KFC Seeks Judicial Review In Union Matter

May 25, 2012

Saying they disagree with the Ministry’s proposed course of action, KFC has submitted an application to the Bermuda courts seeking a judicial review in their ongoing dispute with the BIU.

A statement from KFC said, “As KFC has publicly maintained for some time, it is of the view that involuntary binding arbitration is not the appropriate forum for matters of disagreement between KFC and the BIU to be settled.

“We continue to believe the long term interests of both parties would best be served by continuing discussions and reaching a freely negotiated agreement around the negotiating table.

“Whilst KFC holds the utmost respect for Minister Minors and her responsibilities, we respectfully disagree with her interpretation of her authority to compel arbitration and the Ministry’s proposed course of action in this matter.

“In a nation governed by rule of law, the appropriate place to seek clarification on an interpretation of law is the courts. It is for that reason that KFC has submitted an application to the Bermuda courts seeking a judicial review in this matter.

“KFC’s application to the courts should not be seen as an indication that KFC will fail to participate in any arbitration process that legally proceeds. KFC will act within the law and represent its business interests wherever necessary, be that in court or in an arbitration hearing, for the mutual benefit of its employees and shareholders.”

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  1. We Like says:

    These people are determined to bust the union. WOW!

    Worker’s rights going backwards. Imagine this lot getting political power again. Unreal.

    So much for good faith, boycott needs to go back on!

    • Come Correct says:

      “Imagine this lot getting political power again.”

      Can you explain that for me please? Who are “this lot”?

      Imagine if the plp stay in political power lol and the union is busting themselves.

      • jt says:

        Be specific – provide some examples. How will the rights of KFC workers be going backwords if KFC is abiding by the law?

  2. Truth is killin' me... says:

    So basically KFC is saying the Government is not the law and would rather have the courts take care of this mess.

  3. Union Member says:

    No, they are saying that in light of many poor decisions made by those holding Ministerial positions (unethical but legal) they are a going to a place where they think there will be more fairness. BIU knew this was coming thats why they hurriedly joined the Bermurda Trade Union Congress. BIU’s weak argument would have gone flat in the court of law. Now they will “use” the BTUC allegience to fight their battle. Changing my dues allocation today! SMH!!!!

  4. Amazed says:

    Yes, this is what is known as checks and balances which we lack in so many areas. The Minister does not have the power to interpret the law where there is ambiguity and/or disagreement as to its intent.

  5. nuts says:

    the chicken saga continues