PLANT will never dissapear, someone needs to give us somewhere else to buy it and you will watch all the problems you point to for the negitive aspects of weed disapear, thankyou.

                    • Scott says:

                      it doesnt matter what else was said.. .

                      you said, as you just admitted that “weed is making these young black males lazy..” and then later said that whites/port/fili/indian all have to deal with ecomony/alcohol, so thats nto why blacks are lazy, etc..

                      all i said was that white/port/fili and indian use weed too, so thats not a reason blacks are “supposedly” lazy either.. thats all.

                      as Concerned bermudian said.. if they are gonna be lazy, they will be lazy… weed doesnt CAUSE that.. its just what they do in teh meantime.

                    • Scott says:

                      michael phelps smokes weed… is he lazy? or is it cause he’s white that it doesnt affect him the same way?

                    • Think about it says:

                      The thing is, the successful people that smoke ARE successful. They’re not sitting on a wall. I know that weed doesn’t transform a productive person into a lazy one, but it does take an already lazy, worthless individual and make them more so

                    • Scott says:

                      awesome! im glad we can agree that weed isnt the problem then!!

                      …we should ban video games too.. those have wasted countless hours of lazy people’s lives too…

                • ram says:

                  Hiii bro i like yr posts..i am an indian and i m smoking mj from last 6 years and i like it very much.Truly speaking I was a frustated student in my school days but after using this herb i got happiness and all.I m an engineer now.and ya its true that mj shortens up memory but it also opens ur mind man.and to reduce memory effect take brufin(Pain Killer) before smoke.”marijauna opens mind”:-0 :)

        • Really think about it says:

          The racist factor stems from the early days of prohibition used to discriminate against migrant Mexicans in the United States as marijuana usage was part of their culture while the plant itself was foreign to Americans. That is just a taste of some insight to wrap your head around.

        • Rockfish#1 says:

          @ Think about it.
          In case you didn’t know, young WHITE males also smoke ganja!

          • Ganja mon says:

            Think about is so dumb !!!!

            Read how he refers to young black males and not males in general.

            Closet racist!!!!

            • Notorious says:

              How is he a closet racist when he’s said a million times that he’s black? You still salty over him putting you in your place? Some of you on bernews sure can hold a grudge. He isn’t wrong about young black males like you, especially when you refer to yourself as “ganja mon”.

              • Think about it says:

                Thanks for taking care of my light work Notorious. I refuse to waste any more of my time talking to that moron Ganja mon

                • Govnamon says:


                  • Think about it says:

                    Yes, the whole island is racist. We all hate black people and we are the sole reason why these young black men cant get jobs and turn to crime. We all go out of our way to make black people on this island miserable
                    (All of the above was sarcasm)

                    I bet you support the PLP don’t you? Blame whitey for all your problems and sit on a wall and smoke yourselves stupid all day. Everything you said earlier was thrown out the window when you just posted what you did Lol.

              • Ganja Mon says:

                No one has put me in my place..

                He is closet racist because every post on Bernews has to do with race. You wouldnt realize that because you are very much like him.

                Unlike you I KNOW he isnt black. He only said that to not sounds racist, smfh!

                • Think about it says:

                  How do you “know” that I am not black? Lol. I do not know anyone as dumb as you for one, and when I actually asked people that I know if they posted on bernews, the only people that said they did was my sister and dad, and I know you aren’t them. So tell me dummy, how is it that you think that you know who I am? You’ve already guessed my name incorrectly (twice) and proven without a shadow of a doubt that you have no clue what you are talking about Lol

                  Tell me something else, why do you assume that I am not black simply because I speak the truth? I’m not wrong when I say things like young white males are not getting in trouble with the law. In a country where everyone talks and everything makes the news, how many times can you count with your fingers that a young or old white male was in trouble for murder, or rape, or drugs, or theft? How many do you see sitting on walls, or hanging outside of liquor stores or just riding around looking to cause mischief? So far I have ten un-counted fingers. Prove me wrong and maybe I’ll ease you up.

                  • OH PLEASE DUDE says:

                    First of all, who told you that young white males do not get into trouble? Furthermore, how are you an authority on what white males do? You seem to know full well what black males are doing, so I’m guessing you must be the expert on both by how you come on Bernews and run off at the fingers. From your previous statements, I am left to wonder if you believe that if the RG doesn’t report it, it must not happen. I know plenty of young white males who have been expelled from school, do not work, do ALL drugs (ones we know of and ones we don’t), steal bikes, pack race, bring in drugs etc. I also know of plenty of young white females who do the same. I guess because you don’t hear about it, it doesn’t happen. You Sir, seem to be very similar to the Ostrich with its head stuck in the sand, possibly you’re related. I hate to hear how you consistently take the piss on young black males when their white counterparts do the same activities. In short, stop being stuck on stupid, because clearly other people can tell that is the exact gear you are in. I just don’t know why some Bermudians can’t get into their heads that whites and blacks work together in the Drug/Gang Industry (because it is quite the corporation), it’s not a racial thing, it’s a money thing. WAKE UP! and that’s what you call TRUTH!

                    • Think about it says:

                      Mate, please stop crying, you’re embarrassing yourself. You’re one of those people that think that the news and police don’t report when white people commit crimes huh? I know you are, everything you just said proves that you are. Are you trying to say that RG and bernews don’t report when a white man murders someone or gets caught importing drugs? I don’t think that happens. What I think happens is that more BLACK MEN commit these crimes, and (black)people have a hard time admitting it to themselves. Sure young white males might be doing those things, but how many of them? 1 in 10, 2 in 10? How many young black males do you think get caught up? 8 in 10, 9 in 10? I can’t recall the last time I saw a white, portuguese, filipino of indian male sitting on a wall or snatching someones purse. I can’t recall ever seeing a white boy with a 42nd chain around his neck or tattoo on his arm. When is the last time YOU saw a Portuguese male in the news for shooting someone? You mean to tell me that none of these people have hardships too? So why is it that only young black males choose to live the lives they do? Why is it that the young black males want us to feel sorry for them and give them handouts while all the others (races) choose to work? Answer those questions for me, I’d like to hear you try and explain it.

                      I know what black males are doing because I see it, I grew up around it. The difference with me is that I knew better and got away from those types of people. The problem with most black people is that they can’t see past the fact that people are talking bad about a fellow black man or woman and see that what is being said is true. If I said that it was Portuguese men getting caught up in crime, more than anyone else, the Portuguese community would evaluate what I said and make a judgment. Black folk? All they hear is black men and crime and they immediately starting shouting about racism.

                    • OH PLEASE DUDE says:

                      Since there was no reply link under your last rant…Here is my response.

                      If you note in my response, I did not deny the fact that Black males DO commit these crimes. I never attacked you on that point. However, how many little white, portuguese, or indian little boys do you see stopped by the police? Searched by the police? or arrested by the police? Police will let the nerdy looking little white boy through, who just might have a pound under his bike seat, but let them see a young black male, wearing what young people wear, and he is exponentially more profiled than those of a different race, because of the ASSUMPTION that white/other people don’t do those things. So of course, where would you get the statistics from? Where would the data be recorded? The fact of the matter is, when you tell the truth, you tell all of it. Not the just the parts you see. And so what if I am a great mixture of scottish, dutch, german, english, portuguese, native american and carib indian, I guess that makes my opinion as a HUMAN unworthy because I do not think like you. You are saying you know what I am, I DO TO. I am a PROUD BERMUDIAN. Proud of all my heritage, proud of the good, the bad and the ugly. I have friends from all walks of life, all socio-economic backgrounds. So before you get on this high horse about what I will admit to, admit to yourself that you are a condescending ostrich with his head in the sand. Admit to the fact that you don’t like yourself enough, to take off your blinders and see for yourself. You make general statements about a community,that you CLEARLY do not want to be a part of, and CLEARLY only know statistics about, which is probably why your responses seem so jaded.

                      I don’t know any black males that expect a handout, but I do know plenty of black males who have been educated, who want to work and who have goals, drive and ambitions that supercede “Ya going out d road bie?” or “lemmie roll dat up” I work in a recruitment agency and I can’t tell you how many EMPLOYABLE black men have been into the office, who are well presented and wellspoken. So if you could please refrain from making blanket statements about MY BERMUDA and HER COMMUNITIES I would greatly appreciate it. Furthermore, I don’t condone mediocrity on any level, when you know better you strive to do better, but I do condone humanity, and the fact that people do make mistakes. Every black male doesn’t go the same road, as clearly shown by Vashon Williams, who just won a scholarship, who also happens to live up friswell’s hill. So in general, Black MEN are doing well for themselves, its just fruitcakes like you ( and I feel like it doesn’t even matter what race you are, you’d still be stuck) who focus on all the bad, because ALL BLACK MEN ARE ALIKE, right?

                    • Think about it says:

                      @ OH PLEASE DUDE

                      This is the last thing I am going to say to you. It does not matter if the police stop that nerdy white boy or not. It doesn’t matter if he has a pound under his seat or not. The fact is that MORE YOUNG BLACK MEN are into distributing drugs and living in that gang lifestyle. Tell me, with a majority black populated island and a mojority black police force, why in the world would black males be targeted more than the other races unless they are the ones up to no good? Why is it that if you go to a mostly black hang out there is always a serious incident where someone either ends up in the hospital or is killed? Yet other places might have just a little scuffle? Why is it that ALL of these thefts, assualts, murders etc. are committed by BLACK MEN OR WOMEN? Do you think the police frame these people. You talk about the way young people dress. Ok, wearing baggy jeans is one thing, but walking around with a red flag hanging out of your back pocket, or displaying gang related tattoos and chains is abother. That mate, is the difference between why that white boy gets to go free and the black boy gets stopped. The same reason bootsies closed down. Who did you see at bootsies starting fights and causing trouble? Wasn’t Manuel, or Jose or Steve or Tom. It wasn’t Jessica, or Rebecca, or Lindsay or Maria.

                      Yes, other races commit these types of acts, but in THIS COUNTRY the young black men and women hold the throne. It has nothing to do with me not being a proud Bermudian or racist as some like to say, and I am not questioning education or anything like that. I am simply stating a fact. A fact that no one has proven to be wrong. Someone, anyone, please search all the news archives for the past ten years and show me at least 5 articles showing a white, Portuguese, Filipino or indian man or woman being responsible for a serious crime. Please, SOMEBODY SHOW ME, PROVE ME WRONG.

                • Notorious says:

                  Again “ganja mon” prove he isn’t black. If not shut up. And yes you are mad because he has made you look a fool plenty of times on here. Like other posters do to me, follow me around bernews holding grudges like little school girls. What he said is the truth.

                  • Govnamon says:


                    • Notorious says:

                      But you said he isn’t black….spin spin spin

                    • Govnamon says:

                      NO I DID NOT, I DONT CARE WHAT HE IS, PURPLE< GREEN, BLUE OR WATEVER, HE IS RACIST, SIMPLE AS THAT, U cant argue for jooks, u just split hairs and whine, please stop for ur benifit and ours, if u dnt care about weed then stop putting it down for those of us that do, thanks…

          • Think about it says:

            @ Rockfish#1

            In case you are blind or mentally challenged, young WHITE males aren’t getting in trouble with the law.

            • Govnamon says:

              come on, u are constantly making urself look ridiculous. I and 50 of my white freinds smoke weed and carry on, we just dnt shoot pppl and ting…. but i do know white kids stealing bikes, breaking into houses and selling weed… U are just to close minded and igrant to kno the truth because u and notorius are stuck in ur likkle comfortable bubbles u like to call reality, please stop, please, if u dnt care about weed stop commenting all day about it, do u have nothing better to do??? Ask ur boss (who probly smokes weed) for more work, thanks, from all of us that care about the ridiculous laws placed upon this mediocor drug…..

              • Think about it says:

                No, I will not stop posting. As long as you keep opening your stupid weed head mouth, I will have a response for you. You DUMMY need to understand that just because YOU and YOUR WHITE FRIENDS don’t act up when you smoke weed doesn’t mean that others don’t/won’t. Just because you don’t get in an accident or kill someone when you’re high doesn’t mean that someone else won’t. If weed was legal this place would be a lot worse of than it is, because instead of staying home to get high, they’ll be driving around while getting high. They’ll be out at more clubs and other venues getting high. You want to see the road fatality rate to skyrocket? You want all sorts of other dumb sh*t happening on our roads and out in public? Then make weed legal. Otherwise, let the idiots stay home and smoke, and keep from hurting me or someone that I know.

                • My two cents says:

                  You are being overly dramatic about the increase in road fatalities. If this were a reason to keep weed illegal, THEN ALCOHOL WOULD BE ILLEGAL!!!! And it isn’t SO you can’t use “possible increase in road fatalities” as an excuse to keep weed illegal. It is not logical thinking period…. If it were then CELL PHONES would be ILLEGAL as idiots texting and talking while driving get into accidents and harm others. It just isn’t logical dude try again!

                  • Think about it says:

                    Mate, you really don’t understand what I am trying to say do you? Yes people drink and then drive, but if weed is made legal, you and I both know that these idiots will SMOKE WHILE DRIVING which is more dangerous.

                    Get it now?

                    • bermyshotta says:

                      “We” do it already…..NEEEEEEEEEEXXXXT!! try again….

            • Lissa says:

              Young White males do get in trouble with the law. sometimes it makes news sometimes it doesnt.

              • Think about it says:

                Are you stupid, seriously? Didn’t I JUST SAY that white males get in trouble too but not for as serious crimes or as often?!

                “Sometimes it makes the news sometimes it doesn’t.”- If a white man killed, raped or robbed someone, it would make the news, ALWAYS.

                F*ck me that really need to do something about the education system in this country. People can’t even comprehend what they read, smh.

                • jus me says:

                  you are amusing ‘think’. u called out someone for name-calling, but you continue to call names. you are not only dumb and stupid, but you’re a hyocrite and by the way, I’m neither yea or neah, with the current argument. just observing how illogical your arguments are you idiot.

      • Nikki says:

        Idiot # 1

      • Onion Soup says:

        Why is it, Two Cents, that just about every subject you respond to always ends up with you crying about racism? The fact that marijuana is illegal in many jurisdictions has absolutely nothing to do with racism! And speaking of “emotional issues”, perhaps you should address your own before criticizing others.

        • My two cents says:

          Educate yourself fool. So many of you come on here and have done no research and you call the people that have idiots, man’s ego is so large and so often it gets in his way. It’s just too darn bad. And I never bring up racism in my posts. So now not only have you not done your research you are a liar too. Oh well, next

          • EMPORA says:

            a 2 cents ..they all act like the empora that wears no clothes..

        • My two cents says:

          This is the first subject I have ever brought it up, cause it is in fact a truth

        • EMPORA says:

          here we go again condeming gods creation n praying for rain at the same time..BERMUDA WAKE UP

      • chris says:

        He speaks the truth! Marijuana was used as a way to punish minorities in the United States decades ago. So while perhaps it isn’t so now, it once was a tool of racism. Get the facts!

      • REALISM says:


        • Govnamon says:

          mate that probly aint tru, there are probly weed deaths from lung disease, its just majority of those ppl might have smoked cigs too u kno, but it is no where near as bad, have u heard of anyone smoking 20 spliffs a day, now how bout a pack of cigs a day…. yup sers talk

      • Shaking my head says:

        Lmbo! The law making marijuana illegal is racist! Hahahahahaha! Put down the blunt! You sound ignorant and immature!

        • Scott says:

          .. it was in part.. stopping unwanted migration into the US and across state borders…

          the difference is now it is political. The law has been around so long that its original purpose is lost, and it is just one of those “evils” engrained in people’s heads… to try to repeal weed prohibition is political suicide considering the current voting demographics..

          thats the long and short of it from a very objective standpoint. Id love it to be legal, but i also know to do so initially would cause a lot of problems

    • My two cents says:

      This is why Bermuda is f..cked. People are so brainwashed they think standing up for something they believe in will get you nowhere and that “it doesn’t matter” Could you imagine if Martin Luther King thought that?

      • Notorious says:

        @My two cents So you are comparing Martin Luther King, a man who fought for equals rights for black people to people who choose to smoke marijuana? Is that correct? Standing up for the right to get high is equivalent to standing up for your rights to be treated like a human being? Those people are right, it doesn’t matter.

        • JAMUDIAN says:

          QUESTION…HOW DO you know that MLKjr did not smoke weed? Many prominant people in society do or have done. how many presidents you know of admittedly smoked weed? And thats just the brave ones that say they do. Many more have than you would ever know. Two cents is right….It is a for of racism and was used to vilify blacks, mexican and other minorities. There is soo much that people dont know but they run there mouths or let there lil fingers type alot of stuff that depict the ignorant state of mind/reality that they live in.
          First and for most as Empora put it, you all pray for sunshine rain, flowers birds, kids and all of God’s creation. But you fight against other natural creations like weed. that is the same arrogant discriminatory selective process of thought that creates RACISM…YES I SAID IT AND I CAN SUPPORT IT. EXAMPLE, MLK JR”ALL MAN ARE CREATED EQUAL” BUT SOME MEN DISCRIMINATELY DECIDE THAT SOME ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS BECAUSE OF THE COLORS OF SKIN, OR GEOFRAPHIC LOCATIONS OR WHATEVER OTHER FEABLE MINDED REASONING THEY COULD CONJURE UP. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THAT THOUGHT PROCESS AND DISCRIMINATING AGAINST GOD’S HEALTHY NATURAL CREATIONS???

          • Shaking my head says:

            Hahahahahahahahahaha! This is even funnier than the other comment! Stop smoking! It’s depleting your brain cells!

            • JAMUDIAN says:

              How so? support your argument…I dont tghink you have one your just dead set on being a donkey!! I can back up whatever I type. I’ll rather have a few brain cells that work than a whole head of em that dont do a darn thing for me…your lost.

              • Shaking my head says:

                Surely you can’t think that anyone is taking your rants seriously. You are a direct result of why marijuana is illegal! I don’t have to back up anything I’m saying – you proved my point quite adequately. Long term marijuana use isn’t good, just as drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes long term isn’t good. There have been studies that prove that marijuana in excess- which is what you fools will do if it’s made legal- smoke in excess, causes forms of various forms of cancer. Keep smoking- then you may wanna hump a donkey! LMAO!

                • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

                  HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAA!!!! “smoke in excess, causes forms of various forms of cancer”!! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I would really like to know where you got that peice of so called information from!! Funny thing is that mary jane is used as a cure for so many different forms of cancer. Really, where did you get your information from because there are countless studies that prove your statement wrong.

                  • Think about it says:

                    Listen here dummy, it is proven that any form of long time smoke inhalation can cause cancer, including weed smoke. Look it up.

                    • SMDH!! says:

                      That’s NOT true, Jamudian and 2 cents are right!! Don’t even waste your time you guys, the SHEEPLE are so brainwashed that you can never convince them that they have been lied to over and over again. Honestly I can’t even blame them because it has been at least four generations that have been fed this nonsense about cannabis. Their minds can’t comprehend anything else not told to them by the government!! The information is there for anyone that is willing to think outside the box and stop believing everything you hear on CNN and CBS or the RG and even Bernews for that fact. The people that control things and the propaganda also control majority of the news organizations so sometimes you have to take some things with a grain of salt. The devil is a LIAR and so were the people responsible for the criminalization of cannabis!! Call me what you like, but the lot of you that are condemning something you know nothing about are the ignorant, uneducated, dumb, gullible, and naïve ones!! I bet you believe that Obama is the best president ever too, and Santa brings your presents on Christmas and the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy are real!! I really feel sorry for you though LMAO, I do!! LEGALIZE IT!!! STOP THE LIES!!!

                    • Govnamon says:

                      I am getting tired of listning to these people who countinue to act like they know… MARIJUANA IS NOT ILLEGAL BECAUSE OF ITS ILL EFFECTS AT ALL. IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THREE REASONS, LOOK IT UP PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE STOP GOING FROM WHAT YOU HAVE HEARD,
                      1. Racism, they hated mexicans, mexicans smoked weed, how do we lock up the mexicans, make weed illegal and use a derogitory term, marijuana (mexican) to name it
                      2. Paper companies feared hemp use as a viable competetor, pay govt to make it illegal boom!
                      3. Pharmacutical comp. cant make money off weed and it too is a competetor for their products, make it illegal
                      THERE IS NO EVEDENCE TO PROVE THEY LEGISLATION FOR MAKING THE DRUG ILLEGAL HAD ANYTHIG TO DO WITH THE FACT IT HARMED ITS USERS…… THATS JUST WHAT THEY TOLD U, BECAUSE WHAT IS BETTER THAN PUTTING THE FEAR OF GOD IN SOMEONE? OH and if you critisize my spelling or grammer and say im crazed due to long uses of marijuana i graduated top of my class at saltus, with 7 AP’s… all 5′s and if you dont know what that means i have proved my point, ur idiots for talking about something u know nothing about… thankyou, have a nice, booring life without ganja, its great, dnt kno what ur missin out on!

                  • Fed Up Bermudian says:

                    Seriously? It doesn’t CURE cancer, it is a known palliative drug for cancer patients. Wow, I’ve rarely heard such ignorance. If it really CURES cancer, as you say, then why does anyone actually succumb to the disease when you have God’s cure-all, marijuana? How dopey. I’d love to see the ‘countless studies’ that ‘prove’ your statement. Either that or we should get your real name so that we can nominate you for a Nobel prize. Oh- never mind, I bet I know- National Enquirer published those studies, right next to the column they ran on alien anal probe abductions.

                • My two cents says:

                  “You are a direct result of why marijuana is illegal!”

                  This statement by you officially shows you have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Hy guys/gals, you need to get back to primary. Did your education system not teach you the difference between fact versus opinion? Mine sure did. Were you paying attention? You can Google fact versus opinion, I suggest some of you do that…

                  • Notorious says:

                    Didn’t your education system tell you all drugs were bad? Mine sure did. Why did you pick that one sentence from their post when they backed their claims up with a FACT?! LMAO I suggest you not cut and past their post to attempt to make them look stupid and fit your agenda.

                    • Govnamon says:

                      YA THEY DID, BECUASE THEY WERE TOLD TO, DID THEY TELL U Y THEY WERE BAD THO? dnt accept everything ur told… people in nazi germany grew up hearing the jews were evil n ting… clearly not right (unless you agree and then well ooooops ive waisted time trying to teach an old dog new tricks)

                    • Notorious says:

                      Govnamon are you high? I wasn’t addressing you, you are a day late and a dollar short. Go have another spliff and some more Hennessy. I made my own mind up, I’ve seen it first hand. I’m sure you were taught that “the man” was evil and “de herb is the heala”.

                    • Govnamon says:

                      NO U FOOL, i was taught that school was the most important thing in life by white, upper class bermudians. I am not what u paint me as, im just a little more perceptive and open minded than u and ur freind “Think About it.” I just did my own research, like i do for everything i was taught, because you cannot take everything people tell you as truth, you’ll just end up their puppets. So i went online and in the history books and learned about this plant/drug and its uses and negitive effects. I then wieghed the positive and negitives and decided that the laws against it were far too harsh and that the terrible stigmatisms associated with it, given by people like you, are merely ancient skeletons of past racism, capatalist ventures and pharmasutical monopolies…. sry but im a little smarter when it comes to this subject than you becuase ive done my homework, becuase i care.

                • Notorious says:

                  govnamon NO YOU ARE THE FOOL! A fool who lies and does drugs! No way to spin that around. It’s a disgusting filthy habit! You piece of scum walking stereotype! You have THE UTTER AUDACITY to come from nowhere and attack ME when I didn’t even address you and I’m close minded? It’s a DRUG it ALTERS your mind! No amount of your nonsensical ramblings will ever change that. I hope it stays illegal and when I see fools LIKE YOU who continue to do something that’s illegal and are caught, in the news and can’t go to the U.S. I will CONTINUE to laugh at your stupidity! You aren’t smarter than me in any subject! Keep lying to yourself! A person who can’t even string together a sentence and I’m supposed to believe you are some scholar? I’ve done research and see the effects first hand you moronic imbecile! Sorry I don’t spend more time reading up about a DRUG to YOUR satisfaction you druggie! Every person I know who is pothead has emotional trauma and issues! You are probably one as well. That’s why you need an escape and need to be high. Once you start HURLING insults I know I have won. Get a psychologist, get off your mamas tit and put the spliff down.

                  • Think about it says:

                    Lmao @ Notorious

                    I guess that settle that. Notoroious-10, Druggies-0

                    Get over it losers, weed will never be legal, especially not in Bermuda. The sooner you admit it to yourselves, the sooner you can get back to smoking yourselves stupid.

          • Notorious says:

            jamudian you have no point. I was talking about him comparing MLK’s fight for justice to potheads fight for the right to smoke it. So what are you ranting on about.

            • Govnamon says:

              he is merely comparing the racial aspects of both mate, because i hope we have come to an agreement finally that weed, in part, was made illegal for racist reasons… if not well u are just closed minded and incorrect… because thats why it is called marijuana… does that sound like an english word to you? most people dnt ein kno how fi spel her….

              • Think about it says:

                Stupid, I don’t know what research you did about marijuana, but what I read says that the Mexicans called it that first, not the Americans.

    • outkasted says:

      I’ll give it 3 more years before decriminalization…and then 5 years before legalization.

    • Frieza says:

      Why are there so many (so called) police on here, arnt you amateurs supposed to be working….

    • Warrior 1 says:

      thats why its not getting any better

  7. spliffaday says:


  8. BillyLand says:

    Pain Medicine! Way down in the East; God’s Country; where the soil is pure…..! And seldon is heard…….lalalala Well, not to make light of the find as this plant when abused can cause serious issues for people. But, I can’t help but comment after seeing all the photos; this was a real business…look at all the pots, just light Alberfeldy Nursery, all lined up, healthy; you can walk in and make a purchase of a lovely green plant!!!!!!!!

    • Warrior 1 says:

      And you notice all other vegetation looked dry ,,,,almost like death huh…but the tree of Life Flourishes…keep fighting and destroying what God created …youll be punished later

  9. MinorMatters says:

    what ever happened to BUY BERMUDA?

    • outkasted says:

      I agree see now the money will go out of the country to buy weed, when we can just grow it here.

      • Govnamon says:

        hahahahaha pure economic reasons i never thought of ahahhahaa

  10. SWEETBLACK says:

    i agree with get a clue. i know police have a job to do but there are more serious crimes taking place everyday in our island and they want to make a fuss over weed. get real. do they feel that its all good cause of the recent convictions they have received. there are still a lot of more murders to be solved, go find those killers and stop wasting tax payers money over looking for weed plants

    • Rockfish#2 says:

      For the most part, I agree with you. However, the BPS cannot be expected to ignore what is an apparently commercial operation.

    • Scott says:

      well i do agree i’d rather see murderers arrested instead of plants seized, there are a few problems with what you said..

      for one, these guys arent wasting money looking for plants.. that job was done, and they came.
      why so many? well look at these plants and tell me there isnt some safety issue with regard to one or two cops going to take them all?
      lastly, look at all these plants.. someone is making some mint off this (could be gang related), or someone is getting very very very high with their friends. Since police are involved i would hope its the former… cause i’d def feel bad for the guy that just grows n smokes his own.

  11. SWEETBLACK says:

    fyi 2 cents weed is a lot less dangerous than crack and every other drug out there. do you hear of a HIGH person breaking in someone’s home? the realty is that weed makes a person mellow and have the munchies and than go sleep were as crack makes a person go out of there mind and commit crimes.

  12. Dang Y I didnt find it first.. says:

    And to think its behind an retired police officers house.. Dang !!!! Wrong area thy put it in.. PPl who are growing put it were police dont LIVE !!! Hope a shortage doesnt happena nytime soon.. Damn it !!!

  13. Onion Soup says:

    Hmmm…I wonder how many of those pretty buds will end up in the Man’s pockets…LOL!!!

  14. Jus' Askin' says:

    More St. David’s Sativa lost:’(

  15. True Dat says:

    Mercy!!! those poor folks that did the planting I Know they are Vex!!! because i am angry for them!!! Leave all de weed alone!!!!

  16. ℮4Ẽχußзŕąήce™ says:

    Good, hopefuuly the find the culprits. And to those who say the police are wasting their time looking for weed, you need to get a clue!

    This is part of their job!


  17. Open ur eyes says:

    Why is it every time the police service corrects the wrong doing of this islands People, ignorant minds have to comment, telling them there are bigger battles for them to fight?

    The police are doing there job!

    Making this island safer!

    If you don’t like what they are doing which is purely positive them shape up and ship out!

    Move to the Netherlands and smoke yourself to a long cold comatose state!!!

    Thankful im in uni away from all these ” jack in the box ” mindsets……

    • Govnamon says:


    • Govnamon says:


    • YES MATE! says:

      @Open your eyes
      Will you be learning to spell while you’re in “uni”? The problem we have here is the cops are targeting easy crime to make it seem like they’re doing a good job while cowering away from the crimes we really need to address, like shootings, assaults and rape. Every minute they spent posing next to an herb tree is a minute not spent arresting criminals at all the well known criminal hangouts. The criminals don’t even bother hiding! They’re out there sitting on the wall right now.

    • Warrior 1 says:

      Well i hope you will be packed and ready when times do change

  18. ℮4Ẽχußзŕąήce™ says:

    @ sweetblack…you really need to do some research on cannibis before posting comment like that.

    All they do is sleep???


  19. LX says:

    Tell me, how stupid must one be to not realize that legalizing weed would be an extremely good thing for bermuda. A-it will take the value off the streets because no one will have to pay for it. B-crime will drop drastically (amsterdam is a good example. Look it up! Gov. Can also take this and make coffee shops like Amsterdam. We’ll get more tourist for sure. How can something with no recorder fatalities be illegal yet alcohol and cigs are known for having high death rates.

    Think about it!!!

    Stop living under the rock! Live on it!

  20. Utter Shock says:

    Please tell me im reading this all wrong ?

    Drugs are drugs – regardless if its WEED ACID COKE CRACK……

    Its all illegal!

    If you dont like it find a piece of unclaimed land in the middle of the Indian Sea and MOVE.

    You can be the president of your “rock”, grow what you want to grow,live how you want to live, but until then suck it up and SHUT UP


    • Really think about it says:

      So just because something is illegal that automatically means it should be so? Slavery used to be legal so does that mean it’s practice was ok at that point? Hardly and it wasn’t until people stood up for their rights that laws were changed so in the same vain we must fight against hypocrisy. Many people assume that marijuana was made illegal through some kind of process involving scientific, medical, and government hearings and that it was to protect the citizens from what was determined to be a dangerous drug. The actual story shows a much different picture. Those who voted on the legal fate of this plant never had the facts, but were dependent on information supplied by those who had a specific agenda to deceive lawmakers. Then US influence led to it being illegal internationally. Educate yourself.

      • Rockfish#1 says:

        @ really think about it,
        Good point!

        • Govnamon says:

          Ya Sers…. that first guy is ridiculous? Drugs are drugs – regardless if its WEED ACID COKE CRACK……

          Its all illegal!

          If you dont like it find a piece of unclaimed land in the middle of the Indian Sea and MOVE.

          have you seen someone on Acid and Crack? Then someone who just smoked a spliff. I can do CALCULUS on erb, cant even remember my own name on Acid… Whats wrong with these close minded people????

      • Scott says:

        well unfortunately there is this issue that everyone bitches online about the police arresting people with weed, but no one really does anything.

        all we ever hear are that:
        the police are wasting time,
        that weed is less dangerous then alcohol and tobacco,
        that no one dies from weed,
        that people dont get in fights from weed,
        that supporting its illegality is supporting racism,
        that slavery and segregation were illegal so not all laws are just,
        that crime went down after prohibition was repealed
        that crime is less in amsterdam
        that there is no science to back up its illegality,

        but then after a few days the comments stop and we dont hear any more.
        i support it being legalized, but hell people if you think it should so much that you are willing to call other’s idiots or racists or stupid or use such emotional arguments as to compare weed to slavery, then get your asses off the computer and go push for the law to change..

        • Govnamon says:

          THE problem is scott there is the stigmatism atttached to it automatically issolates all of us trying to make a difference, its how it was designed way back in the day, thats why it hasnt changed, i think the generations before us didnt realize all of what we are saying, they just didnt have the means we do to communicate it

    • JAMUDIAN says:

      Do you smoke cigs? drink alcohol? drink coffee? they are drugs? they question that everyone seems to be asking is why is weed illeagal? y?y?y?y?yyyyyyyy? lol. get a clue…haha

      • Think about it says:

        WEED IS STRONGER THAN ALL OF THOSE THINGS STUPID!!!!! WHAT AREN’T YOU GETTING?!?!?!?! It’s the strength of the substance that leads to the government making it illegal or not. You can have one cigarette, beer and coffee at the same time and go drive you car and you are far less likely to get in an accident versus smoking one spliff.

        • My two cents says:

          What you wrote has absolutely NOTHING to do with why weed was made illegal. NOTHING. Maybe you should read up a bit, you are making yourself look bad if you care

          • Think about it says:

            @My two cents

            MORON, I was addressing Jamudian and his comment. He is asking why is weed illegal in comparison to coffee, cigarettes and beer. Unless I address you, shut up and mind your business

            • Notorious says:

              LMAO well damn.

            • Scott says:

              you are answering jamudian’s question incorrectly. it is to do with old immigration laws..

              • Think about it says:

                SCOTT PISS OFF, SERIOUSLY! You’re such a damn know-it-all that knows nothing. JAMUDIAN is asking why it is illegal compared to those things. It has nothing to do with immigration CURRENTLY it has to do with the strength of the drug. Just like how you can get certain medicines over the counter and some are prescription, it has to do with the strength.

                I swear, you idiots can drive a saint to sin.

                • Govnamon says:

                  HAHAHAHA you have just started to make me laugh u two… U realize its “Notorious,” and, “Think About It,” fighting everyone here, with the argument that it turns u into a goodfornothing wall sitter and that its stronger than having a beer or two…. hahahaha how would u kno u aink done it as much as we have, u have no idea what the drug even is…. do u kno what ‘getting high’ even feels like??? At first i was angry now i just realize the type of people you are, im sry u have been sheltered ur whole life and have such closed minds because of it. The rest of us will countinue to listen to others around us, develope ideas and move forward while u rot in your graves… sry mate, the world is not that small anymore….

                  • bermyshotta says:

                    @ govnamon – amen bra…bout time de truth comes out.

                    • Think about it says:

                      @ bermyshotta and Govnamon-

                      Will you two morons please read all my comments before you think that you have proved ANY of your point and that you’ve won the argument. You and all your weed head moronic companions have done nothing to further your argument. You actually made it worse for yourselves. Bermyshotta with his unintelligent speech patterns and lack of sentence forming capabilities and Govnamon with his shouting of nonsense. Also, Notorious and I aren’t fighting everyone here. If you two would stop and read, you would see that there are equal amounts of people for and against weed becoming legal. You also need to shut up and realize that one spliff is more than likely to get you high versus one beer. Another thing that proves that weed is a gateway drug- You smoke and it doesn’t affect you as much as someone who smokes on the regular. Eventually your high isn’t as strong anymore, so when you want to get that feeling again and weed doesn’t do it for you, where are you going to turn?

                      You’re both stupid. The end….

                    • bermyshotta says:

                      @ Think bout it (notorious) – (Translated into “Proper” English for the two coconuts on Bernews) I’ve read all of your comments and you keep on spouting the same old phrases and statements you’ve been doing all along. What are YOUR points? Which, by the way, hold no validity since you and your bed-buddy Notorious, have never even experienced the effects of Marijuana first-hand. I’m pretty sure you can read and understand what I’m typing here now (just for both you coconuts). You’re the only two “fighting” the pro-marijuana people on here, no? Your argument is comparing apples and oranges; they’re both fruits, but can be different. The only thing wrong with your gateway drug “theory” is that is YOUR ONLY argument, which has been proven wrong, scientifically and theoretically. You still get high no matter what type of marijuana you smoke, some more than others, and no most people don’t go out chasing a “stronger high” because their tolerance is building up, they switch types, strands, flavors, etc…but due to the fact that you (two) wouldn’t know anything about that, all your arguments HOLD NO SAY. Keep sounding like the coconuts you really are, where are all your supporters?! The End

                    • Think about it says:

                      Ok stupid, this is the last time I will be addressing you. Notorious and I are NOT the only two people on here who are against what you and your druggie friends are saying. Just because you say it, doesn’t make it a fact. If you scroll up and read ALL the comments you will see there are quite a few people against you. Also, you are an ASS for ASSUMING that you know anything that I have or haven’t done. You keep saying that I know knothing about marijuana and that I haven’t experienced it for myself, but how can you possibly know that? You know what I think? I think that since you are so ignorant you think that just because I am against making weed legal that I have not experienced it for myself. That’s very, very ignorant logic. The logic of someone who smokes a little too much weed. Anyone who is against you and your fellow druggies is either close minded or has never smoked weed before.

                      Another thing, the gateway drug theory has NOT been disproved, I really don’t know where you are getting your facts from, again. Just because YOU haven’t moved on to harder drugs, doesn’t mean that it hasn’t or will never happen. You also claim that people move on to other strands etc. to get a high once their tolerance is up. You do realize that those other strands aren’t natural and are altered with chemical right? Because of this, your “Gods plant” that is all natural bullsh*t goes right out the window.

                      What makes me really laugh is that you morons can’t even read a simple bernews post in order to form a proper rebuttal to anything that I have said. My only argument is that it’s a gateway drug? Really? Put down the spliff, sober up and then try and speak to me.

                      Now it’s the end.

                    • bermyshotta says:

                      @ think about it – ok last time um gonna say something cuz we guys will go back and forth arguin. FACT: de otha strands um talking about…sour diesel, kush, indica’s/sativa’s, sour power, green crack, etc..(which u know nuttin bout) ARE NOT….lemme repeat so it sinks in ya sober skull…ARE NOT laced with chemicals. if you actually DID YA RESEARCH you would kno dat. eaze up…and get back to ya lova nicole. ova and out. DE END!!

                    • Think about it says:

                      Wow you’re stupid. Do you grow any of those strands that you mentioned? So how the hell would you know if they had chemicals in them or not? For f*ck sake, one of them is called “green crack.”

                      You’re stupid. THE END.

                  • Notorious says:

                    govnamon I’m sorry you are a loser, lying drug addict who has to be high because reality is too much to handle. LOL at you piggy backing off of what others have said and come in days late with no valid argument. Other people agreed with us they just don’t want to argue with a bunch of loser druggies. It does turn you into that, I’m sure you are a wall sitter who lives off his mama and beats on his baby mama. You all are too high and too slow to understand our point that we’ve made a million time and then turned to insults so we now turn to calling you losers. Nowhere did we mention “wall sitters” though, that’s you saying that. Nothing you said even makes sense and your butt pirate buddy “bermyshotta” is just as much retarded and emotionally traumatized so you look to eachother and weed for a release. lol yeah we are close minded because we don’t do drugs, that’s exactly what it does to you losers who need to be high. Pathetic.

                • My two cents says:

                  Um, no wrong, next

        • Really?? says:

          To Think About It: Weed is stronger than Alcohol? Are you serious? Have you ever smoked weed first of all? I suspect the answer to that is no. But just to kill off your argument, you can die from alcohol poisoning, it is physically impossible to die from overdosing on Marijuana and if you don’t believe me Google it. So how in the world is weed stronger than alcohol. Do you know that drinking 1 beer can put some people over the legal driving limit? On top of that, how many people go out and have 1 beer and then drive? You probably ignore the arguments against alcohol because you drink. Here’s news for you buddy, alcohol is way more dangerous than weed. Show me one accident where they state the main cause was from the person being high from weed. If you manage to find one, I can show you 100 where the determined cause was alcohol.

          “The strength of the substance that leads to the government making it illegal or not” Did you think this out before you typed it? Alcohol was illegal in the US for a period of time (Remember prohibition?) now it’s not. Did they somehow make alcohol weaker so that they could make it legal? What about Coedine? Heroin addicts will take pills of coedine if they can’t get a fix. That’s a legal drug and a hell of alot stronger than weed. Let’s look at over the counter asprin. No prescription needed but you can OD and die from it. Your argument is extremely flawed and has no basis whatsoever.

          • Govnamon says:

            They aink smoked weed, because if they had they would not be talking like the igrant close minded fools they are… simple as that…. DO NOT TALK ABOUT SOMETHING U KNO NOTHING ABOUT… my father taught me that when i was in single digits mate….

            • Notorious says:

              I’m surprised you are in contact with your father govnamon. I bet he had a shrine to Bob Marley and taught you that the police were bad and ganja was the healer when you were in single digits too right?

          • Think about it says:

            You people are seriously stupid, I would say it’s unbelieveable, but then I remembered you’re weed heads. Weed is stronger than alcohol dummies. You FOOLS have been smoking for years and have built up a tolerance to it, the same thing happens to ANY substance that you use for a long period of time. You mean to tell me the first time you smoked ONE SPLIFF that you didn’t get high? If you say yes then you’re a liar. However, alcohol is digested differently and enters the blood stream in a different way than weed. So you aren’t likely to get drunk off of one drink or get drunk as quickly then if you have smoked one spliff.


            Now please, please shut up. Weed heads have NO argument for their defense of making it legal, none. And just because it hasn’t been documented, doesn’t mean someone hasn’t died from smoking too much weed. You can die from drinking too much water for sh*t sake.

            One more thing, I’m willing to bet that the idiot that flipped his car the other day was high. Just because the police don’t test people for weed after accidents doesn’t mean that people high on weed don’t cause them. Someone high can disguise it better than someone who has been drinking. The smell of weed can easily be kidden or it fades faster than alcohol.

            • Notorious says:

              Thanks “Think about it”, at least someone has some sense! I guess that’s what happens when you aren’t a drug addict, clear mind to think with.

            • Really?? says:

              “Think about It”, please let me know what schools you attended so that I can be sure not to send my kids there, if you paid for your education, you were definitely ripped off. You are the most ignorant, clueless and just plain dumb person I have ever met. You and Notorious must have been class mates because you are both stuck on stupid. I really hope that none of you have children because it would be sad to know that you can actually pass on your delusional views to the next generation. Does MAWI still pay to bring people in because I would gladly take both of you down there…or wait a minute…..I’m probably too late aren’t I? You two are already MAWI patients aren’t you? You’re probably roommates who take turns using the computer in between eating each others sh!t off the walls of your room.

              I have realized reading your posts that there is no point in debating you because you are not grounded in reality. You have not stated any credible facts in any of your arguments. Let me say this to you, read a book moron and stop trying to pull facts from the air. If you can’t read then have your girlfriend Notorious read it to you while you drool on yourself. Let me try and educate you a little bit although I think it’s futile due to your mental capacity rivaling that of a retarded chimp.

              There has never been a documented case of marijuana overdose.

              In order for a human to consume enough marijuana to be fatal, they would have to consume nearly 40,000 times the amount of THC required to intoxicate them. In contrast, it only requires about 5 to 10 times the amount of alcohol required to intoxicate, to be fatal. For example, if it requires 3 beers to intoxicate you, it only requires 15 to 30 beers to kill you. However, if it takes you 3 ‘hits’ of marijuana to intoxicate you, it would require 120,000 hits to kill you. Thus, it is virtually impossible to die of a marijuana overdose.
              The non-fatal consumption of 3000 mg/kg A THC by the dog and monkey would be comparable to a 154-pound human eating approximately 46 pounds (21 kilograms) of 1%-marihuana or 10 pounds of 5% hashish at one time. In addition, 92 mg/kg THC intravenously produced no fatalities in monkeys. These doses would be comparable to a 154-pound human smoking at one time almost three pounds (1.28 kg) of 1%-marihuana or 250,000 times the usual smoked dose and over a million times the minimal effective dose assuming 50% destruction of the THC by smoking.
              Thus, evidence from animal studies and human case reports appears to indicate that the ratio of lethal dose to effective dose is quite large. This ratio is much more favourable than that of many other common psychoactive agents including ALCOHOL and barbiturates (Phillips et al. 1971, Brill et al. 1970).
              Here let me summarize that for you. Fact, alcohol is stronger than marijuana you brain dead dumb-ass. Just because you don’t want to believe that your precious alcohol is more dangerous than marijuana won’t make it any less of a fact. So the next time they tell you in your AA class that alcohol is dangerous, stop sucking back your poison long enough to sober up and listen. You have to sit there and imagine that people involved in accidents were smoking weed but I can tell you for a fact that 7 out of 10 deaths on Bermuda’s roads involve alcohol. Here’s another fact clueless, they do drug tests in serious accidents so that they know if a person has been using any drugs.

              But seriously, seek some help because you need to learn to accept facts over fiction. Let me help you a little: You are not the ruler of Middle Earth, Darth Vader was not your father, Charles Mason did not speak to you in your sleep last night and Elvis is dead. You can go back to eating your own sh!t now, moron.

              • bermyshotta says:

                @ Really?? – HAHA too much truth for their bubble gum brains to handle bra! Glad um not de only one. Ain’t no point tho…they stuck on stupid and can’t be changed…they’ve been brainwashed already.

  21. Utter Shock says:




    • LX says:

      Wow… You are childish. You need to learn to debate instead of trying to belittle someone because their opinion is different from yours. It makes you look like the bigger fool…


      • Govnamon says:

        dnt even talk to him, just laugh…. its sad these poor close minded people exist to sow the progress in todays world! Without them it would be a far more progressive and advanced place, too bad they have to think they are always right and nothing can prove them wrong, atleast we accept its bad for us, just not as bad as the laws make it seem. BAMB. (I like to emphisize stuff when im done, because im childishh!!! :) oh and smilies and hears <3!!!!)

  22. Utter Shock says:

    The risks Top Even hardcore smokers can become anxious, panicky, suspicious or paranoid.
    Cannabis affects your coordination, which is one of the reasons why drug driving is just as illegal as drink driving.
    Some people think cannabis is harmless just because it’s a plant – but it isn’t harmless. Cannabis, like tobacco, has lots of chemical ‘nasties’, which can cause lung disease and possibly cancer with long-term or heavy use, especially as it is often mixed with tobacco and smoked without a filter. It can also make asthma worse, and cause wheezing in non-asthma sufferers.
    Cannabis itself can affect many different systems in the body, including the heart: It increases the heart rate and can affect blood pressure.
    If you’ve a history of mental health problems, then taking cannabis is not a good idea: It can cause paranoia in the short term, but in those with a pre-existing psychotic illness, such as schizophrenia, it can contribute to relapse.
    If you use cannabis and have a family background of mental illness, such as schizophrenia, you may be at increased risk of developing a psychotic illness.
    It is reported that frequent use of cannabis can cut a man’s sperm count, reduce sperm motility, and can suppress ovulation in women and so may affect fertility.
    If you’re pregnant, smoking cannabis frequently may have some association with the risk of the baby being born smaller than expected.
    Regular, heavy use makes it difficult to learn and concentrate. Some people begin to feel tired all the time and can’t seem to get motivated.
    Some users may want to buy strong herbal cannabis to get ‘a bigger high’ but unpleasant reactions can be more powerful when you use strong cannabis, and it is possible that using strong cannabis repeatedly could lead in time to more users experiencing harmful effects such as dependence or being more at risk of developing the mental health effects.

    • Truth says:

      Ok now do the same with alcohol and tell me what you HONESTLY believe is more dangerous to society/family’s/personal health etc.

      Then if you can, could you explain why Alcohol is Legal and Herb is Illegal? And why it is accepted by SO many people (especially here). For gods sake the Police even have their own bar! Im finding it very hard to figure this out since Alcohol has been the direct reason why 4 of my friends are dead (all individual accidents).

      • Notorious says:

        Alcohol is not the reason 4 of your friends are dead. Your 4 friends are the reason they are dead.

        • Truth says:

          They made unfortunate choices under the influence of a LEGAL substance…A substance that majority of this country endorses (including me). Coming from someone who regularly uses both of these substances I can tell you alcohol has caused 1000x more problems in my life then smoking a little herb. There is NOTHING i have done in my 20 years of smoking herb (other than the money ive spent on it, (don’t worry all my bills still get paid)) that I regret doing. Alcohol on the other hand….well im sure everyone who drinks can say they have done something stupid or irresponsible while under the influence…Unfortunately 4 of my friends had to pay the ultimate price.

          So maybe if you can answer my previous question, why is Alcohol legal and Marijuana Illegal? Are they not both mind altering substances? Which one do you believe to be more dangerous?

          • Notorious says:

            It’s illegal because governments made it illegal. That’s your answer. It’s not about what I believe and I don’t have to debate on the subject because I could care less. I don’t smoke it. BUT you can drink one beer and won’t be drunk, you can smoke 1 spliff and be high. That’s the point. Alcohol is only dangerous when it’s consumed in high quantities. That’s like saying let’s ban sodas and cheeseburgers because it makes people fat, no over consumption of soda and cheeseburgers makes people fat. You know the same way you blamed alcohol for your friends being dead, no it’s their fault. Just like guns don’t kill people. See where I’m going here. People don’t get arrested for drinking alcohol but they get arrested for being drunk. Drunk/high. Matches are legal, lighters are legal, but you can’t go and burn down someones house. Also just look around at the pro-weed supporters replies that’ll give you another answer. Depleted brain cells. How many people you seriously know who smoke weed and don’t drink in excess? They go hand in hand regardless, as do other hard drugs. They commit crimes and do stupid things while high as well. At the end of the day alcohol is legal and weed is illegal.

            • bermyshotta says:

              @ Notorious – Stop beatin’ round d bush and give a real answer lol. You sound like all dem otha brainwashed ppl on de island. SOME ppl can drink 1 beer and be drunk thank u. alcohol and weed DO NOT go hand in hand….sorry. how many ppl u kno go smoke a spliff den go commit a crime….sure. get ova yaself!!

              • Notorious says:

                @bermyshotta I can’t help it if your comprehension skills are that of a toddler. I gave an answer, sorry if you are too stupid to get the point or simply unsatisfied with my reply. I was not addressing you and do not have to “answer” to you, regardless. Too much weed is killing your brain cells, clearly. How many people smoke a spliff “den go commit a crime”? Try cracking open a newspaper or watching the news. My name isn’t Gary Moreno.

                What was your previous name? You seem quite attached to me recently, it is alarming. Perhaps you are still upset over a prior interaction with myself? Seems to be.

                • bermyshotta says:

                  @ notorious – haha um thinkin that’s ya reply to anyone who ya don’t agree wif on hur haha. ya too predictable and funny. nicole inna? my name on hurs always been de same. my brain cells r perfectly fine ty…neva said u had to answer to me. just recorrectin ya silly post that don’t make sense just what YOU think makes sense lol. read de newspaper everyday…nuttin in der bout herb smokers doin crimes…only harder drugs and alcohol…look fa yaself!!! neva had an argument wif u before…why would i be upset wif someone dun even kno lol. could care less bout u…

                  • Shaking my head says:

                    How the he’ll do you know weed smokers aren’t the ones committing the crimes? Marijuana is a gateway drug, smoke it enough and the high won’t be as satisfying. Smoke more and soon your numb to the high and will look for other ways to get that same sensation! Google it dumby!

                    • Truth says:

                      Marijuana is not a gateway drug if you are a responsible user….Just like Alcohol doesnt turn you into an alcoholic if you are a responsible user.

                    • bermyshotta says:

                      @ smh – um pretty sure if ya do some googling ya self u’d find dat more crimes r committed by ppl on harder drugs. and NO thats wat dey want u to believe that herb is a gateway drug. it all depends ON DE PERSON…but most of de time no. just anotha thing those lot tell u. u believe evrythin dats told to u?! Sorry but dats not de way it works. um only speakin de truth…go back to ya google…ya de dummy!

                    • Scott says:

                      dude that is NOT how it works, and NOT how it is a gateway drug..

                      the only “gateway” effect it has is a) from all the ads that say “dont do weed”, “weed will kill you”, and then you try it and realize you are fine. if they are lying about that, what else are they lying about?

                      and b) the people you meet and hang with around weed are sometimes and often into bigger drugs as well

                      it is nOT caused by a physical effect from smoking.

                  • Think about it says:


                    Yet another rocket scientist on bernews looks like it. I wish they would make people take some sort of IQ test or something before they post on here. Everything that Notorious said is 100% accurate. To compare weed and alcohol is stupid. I can just be in the area of someone smoking weed and catch a contact high. I can smoke one spliff and be high out of my mind. But when my mate drinks a beer next to me, I don’t get a second hand buzz. When I drink a beer or a mixed drink, I don’t get drunk. Your friends were silly enough to get drunk and get in accidents, and the same thing would/could have happened if they were smoking weed all night too. The simple fact is that since the strength of marijuana is so high and alcohol so low (in comparison) that it was banned by the government.

                    • bermyshotta says:

                      @ U think about it – um prolly got more qualifications den u funny thing bout it lmao. um not really…if u do ya own research u wouuld find dat all dat she said ain’t 100% accurate, just anotha brainwashed soul by de man! i weren’t comparing herb and alcohol SHE WAS ya dummy…both u lot r dummies. THAT IS YOU WHO DOESN’T GET DRUNK OFF ONE BEER/MIX DRINK…but OTHER PPL CAN GET DRUNK OFF ONE DRINK! how do u know that….herb affects ppl differently…funny cuz half de ppl u work with/talk to by day/night in bermy prolly r high and ya dunneen notice lmfao. n alcohol is so low ok (grain alcohol, Four Loko’s (college students dying after 2), etc) you don’t hear of college students dying after smoking 20 spliffs do you…but i bet you do when der’s 20 drinks involved..GET REAL and THINK FOR URSELF!! ya coconut

                    • Think about it says:


                      Shsh, please be quiet, your stupidity is showing. You DUMMY were crying about alcohol being legal and weed being illegal, thats what I mean by you COMPARING. Also, every point you try to agrue in defence of weed is voided when you refer to the police as “the man.” That just shows your stupidity and what type of mentality you have. You also need to do your research. Weed may affect people differently, but there is not one person that wont get high off of one spliff and there is not one person that will get drunk off of one beer or mixed drink. Alcohol takes a lot longer to enter your bloodstream that weed does. So in the time it takes you to smoke a spliff and get high, I’ve only had maybe two beers and don’t even feel anything yet.

                    • bermyshotta says:

                      @ u think about it – de man is de man so get real…r they not? um done my research, obviously u havn’t. and as for summing up how ya the DUMMY here u go, right out de hole in ya call ya head, where ya brains were.

                      “and there is not one person that will get drunk off of one beer or mixed drink.”

                      YOU SURE!?!? LMAO U CRACK ME UP – i could show u many….HAHAHAHAH. ty for provin how dumb u really are/sound wit dat last point. enjoy

                    • Truth says:

                      I agree…they made “silly” decisions…but those “silly” decisions were made while they were UNDER THE INFLUENCE of a LEGAL substance. A substance that is highly promoted on this island. (again im a big fan, not a hater)

                      I dont need to argue that alcohol makes you do silly things…EVERYONE that drinks has done someonething silly before or something they regret while under the Influence of Alcohol (If you havent then you deserve an award…seriously, because that is impressive and unheard of) Maybe now that you have grown up and have learned from experimentation you can say that you are a responsible drinker and can have a few drinks without seriously effecting your judgement…unfortunatly for some (my friends) they learned the hard way. Can you hoenstly say you have never been drunk or done something you regret doign because of alcohol?

                      haha…where did you get that contact high info from? I WISH I could just sit off and catch a drift!!! I would save hundreds of dollars a month. Or if it was legal I could pump hundreds into fixing Bermudas ever growing debt (instead of funding these random people aka gang members/low life POS who then go and buy guns with that money to kill and rob people).

                      How many people are in rehab because of Herb versus the people in rehab because of Alcohol? How many people are Gov’t paying $80,000+ a year for to house in jail for posessing Herb?

                      No matter what way you look at it you cannot win this arguemnt. At the end of the day both substances are harmfull to your health but how can you justify the reasoning for one being legal and not the other?

                      I honestly believe MOST people believe in what I am saying but I also KNOW for a FACT that most of those people will not come out with their opinion due to the fact it is “illegal” and they dont want to loose their jobs or seem like an outcast because of their beliefs.

                    • Scott says:

                      to be honest, that is not why it is illegal. It was made illegal a century ago in the US as a way of stopping immigration from mexico and other “weed smoking” countries..

                      it is just simply a law that is so engrained in western culture now its near impossible to pry away.

                      frankly i would ignore “studies”… studies can say almost anything depending on who is funding them.

                    • Scott says:

                      thats not to say it should/should not be legalized… just where the law started from.

                    • Think about it says:


                      I like how you try to call me dumb when not one word you said in your whole reply forms a proper sentence. Also, your grammar is absolutely atrocious. Must be the weed I guess.

                      Here is why your rebuttal holds no weight. I said not one person gets drunk off of one beer or mixed drink. Do you know the difference between being inebriated and having a buzz? You can get a buzz off of one drink, but you will never get piss drunk off of one drink unless you are drinking an 8oz glass of undiluted hard liquor (which no one does)

                      Anyway, please do not address me again until you can form a proper sentence, I started to get a headache the last time I read your comment.

                  • Notorious says:

                    LMAO yeah @bermyshotta it’s predictable because 8 out of 10 people who post on bernews are quite slow. Including you. Yes my previous name was Nicole, but that’s not my real name. I am Notorious. Self explanatory. Your name has not always been the same. I saw a post just yesterday from you with the same icon and it was a different name. Stop dancing around the subject druggie. Your a filthy pothead, and most likely a heavy drinker just like the other druggie alcoholics on this island. No weed heads do drugs? LMFAO! Yeah okay! Keep lying to yourself because you have a disgusting drug addiction. You typed all that and didn’t prove anything. I’ll wait again.

                    • My two cents says:

                      You’re a hateful person, I bet you go to church every Sunday and judge everyone that isn’t perfect like you? Seriously calling someone a dirty druggie without knowing them is priceless! That says it all for me about you. You’re not worth the effort anymore. Remember the message; only God can judge, not judgmental Christians.

                    • bermyshotta says:

                      @ Notoriously dumb – They r quite slow because dat’s what u assume. Funny thing is um prolly gettin paid more in a year den u make/will ever make in a year. don’t be sour cuz you ain’t where u wanna be in life. um goin places…in a years time u’ll still be de same cranky, sour, close-minded lady who stays on bernews calling everyone out..even though u should be callin ya self out!! real talk. i’m not a filthy pothead…u don’t know me and um glad u don’t, only real ppl round me none on dem close-minded ppl like u. i drink, smoke in moderation and um fresh 2 death so stop spoutin empty words gurl! keep on lumping everyone in de same cateogry cuz dats all u can do. and you can’t be addicted to herb, sorry just goin on dat i know ya full of it regardin ya “theories”. and i changed my name once, yesterday, get back to ya crappy desk job lmao. str8

                    • Think about it says:

                      LMAO @ My two cents

                      I recall Notorious saying that she isn’t religious, I may be wrong, but I’m sure she said that on previous posts on another article. You on the other hand sound like a hypocrite. “Only God can judge, not judgmental Christians?” So aren’t you judging Notorious by assuming she is Christian?

                    • Notorious says:

                      And why are you @truth saying they made a silly decision under the influence of something that’s legal? SO WHAT? It was THEIR DECISION. Alcohol didn’t force them to drink it in excess! That’s like blaming soda for why my grandma has diabetes. lol

                      At the end of the day you can’t win this argument. Weeds illegal, alcohol is legal. You do both so really your point is moot. Continue smoking it. I love seeing people in the news for weed. I don’t know why pro weed supporters complain about alcohol knowing damn well they drink it heavily. A weed smoker who doesn’t drink liquor would be few and far between.

                    • Think about it says:


                      Everything you said in your reply to Notorious is a blatant lie. There is NO WAY IN HELL that someone who speaks the way you do, or refers to themselves as “bermyshotta” has a good career. The only way you are getting paid is if you are stealing or selling drugs.

                      “um prolly gettin paid more in a year den u make,” “um goin places.” You really expect us to believe that someone would give you a good job with the way you speak? And don’t tell me that you don’t speak like that because it’s been proven that people type the same way that they speak in person.

                    • Notorious says:

                      DEAD at you @two cents! So it’s okay for you to judge me as being a “hateful person” when you don’t know me but me calling an obvious pothead a pothead is wrong? You aren’t God either. LMAO at me being a christian in church every Sunday. You can search every church on this island on Sunday and won’t find me in any one of them. That is hilarious!

                      @bermyshotta Keep lying to yourself. Selling drugs doesn’t count as a real job. It’s hard enough for me to take you serious calling yourself “berymshotta”. You can’t even formulate a decent sentence and you want me to believe you are “headed far in life”. Right. LMAO get back to your mamas couch, driving her car, selling drugs, being “fresh to death” with your 8 kids and 7 baby mamas. Basically go back to being a walking stereotype. I won’t ever be looked as such. Actually I might go take a nap. I’m free to do that :)

                    • Notorious says:

                      Also @bermyshotta The same ones calling people who are against weed “close minded” would be the same ones on a post about Sybil calling for him and other gays to be murdered. Stop lumping all of us who are against it in one category. I’m a very open minded person actually.

                    • Govnamon says:

                      Notorious i have read many of your comments for the past couple weeks, u are just merely a closed minded, self glorified prik. Stop talkin about topics you know nothing about! I gaurintee you someone above you in your company or workplace smokes weed, because in truth the person who graduated top of my class as saltus years ago, got 7 AP’s all 5/5 and pretty much skipped his first year of university at Western Ontario (engineering) SMOKED WEED EVERYDAY! And when i mean everyday i mean a Quarter every week and one every weekend…. i know this because that person is me… i now no longer do that (drink alot more heavily tho hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha) and have a very respectable job at one of the largest companies on the island with the potential to do great things. Marijuana does not effect nuffin nowhere (triple negitve = a postive)! exept your lungs (thats if you choose to smoke it). SO PLEASE SHUT YO FACE AND STOP TALKIN LIKE UR THE SECOND COMING OF CRIST… God is the only person who has the right to pass judgement on his people so stop pointing fingers an anylize yaself mate….

                    • Notorious says:

                      govnamon Please shut up and kiss my “prik” ass and you are nothing but a drug addicted loser. Who the hell are you to come at me when I never addressed you? And then when I call you people stupid I’m a hateful person but look at your reply. I though potheads were supposed to be calm and peaceful?

                      Yes I think I’m the second coming of Christ because I don’t agree with marijuana being legal! Great debating skills and I’m supposed to believe you are some extremely intelligent person who skipped their first year of University. You can’t even make a complete sentence. Clearly I know what I’m talking about while backing up my claims while you simply but in every 25 posts to call people stupid and self glorified. I get all that so called intelligence you have isn’t utilized often. Douchebag.

                    • Govnamon says:

                      wether or not u beleive me is a whole nother story. Because i dnt care what u think. And thats my point. I just want u to stop talkin about something u kno nothing about. I dnt do it and neither should u. Just because u have some skeleton of an idea about what this here drug is doesnt make u an expert. Please stop pointing the finger at my name calling it is just a substitution for my desire to punch you square in the face repetadly. In terms of my incorrect grammer, this is an internet post, not a novel. i can fi talk N-E way me want fi talk pon dis here, dat ders de beauty a bernews, guys ramp all dey long and nah cyare wat dem hatas fi say… so deal with urself, hope u werent bullied and called names as a kid, if so im sry for bringing up past memories but do not critisize somehting or someone u kno nothing about. If u dnt think that i am tellin the truth about my academic record i could care less, i just thought u might be intersted, seing you (or ur boyfreind watename) called me a drug addicted looser… thanks mate but i dnt care what u think i did, i kno what i did and weed never held me back. NOT ONE LIKKLE BIT…. sry to tel u that, i kno that proly pisses u and ur pathetic argument off, goodbye i am done with u and ur boyfreind. Go crawl back under your rock and continue to cry about other peoples chosen lifestyle, why do u care about my health anyway u prik, deal with ur own problems, watever they may be (oh but thats right u dnt have any becuase ur too busy telling me about mine). GO HOME IM DONE TALKIN TO CLOSE MINDED INDIVIDUALS, thankyou for your time, i hope to see you later in life so i can laugh at u and tell u how weed ruined my life… thx, and good day sir. pce

                  • Notorious says:

                    LMAO @you govnamon thinking I’m reading your poorly written essay! I’m not here for the dramatics. You have no point, you have no argument. The only thing you say is “I’m close minded” when you don’t even know me. And the only thing I have to say to is that you are a drug addict loser. No way to spin that. I await your appearance in the RG for marijuana possession so I can sit back and laugh at you some more.

                    • Think about it says:

                      Lol. I hope they say that in RG too- “So-and-so, also known as Govnamon on bernews, was arrested today for possession of 10lbs of marijuana…”

                      I would holler! Lol

            • Truth says:

              its just hard to justify Alcohol being legal and Marijuana illegal. Neither of these substances are necessarily “healthy.” How many people a year die because of alcohol versus weed? In fact I will ask you to name ONE and only ONE person you know of or heard of or read about that has died because of smoking weed?

              • Notorious says:

                If “de herb” is so natural, such a healer, why did Bob Marley drop dead at 36? He should have been cured, no?

                • Truth says:

                  Bob Marley had cancer….Weed does not “cure” cancer (obviously), it helps with the process of dealing with cancer aka the side effects such as vomiting, lacking the desire to eat, mental stress and many other symptoms.

                  On a side note, Bob Marley is a LEGEND and if you think I think that because he smoked weed you are completely wrong. Bob Marley preached for togetherness and peace and love…which is exactly what Bermuda needs right now. “Lets get together and feel alright” One LOVE BERMUDA!!!!!

                  • Notorious says:

                    @truth Not according to other people who have posted on here. “It’s natural”, “it’s a healer”, “it cures all”. So again how did 36 year old Bob Marley get cancer? Inhalation of any kind of smoke is bad for you. Stop trying to justify it. Who cares if he’s a legend? That’s not the point.

                    • bermyshotta says:

                      @ notorious – “At the start of the European tour, Marley injured his toe playing football. In July 1977, he was found to have acral lentiginous melanoma, a form of malignant melanoma.[40] Despite his illness, he wished to continue touring and was in the process of scheduling a world tour in 1980.”

                      “While flying home from Germany to Jamaica, in acceptance that he was going to die, Marley’s vital functions worsened. After landing in Miami, Florida, he was taken to the hospital for immediate medical attention. He died at Cedars of Lebanon Hospital in Miami (now University of Miami Hospital) on the morning of 11 May 1981, at the age of 36. The spread of melanoma to his lungs and brain caused his death.”

                    • Truth says:

                      Bob Marley had Cancer in his TOE…Not lungs.

                      “its Natural” OBVIOUSLY it was here long before humans knew what it was and it was created by “god” this is not a mad made substance (excluding hydroponics and all other forms of herbs where growing accelerants are used).

                      “its a healer” It heals many many many PAINS and ACHES, ask a cancer patient if you dont believe me. Or in my case the frustration with this 10,000+ cell excel spread sheet with hundreds of different equations involving multivariable calculus ive been working on for the past week!

                      “it cures all” thats a stupid statement…nothing in this world “cures all” but it does cure some things such as Nausea (proven fact).

                      Clearly some of the people on this site who are supporting this argument are dumbing it down with stupid remarks. Although for someone as smart as yourself I kind of assumed you would be able to seperate the ignorant remarks from factual ones.

                    • Govnamon says:

                      Do you no what i hate… ppl who talk about something they know nothing about?

                  • Notorious says:

                    LMAO @Truth keep grasping at them straws! “Clearly some of the people on this site who are supporting this argument are dumbing it down with stupid remarks. Although for someone as smart as yourself I kind of assumed you would be able to seperate the ignorant remarks from factual ones.”

                    Thanks for the compliment, I sure am smart. The only argument they had was that’s it’s natural and cures all so how am I supposed to separate the “ignorant” from the “factual”? LOL What factual ones? You typed a whole lot and said nothing.

                    And @bermyshotta DEAD at you using wikipedia as a source. Again null and void. Bob Marley was a heavy weed smoker and dropped dead at 36. THE END.

                    • Truth says:

                      @notorious….im guessing we must agree to disagree because clearly you are going to argue about anything and everything…as I have read over the past weeks.

                      But out of curriosity, how does smoking alot of weed cause Toe cancer? Where is your credibility on this? Did you read it on If you can find that article I would really love to read it as I have never heard of this before…must be a new discovery?

                      Also dont slander people for the way they type on here. Im sayin like imma good bermudian verd typa too but decided not to get into all dat der cuz i Knew ders people like you who would immedieatly tink im some sorta ignint unedumacated fool from dawn de hill and jus disregard all of meh budmon ideas…Ever thought people do that to disguise themselves? Point being dont judge a book by its cover. Im sure youve heard that one before… When you Assume things you make an “A**” out of “u” and “me.” wouldnt want that to happen to you.

                      Im not on here to hate on you or anyone else who objects to the personal use of marijuana. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. From my personal 20+ years of experience (smoking and drinking) It is devastatingly clear which one has had more of a negative effect on my life and the life of my friends and family.

                      All I asked is for a legitamate reason to why if Alcohol is Legal why isnt Herb? The facts are there, Alcohol kills more people than Herb.

                      In 2001 (I know a bit out dated but no time to look further) there were 75,766 Alcohol related deaths in America(

                      Or check this out. 1 in every 25 deaths (worldwide)are attributed to ALCOHOL (

                      I still cant find a statistic that gives Herb related deaths. Can you?

                    • Notorious says:

                      I guess we will @Truth. Look at this thread. People on here complain about me using insults, after I have been insulted mind you BUT yet I’ve been called everything under the sun. Simply because I disagree. From being called a hypocritical Christian, the second coming of Christ, a prick, self glorified and many more. When in reality is you knew me that couldn’t be further from the truth. But yet when I do it I’m a “hateful person”. I’m entitled to my views.

                      How is typing like that disguising yourself? How would typing in proper sentences reveal who you really are? That’s ridiculous. Instead of telling me to not slander people for the ridiculous spelling and grammar, I mean I’m not the best but at least it’s legible you should be telling them to not TRY and slander me. But since their opinion is the same as yours you don’t care. If I called someone those things you all would bitch and moan. You can believe what you want and I’ll continue to believe what I want. The alcohol argument I explained already so I don’t know WHY you all are still asking. Scroll up(or down) and read it.

                    • Truth says:

                      @notorious…Im sorry people on here have called you names, its unfortunate they cannot think of better ways to portray their feelings.

                      In the end you need to choose your battles wisely. Clearly when you call someone a name (very childish) you are expecting a reaction. You giving them a reaction is only satisfying them.

                      Ignore what they say and stick to the topic at hand.

                      and for the record, just because we(they) agree on the same topic, it does not mean I endorse everything they say. Some of it is just plain ignorant!

                      I do see a major flaw with Herb though and that is that it currently funds these gangsters/low life POS’s. This is exactly why things need to CHANGE.

                      Taking away weed from the island will be as hard as trying to take away just wont happen. On the other hand if government controlled it (decriminalize/legalize) I would personally be buying a quarter($150) a week from them. Personally this wont change a single thign about me except for the fact I can feel better that the money I am spending on herb is going towards my country(education system, tourism etc) and not the people who are going to use MY money to buy guns. Take away their income and put them in a position where they will have to work!

                      and as far as disguising yourself through typed language goes….not sure if it was you or someone else but they said “people tend to talk as they speak.” If your style of speach/word use is unique enough, and people know you well enough, its pretty simple to have an idea of who is who…specially on this tiny rock.

                    • Notorious says:

                      Umkay @Truth.

                • Geza Wolf says:

                  I’m sorry you guys, but did we all miss the Global commission on drug policies report a few weeks ago? shouldn’t that have been something you put on your website bernews?

                  Or do we not want to discuss this as adults with real facts and not highly opinionated and lightly educated individuals..


            • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

              Not true. I know several people that if they have half a drink theire judgment is impared!

            • Really?? says:

              To Notorious. You say that weed is illegal because governments made it illegal right? Does that make it right? Slavery was legal, was that right? Alcohol was illegal for a time (prohibition) was that right? Up until a few years ago, being gay was basically illegal and continues to be illegal in some parts of the world, is that right? My point is that just because a government makes certain things legal or illegal does it make it right? Governments are flawed and government laws are flawed. Stop thinking things are right just because a government said it is or not.

              And before you respond, I know that wasn’t your only arguement against weed, this is just the one I’m addressing in this post. If I addressed all your arguments I would be here all day.

              • Notorious says:

                First I suggest you work on your comprehension skills.

                Secondly I initially had no argument against weed, I was replying to someones dumb comment that alcohol killed 4 of their friends and it spiraled after that. You won’t address my other points because you can’t. LOL at you all thinking I owe you an explanation, go ahead and plead your case to a police officer or a judge.

                I’m really astounded that you all continue to compare marijuana use to slavery and MLK’s fight. I’m sure those people would be disgusted and insulted.

      • Fed Up Bermudian says:

        Alcohol also has therapeutic effects, probably not as many as weed. But, for every alcoholic out there, there are many more people who ‘use’ alcohol responsibly. Just remember that buying weed fuels the drug trade which supports this insane ‘gangsta’ lifestyle that’s killing our young men. Legalizing it would take away that economic base, but here’s the thing- that post above about getting up off your arses and doing something about it as in lobbying for change in the laws is really the only way it will change. Moaning about it and name calling won’t resonate with the politicians. Until that time that it is legal, then please for Bermuda’s sake, don’t smoke it. You’re only contributing to Bermuda’s problems if you are.
        I agree that it should be legal, but for now it’s not. Unless you’re prepared to fight for that legalization, then it’s time to stop moaning. For me, it’s not an important enough issue for me to do much of anything about- I can take it or leave it. Same with booze. Same with cigarettes. Ask yourself this: if weed were suddenly to suffer a worldwide plague that destroyed every plant and you couldn’t get any more of the stuff, do you really think that those who get high every day wouldn’t find another ‘medication’ to use?? Of course they would. And a myriad of other loser excuses as to why their current drug of choice should be legal/why they can’t achieve/how it’s all very racist. Give me a break, just don’t do it in the first place. Grow up and don’t light up. It’s all very juvenile behaviour really- getting high, getting drunk- same thing. Lack of self control, plain and simple. No one ‘needs’ weed except maybe for some unfortunate cancer patience. Is weed really that important???? If something like that becomes a life priority, then it’s not healthy. Think about it.

    • Stop Pointing ya Fingers says:

      Sorry to dissapoint, but Marijuana actually helps to ease my asthma and when I wheeze I smoke it and there is no more wheezing!

      • Think about it says:

        That’s stupid and you’re stupid. You have asthma and you stop your wheezing by smoking weed? Does your doctor know about your stupidity? It may help in the short term, but once you have tar building up in your lungs it’s only going to make your asthma worse.

        • Truth says:

          @Think about it…I agree with this one statement you make…

          @Stop pointing ya fingers…that is a silly argument and an impossibility…dont give the haters any more of the little fuel they have to argue this point were trying to make…

          as far as your pain relief is only temporary, dont get fooled by it, it will come back and bite you. Im not saying your lying..I actually have a friend who says and does the same thing.

          On the other hand, safe for supporting this argument. Clearly by the number

          • Truth says:

            Clearly by the number of posts on this site it looks like there are alot more supporters than haters.

            • Think about it says:

              There are a lot more supporters beause weed heads tend to stick together and hang out in mass groups. That’s nothing to be proud of.

              • Govnamon says:

                ur an idiot

                • Think about it says:

                  How? I HATE when idiots like you make comments without backing up your words.

              • Truth says:

                Hang out on Bermuda News website? is that a bad thing?

  23. JAH SON says:


  24. gazayout88 says:

    Police ah smoke n sell the weed to, bermuda d first police force ive seen find a weed field n put the weed in plastic bags, sell them ah sell the weed… bermuda police ah burn the high grade n they aint tryna hide it..

    • Rockfish#1 says:

      Do you know what the BPS does with confiscated drugs?

  25. boss says:

    im saying. looks like the BPS was playing hide and seek in the trees again cause them trees were tucked off nice. there wasting time taking trees when theres unsolved murders goin on still from years ago. weed dont hurt nobody im sure if they made it legal alot of crime will stop because everybody has thier own stuff theres no need to go and buy it from a dealer which means these dealers will be off the streets and everyone will be happy

  26. Terry says:

    All these comments. “As life continues”…..What freeking star you livin on.
    The amount of frustration and denial is so blatant in the comments.

    Person dies in road traffic accident…..”RIP”

    Illegal drugs………”Cool…Po Po does it……………..

    All the problems Bermuda has with nothing comming in yet exiting……………….

    Screw it……………………..Wherever the fates have led you, you seen content………..

  27. justaguy says:

    damn i know he mad they found the tree of life damnnnn

  28. Jeff says:

    A lot of people smoke it to deal with the exteme boredom of living in the most beautiful jail in the world. It keeps a lot of people sane.

  29. Confused tourist says:

    This energy should be towards; gay rights and better education. Have you all thought about the social implications of legal weed?

    Everyone is scared of a few juvenile delinquents called gang members and want weed to be legal. I think you all should have the premier/ government chose between legal weed and legal gay marriage.

    The rest of the world will sit and watch the results!

    • bermyshotta says:

      @confused tourist – u can keep ya legal gay marriage in foreign. wouldn’t happen here neways so no need to bring de ting up. Also…der is energy towards better education, kinda hard when ya get ovalooked everytime and ya voices don’t get heard.

      • Notorious says:

        I guess I was right about your stance on gay rights. So predictable from the weed smoking, homophobia and Jamaican slang you use. So I guess that would make you close minded. Kinda hard to be heard when you are “fresh to death” in baggy pants, white tees and nikes and speak ebonics.

        • You probably think I'm crazy says:

          So you support gays being able to do whatever they want in their private lives in their homes, but you don’t support the rights of marijuana consumers to do whatever they want in their private lives in their homes? That sounds hypocritical to me. Let people live their lives! You don’t like marijuana, so be it. Hundreds of millions of people do and whatever they choose to do in their lives is their business. Live your life and leave people to live theirs!

          • Notorious says:

            Gays aren’t harming anyone. Many people who do ILLEGAL drugs do! People are smoking so how am I not leaving people to live their lives? People who need to be high are masking some pain, not physical pain. You don’t need to be high, gay people can’t HELP but be gay. Millions of men are pedophiles should we let them live their lives because they like to harm little girls? Just because people like to do something doesn’t mean it needs to be legal!

            • My two cents says:

              So, let me get this straight, people that smoke weed are harming you Notorious? How so?

              • Notorious says:

                How is gay marriage harming you? Or “bermyshotta”? Let your boyfriend answer the question.

                • My two cents says:

                  Huh? I have NO problem with gay marriage whatsoever. To each his own on this earth. I would still like to know how people smoking pot is harming you? As long as they not doing it around you, what REALLY TRULY is your problem with it?

                  • Notorious says:

                    Like I said LET YOUR BOYFRIEND answer the question! He is the one with the problem with gays, of course you say you don’t have a problem with it while I’m debating with you.

                    To answer you questions, drugs, violence and crime go hand in hand. Obviously. That’s common sense.

                    • My two cents says:

                      What on earth are you talkng about with the boyfriend crap? I have NO idea who ANYONE on this forum is dear.

                      “To answer you questions, drugs, violence and crime go hand in hand. Obviously. That’s common sense.”

                      You sure like to purposely miss the point, don’t you? That is why we want it legal, to stop the VIOLENCE ASSOCIATED WITH HE BLACK MARKET. DO YOU UNDERSTAND???? THAT is the ONLY REASON their is violence and crime assoc with weed, BECAUSE IT IS ILLEGAL. If it were legalized and regulated THERE WOULD BE NO CRIME AND VIOLENCE. That is the point of this WHOLE dang debate and you just glossed right over it dear. I can’t help you don’t understand something so common sense, not everyone is is born with common sense though. And let me tell you straight up girl. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH GAY MARRIAGE. And if YOU have the right to eat trans fatty acid heart clogging KFC, EVERYONE else has the right to smoke a joint in moderation. YOU may be able to eat KFC in moderation and you may not be obese, BUT there are thousands of others that can’t eat in moderation and are obese for it. Our premiums go up due to the diseases that come along choosing to be obese and we HAVE to pay for it! SO if we have to accept that, then HOW come a man can’t choose to smoke or vaporize his weed in peace? It is a hypocrisy. You may not care cause you choose to eat KFC as your vice, or indulge in cigs, coffee, or even alcohol. maybe you do none of the above. The point is it is your right to choose what YOU put in YOUR body. Therefore a grown ass man should be able to put weed into his body without fear of being reprimanded.
                      Stop the violence,death and crime LEGALIZE IT! Unless you enjoy the violence, death, and crime of course.

                    • Notorious says:

                      my two cents I am no longer interested in what you have to say. I was not addressing my comment to you and I am not reading your essay on why weed should be legal. That’s why I said let your boyfriend reply because you two seem to answer for each other when the person asking was addressing the other. I stopped at “If it were legalized and regulated THERE WOULD BE NO CRIME AND VIOLENCE.”

                      That is without a doubt the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard and if you really believe that you are even dumber than I thought. SMH at you all and your poor logic and first comparing MLK and slavery to your fight for legal use of weed to now KFC. LMAO! Utterly ridiculous and why it won’t ever be legal. Not a single valid point from any of you.

                    • Think about it says:

                      @ My two cents-

                      Wow you weed heads aren’t smart. Comparing KFC to weed?! LMFAO! If I eat a zinger from KFC and hop in my car and drive up the road I’m less likely going to cause an accident than if I smoked a spliff and did the same thing.

                    • My two cents says:

                      If you think violence and crime would not drop if weed were legalized in Bermuda, then you just don’t have the capability to understand common sense and that’s okay cause much of this sad world is chalk full of people without common sense, nothing new there. Not everyone is capable of thinking for themselves or beyond what is told to them by the always trustworthy and honest government.(sarcasm) Have an awesome day dear and remember those trans fatty acids in your KFC WILL KILL YOU!

                    • Notorious says:

                      My two cents- You STILL CANNOT grasp how silly it is to compare MLK, slavery and now KFC to marijuana use?

                      What’s the point of posting that link? That’s not the same thing and clearly you did not read it. If you had no food to eat and only KFC it would keep you alive, not a spliff. Over consumption of fatty acids such as KFC over an extended period of time could possibly give you health problems, and maybe lead to your death. Once a month or once two months won’t hurt and any educated person knows that. Long term inhalation of any kind of smoke it dangerous, and we all know potheads don’t smoke once a month or once every two months and we all know you chow down on KFC like everyone else. Marijuana is not the same as it was 25 years ago. With all your reading up on it you would think you’d know that. It’s grown and laced with all kinds of different crap.

                      It’s clear we won’t ever agree so let’s leave it at that.

                    • My two cents says:

                      WRONG AGAIN! ASS U ME dear, I NEVER eat nasty nasty KFC, sorry to tell you that! How do you know that everyone that consumes pot smokes it? If you knew anything you would KNOW that it does not have to b smoked!

                • bermyshotta says:

                  @ notorious – keep carryin on bad with ya hatin, close-minded self. stay behind ya pen name cuz dats all u got, u wouldn’t dare say de things ya say on here to my face or anybody elses u put down on hur ya washed-up old lady! only like women ty…prolly took urs too hahaha.

                  • Think about it says:

                    There you go assuming again. Remember bermyshotta, only assess assume. Don’t prove me right now Lol

                  • Notorious says:

                    LMFAO bermyshotta I see you can’t address my comment like the retard you are so you choose to ramble on about something else.

                    Yeah I’d carry on to your face, what you gonna do? Oh right like I said you are a walking stereotype probably get your aceboys to help you come beat up a GIRL inna? I know all about you “tough guys” in Bermuda who like to sleep with other “tough guys” at night. Homophobic but you are a sexually repressed homo yourself. Old lady? LOL your dumbass is probably older than me but MAD that I’ve out debated you. Now you want to insinuate I’m gay? The ONLY time I’ve come into contact with a vagina other than my own was when I was born.

                    You are a classic case of a downlow homo thug. Hilarious! Post your real name since you are such a tough guy old man. Let’s go!

  30. JAMUDIAN says:

    QUESTION…HOW DO you know that MLKjr did not smoke weed? Many prominant people in society do or have done. how many presidents you know of admittedly smoked weed? And thats just the brave ones that say they do. Many more have than you would ever know. Two cents is right….It is a for of racism and was used to vilify blacks, mexican and other minorities. There is soo much that people dont know but they run there mouths or let there lil fingers type alot of stuff that depict the ignorant state of mind/reality that they live in.
    First and for most as Empora put it, you all pray for sunshine rain, flowers birds, kids and all of God’s creation. But you fight against other natural creations like weed. that is the same arrogant discriminatory selective process of thought that creates RACISM…YES I SAID IT AND I CAN SUPPORT IT. EXAMPLE, MLK JR”ALL MAN ARE CREATED EQUAL” BUT SOME MEN DISCRIMINATELY DECIDE THAT SOME ARE BETTER THAN OTHERS BECAUSE OF THE COLORS OF SKIN, OR GEOFRAPHIC LOCATIONS OR WHATEVER OTHER FEABLE MINDED REASONING THEY COULD CONJURE UP. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THAT THOUGHT PROCESS AND DISCRIMINATING AGAINST GOD’S HEALTHY NATURAL CREATIONS???

  31. Jeff says:

    To confused tourist you are an idiot

  32. mangrove tree says:

    This is what happens when you have everybody going on about Buy Bermuda .

  33. Question, If the police really wanted to catch the weed growers why did they not set up a trap to video tape the persons involved going back and forward to water and check the plants, Ha, maybe it was best they didn’t cause it probably would’ve been a big shot they where covering up for ha!!!!!!!!Oh well. They really could’ve done a better job to catch the culprits….. Then again this is BDA….. Why will the media be there 1 st if you were trying to catch someone… Only in BDA…. APD/ NYPD/ FBI/ would’ve caught them folks red handed because they know how to solve these situations a lot better…

    • Scott says:

      how do we know they didnt?

      i hope are wrong of course.. but all we really have is the article eh? what if they kept that part hidden? so i hope..

  34. Ian says:

    Why are they focusing on this, when this island has for more serious issues that need to be corrected.

    And hats off to the herbalist that grew them trees, they was lookin irie.. I know he’s hurting right now seeing all his work gone to waste…

    One love bermuda

  35. wondering says:

    remember more people lose it from weed than alcohol…..which is the lesser of two evils????

    • LX says:

      Hold up….Were you drunk when you typed that? alcohol makes you lose most inhibitions. you’re more likely to punch someone in the face for scuffing your new shoes at the club while your drunk but if you were high you’re more likely to think more clearly and just say “its cool man it’ll come off” and shrug it off…

      Educate yourself please. Alcohol is the greater of the evils.

  36. Cleophis Trim says:

    Ay, so they took de plants right. Now how are de bais that grew de trees gonna make any money? And how um gonna get my prascription???? I think de poelice just wanna hold a brotha down you know? Life is tough enough in des tuff ackonmic tymes!

  37. Truth(Original) says:

    A key component is missing from the arguments of all of the proponents of the legalization of marijuana; How many men, women and children that are addicted to and have died from hard drugs, started out using “harmless” weed? The unspoken truth is that mostly all potential addicts start their journey with weed. Like it or not, weed is a gateway drug to world of harder, more lethal substances. Just because it didn’t happen to you, doesn’t mean that it is harmless. We don’t have to look far to see the devastation that the scourge of drugs (alcohol included) has caused in the lives of people. I don’t know anyone that is currently addicted to hard drugs that didn’t start smoking weed. Not one. If we were all courageous enough to be honest about it, the truth is shocking, that weed is not as harmless at it appears. For every one person that manages to smoke weed and function how many graduate to a harder drug? Instead fighting for the right to get high, we really ought to strive to truly elevate ourselves, our children and our community.

    • Will says:

      alcohol is the biggest gateway drug. ive never ‘gotten use’ to the high therefore less effects, in fact the opposite occurs, dont smoke for a week or two and your fine. weed is not addictive, alcohol is. people get use to alcohol and therefore need to drink more and more. how many people do you honestly know are homeless because they smoke weed…i know none, but know several individuals who are because of booze including very close family members. so before you start saying weed is dangerous take a look at societies statistics and tell me that alcohol hasn’t f**ked up most of bermuda. alcohol is probably the drug of choice for these shooters goin around because it tears down inhibitions…unfortunately weed is what theyre selling to buy their guns, so common sense would dictate decriminalisation and allowing citizens to grow a plant in the garden without fear of retribution and being offered harder drugs by their dealer

      • maniac420 says:

        the biggest gateway drug is and always will be cigarettes. the first thing ALL KIDS TRY before smoking weed is to take a couple of ciggies from mom or
        dads stash to share with their friends.
        i have smoked weed for over 18 years and in that time i have represented BDA on numerous occassions in various fields,ie sports, military service and so on, and i have never been hampered by this form of recreational use. I really believe it is very dangerous for ppl who have never used weed to place sanctions over it especially if the only information they have r in reports drummed up by political yes men.
        The government of Bermuda should really rethink the way they have allowed hundreds of bermudians/tourists to be prosecuted over minimal amounts of weed. they don’t have to legalize it because decriminalizing it will be more than enough to remove the underground element from the (drug).
        There r simple ways for the Bermuda Gov. to reap big benefits from this, for example they can open coffeeshops in areas with good security ie across from Southside police station. Government can bring in the weed and sell it to these establishments and tax it. this way the only real profit is being made by the gov, themselves. this will create jobs, tourist venues as well as allows locals to continue using weed without feeling like they need to look over their shoulders for the police.
        by allowing weed to flourish on our island paradise can also hold beneficial elements as it will basically drive the other illegal drugs out of our country as less people will be using them…..
        Just a thought, we will never know if we don’t try.

      • Truth (Original) says:

        Will, I included alcohol in my analysis of the situation. Neither you nor “maniac420″ addressed the issue I raised at all. How many people that are currently on hard drugs had their start with marijuana? If we could answer that question honsetly then maybe we can start to have an honest conversation about the alleged harmlessness about marijuana.

        • bermyshotta says:

          @ Truth – it still don’t make it a gateway drug. just because u started with herb DOES NOT mean dat u will eventually branch out into other things. LOTS of herb smokers don’t. it ALL DEPENDS on de person.

          • Truth (Original) says:

            I never suggested that everyone who starts out smoking weed graduates to harder drugs. Never suggested that to be true. However, are you suggesting that NO ONE who started smoking weed is now hooked on harder drugs? I don’t think that anyone could rationally make that argument and therefore, it is a gateway drug. Just because it doesn’t have that effect on everyone that uses it, doesn’t remove it from the realm of “gateway drug”. If it happened to one person, then that is one person to many.

            • My two cents says:

              The gateway theory is NOT based on any facts and in fact the studies done thus far dis-prove the gateway theory. Therefore, it is nothing more than an assumption if it can not be proven by an actual data. So really, the so called gateway theory if nothing but an opinion.

    • You probably think I'm crazy says:

      You live in Lala land poppa! The reality is simple; drugs will NEVER be eradicated from society. They have been an integral part of human history for millennia. If you honestly believe that Bermuda will ever be free from drug use, then you really don’t live on Earth. Your gateway theory has so many holes and raises many other questions such as:

      How many people smoked cigarettes or consumed alcohol before they tried weed?

      Where do people have to buy weed, from notorious thugs that will sell anything to anyone?

      What percentage of people consume cannabis that haven’t gone on to harder drugs?

      What is a person’s disposition to becoming an addict in general?

      There are people that have moved on to harder drugs, there are many more who haven’t. The simple thing is, who has the right to tell people what they can do to their own bodies in the privacy of their own homes? If you don’t like weed, congratulations! Live substance free! Others love and will support it and who are we to criticize them and infringe on their rights? What amazes me is that the same people who promote gay rights on the basis of human rights are against the rights of marijuana users. Seems like a contradiction to me.

  38. YES MATE! says:

    While those silly cops were busy bagging up weed and ensuring more of our hard to come by Bermuda dollars leaves the country a crack dealer told a crackhead if he wants a nice rock then he needs to break into someone’s house and steal their sh%t and sell it to get cash to buy that rock. While all that was going on a big shipment of diamorphine AKA heroin came through undetected because we don’t have the manpower to detect everything that comes through, because the cops are either parked on the roadside BBing their bredrins or bagging up. For all you lot who think weed is so dangerous just do a little research into what is toxic and what is non-toxic and you will find that weed is not toxic. It can not kill you. On the other hand see what happens if you down a shaker full of salt. That shit in that amount is toxic to humans and will kill you. Alcohol is toxic as well, hence the term driving while intoxicated, which, by the way, has been replaced by DUI, driving under the influence, so the man can legally book you for driving under the influence of weed. As our mate Clafe would say “think about it PPL!”
    Health-wise, fried chicken will kill you ten times before weed will, and weed will only kill you if you try to get up and do something after blazing your kadunga.
    I really wish those cops were out preventing real crimes instead of posing next to tall non toxic plants. Way to go BPS.

  39. legalization is coming says:

    We must all be brave and demand our right to grow and use the cannabis plant.
    God-Nature made it, man used it for thousands of years for food, textiles, paper, wood, recreation, medicine, and more. It kills cancer, which is being proven over and over in proper lab tests around the globe. Nothing else kills cancer.

    The cannabis seed contains all our vital amino acids, and it is very nutritious. There are only a rare few handful of plants which can boast such agricultural value as a food source. In fact, in the event of a global disaster, cannabis would be the best crop to help mankind survive.

    Yes, it has been about 80 years for mainstream countries having made the plan illegal. But that time is a mere dot on the timeline the plant has existed. Meanwhile, perscription drugs poison billions on earth, making hundreds of millions of people addicted to something that man made in a lab.

    Perscription drug companies make hundreds of billions of dollars off this scheme. Drug-dealers make billions off the illegalization of drugs. Corruption ties together criminals with crime-fighters. Money is an evil root.

    The fact is, that cannabis is a plant. Nobody has the right to cut it down, tell us not to grow it, or not to use it. America and many other nations have finally become wise, and allow medicinal and even recreational use. In these nations, endless positive results have been gained.

    We should be allowed to grow the plant as if it were any other vegetable, fruit, or flower.

    Heroin, crack, pcp, cocaine, meth, alcohol, etc, are all man-made. They all damage and kill. They make you addicted. They destroy brains, families, lives, and society.

    But the lie that cannabis does these things too, is a horrid and pathetic attempt to unjustly control other people’s lives. It needs to stop. The horrid excuses need to stop.

    How on earth, can a government make a plant illegal, when it is the only thing on this planet which naturally kills cancer? A plant that can do so much, and has such a wide range of medicinal benefits?

    The few who have power – regardless of whatever nation, Bermuda or other – love to flex their muscles of control over the poplace. But as we can all see worldwide – the governments do not always have our interests at heart.

    The people who want it legalized should stand up for that right, and demand it. No human has the right to condemn a plant. Only God can have such authority. And if He did not like the plant, why did He make it? When He made every herb of the field for the use of man, He declared them ALL GOOD.

    The few who have power must let their muscle rest, and cease to flex it over the people. The few take the power from the many, and this is what runs nations sadly.
    It should be the PEOPLE who run the nation. It should never be a few, but the majority. I wish I could run this island.

    It is not about how many people say YES or NO to the topic. Who cares! The fact here is the right of a plant to exist and be used by humans. That is a God-given right.

    Tobacco and alcohol will continue to poison, destroy, and slay more people in one year than cannabis will over a thousand years. And yet what will our government do about this? They will keep giving out liquor licenses. They will keep the booze stores open. They will sell tobacco. It will not stop.

    All we can do is pray that the plant be freed from this illogical taboo, and be illuminated in the glory that it deserves.

    I don’t want to hear trash nonsense about it fries your brain. That is nonsense, and never been supported medically or scientifically. I also don’t want to hear trash nonsense about it makes you lazy, or that the smoke kills you. These are all pathetic exaggerated lies, made to brainwash people. If you look at the facts, scientists have always proven these things to be lies.

    Smoke damages lungs, yes. But you can vaporize the cannabis, eat it, or use a water-pipe which removes tar etc. I will not expand upon this section of my talk here though.

    I just pray that the plant is freed. It deserves it. And I know that whoever holds us from this right, shall be punished in the life to come.

    God bless everyone! May you be inspired to speak up for your rights! Do not be afraid of the few!

    When governments around the world oppressed their peoples, it was ONLY THE FREEDOM FIGHTERS who made things change.

    Martin Luther made such a change. If he had kept his mouth shut, what would we have now? Back then, the ruling people thought it was okay to oppress blacks. Luther knew otherwise, he knew RIGHTS. He spoke up for them without FEAR. Let us learn a lesson from his bravery.



    • Lissa says:

      Lets do it!!!

    • JAMUDIAN says:

      Well said “legalization is coming” I agree totally with what you have written here. I’m pleased that you quoted the bible too. Some christians think that it is a devil weed or something. but the bible says that God created the herbs for the healing of the nation. every herb that was created was good in His eyes! Who is man to say other wise or deny that right. They tryna play God. Not just on this matter but a whole host of others as well.

      • Think about it says:

        Ok, so even if it was created for healing, if you don’t need healing, then why do you need to smoke it? Making it legal for people with cancer is one thing, but making it legal for dummies to smoke and do stupid things and be lazy is different.

        • My two cents says:

          For you to even say “but making it legal for dummies to smoke and do stupid things and be lazy is different.” just exemplifies how dangerous assumption is. This is NOT how the majority of people that smoke behave. You are generalizing for an entire group of people that you don’t have a clue about. Do you think EVERYONE that drinks an alcoholic beverage behaves stupid and lazy? We know what the answer to that is.

        • Scott says:

          people will be lazy if they chose to be lazy… no drug will cause that to happen.

        • Scrabble says:

          I smoke. Does that make me a dummy and lazy? no.

          i use it for my asthma, but it also opens my mind to creativity. when you go to the art gallery here you are looking at a lot of peoples work who smoke the green while doing their art. I’m a good example of that. It also motivates me to do things…like cleaning, drawing, photo editing, painting, photography, and so much more I do. so I HARDLY think that it’s for dummies and lazy people.

          you my friend are closed minded….light up one day….you’ll be more open minded and will probably start rambling about philosophical things and deep conversations with meaning.

          Sometimes I just want to shake you closed minded people awake!!!!!!

          ITS TIME TO STEP UP BERMUDA!!!!!!!!!!

          • Think about it says:

            Another idiot with asthma that smokes, smh. What has happened to this country?!

            • Scrabble says:

              Psh…honey I use a vaporizer that I created myself, thank you very much, so no smoke effects my lungs. It relaxes the muscles that become restricted when suffering from an attack. so please do not call me an idiot especially when I know way more about this issue then you because i live it.

              What happened to this country is people like you who think they know it all and think you know what’s best for others.
              Don’t knock till you try it.
              Weed was put on this earth for everyone, but it was men who took it away.

              I’m trying to keep this a debatable topic. people who start off calling others names usually do so because they have no other better tactics.

        • Will says:

          who are you to tell someone what they can and can’t do to their own bodies? pretty soon piercings and tattoos will be illegal in that case…in fact they cause more infection and death then weed does so shouldn’t they?

    • Notorious says:

      I guess truth missed this post.

      I’m appalled at you comparing MLK’s fight for equal rights to peoples fight for their rights to get high. It’s insulting actually.

      • Truth says:

        @notorious…Im done arguing…mainly because I have work to do and work comes first (Only because I have a family and bills to take care of). Sorry for the let down

  40. plainnsimple says:

    Addiction is addiction, that plain and simple. It’s not the item it’s the disease. We have to treat the individual for the disorder and removing everyting in life; because you can become addicted to anything by the way is not the answer. We cannot hide from everything.

  41. Ganja Baby says:

    Smoke de Herb give Thanks and praise! Jahhhhh rasta Fari

  42. My two cents says:

    You know people are running out of intelligent things to say when they start hurling stupid this and dummy that. When people start name calling people they don’t even know, that’s when you know you have out debated them! Only immature and uneducated hurl out these types of insults. But the great thing is, they know they have LOST the argument. Get educated folks. Just a word to the wise, if you have ever watched a debate team, they don’t debate topics they know NOTHING about and they certainly don’t debate a subject with their opinions. Sad

  43. maniac420 says:

    i am a living proof of the healing qualities of marijuana. Ten years ago I was diagnosed with bleeding ulcers in my stomach and the pain was horrific. Presciption drugs only made this worst and even my doctor was unsure what to do to help. i stopped taking the pills and just smoked weed and drank water and within two weeks not only did the bleeding stop but the ulcers themselves had albut disappeared.
    Once my doctor learned what i was doing and how much progress i made in such a short time he hasn’t prescribed pills to me since even when i have a recurring flare up.
    a killer or a cure you b the judge

  44. You probably think I'm crazy says:

    @ Bernews,
    Hey don’t you do a poll to see people’s feelings about legalizing Marijuana.

    • bernews says:

      Ok. Will do one tomorrow in its own article so it can get optimal feedback.

      • Govnamon says:

        that is bernewseuataful!

      • You probably think I'm crazy says:

        Sounds good to me!

      • Truth says:

        Will this poll be done by number of clicks (votes) or is it based off of number of IP addresses that vote? JW

      • precious says:

        Well let’s get started how many of you think that marijuana should be legal here in Bermuda? and how many of you think that it should stay illegal?

      • Lissa says:

        have you did the poll yet?

  45. Ms. Ganja Baby says:

    weed is the healing of the nation, its grown from the earth!! Bless up maniac40…

  46. My two cents says:

    It’s official, you can’t argue with stupid.
    The facts are there for all to see that marijuana prohibition is one big hypocrisy.

  47. Step Back says:

    Obviously this is a contraversial topic with opinion pretty much divided down the middle. In a democratic society we as citizens should have the right the openly discuss/debate on this topic in a public forum without fear of persecution…and none of this anonymous (very childish) name calling. People on both sides need to be more open minded and realistic, AND less emotional.
    Everyone on this earth has receptors in their brains that react to WEED if it is introduced their body. We are hard-wired to receive its benefits, like it or not. The plant existed before humans walked the earth- what right do we have to come along and prohibit it use?! GOOGLE: LESTER GRINSPOON. There are NO RECORDED CASES of someone contracting cancer from smoking weed alone. If they did it was probably because they mix with tobacco. TOBACCO AND ALCOHOL are the biggest killers in most western societies.

    FACT: There have been numerous studies that have concluded that weed is less harmful than cigarettes and alcohol. What do you doubters have to respond to that?

    KNOWLEDGE…You should not smoke it before age 16 because the brain has not fully developed. Prohibtion creates crime. Addictions can arise from many different situations, from child abuse to divorced parents. Governments need to address the issues head on…banning its use is like sweeping dirt under the carpet; it just turns people into ‘criminals’ and does not reach the heart of various issues.
    We are all born free and should be allowed to do whatever we want as long as we’re not harming others. Weed should not be dumped into the category of ‘drugs’ just because it it illegal.
    If you don’t agree with it that is your right BUT don’t judge and point fingers at those that don’t share your views.

    • Dr. Brown says:

      thats all nice and dandy until ur avg person is labelled a good for nothing Pot Head and gets put in jail for years, stoplisted and labelled because they like to have a draw every once and a while, its just sad that people label those individuals and dnt give them a chance to share their views publicaly in fear of prosecution…. but one can only hope that one day those close minded individuals will die off…. but until then we will just have to burn in fear.

      • bermyshotta says:

        @ Dr. Brown – you mean like Notorious and Think About It??? lol

        • Think about it says:

          So you think it’s funny to want someone to die off because they don’t agree with letting you smoke weed? Now I know you’re stupid. Not ifs, ands or buts about it. Stupid.

          • Notorious says:

            LMFAO bermyshotta is a downlow homo! Ignore him. He’s still mad he can’t use that small brain of his to express why he should be allowed to smoke weed legally. Frustrated at his own stupidity.

            • bermyshotta says:

              @ Notorious – ya lucky you don’t kno me…tryna call me out like that. homo, stupid, filthy pothead/weedhead. um glad i don’t know u, cuz i’d def slap some sense into dat thick head of yours where dat bubble gum resides instead of brains. and man a gallis…no battymon stuff roun hur ty. anything else from you two??? just a bunch of hot air…no wonder u both single, buncha old, crusty town bicycles wif hot air comin out dat hole in ya head. so when we meetin up?? how’s ya old GED holdin up wit ya cashier/secretary job dat ya gonna be holdin’ de rest of ya life AHAH! fall back already

              • Think about it says:

                Wow, you just keep making yourself looks stupid buddy Lol. You throw out every point you tried to argue when you start saying that you’ll not only slap a woman (Notorious is a female) and then start rambling some Jamaican nonsense. You’re also making yourself looks stupid by continuing to assume that you know anything about myself or Notorious. I could do it to you know, it’s not hard, here goes- How’s your high school dropout, haven’t even attained a GED (or know what it stands for) @ss doing today? Enjoying you’re job at works and engineering filling in potholes? Or better yet, working on the back of a trash truck all day, hows the smell mate? Who’s computer are you on by the way? Mammas or baby mammas? Cause I know your broke @ss spends every cent you have on weed and can’t afford to buy your own computer.

                You mate, are one of the worst kinds of people that live on this island. You follow a violent, ignorant culture (Jamaican) and their ignorant music. And before you start, I don’t want to here that reggae, dancehall and the whole Jamaican culture isn’t ignorant. Any people that openly talk about killing “battymon” in their tv and music, and are not ridiculed for it, are ignorant to me. I hope your son or sons grow up to be gay and have big gay families and have big gay get togethers at your house during the holiday seasons.

                Just stop talking and be proud that you made a smart decision by not using your real name on bernews. It would be a shame if we had a stupid face to pair with your stupid comments.

                • Notorious says:

                  Thanks “think about it”. He is one of the worst kinds of people and just proved my point. He cannot articulately express himself, and once frustrated at his own stupidity resulted to insulting. Which is all he knows how do to.

                  We both know he doesn’t have a job or a GED at that, and we both know that he is 31 living with his mama and living off of his mama and his only aspiration is to be a reggae singer. We both know that he doesn’t know his father and has 4 or 5 step brothers and sisters and multiple kids that he doesn’t take care of.

                  His name most likely is combination of his mother and absent fathers name. I’m guessing Dwyandae or something equally ghetto and ignorant. I’m guessing his hobbies include, sitting on the wall all day smoking weed and drinkng with his boys, blaming the white man for why he’s uneducated, ignorant, poor, and jobless. Basically being utterly useless to society as a whole.

                  You are right in that not using his real name is about the smartest thing he’s done. He at this point is a caricature.

                  • bermyshotta says:

                    @ Notorious and gf – HAHAHA how’d u lot know?! must be able to see de future or sumthin like dat dea. but guess WHAT…I CAN’T WAIT til herb is legalized…cuz guess what first place um sparkin de cannon up is BOTH ya front porches lmfao. hello!!

              • Notorious says:

                “bermyshotta” (btw who still calls themselves “shotta” in 2011 LMAO)

                You were the one who started with the insults first, don’t play the victim role now that I have defeated you. You then threatened me and called me gay because I believe in equal rights for all people, yet you called ME close minded. What does that make you? Close minded and homophobic.

                Like I told you I am young, and I know for a fact that I am younger than you. When we meeting up? So now you threatening females? I’ll take that as threat and inform authorities and get your information.

                Ol downlow homo ass, living on your mamas couch, driving her car, sitting on the wall, no job having, taking money from your 7 baby mamas, walking stereotype. You are the typical ignorant black male. Enjoy prison or being 6 feet under. AHAHAHAHA! What type of punk ass “man” gets that mad over the internet at a female? Because I beat you using my brain? Something you seem to lack as well as a high school diploma or GED. LOL typical OLD loser!

  48. LOL says:

    Stop look fi weed, find all di gun dem
    Cause everyday another ghetto yout gunned dead
    Tired fi see Bermy streets run red

    • Truth (Original) says:

      We really have an identity crisis in this island.

  49. precious says:

    Ok let’s get the ball rolling thoese of you that think marijuana should be legal in Bermuda please make your comment? And those of you that think it shouldn’t be legal you all can have your say as well.

    • Will says:

      decriminalised first, not legal straight away. destroy criminal infrastructure first then progress on to a legal market of commodities in which a proper tax system can be established by looking at several examples from around the globe (Portugal, Netherlands, Spain, Italy and several US States) The great thing about Bermuda doing this now is we have hindsight available from these countries listed so we can work out more of the kinks in the system. First of all Gov. must realise it is a personal health issue rather than a criminal issue.

  50. My two cents says:

    First the excuses are health concerns and when we show the hypocrisy behind that, it turns to children, then we show how regulation would decrease children getting their hands on it, the it turns to “driving stoned” as if everyone person in Bermuda is gong to get stoned and get behind they wheel. Well, they do it now, so show me the stats on marijuana accidents in Bermuda/USA versus alcohol. If you let people use alcohol, YOU CAN NOT JUSTIFY not letting them use marijuana it is hypocrisy! And the excuses just get wilder and wilder. The drama is utterly hilarious

    • Will says:

      We all agree that alcohol and cigarettes can be and are very dangerous. For those that think marijuana causes significant health and other problems why do we leave it untaxed, uncontrolled and unregulated?

  51. LX says:

    What happened to that poll?

    • bernews says:

      Sorry…we only have one full time staff member – me – and I have a serious personal emergency at this time. One of my parents is being airlifted overseas for medical treatment and that is my priority at this time. My apologies, hopefully all works out and I am back full steam in a couple of days.


      • Will says:

        do take your time still manage to do a wonderful job of keeping us informed. I speak for everyone in saying hope all is well and look forward to your return

  52. Doctor Zayus says:

    I really hate all you jackasses who say cannabis is bad for you.

    I really do. Because you F@CKIN STUPID

    you all believe retarded lies, while you guzzle your booze, poisons, medications, and breathe exhaust fumes.

    why do stupid people exist?

    • Think about it says:

      Way to present a strong argument for your fellow weed smokers jackass. You sound just like someone who has smoked his brains rotten and cant form a proper sentence or speak without swearing

  53. Dennis Williams says:

    Fact…..Cannibis plant has been around since creation……

    Fact…..laws banning it have been around since August 2 1937 at the US Federal level……

    Do I need to say anymore….

  54. Fed Up Bermudian says:

    OK, but here’s a question…I don’t want to smoke weed, and honestly I don’t want my kids to either. My youngest is 20 months old. I was at a crowded public beach for the fourth of July, and whilst I didn’t smell any cigarette smoke, the smell of weed was HEAVY in the air once the sun set. We had to leave. So, you know what? Want to smoke (anything)? Do it in the privacy of your living room, don’t expose my kids to it, please. I just find it’s more than inconsiderate, so go ahead and break the law- but I want my little guy’s healthy pink lungs to stay that way, and I would no more expose him to THC than I would give him a swig of rum. Potheads are peaceful? I asked the offender to please do it somewhere else, we were there first, etc.- and he told me to f*** off. So go get stuffed, pot smokers. Seriously, you just love your habit and it’s all about the law should be changed to accommodate you. Well, it isn’t, you childish morons, and frankly I hope they put all your attitudinous behinds in jail, where they will be appreciated by the rest of the clientele. I don’t give a damn what people do in their own homes, but bring it out in public, and potentially affect my kids, and you’d better watch out.

    • My two cents says:

      Then why didn’t you call the cops on them?

      • Fed Up Bermudian says:

        I did. Nothing happened, so I really don’t know where this ‘oooh stop persucuting those who are smoking their l’il bit of weed’ BS is coming from. Apparently it’s not such a priority here.

  55. la la says:

    lol what an entertaining conversation. Oh and for any of you religious people out there…what is one of the main gifts God gave us? Freedom. Freedom of choice, action, thoughts. So yeah doesn’t matter what either opposition side has to say about this, people are gonna do it regardless. Not a serious religious person or anything just sayin. Not choosing a side either. And I can guarantee in 10 yrs people will still have this convo so why even waste a breath lol.