Commission Discuss Internet Service Complaints

June 7, 2012

The Telecommunications Commission held an industry roundtable discussion on May 22, 2012 in response to numerous concerns and complaints from residents about the quality of internet services.

A Government spokesperson said, “In particular, residents have expressed concern that advertised services were not always being delivered and there were questions about the value for money that customers were receiving. These concerns have ultimately been forwarded to the Commission from members of the public and from the Consumer Affairs Office.

“In addressing these concerns, the Commission invited all carriers to participate in the enquiry. Submissions were received from several of the licensed carriers, and through discussion at the Enquiry, participants were able to better understand possible causes for the issues raised.

“Key recommendations with action points were formulated and the Commission will now be facilitating an industry work stream to plan for the effective implementation of these recommendations. They, in consultation with industry representatives will also design a Frequently Asked Questions sheet to be posted on all carrier websites and at their place of businesses.

“The Commission would like to thank the industry participants for their time and the effort made in preparing for and contributing to the positive outcomes of the Enquiry.

“The Commission would now like to ask members of the public to make submissions to the Commission in writing (by post or email) regarding the quality of internet service no later than June 18, 2012 to: The Telecommunications Commission, Attn: Mr. Ronald Simmons (Chairman), F.B. Perry Building, 2nd Floor, 40 Church Street, Hamilton HM 12 or

“Once recommendations have been finalized and implemented, the General Public will be informed as soon as possible by various forms of mass communication.”

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Comments (4)

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  1. Just Curious says:

    pay for 2 MB get 1.5 MB upload and 1 MB download, huh!

  2. Crystal Cave says:

    I pay for 4m and often get 0.25. On top of this we have perhaps the most expensive internet on the planet. Totally disgusting..

    In addition, I have heard that Cablevision reduce the transfer bandwidth whenever they please, to ‘share’ it with businesses during office hours. I often work from home and it is terribly inconvenient. This is definitely wrong – but is it illegal? I’ve heard that BTC is no better.

    But this is Bermuda, and we seldom get what we pay for.

  3. just because says:

    Make your complaints to the Commission. Let your voice be heard!

  4. John Doe says:

    I would like to see Service Level Agreements, or SLA in place. If they break the SLA, they have to provide an explanation of the issue, and a credit to the consumer. Although ISPs say its a hard market in Bermuda, lets be real. The amount of users per square mile must be one of the highest in the world, hence they don’t have to spend the amount of millions which US carriers have to. Also I would like to know what the mark up is on typical customer, when compared to the rest of the world. They have had it too easy for to long, they need to get used to how it is in the real world.