Minister & OBA On Moratorium Policy

January 17, 2012

[Updated] Last night Minister Patrice Minors admitted the the timeline issued by Government for guest workers to leave was “somewhat aggressive” and said that employers can appeal the decision.

Yesterday the Royal Gazette reported that restaurateurs told them that “the Department had called them to say that the workers all of whose work permit renewals were on hold because of a moratorium imposed last February had “to cease and desist” working as of January 20 and settle their affairs on the island within the following three weeks”

In February 2011, the Ministry introduced a work permit moratorium for the categories of landscape gardeners, cleaners, kitchen and bar porters, housekeepers and skilled labourers.

Yesterday Minister Minors confirmed that there has been a delay in processing the paper work associated with the moratorium categories, and confirmed that some guest workers whose work permits have expired have been instructed to “wind down their affairs in Bermuda.”

The Minister agreed to “revisit the timeline” for those guest workers who were instructed to stop working on 20 January and to settle their affairs, as “admittedly the timeline issued by the Department was somewhat aggressive.”

The Minister also said employers will be able to appeal the decision, and the appeals will be handled on a case by case basis.

Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier said the One Bermuda Alliance hopes the “Government has thought through this pre-election step. Cleaners hired by local restaurants have contracts that must be honoured; and restaurant operations must be maintained.

“We expect the Government has a list of ready and able Bermudians to step into these positions and that it is working with restaurateurs to make sure all goes smoothly.”

He also said while the OBA “support any effort that helps get our people employed”, we should “keep this desperate measure in perspective: The PLP have taken us so far down that we’re now pushing people to pot washer jobs, one of the lowest paid job categories in the economy.”

Earlier this month Government said they will be looking at closing additional categories of work permits including masons, carpenters, electricians, plumbers; and placing additional restrictions on categories including waiters, servers, secretaries and caregivers.

Mr Cannonier’s full statement follows below:

We support any effort that helps get our people employed.

But let’s keep this desperate measure in perspective: The PLP have taken us so far down that we’re now pushing people to pot washer jobs, one of the lowest paid job categories in the economy.

Is this the best we can do for an unemployed 33-year-old construction worker? Is this the best we can say to an 18-year-old, who has gone through the school system to the unemployment lines? That you can be a pot washer?

This situation would have been unimaginable three or four years ago, but that is where PLP mismanagement of the economy has brought us.

Let’s keep in mind what we have lost under the PLP watch: An economy that was fully employed; providing genuine opportunities to anyone with dreams of building careers in industries that were growing.

That is what has been lost.

How that happened can be traced to any number of examples where the Government should have been doing something but didn’t. It comes back to passing the buck from one education minister to the next; from alienating job creators instead of building partnerships, from knocking down hotels to buying one to use as a dormitory.

We need a government that is committed to building the strongest possible future for the people of this Island. Whatever its motives or goals, this Government has made Bermuda weaker not stronger.

It does not have to be this way.

The OBA is committed to making the economy work for our people again, but it will require a change in government followed by forward looking, sensible policies that grow business confidence and jobs.

In our Throne Speech Reply (pages 5-9) and in subsequent documents and statements, the OBA has put forward short-term and long-term plans to get the economy working again for Bermudians from all walks of life.

The quickest way to improve our economic fortunes is a change of Government. This would send a signal that Bermuda is open again to job-growing business. It would help restore confidence in Bermuda within the local and international business community and with investors, both local and foreign.

Right now, job-growing ideas and money remain on the sidelines because the PLP Government has soured the business environment.

Finally, we hope the Government has thought through this pre-election step. Cleaners hired by local restaurants have contracts that must be honoured; and restaurant operations must be maintained. We expect the Government has a list of ready and able Bermudians to step into these positions and that it is working with restaurateurs to make sure all goes smoothly.

The full statement from Government is below:

Today the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, the Hon. Patrice K. Minors JP, MP, met with members of the Bermuda Hotel Association and Chamber of Commerce’s Restaurant Division.

Minister Minors noted that the “discussions were open and productive”.

During each meeting Minister Minors addressed queries regarding the status of the Ministry’s moratorium policy on certain job categories and confirmed that the moratorium remains in effect.

The public will recall that in February 2011, the Ministry introduced a work permit moratorium for the categories of landscape gardeners, cleaners, kitchen and bar porters, housekeepers and skilled labourers.

The Minister confirmed however that in the last few months, due to an internal backlog, there has regrettably been a delay in the administrative processing of the paper work associated with the moratorium categories.

The Ministry confirmed that all administrative processes are now being expedited in accordance with the terms of the moratorium.

And the Ministry confirmed that those guest workers in the affected categories whose work permits have expired have been instructed to wind down their affairs in Bermuda.

However after further review, the Minister has agreed to revisit the timeline for those guest workers who were instructed to stop working on 20 January and to settle their affairs, as admittedly the timeline issued by the Department was somewhat aggressive.

The Minister also advised that in accordance with the moratorium guidelines, employers will be provided the opportunity to appeal the decision and those appeals will be handled on a case by case basis.

Meanwhile Minister Minors urged Bermudians to register with the Department of Labour and Training to ensure that they are able to take advantage of job openings created by unsuccessful appeals.

As a further note, the Department of Labour and Training is looking into adding a “Clean Kitchens Course” to its regular training schedule so that interested Bermudians can be exposed to the requirements for the role of kitchen porters on an ongoing basis.

This evening Minister Minors said, “Our main priority during these tough economic times has always been to get Bermudians back to work.”

She continued, “We fully recognise that there is a delicate balance in sustaining and safeguarding our Bermudian workforce, as well as ensuring that the needs of our business partners were adequately addressed. However we must also ensure that our Bermudian labour force is adequately supported.

“And we believe this is in the best interest of those many Bermudians who are currently unemployed. As it relates to our industry partners, it is not the desire of Government to hamper the productivity of their businesses – quite the contrary. I can assure them, that we are taking a measured approach. We are here to assist employers with finding good employees and running successful businesses.”


Update 5.08pm: Opposition Leader Craig Cannonier responded to the Minister’s statement saying, “Again, it’s our view that the Government is so desperate to be seen to be taking action on behalf of the people that they are rushing around without thinking about what they are actually doing.

“The Minister’s plan to revisit her directives to get rid of expat cleaners is just a reflection of PLP politics getting ahead of clear thinking. It’s just one more example of how politics is getting in the way of the people’s business.

“As we said yesterday, we support any effort to get Bermudians working, but you really have to be smart about how you go about achieving that. We want the Government to succeed in getting jobs for the jobless, but for goodness sake they’ve got to take care to get their ducks in a row first.”

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  1. Yup says:

    Pure electioneering!! This just shows how weak, silly and incompetent the PLP is. The only thing they can think of to get re-elected is to make threats over work permits. Why don’t they try to be re-elected by encouraging more Bermudians to come home to work. With PLP it’s the stick, not the carrot!

    • Voice of Reason says:

      You my friend, are in idiot. If its electioneering then why was this announced in FEB 2011. This isn’t new, the people who were told to stop working this week don’t even have valid work permits, they have expired.

      I know it makes sense for you to make a whole bunch of noise about the government, but you should consider the plight of the unemployed.

      Craig Cannonier show his 1) Disdain for unskilled labourers 2) His incompetence as opposition leader implying that the government was telling people to cancel contracts.

      Its really simple, if you had something in a restricted category, whose permit has expired, have to leave. Instead of leaving this Friday, they may be given more time.

      Disagree with the move if you like, but don’t twist the facts.

      • Yup says:

        Name calling makes you look even worse. The process in place gives ample opportunity for any Bermudian to be a pot washer if that’s what they want. This is PLP trying to make it look as if they’re kicking ass to help the unemployed. If Bermuda is lucky, the only unemployed persons by XMas will be the PLP govt.

      • specialgirl4you says:

        Well said Voice of Reason, this is not new, it was put into place in Feb 2011. Mr. Cannonier or who ever wrote his response are the once that are electioneering. PLP keep pushing on and working in the best interest of Bermuda and her people.

    • PEPPER says:

      Well said yup.

  2. Yup says:

    God willing, one day the Bermuda voters will give PLP a “timeline” to leave office!!!

    • Voice of Reason says:

      Yup, so the OBA can put the needs of Non-Bermudians and the Greedy Employers who employ them ahead of their fellow Bermudians.

      That’ll work really well at the polls. “OBA: Let unskilled foreign workers stay while Bermudians are out of work.”

      • LOL (original) says:

        So what do you think of selling Bermuda homes to foreigner’s as the PLP are doing?


      • richard says:

        I notice a lot of people keep saying Greedy Employers question do you know what it cost to do business in bermuda? You just get your pay check and go home why the so call greedy Employers is making sure you and your family get feed cause with out the greedy Employer whose paying crazy taxes and sky high insurance what would you have.

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Do you really think that selling $15 burger platters does not give an employer a good enough gross profit margin to pay proper wages. I can get a package of 40 burgers, 60 buns & a pound of fries for $100 max at one of the wholesale places in Bermuda. I’m sure a restaurant owner can get an even better bulk deal than this. GREEEEEEEEEDY!!!!!

        • Tommy Chong says:

          I’m posting this separate in the case bernews doesn’t approve it though I will not mention any specific businesses this time which I think is the reason some of my comments don’t get posted. So please bernews give me this freedom give my opinion without specifics. so here it goes.

          Richard & all others who agree with him please take note of the businesses that have expanded to chains in Bermuda. Now take note of who the workers are employed at these places. If it so hard for businesses to make it in Bermuda without underpaying staff then how have these business not only succeeded but also expanded to cover more than one parish in Bermuda? I already know the answer to this. Do you?

  3. Think About It says:

    This is such bullsh*t, I should have known this was gonna happen. 3 weeks is more time than any other country in the world would give them to pack up and leave, and it’s more than enough if you ask me. How much stuff do you think they possibly have to pack and ship? They work 6 days a week, and normally share housing, so they more than likely don’t have more than a few suitcases.

    Tell em make it! There’s no reason that all these job categories should be filled by foreignors anyway. I know most Bermudians wont do their job, but there are a lot that will, including me. Especially in todays economy.

    • richard says:

      Yes in today Economy typical. let me ask you this how much would you take to be a Pot washer and would you also do bath rooms and windows because that what Kitchen Porters do.

  4. richard says:

    All just for vote cause PLP know one thing Most black Bermudians( I don’t know about the white side) Hate is foreigners and what better way to get our blood boiling and ready for the next election. Also stop calling these people pot washer they are kitchen porter and they do more then just wash pots. Let be real there are some things that Bermudians are not going to do because in the back of there mind this work for a lowly third world person. well guess what do I have to say it?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Most black Bermudians Hate foreigners?!?!?! Suuuure buddy! thats why there’s more BLACK BERMUDIANS married to lowly third world persons (as you describe them) then WHITE BERMUDIANS. You don’t marry someone you at at to my knowledge unless there’s a new hate marriage trend going on I don’t know about. I think the ones that are looking condescendingly on these foreign workers are the ones that hire them at dirt pay & let them be subjected to being five people stuffed into a one bedroom apartment while they reap their benefits & live the good life. This Moratorium Policy has nothing to do with race & all to do with getting huge numbers of unemployed Bermudians back to work.

      Lets take it back a few years so all can move forward into enlightenment. Back when UBP was still governing a few years before UBP lost to PLP they went on a crusade to get rid of all Portuguese workers without status in Bermuda. UBP were sending the Portuguese back by the jet load. Sad thing was most Portuguese workers sent back had lived in Bermuda for years & had children born in Bermuda who knew little about living in their new home in the Azores because they already where in their teens. PLP came along to champion the fight to give these Portuguese workers status to them & their children who as I pointed where born here but had zero rights to the island. I would venture to guess this is why PLP won elections twice not just because of black voters but the Portuguese community as well due to fears of UBP tying to ship relatives if they won elections. Now we are at present day with loads of foreigners that have jobs locals with limited education can do while their is a unemployment problem that has effected majority Bermudians that have a high school diploma & nothing more. Dress it up with all the political correctness you want to a kitchen porter, custodian, culinary server or domestic attendant are still jobs any local with legs, arms & common sense can do.

      I have no support for any party because politics are all into parlor tricks. I only support good ideas that may come out of the political arena wether they be election ploys or good intentions. This is a good step forward Minister Minors has taken & even if she’s wagging the dog at least its in the right direction.

      • Redman says:

        Mostly on point Tommy Chong except IMO the UBP sent many Portuguese people back to placate and attract more of the Black vote. I would think they would have preferred allowing many of those Portuguese to stay and give them their status as historically the Portuguese have probably voted for them more than the PLP. By doing so they lost a lot of potential votes plus alienated many others still here.

        Having said all that though can you imagine the outcry if the UBP had allowed them to stay and given them status? Top of the list would probably have been the PLP as they would have been accusing the UBP of engineering more votes. Either way it was wrong and it didn’t work, as I mentioned earlier they alienated many and lost the election anyway.

  5. executivepotwashers says:

    Opportunities to be Pot Washers! Really? is this where our Education Policy has left us after 12 years? Really? is this the best we can expect after 12 years?

    • Redman says:

      That and the PLP’s ‘Successful’ (lol) stewardship of the local economy has left us.

  6. MinorMatters says:

    As well meaning as this all sounds – “jobs for Bermudians”, the unintended effect is that it exacerbates the already present sense of entitlement that Bermudians have that they are ‘owed’ a job because they are Bermudian…not because they display a good work ethic, provide quality work and will work as requested.

    I am hoping that Financial Assistance is disallowed for a period of two years if a Bermudian kitchen porter who is subsequently hired and then decides to quit any time within 12 months of employment. As many restaurenteurs have experienced, their Bermudian kitchen porters quit because they have either found a ‘better’ job or reckon that it’s better to be unemployed because financial assistance pays more.
    Financial assistance should have only ever been provided for extreme hardship cases. There is no better incentive and motivationfor change than to be dissatisfied, hungry and poor.

    • Redman says:

      I was recently stopped and asked to sign one of those ‘Assistance Forms’ by a guy who needed it to show he was ‘looking’ for work. (He)… Hey (my last name) Can you sign this for me? (Me)What is it? (He) Oh I need to show that I have been job hunting to keep getting assistance. (Me) GRRRR – Of course I said Hell No, I’m not signing anything on your behalf, You haven’t even asked me for a job or if I’m hiring!!!

      There where probably four business names & signatures on the paper already so it makes you wonder if some of them signed just so they can go on their way?? Well NOT ME!! I didn’t even know who he was other than seeing him around town I guess.

      • Redman says:

        Of course I gave him my business card and told him to call me tomorrow as I am hiring … I’m still waiting for his call by the way.

  7. Please wake me says:

    I may be wrong but dose the law not say that any bermudian can take any guest workers job so long as they qualify? If so why all of this? For our people that are going to step up and make all of this worth it I say well done. On the other hand if this is just noise and after a week of so you decide it’s not for you and quite or get fired then shame on you!! A job is not just a pay check it’s Work!!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      The law does but this doesn’t guarantee honesty from an employer who can easily trash every Bermudian job application & go to immigration claiming they need a foreigner because of lack of local applicants. Even if it cost them to get a permit they can still make that cost back & then some & some more from paying employees low wages & regular wages for overtime. There are some employers who go as far as lying about the position of the foreign worker to immigration claiming they are a much needed manager or accountant for their company when they are just another sales person on the main floor. Hopefully government becomes smart to these tricks or employees will still take advantage regardless of the policy put in place.

  8. My two cents says:

    This is going to be a mess. I am sad for Bermuda and Bermudians for they know not what lies ahead for them. The only reason the government is even taking these extreme measure with businesses is because they don’t have the money to pay out for financial assistance to all the unemployed. Simple as that. It would behoove all to read between the lines from this point on if you don’t already. Everything this government does has a deeper reason that they put forth. The duty hike was a way to raise more revenue for government while making it seem like they were helping the retailers. Think outside your box a little. People please wake up your sleepy minds and see what is in front of you. The train wreck is here.

    • Lineage says:

      This is politricks and no matter who the governing party is politricks is politricks. We don’t physically stand up anymore. We prefer to sit on our couches, vent on social networks or talk shows. It will only become a mess if we allow it to. By constantly penetrating negative ideas and thoughts towards change FOR BETTERMENT the change will and can never be effective how it needs to be. Its been a long time for us to stop pointing fingers and get up and do something.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Even if plp does or doesn’t have enough to pay financial assistance is it a better solution than the Moratorium Policy. Why rely on the government to pay the unemployed out of public taxes when the policy will give them a chance to make it on their own.

  9. Cancer says:

    This minister has once again shown how much of a knuckle head she is! She was an ineffective tourism minister and our wise premeir moved her into this new ministry. Again as i keep saying this PLP government operate on guesswork and it’s time for them to leave office cus they don’t know what their doing. P lease L eave P olitics !

    • PEPPER says:

      I agree it is time for minister MINUS to get out of politics.

  10. Family Man says:

    Another half-assed, seat-of-the pants idea that has had to be quickly “amended”.

    Just like Paula’s duty grab at the airport.

    The only thing the Pee el Pee can plan is a party.

  11. Lineage says:

    I think it’s a good move. Whether it is for election or not. Bermudians have been complaining about this for years (not just when plp got in), and now finally something is being done. At least support the idea along with encouraging those who we know in certain situations to take up the opportunities. This should also aid us in overpopulation as well…this island is just to congested.

  12. sticky says:

    LAets be honest Bermuda, how mnany out of work Bermudians will aplly to be a pot washer, i worked in the industry for many years and most Bermudian born pot washers never lasted any lenght of time. One would get the feeling that the only persons out of work are the unqualified Bermudians.

  13. smdh says:


  14. 1minute says:

    Why would any company go through the trouble of hiring foreigners, if there is a Bermudian available?
    The problem is that a lot of Bermudians think these jobs are below them. When they get the job, they do a crap work, if they bother to show up.

    On the other hand, who approved all of these work permits? After all of these years, it wasn’t the UBP government. Isn’t Immigration obligated to making sure a Bermudian isn’t available before they issue those permits?

    When the economy gets better and Bermudians have the nice jobs again, who will come in to do crap jobs… Not those we are kicking out… People will be weary of coming here, through fear of being kicked out…

    • please wake me says:

      well said!!

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Even if it cost them to get a permit they can still make that cost back & then some & some more from paying employees low wages & regular wages for overtime. Immigration cannot guarantee honesty from an employer who can easily trash every Bermudian job application & go to immigration claiming they need a foreigner because of lack of local applicants so its nobody’s fault except the dishonest employer.

      Who sweeps the streets in Bermuda? Who collects the trash in Bermuda? Who goes down the manholes in public sewage to syphon the access waste? Answer to all these questions: Bermudians do. Bermudians think these jobs are below them my backside.

      I’ve tested your theory many times of ALL Bermudians being crap workers. One time I tested it by having a foreigner making me a salad versus a bermudian at the same deli. The Bermudian made it faster & more efficiently & I did not have to keep repeating my requests because the Bermudian understood what I said the first time.

      STOP GENERALIZING!!! Because if you are Bermudian you are disseminating prejudice on to your culture. If your not Bermudian get off our island because we don’t need another person spreading infectious bigotry. We’ve already had some locals who have done a good job of that already & don’t need anymore.

      • specialgirl4you says:

        I love it Tommy Chong, you have made some extremely valid points….

        • Terry says:

          All those jobs you mention Tommy are very highly paid jobs. Most Government. No comparison to washing dishes. Stop the spin. By he way, go back to Chongland. Utter garbage and spin you write.

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Very highly paid jobs!?!?!? Have you ever bothered to notice the people who do these jobs? I’ve seen many of these guys getting on & off the bus. Where’s their car from their very highly paid job. One guy I’ve seen uses one of those massive wireless house phones as his cell & a plastic shopping bag as his case. You mentioned utter garbage, well thats what these guys have to tolerate the smell of all day. No dishwashing liquid could deal with the messes they clean up. Of course there’s no comparison to washing dishes other than it’s considered unanimously as less demeaning than the jobs I mentioned & proves my point that Bermudians don’t consider it below them to do certain jobs. If government are able to get Bermudians these jobs why can’t the private sector? So how much do you think someone should be paid to ride behind a trash truck full of maggots or to clean out a pipe clogged with feces? Seems like you think their overpaid as it seems many do. I bet there are many who feel that if an employer could bring in Amazonians as dish washers & pay them sea shells they should. They probably also feel that if Bermudians will not except sea shells as pay also they deserve to remain jobless. The only spin on what I type is the spin its put on the heads of dishonest employers who read my post & now realized that their secret tricks are not so secret at all. I’ve been on this island way too long not to know all the tricks. These tricks have gone on for years but to have full staff of foreigners as waiters COME ON!!! thats just tearing the backside out & then to have all of them be from the same country HOW COINCIDENTAL!!! I’m the one putting a spin on things? Some of these employers should start a gym for immigration since they can spin them all day long.

        • Bermudian@heart.. says:

          Well, not really you see the problem first of all all those jobs are high paid jobs and five day work week..the problem is Bermudians dont whant those pot washers jobs thats the bottom line its not that they can not do ofcourse THEY CAN.they just dont whant to do first there is no money in there second thats all shift work its not a 9 to 5 than no public holidays no Sundays off so Bermudians dont whant those jobs and no restaurant or hotel going to pay what they could get if working construction 7 til 4pm 5 days a week.. what goverment should do is make every company that gets goverment jobs hire just Bermudians and we know who they are..getting these high paying contracts and hiring foreigners now does that make any sence….?

          • Tommy Chong says:

            Yes it does make sense to get government to push construction companies that work for them to hire more Bermudians & yes I know who these companies are. I will admit there may be an issue getting all Bermudian masons & formans but I’m sure there’s a few out there. As for labors which are the majority on a construction site there is no excuse why any are foreigners as sifting sand, mixing concrete & gypsum & passing block hardly takes skill & I’ve seen first time teens & middle agers pick it up just the same. Although this idea will not help all unemployed as some may not be suited for construction. Those not suited for this hard labor can be given waiter, dishwasher, sales clerk or other jobs that Minister Minors did mention pertain to the Moratorium Policy.

            As for Bermudians not willing to do shift work this is a fallacy because there are many single mothers out there already I know of doing shift work. They are applying for other shift jobs to fit into there downtime but have not had responses back or have been told that someone who applied before them & has been given the position. To these people told this I suggest not to end it on that note do some spy work to find out who took the position & if it is a foreigner get to immigration & report that employer. Also it’s a good thing to have some record of putting in the application like getting a form signed buy the employers you’ve given the application to.

  15. star man says:

    All this is hoopla. Don’t we already have a Work Permit System that says if an employer cannot find a Bermudian for the job, he is permitted to hire a Guest Worker? So what’s the problem? If any Bermudian wants to be a Dish Washer / Kitchen Porter all they gotta do is apply for the job. Even after-the-fact. And he’ll get it. And if he’s refused, a call to Immigration should sort that out.

    I surely doubt that there are enough WILLING Bermudians to fill even 10% of these lowly kitchen jobs. Do we even know how many jobs are affected? Does the Gov’t know?

    The plp’s “big stick” policy of sending ALL our foreigner kitchen workers home at once, with just 5 days notice, not only infringes upon the basic human rights of these people, it impacts on the restaurants even more! Now they gotta fill umpteen vacant positions right away! Positions that traditionally have been difficult to fill with WILLING Bermudians in the first place.

    Where are the restaurants going to find all these Bermudian replacements for all the foreign workers that have to go home? Honestly – how long do you think it will take to find WILLING Bermudians to fill all these jobs? Maybe hundreds of jobs. That Bermudians don’t like to do. They haven’t suffered enough yet.

    I’m telling you, the plp never met a dumb idea it didn’t like!!

  16. star man says:

    All the hoopla is nothing but Populism and Electioneering. Make the Sheeple believe that the “good” Gov’t is creating jobs for them. In reality, there is no basis for this policy. And it won’t work. That’s why the plp are back-pedaling the NEXT DAY after announcing the policy. THINK!!

  17. Fed Up!!! says:

    Will be moving my business to another place. I urge all other business owners impacted by this stupid policy to do the same. The Bermuda Government and the idiotic people who support them need to learn the hard way.

  18. Wondering says:

    Why can’t they do it like it should be done – last to come – first to leave… but still – Gov’t put this policy in place yet continue to allow people to higher from overseas…… seems there are to many hands in the making of this ruling – everybody wants to be chief …. to many hands are spoiling the livelyhood of many – local and foreign… who will be the survivors Gov’t or the people….

  19. Cancer says:

    Fed up! Hang in there.. The way things are going the OBA will be the next government. The PLP are killing themselves. Else for minister Patrice Minors – she aunt got a damm clue.., (sorta feel sorry for her really!)

  20. Cancer says:

    C’on Trident – vote4me and specialgirl… I’m calling you out!! Another dumb move that had to be taken back by your useless PLP party! What you gotta say? All three/one of you!

  21. specialgirl4you says:

    “We fully recognize that there is a delicate balance in sustaining and safeguarding our Bermudian workforce, as well as ensuring that the needs of our business partners were adequately addressed.” –Minister Minors

    However we must also ensure that our Bermudian labour force is adequately supported. Minister Minors this is extremely important, and also reflects a government that is willing to listen and consider all sides to the issues, but most importantly its people. This is not a new issue as many would like to suggest, it was presented in Feb 2011, and many employers were made aware of it. We must work towards ensuring our people are employed, if not it can have serious repercussions on our society. The PLP are a government of the people and for the people. It must continue to work to seek employment opportunities for its people. While working with the business community in a fair manner.

    @ FEB UP….A country should not be treated by a foreign business investor, to operate within the homeland of someone else. An honest business man would work within the rules and regulations of the country in which he is willing to do business. The same holds true for when I set-up a business in England. I had to conduct my business according to their regulations and procedures. I could not go there and threaten their government or people as to how to run my company. Must be willing to give the people of that country an opportunity as well as work with the government of the day to ensure employment opportunity and opportunity to grow your business. Please be real and respect the country to which you have come to make a profit, after all you have benefited as well as the people of Bermuda.

  22. Cancer says:

    Specialgirl you say “The PLP are a government of the people and for the people”‘ are you talking about black people, people that vote for PLP or for the ministers of the PLP? I’m just asking… Altho this policy may have good intensions the PLP has no clue how to look at all circumstances to see how their policies will effect the country. We have seen time and time again where too many PLP laws have to be revisited because of poor foresight!

    • Ole says:

      The fact that they had to consider altering existing laws in the first place suggest that they were crafted by a UBP govt that had similar self serving interest. It’s called politics.

      Oh and by the way, there are many, many foreign workers that report late for work, take smoke breaks, take extended lunch breaks, call in sick – often, steal, check out the game at the Hood every Weds and Thursday during work hours, drink on the job and spend considerable time on the phone and internet.

      Having worked in senior manager roles in the hotel, financial and legal industries, I can safely say that this is a FACT!!!!!!

      • Redman says:

        @ Ole, You are right on point with some of your remarks on (some) of the foreign workers, not all are angels and hard working. I have caught and fired a fair number myself for doing just the things you have mentioned.

        We know there are good Bermudian workers and there are bad ones just as there are good foreign workers and bad ones.

    • specialgirl4you says:

      @ Cancer…….All the people., For the people of Bermuda…….For today I recall the great words of Martin Luther King Jr

      We must learn to live together as brothers or perish together as fools.
      – Speech in St. Louis, Missouri, March 22, 1964

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        sorry @specialgirl4you but….we ain’t livin’ together as brothers….so i guess we’re all gonna perish as fools.
        its true and there is ABSOLUTELY nothin’ that will change that.
        What is the Chances of this group here tonight of coming together as one harmonious entity….huh? please …i want your heartfelt answer ..and leave the dreams alone for a minute …

        KEEP IT REAL!

  23. Looking at the unemployed says:

    I wonder when they will be advertising for kitchen work. Becuase im scouting the papers today and the rest of the week, and should expect some kitchen work. Unemployed and in need in some work.

    • Frank says:

      Sadly, some restaurants might just close their doors. I cancelled my regular Saturday night reservation at my favorite restaurant already. That’s a party of 10 that will not be spending money in our regular restaurant every Saturday for fear of horrible service. (Remember Greg’s Steakhouse?? Awful!!!!) The 10 of us will be dinning at my house this Saturday night. We won’t have to question whether our plates are truly clean and we’ll be guaranteed excellent service!

      • CAT says:

        Gosh you wouldn’t even give the Bermudians a chance! You cancel you reservation…well poor you!

      • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

        SEE…PAT…it’s started already…hang on tight coz this downhill rides gonna be a doozy…

        and frank …you know that doing the serving at home yourself for ten is great fun …shopping and preparing also serving,clearing up doing the dishes….ummm what nationality is the person that will be doing that may i ask?
        and jus incase you answer by saying that it would be You….my second question is Do you wash the dishes at Your Favourite Rest. Every Sat. Night…?

    • Keepin' it Real...4Real! says:

      Dat’s What Um talkin’ bout k…Ya got de most rejuvenating Post here brah!
      all dat ra ra up top …useless garbage talk
      dis forum is like listening to a hurricane on cd ….lots of noise but no impact…

  24. CAT says:

    I sure as hell hope the Gov take a look at the IB sector…cause there are people working in these offices that are not Bermudian and qualified Bermudians working under them!! Its nonsense! They need to pack up and leave also…I know of a few!

    • Lady Scribbler says:

      If what you say is true, you should call the Immigration hotline and report it. I work in HR in IB and I can tell you that we would prefer a Bermudian everytime if we could get them. They are less risky in that they are committed to being here, you run less risk of them deciding they don’t like island life. It costs less, no moving costs etc.

      I am sure there is some abuse, the system is not perfect. I know my boss tells me if you find a good Bermudian for this job- hire em!

  25. MinorMatters says:

    …Jobs for Bermudians sounds like a battlecry for an election. Anybody with a teaspoon of brain matter knows that no employer can hire a foreigner without Immigration approval. SO, surely the Premier should have been rapping the knuckles of the Labour and Immigration office for approving work permits in the past without doing the due diligence i.e. investigating every permit request to ensure that there is a genuine need for that foreigner. SO, why wait until there is an over abundanceof foreign workers in lower skilled jobs to call a Press Conference to call attention to the fact that these overpaid government workers have been asleep at the wheel and place the blame of this situation on the honest businesses who are trying to provide a service and jobs to both Bermudians and foreigners alike? There must be an election in the offing…

  26. Lady Scribbler says:

    Reading these blogs makes me feel sick. Shoving unskilled labor off the island will not help any Bermudians. No matter how you look at it, Bermudians do not want labor jobs.if they did they would be hired. I do NOT believe that Bermudian companies want foreigners except for the fact that they are reliable.

    For example, the cleaning company we use in our offices was refused work permits and told to hire Bermudians. They rolled through about 20 in a matter of weeks betwen the no shows, some thefts, late, sick and then I “ain’t cleaning nobody’s toilet”. This is a Bermudian company, run by Bermudians. They will tell you themselves – GENERALLY, Bermudians don’t want to clean or take the low end jobs. We are no different than most developed countries, our people can do skilled jobs and do not want to do the unskilled.

    I am a Bermudian and I know there most of us are hardworking and responsible but to deny this stuff exists is just stupid. Our people need decent jobs and the only way to do that is to develop new businesses. Calling Ex pats names or trying to force IB to hire staff they don’t need won’t help us. Please think this through and be honest- would you like to clean toilets?

    • Philip Barnett says:

      Great post! Factual, objective, and bang on the nail. There are many hardworking fellow Bermudians in all levels of employ and fields. However the only reason Bermudian restauranteurs end up getting foreigners is that they are willing to do the job (same job and expectations WORLDWIDE) that employers connot find sufficient Bermudians that will correctly and commitedly complete the work. It is that simple. If you don’t believe me, buy a restaurant and find out, there are LOTS for sale.

  27. Back says:

    Look at all us Bermudians heading of the Phillipines and to santo de somewhere to bring back a foreign wife what’s with that?

    • OMG says:

      because they wash dishes!!! :)

      I heard someone at TCD yesterday that they are out of work but they will not be washing dishes??

      Go figure.

      Think about education system still in a mess so many have not gained what is needed to make a better life for themselves. This is not the UBP’s or the OBA fault!

  28. navin johnson says:

    when you read the comments like those of CAT above you realize that many people still do not get it….The Government spends time chasing an initiative that few people want and that is permanent residency for Senior IB people who, more often than not, have no interest in permanent residency….but we want those people to stay… breath we want pot washers to go and give them a month to leave without ever responding to the appeals of people like Mr. Barnett…..then they back peddle…..what would make anyone think that the very IB people who we claim to want would believe any comments from a Government who changes its mind and reverses decisions(rightfully I would add) with little regard for the unitended consequences of their actions….people want consistency and stability in their businesses and their lives which is the very thing this flip flopping group cannot give…

  29. Y-Gurl says:

    Minors needs to shut up and maybe realize no one takes what she says seriously