PLP: Confirm Diallo Rabain In C#7

December 5, 2011

[Updated with video] This afternoon [Dec.5] the Progressive Labour Party held a press conference and confirmed that Senator Diallo Rabain will represent them in Constituency #7 Hamilton South.

Senator Rabain – who was appointed to the Senate last month – was selected as the PLP candidate in September 2011, besting incumbent PLP MP Darius Tucker for the spot. Mr Tucker was originally elected under the United Bermuda Party’s banner, defeating the PLP’s Wayne Caines 547 – 420 in 2007.

The One Bermuda Alliance has already rolled out their candidate for Hamilton South, with insurance executive Sylvan Richards set to contest the seat for the Opposition.

Senator Rabain was educated at Elliot Primary School, Saltus Grammar School and Florida A&M University, graduating in 1995 with a BSc in Electronic Engineering Tech. He is currently a partner in a small, Bermudian-owned architectural drafting and land surveying company that was incorporated over 10 years ago.

PLP Announce Candidate Diallo Rabain Bermuda December 5 2011-1-2

He has just completed serving his second term as the president of Bermuda Chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc., and has served on numerous Government and Private Boards, including the Board of Education, The Bermuda Government Scholarship Committee and CURE.

PLP Announce Candidate Diallo Rabain Bermuda December 5 2011-1-4

Currently he is a member of the Road Safety Council, the Architectural Advisory Council, National Training Board Awards Committee and a Board Member of The NTB and as the Chairman of the Community Service Award for the Annual Outstanding Teen Awards.

Update 2.13pm: Video of press conference

Update 2.41pm: Sen. Rabain’s statement follows below:

Good Afternoon Madam Premier, family, friends and members of the media.

I am here before you as the candidate for the Progressive Labour Party for Constituency #7, Hamilton South. I was born and raised in this very close-knit family oriented community that make up the constituency and I share many special memories with the people there.

Swimming at John Smith Bay, Fishing in the Sound, Playing Cricket at the Cricket field, playing football at the community field, St. Phillip AME Sunday School and Church and of course the near fanatical following of the Annual Eastern County Cricket Series.

Many of these relationships have helped me develop into the man I am today and it is these friendships and relationships I treasure dearly and use as motivation as I to seek to represent constituency #7, Hamilton South.

I know what the area was like growing up, what it is like now and what it could be like. I am indeed honoured and humbled to have the opportunity to contest the next general election and bring the concerns of the constituents of Constituency #7, Hamilton South to the House of Assembly.

Recently I was appointed to the Senate and have found the experience thus far a rewarding and educational one. I am indeed grateful that Madam Premier looked at me and saw qualities that can only be enhanced with this appointment.

I plan to use these experiences to further my understanding of the inner working of the legislative procedure in Bermuda and be a voice for reason and progress for all of my fellow Bermudians.

I am a true believer that there are fewer higher callings than that of public service and to represent MY neighbourhood. To have this opportunity to be a voice for my Harris’ Bay Family can ONLY be described as humbling.

It is important to do for your community, not for personal accolades, but because it is the right thing to do. Hard work, community service and spending time genuinely listening to the people are values I intend to bring to my candidacy.

I look forward to being a true representative of the people of Constituency #7, Hamilton South and an advocate of what is right and just for our island home.

Thank you.

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Comments (48)

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  1. all clogged up says:

    Too Late…..


    • Snoopy says:

      Vote PLP! No going back!

      • Nil points says:

        VOTE PLP = no going forward.

      • Yup says:

        No going back to what Snoopy? Back to when corruption was prosecuted and not promoted? Back to when the crime rates were much much lower. Back to when the economy was growing and tourists were flocking to Bermuda? Back to when IB was coming to Bermuda instead of leaving it? Back to when most of our kids could read and write? Back to when gangs were only on TV instead of on our streets? Back to when we had almost no debt? Back to when the govt could afford to look after its schools? Back to when politicians weren’t screwing us over just so their businesses could flourish? Back to when the govt wasn’t broke?

        • Really?? says:

          So you really think the OBA will lower crime rates, eradicate gangs and fix the education problem and stimulate the economy. An I bet they’ll line the streets with gold and we’ll all live happily ever after. I like how you blamed problems that almost every country in the world is experiencing on the PLP being in power. Almost every country in the world is experiencing a deline in the economy but somehow you think Bermuda should be immune. I didn’t know the PLP controlled the world economy.

          • Rick Rock says:

            So why did Paula announce her ‘job creation plan’ this week, if she can’t create jobs? Was she lying this week when she said her new permanent residence policy would create jobs?
            You seem to be disagreeing with her.

  2. Jonathan Smith says:

    Congratulations Diallo. Hamilton South will be well served by your energy, qualifications and dedication to the people. And, as a land surveyor perhaps you can finally put Harris’ Bay on the map!!

    • Terry says:

      Irony in those words there old Chief. “on the map!!”

      Where would you put Bermuda.

  3. fyi says:

    As a plp supporter i dont think this is a good choice. Diallo hasn’t done anything for this area! At least Darius was about something and actually tried to enhance the area.

    • Terry says:

      Money and connections. Don’t you get it? fyi, you speak volumes.

    • Bda Speaks says:

      Really..Please tell us some of the things Darius has done.

      • Honestly says:

        I can tell u…he place a mirror at the bottom of Knapton Hill on Harrington Sound Road! THAT’S IT!!!!

        That’s why he is running for PLP to hopefully get more done! People diss everyone the PLP has announced her lately…THEY DON’T REALIZE THE OBA IS THE OLD UBP..NOTHING NEW!!!! JUST THE NAME.

    • Willsee says:

      Running the country is now a family business.
      SHould I say “ruining” the country.
      Another benefit of the “Big Prize”.

  4. GrassRoots says:

    Congrats Diallo. PLP as always has the better team!

  5. drunkenUrsula says:

    I’ve met this fine young man,too bad he is running for that PLP…….congrats anyway…maybe you are there to teach that boy Rolfe some class …hopefully?

    • Terry says:

      Drunken…..”School Is Out”.

      The Head Mistress has no funds.

  6. Triangle Drifter says:

    OK, so he grew up in the area, fished, played football, cricket, blah blah blah.

    What is important is what has he done as an adult? Job history, married, children, outside children, criminal record besides traffic, club or community service record? Just stuff the constituents might want to know to have an educated vote?

  7. sad says:

    the sad part about people they know nothing about people of change because they do nothing.

    please note, works as a mentor for boys, at Delwood (Math attack) been very active in his club (harrington sound workemans club), as President and teasurer worked as mentor with the (beautillion) he is committed to his wife and family, he was aformer Rerserve Police officer, and he is educated with a college degree, he owns his own company, he is one of the most active men in this country. Do your homework!

    he is a Saltus Grammar Graduate ! any other questions

  8. Makai Dickerson says:

    Congrats Diallo you are a strong addition. I didn’t even have to read what’s above to know what you have done. But it is printed above for all to see, it goes to show that people only post to stir the pot with their hate.

  9. Diallo Rabain says:

    Good day all and I do appreciate the kind compliments in response to my bid to represent the people if Constituency 7, Hamiton South. To the naysayers and people with negative comments, I hope I get to meet you in person and show you how serious I am about this, serious enough to present myself as a servant of the people.

    During my Q&A, I mentioned the Duke of Edinburgh Awards held on Dec 4 and named the director as Tina Duke. Her name is actually Tina Nash and I apoligize for that error. This program is a wonderful program and deserves all the support the public can give it.

    Again, many thanks to all the comments listed here as we all can learn from what is being said here today regardless if it is good or bad.


    • LOL (original) says:

      Good day to you Mr. Rabain,

      As a voter I have one question for you and the PLP:

      What will you do to help bridge and heal the divide of the races here in Bermuda?

      Serious question.


  10. star man says:

    He sounds like a solid business guy. Too bad he chose the PLP, cuz all he will be is more window dressing to support the new ‘business’ image the PLP are trying to project. The real power still remains unchanged within the PLP Central Committee. And that’s why nothing will change in the PLP no matter who gets elected.

    • GrassRoots says:

      Hahah, where do you come up with this stuff? Have you ever been to a central committee meeting? Didn’t think so… The PLP Executive is composed mostly of people under 40. Stop making up facts to suit your tired arguements.

      • the Truth No More Spin, or "Get on Message" says:

        Do the under 40s on the PLP Executive or in wider membership have any voice or real influence in the party? be honest with yourself. Do they have any infuence within the OBA either?

        this is the fundamental issue holding back Bermuda, we are telling Ivy League educated professionals with IB and global experience to “wait your turn” its a pervasive culture in Bermuda that is giving us less than optimal outcomes in all walks of life.

        Mrs Cox and Mr Cannonnier only talk about change, while the status quo is enshrined in all we do.

  11. Vote for Me says:

    Congrats Diallo.

    The incessant criticism of all of the excellent PLP candidates is a sign of the times. Stand tall and help to make Bermuda the Bermuda you want it to be for your daughter and, dare I say, your grandchildren.

    Once again – well done PLP and Premier Cox. The PLP team is clearly poised for victory at the next election.

  12. Terry says:

    So he, you Mr.Diallo went to Saltus.

    I rest my case. Slam the government school system, yet went private/high end per sey.

    Keep drinking the cool/kool/aide………………… Dunkley/Barrit offer more. Do the homework. No cow, no milk. No milk, no labour.

    • FYI (Original)- Consider This says:

      Terry I don’t know how you are even able to post comments on here with such baseless rhetoric. I think whilst you take the “party’s agenda” you spin it as such that it becomes the candidate’s agenda/campaign.

      What consequence is it that Mr. Rabain attended a private institution? Do you realize that Florida A & M is a historically black university that is private as well? Does that have any bearing on his ability to serve his community and country alike. If anything one would think that it makes him more diversified in that he has managed to sustain a healthy rapport with individuals in both the public and private sector. Education reform is a necessary must in the public sector because it is the price that taxpayers pay. Furthermore, the same issues occur in private institutions the only difference is it isn’t publicized frequently.

      Accepting change is one thing, being apart of change is another!

      And PS– Barritt resigned… Soo MOOOVER for the next one.. Here are a number of quotes for you!!

      All is not butter that comes from the cow!!! Proverb
      Whoever needs milk, bows to the animal!! ~Yiddish Saying
      There’s nothing like sitting back and talking to your cows!!! ~Russell Crowe

  13. sigh says:

    Haters will always hate…but at the end of the day substance rises above hate.

  14. specialgirl4you says:

    I love this quotation, as it describes Sen.Diallo Rabain so well:

    “Service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth”—-Chisholm, Shirley Anita

    Congratulations on your appointment. PLP have gained a quality candidate, and hard working young men, who has much to offer his community and people of Bermuda. I know you will do well, as you always give 110% in everything you attempt to do. Keep focus on the task and journey ahead of you, as I know you will do well. The PLP has really selected some high quality candidates, and this of course does not always please the opposition.

    From my other special family members, SwingVoter, Vote Now……

  15. Adele White says:

    Congratulations Diallo!

  16. A Thinker says:

    Congratulation Diallo you are a strong candidate for the PLP. The PLP has announced some great Candidates. I am still waiting to hear at least one from the OBA.

  17. @ A Thinker says….Not only are you drinking the Koolaid…you are bathing in it LOL!!!!!

  18. Face the Nation says:

    Does he know anything about Bro.Freddie or the Great Dame ? Or does Premier Cox have to school him ?

  19. Prayerful says:

    I am impresssed by your credentials Mr. Rabain. You are a ‘refreshing’ candidate for the PLP.

  20. Wayne M. Caines says:


    I congratulate you on your commitment to leadership in our Country. You have thrown your hat in the ring with full knowledge of all of the consequences of public service. Our Country needs strong moral leadership, you possess that in spades. I know from experience that you are in for a challenging road ahead (C7) but it is a worthwhile journey. You will see that canvassing process builds character and will change your life… The Country needs you. Thank-you for answering the clarion call to SERVICE.

    Please remember to be balanced, God, Family and Country.

    I will always stand proud to know that you have decided to give back to your community, a loving community that has given us all so much…

    Wayne M Caines

  21. Voter says:

    Well done young Man as I’ve done some research on you – pity you didnt come over to the OBA. Always encouraging to see a young professional get into the game.

    • John devere gibbons says:

      You are clearly an OBA supporter I can respect and admire. You seem to embrace the truth that regardless of who we support we are sons and daughters of the nation, and all of us are brothers and sisters in the great struggle for the soul of bermuda’s future. Great candidate for the PLP and Bermuda. Congratulations.