Boat Abandoned, Sailors Picked Up By Cruise Ship

June 26, 2012

A 41-foot sailboat returning to the US after the recent Newport to Bermuda race was abandoned after suffering rudder damage, with the cruise ship ‘Norwegian Star’ picking up the sailors 230 miles off Bermuda at 2:30pm this afternoon [June 26].

Early this morning the Bermuda Maritime Operations Centre received a call from the U.S. Coastguard in Norfolk, Virginia, requesting information on the Newport to Bermuda race boat ‘Avenir’.

41 ft sloop ‘Avenir’ — which departed Bermuda two days ago bound for Newport, Rhode Island — reported that vessel had suffered rudder damage in position 230 miles northwest of Bermuda and was in need of assistance.

The BMOC Duty Officer said that unsuccessful attempts were made by the crew to jury rig a temporary rudder, and the Captain also reported that some of the crew had become violently seasick. A decision was made by Captain and crew to abandon vessel.

“The cruise ship ‘Norwegian Star’ was diverted to the yacht’s position, picking up the six survivors at 2:30 pm this afternoon. Norwegian Star is due into Bermuda tomorrow morning,” said the Duty Officer.

“Later this afternoon another Newport to Bermuda race boat ‘Convictus Maximus’ contacted the U.S. Coastguard for assistance after a crew member onboard suffered a suspected spinal injury.

“The ‘Convictus Maximus’ — a 42 foot sloop with six persons onboard — located 230 miles Northwest of Bermuda, also departed Bermuda two days ago bound for Newport, Rhode Island. Efforts are currently underway to have the injured crewmember brought ashore for medical treatment.”

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  1. Timothy Hickey says:

    You wouldn’t get THAT from a bunch of tourists FLYING into Bermuda!!! Cruise ship “1″, Airplane “0″. Just saying…..

    • Linda says:


      • Timothy Hickey says:

        Not as idiotic as a 21mile long Island in the middle of the ocean that relies PRIMARILY on tourists dollars to survive, being picky and choosy on what type of tourists they prefer!!!

        • really? says:

          we don’t rely primarily on tourism. also everyone knows cruises are not where Bermuda makes real money…

  2. WellSaid says:

    Sorry to hear the boats are having a hard time on the return trip. Keep safe everyone!