Photos: Diamond Jubilee High Tea & Hat Show

June 4, 2012

[Updated with video] Hats of all shapes, sizes and styles could be seen gracing the Fairmont Hamilton Princess yesterday [June 3] as Project Action hosted a Bermuda Reception “High Tea” in celebration of Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The fundraising event was attended by over 200 people, with Governor George Fergusson serving as the Patron. The Governor was escorted in by St. George’s Towne Crier Mr Frith, with Girl Guides flying the Union Jack and the Bermudian Flags whilst Ms. Thomas sang the entire rendition of the national anthem.

The guests were treated to musical performances by two students from the Developing Artists Program, as well as a small fashion show featuring hat styles from the past and present from the private collection of Mrs. Lucille Woolrdige and Mrs. Denise Trew.

Project Action Founding Director Mrs Cindy Swan said “I’m extremely thankful to the Governor Fergusson, the fundraising committee Ms. Eleanor furtado, Mrs. Kimesha Butterfield, Mrs. Marie Kent-Smith , Mrs. Lisa Christopher Mrs. Denise Trew and Mrs. Mair Harris who all help to make this year’s Fund-raiser a success.

“Listening to MC Mr. Robin Blackburne one would of thought you were listening to the BBC and the addition of the hat show along with a history lesson on hat by Mrs. Judith-Hall Bean and Mrs. Rose Douglas were definitely a fabulous highlight of the event. The hats shown were supplied from the private collection of Mrs. Lucille Woolrdige and Mrs. Denise Trew.

“There are some rare Queens Jubilees memorabilia including Jubilee cuff links still available from the silent auction and any one looking to add to their collection should call Project Action at 297-5044.”

The High Tea was one of the events in Bermuda to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee, with the weekend also seeing a Flotilla of boats traveling from Hamilton to Dockyard, the “Lighting of Beacons” at Fort St. Catherine in St George’s, and a Service of Thanksgiving at St. Peter’s Church in St. George’s.

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  1. Tricia says:

    Wow Bermuda certainly has some beautiful women. And what a great way to celebrate a Jubillee than with a high tea complete with hats. All the ladies look so elegant. Great photos Bernews.

    • andre says:

      Um , why would I want to celebrate this Jubilee thingy again? Sorry I just cannot comprehend why. Please enlighten me!

      • Hat Mad says:

        Why don’t you ask one of the many women who participated .. White OR black ?

        There’s plenty to choose from . They might find some of the things you ‘celebrate’ to be beyond comprehension too .

      • U never will says:

        You do not have to celebrate anything! Who is forcing you? Those in attendance were there because they wanted to be. No handcuffs, ball and chain on anyone that I could see. Some people actually enjoy life and don’t always ask “whats in it for me” or “how much am I getting paid” or “what am I going to get if I go”. Believe it or not some people just like to SOCIALIZE and learn new things. Some of us grow by expanding our horizons and enjoy learning about the customs and beliefs of others that don’t look like us, speak like us, talk like us, dress like us and act like us. And sadly some of us can’t look beyond are own wallets, beliefs, and customs.

        Only the ignorant make statements like yours.

        • Gaga says:

          Yeah! those are the ones who celebrate July 4, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and all the other non Bermuda celebrations!! They don’t have a clue!! LOL

          • Ladycat says:

            I am one of those who celebrate July 4th (Independence Day), Labor Day (which is also celebrated in Bermuda) and Thanksgiving (which celebrates the day the English settle on Plymouth Rock and we give Thanks for all that we are grateful for on that day), along with my Bermudian heritage, so I take insult to that comment Gaga. However I do get your point, it is unfortunate that some people are not knowledgeable on the world and the different cultures. The BIG picture was missed this was a Charitable event for Project Action with is a transportation service for our seniors here in Bermuda. Let’s just hope that Andre will not need their services, but if he does that he would be gracious and wise enough to appreciate it.

        • Ladycat says:

          Well said “U never will says” Ditto