Videos: Bermuda Wins Two More Medals, First Gold

April 8, 2012

[Updated with videos] The spectators at National Stadium erupted this evening [Apr.8] as Justin Donawa claimed Bermuda’s first Gold Medal in the Carifta Games, winning the Under 17 Boy’s Triple Jump with a leap of 14.63m.

It was the second medal of the evening for Bermuda, with Shaquille Dill clocking a time of 1:55.91 to win the Silver Medal in the Under 20 Boy’s 800m race.

Bermudians celebrate in the stands following the Gold Medal win:

Justin Donawa is awarded the gold medal:

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  1. ok says:

    Congratulations Bermuda! We truly have some talented young folk! Way to go!!

  2. tricks are for kids says:

    Well Done Guys!!! Congrats to you!!!!!!!

  3. Walla Walla says:

    Congrats to ALL of the atheletes from all countries! Ive enjoyed watching the games on TV and wish I would have purchased tickets…and Im not normally even a track and field fan. Great to see some positive hard working young people enjoying the competition and seeing the rewards of their hard work paying off in front of a home crowd. Most of us are tired of the negative stories and bad news and sure could use something positive to see and read for a change. Thanks for giving me something to cheer about! And thanks for giving the young ones in the audience something to look forward to.

    • Honestly says:

      @Walla you can purchase tickets for Eastern side of field!

  4. Thank’s Bernews for your coverage for those of us who are not able to be in attendance but because of your up to minute reporting we can appreciate the triumphant victories that we are reading and experience through this media, so we say once again congradulations to all our young people for their paticapation and a special congradulation to all of our winners who won medals for Bermuda,to Justin Donawa well done with the Gold medal and to Shaquille Dill well done with the Silver medal,you have both made Bermuda proud. I think it is only fitting to say thank’s to their coaches and their support team who also play a vital role in their success.

  5. Kathy says:

    Well done to you both. Our up and prospering young men showed up and showed out. Keep on training.

  6. Kathy says:

    Well done to you both. Our up and prospering young men showed up and showed out. Keep on training. Proud to be Bermudian!

  7. andre says:

    You have made all proud to be Bermudian. Thanks to ALL our athletes!!!

  8. Jeff Sousa says:

    It was such a privilege to see these two young men win medals for Bermuda in front of me. The crowds at the national stadium were awesome. It was so touching to see Justin be greeted by his dad Jay Donawa after winning the Gold. And likewise to be also given a big hug by his coach and great triple jumper Brian Wellman..
    Congratulations to Shaquille Dill and Justin Donawa for winning the medals and all the Bermudian competitors, you made us all so proud.

  9. Whitney says:

    Well Done Donawa!!! We celebrated as if it was ours :)

  10. pebblebeach says:

    Had a great time at Carifta…Well done my fellow Bermudians..

  11. hmph says:

    For anyone who has not been yet….. stop being boring and come cheer on and have some fun!!!! I had a ball yesterday!!!!

  12. WinterSun says:

    Get ready next year Bermuda!

    Just announced next year for Carifta in Bahamas, Bermuda will have a charter! We may need 2 or 3!

    Well done Bermuda and everyone! So great to see all countries celebrate together during the closing ceremony!

    Keep all the countries here another day and let’s all parade and celebrate throughout the city!

    Proud to be a Bermudian!

  13. I feel for the island says:

    I had a ball at Carifta…and am proud of the young people that took part, and won metals…but I have to say something to the coaches, I feel you all need to get your team in better shape and so of your young people that took part felt the same way, how you pick a team just in March and you all know Carifta was going to be in Bermuda 2 years ago…the young people shouldve been trained better. Look at the teams how fit they where. I asked the Jamaica coach myself what they do for there fittness, mind blowing. So I’m saying you have good youth up and coming get it together.