Photo Slideshow: 2012 Car Show

February 25, 2012

The City of Hamilton hosted a Car Show this afternoon [Feb.25] on the third level of Bulls Head. Scores of people made their way to the event where local car dealerships had vehicles on display, with car accessory companies also displaying their wares. In addition, a local bank and insurance company were assisting people with their car related inquiries. Slideshow below courtesy of John Manderson.

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  1. Triangle Drifter says:

    The amount of money some people happily spend on a collection of metal & plastic to transport themselves around never ceases to amaze.

    I mean, really, who needs a Jeep in Bermuda??? Who needs these 4wd SUVs? Seen any snow on the roads lately? Anyplace to do some offroading?

    I know the roads are visibly deteriorating from a lack of maintenance but they are not that bad yet.

    • Ryan says:

      It is, plain and simple, the sign of an affluent society, where even the relatively less well off seem to have the cash for a flashy vehicle.

      Me, I’d rather save my $50,000+ on a college tuition. But that’s me.

  2. star man says:

    The roads are deteriorating because W&E are NOT professionally repairing the potholes. They need to roll the asphalt into the holes!… It’s commonly known as “Throw & Roll”… And the workers leave off the roll part. That’s why after a rainfall all the potholes appear again, except worse!

  3. Ron De Corner says:

    Lots of fancy cars for sale on emoo. People bought them when things were going good. Now they can’t pay de rent. De beeeeg car wiff de side rails, chrome veels, lowsprings, spinners, anna huge box, low profile tyres, wideo shcreens, gp-ass, goddi go man.

    Makes you kinda wish you’d done something sensible with your $$$$.

  4. James s says:

    The penny has obviously not yet dropped with these people. What a complete and utter waste of money! 30 minutes in a car max at 20mph. Hilarious. All going to be a pile of rust at the dump one day. There is not a single car for sale on this island that I would buy if I were in another country.

  5. No Name says:

    100% Agree

  6. observer says:

    Typical Bermudians, Always hating on what other enjoy doing… Why don’t all you haters stay in your rentals-flats and watch your big flat-screens and text on your expensive phones. And if most of you don’t have that, go look at yourselves in the mirror at your own tattoo’s and stop hating. After all its better then playing with yourself..

    • Grizz says:

      @ Observer…..LMAWWWWWWO PRICELESS… I am sitting here wondering why people are mad/upset/perturbed at OTHER PEOPLE spending THEIR OWN MONEY….Why does it bother you so much! THEIR CARS/THEIR MONEY/NOT YOUR CONCERN!!

    • So True says:

      @ Observer……. LMAO! I totally agree with u! While some of the “HATERS” probably aren’t even Bermudian! Are these people serious? What if the person is “well off” and doesn’t have any kids? If they WORK HARD and want to spend THEIR HARD WORKING $$$$ on a CAR its THEIR BUSINESS!!!!

  7. Pastor Syl says:

    Love to look at those shiny metal boxes – if that Peugeot convertible had been red, I might have been half-way tempted. BUT the cost and upkeep does not appeal. Bought a second hand bike and invested in a good raincoat – heck of a lot cheaper! $300 tops for licence and insurance vs maybe $2000 EVERY YEAR! $14 every two or three weeks for gas vs $50 at least every week!

    @ Grizz: You are right, it isn’t my concern when someone spends $50-80 thousand on a car and doesn’t yet own their own home. I just shake my head and wish someone would talk with that person about priorities.

    • Grizz says:

      I feel you Pastor Syl but some people DON’T WANT TO OWN A HOME..some of the comments may be…”I don’t want the headaches of owning a home” OR “I may not even be living by the time I pay it off” OR “I am living for now because tomorrow isn’t promised”…Just a few comments i’ve heard. But what WE may view as priority to someone else it just isn’t. I must say I use to look and say some of the things I’ve seen written but now I just look and say “MUST BE NICE”. Everyone has a right to decide his OWN DESTINY!

  8. Jai says:

    I will pay my Mortgage off first!