Dental Coverage Row Heats Up In The Senate

July 11, 2012

The ongoing row over dental insurance coverage for Government employees continued in the Senate today [July 11] with Senators from both sides exchanging words over the situation.

Junior Minister of Finance Senator David Burt delivered a Ministerial statement on the matter saying he is speaking to “clear up the false and irresponsible accusations” that were made against the Government by the Shadow Minister of Health Senator Michael Dunkley.

Senator Burt said: “It was on Sunday, July 8th that the One Bermuda Alliance sent out a statement to the Media in the name of Senator Michael Dunkley, the Shadow Minister of Health entitled, “Government failure to pay costs thousands of civil servants dental insurance coverage.” ”

“This extraordinary accusation launched via the press continued to make more false claims. The very first line of the statement made the following declaration, “Dental insurance coverage for Government employees has been suspended because the Government has failed to pay the premium for their coverage.”

“Please allow me to dissect that sentence. The first part of that sentence states that “Dental insurance coverage for Government for employees has been suspended.” Madam President, this would under normal circumstances be a serious matter, worthy of public debate, if it were true.

“The Premier & Minister of Finance, GEHI, and BF&M the service provider have all refuted this claim. In fact, BF&M released a statement yesterday stating that “all Government employees have been, and will continue to be, fully covered for dental treatment provided under the policy.”

“At no time was “Dental insurance coverage for Government for employees has been suspended,” as Senator Dunkley claimed. Never! Madam President, I can confirm that neither Senator Dunkley or anyone from the OBA checked with GEHI or the Ministry of Finance to verify these baseless accusations, and they apparently didn’t check with the service provider BF&M in any official capacity given that BF&M have flatly rejected their claim that coverage was suspended.

“Before I digress, I would like to move to the 2nd part of the first sentence of the statement in question, that states, “Government fell more than 90 days behind in premium payments to the insurer.” “This is yet another false allegation which was again refuted yesterday by BF&M in its release saying, “GEHI premiums are paid up to date”. Madam President, why the different stories, why the rush by Senator Dunkley and the OBA to make a political point without checking the facts?

Senator Burt continued: “On one side we have a reputable company in Bermuda issuing a statement saying that“GEHI premiums are paid up to date”, and that payments were “made to BF&M within 30 days of being billed.” “And on the other side, you have Senator Dunkley stating that, “Government fell more than 90 days behind in premium payments to the insurer”. Madam President, it would seem that the OBA owe the Government, 10,000 GEHI Members, their families, retirees and the Bermudian people an explanation.

“One would imagine that before making such a claim the Opposition would get official confirmation prior to peddling rumour as fact. However, Madam President, in the rush to make a political point, Senator Dunkley and the OBA went with rumour and got it wrong. “That is not the end because in my view there is a more serious matter at play here, and that is the issue of using private records for political gain.

“For whoever leaked and supplied this information and for whoever has sought to exploit it, this is not whistle blowing, this is no selfless public act. This is a perverse and devious attempt to score political points at the risk of betraying the privacy of Bermudians.

“To simply think that a $2 black marker can somehow make right this egregious breach of trust and confidentiality is appalling. This is the thin edge of the wedge, Madame President. Does every public officer now have to be concerned that their private health issues will be made the subject of public political debate simply to further the aims of the Opposition? On Monday it was their coverage; should Government employees worry what private health detail may be leaked tomorrow? ”

One would have hoped that the Leader of the Opposition would have publicly rejected this type of politics, but yesterday he said “There is no need to apologise”. “This statement from the Opposition Leader indicates that he endorses this gross lack of judgment and that he and his Party share this crass insensitivity on display these last few days.

“There are enough issues in the everyday lives of the 10,000 public service employees, families & retirees; they do not need the added stress of wondering who knows their private business and who will use it for political gain.

“This was a naked political manoeuvre, designed to embarrass this government. Such a reckless act should cause all Bermudian’s to question if there is nothing sacred. Madam President, it is inexcusable to play with people’s personal information for political gain. This behaviour is reprehensible for a party that claims they are ready for government; with such recklessness one must question if they are ready for opposition.

“Bermudians deserve better. They deserve an Opposition worthy of the greatness of Bermudians. They deserve an Opposition that can admit they made an error. They do not deserve an Opposition and an Opposition leader that says, “There is no need to apologise”. They deserve an opposition that is accountable for their actions.

“Being accountable means that you don’t get to make false and baseless statements to over 10,000 Bermudians and then turn around and say “There is no need to apologise”. Being accountable means that you don’t get to release private information about Government employees to the media that serves no public interest and say, “There is no need to apologise”.

“Being accountable means that you don’t manufacture a controversy and then go on TV to state, “We are delighted that BF&M and Government got together and worked this out”. Madam President, The Government and BF&M didn’t “get together” and “work[ed] this out” because there was nothing to work out. Contrary to Senator Dunkley’s claims, the Government was NOT in arrears and coverage was not suspended,” said Senator Burt.

OBA Senator Toni Daniels spoke after Senator Burt’s speech saying they “will not apologize for ensuring that civil service is cared for,” and also said that: “I for one will not allow the integrity of our Leader and Deputy Leader be called into question.”

Senator Daniels said: “On Sunday night, we issued a statement alerting employees under GEHI that their dental insurer had changed the status of their coverage to ‘inactive’ from ‘active’.

“This meant they could no longer expect dentists to automatically accept their GEHI coverage. It meant their coverage was ‘inactive’ pending a discussion between the employee and the employer – presumably to get the employee to pressure the employer to pay the premium.

“The situation was clearly unfair to government employees and that is why we decided to act.So what happened? The Finance Ministry called our statement “baseless” and Premier said we were “reprehensible”. BF&M issued a statement saying that “GEHI premiums are paid and up to date.”

“But here’s something anyone looking at this situation should keep in mind: Within 24 hours of this story breaking on Monday morning, BF&M returned its customers’ status to “Active” from “Inactive”. A problem was solved; a problem that had the potential to victimize working men and women who had paid their dues.

“The OBA did its job. This was a situation in which civil servants’ insurance status was brought into question because of premium payment issues with the Government. We raised the matter in good conscience, to make sure working men and women did not pay the price for the action or inaction of others,” said Senator Daniels.

PLP Senator Jonathan Smith spoke immediately after Senator Daniels, saying “All I can say to that most ludicrous statement was nice try. The Senator used the word responsibility. I think it was Winston Churchill that said a lie gets halfway around the world before you have a chance to put your pants on. What we have heard is a lie, it was factually inaccurate, and they have been exposed.”

OBA Senator Michael Fahy spoke next saying, “We have been accused of lying. The way I interpreted Senator Smith’s statement was that Senator Daniels was lying, that is unacceptable. No one is lying here.

“Where I have great difficulty is that this Government has been using statements like ‘scurrilous’ insinuating or alleging that people are lying. And yet week after week after week we have sat in this Chamber and heard spin after spin about alleged government achievements,” continued Senator Fahy.

“At the same time that the PLP Chairperson is saying that the Leader of the Opposition claims he’s in charge, I wonder again what the heck that means. I know what it means, its electioneering at its worst.

“It ties in very nicely I might add, to the Honourable Premier’s comment that somehow those that are critics of this government are making criticisms because it is a black government, so those are the words of the Premier. Nothing could be further from the truth.

“That is why I have such difficulty when I hear a Junior Minister making statements and I hear another Senator in this Chamber accusing the OBA of lying I am shocked,” continued Senator Fahy.

Senator Dunkley spoke after Senator Fahy saying “I offer no apologies or no excuses for bringing this matter up. I take very seriously my position as Opposition Senator, and I will stand up and speak on behalf of people. ”

PLP Senator and Attorney General Kim Wilson referred to her legal background saying in order to operate within the law one has to present facts.

“In any court of law or court of public opinion you have to rely on facts supported by the evidence and that is normally generated by an investigation. And here we have a situation where apparently none of that existed,” said Senator Wilson.

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  1. Jazz says:

    OBA are so under-handed and deceitful. They just proved nothing has changed. Mr. Dunkley finally showed his true colors in a desparate attempt of deceit.
    Wish there was a third Party.

  2. concern says:

    I think our AG has missed the point here. If the document that was published showed a status of inactive and a day later showed a status of active after the story broke, that to me is a clear indication of evidence.

    Maybe we need an insider from the Ministry of Finance and another from BF&M to tell us what really happened.

    • We Like says:

      Nobody missed the point.

      OBA said, “Dental insurance coverage for Government employees has been suspended because the Government has failed to pay the premium for their coverage. The suspension was made by the insurer for the dental portion of the Government Employees Health Insurance plan after Government fell more than 90 days behind in premium payments to the insurer.”

      The problem is that:

      1) The plan wasn’t suspended as per BF&M
      2) The Government was not in arrears as per BF&M

      The OBA attacked the PLP thinking they had some hot story, and it ended up being a dud that they made worse when the leaked confidential files to the media.

      What is worse is that the OBA isn’t telling people, that this portal isn’t even live and ready for use unil August 1,2012.

      You don’t have the take the PLP’s word for it, just read what BF&M said.

      John Wight, President & CEO of BF&M, made the following announcement this morning: “BF&M considers matters between our company and our clients to be confidential, and thus it is the company’s standard policy not to comment through the media on such matters. Having spoken with our client regarding the disinformation in the media, we would like to put to rest any concerns that
      Government Employees have about their dental insurance coverage. GEHI premiums are paid up to date, and all Government employees have been, and will continue to be, fully covered for dental treatment provided under the policy.”

      Also, BF&M said:
      “In accordance with new requirements of local insurance companies who provide dental coverage that take effect August 1, BF&M is implementing a new information systems portal which will provide customer plan data not currently provided to dentists. This new system will not officially be in use until its ‘go live’ date of August 1.The status of the GEHI plan was in ‘inactive’ status because the company had not yet applied the most recent premium payment, which was made to BF&M within 30 days of being billed.”

      Those 2 statements completely blow the OBA out of the water. Let alone the fact they leaked people’s info to the press. that is LOW!

      • street wise says:

        Thou protestest too much….

      • The nitty gritty says:

        This got you all hot under the collar, but the loss of hundreds of millions over the last 4 years didn’t bother you?
        Is it that improbable that the Govt has run out of money and needs to drum up 475 million in bond issuance to cover the ongoing debts?
        Get in again and it’s all over. No wonder all these high end homes have flooded the market recently. Getting it out while they can.

  3. Terry says:

    Simple for the umpteanth time.
    They got caught out.
    Sent monies from another fund to bring it up to date.
    Ms.Cox needs to kick a$$.

    • pepper says:

      They sure got caught out…. and guess what Michael Dunkley does his homework…
      and Michael cares about Bermuda, he is not in it for the money !!! I feel kind of sorry for our premier because she has no say in what her party branches tell her what to do !!!!! I think our premier comes from good stock, Paula you need to show who the hell is in charge…….

  4. Chris famous says:

    July 4, 2012

    Dear Sir,

    “Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will. Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have found out the exact measure of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them, and these will continue till they are resisted with either words or blows, or both. The limits of tyrants are prescribed by the endurance of those whom they oppress” — Frederick Douglass.

    “Our short political history, since the advent of party politics, has had us responding to a stunted political dialogue, one that for many had the United Bermuda Party representing the oppression of blacks and the Progressive Labour Party representing their emancipation” — Scott Stewart.

    By his own words he has conceded what many thousands have voiced for generations about the United Bermuda Party. They were oppressors of blacks and an unyielding opponent to freedom, justice and equality in this country.

    Since Mr Stewart and I agree on the UBP and its legacy, let’s move on to present day One Bermuda Alliance.

    1. Ninety percent of OBA MPs were elected as UBP MPs

    2. Only the UBP-now-OBA MPs are getting centre stage in the media

    3. Ninety percent of OBA policies are carried over from UBP

    4. Anyone reading either Bernews or The Royal Gazette comments will realise the vile comments of racists come from those who self-identify as OBA supporters

    5. Ninety percent of OBA supporters appear to have been drawn directly from the UBP support base

    6. Much of the official OBA rhetoric can be perceived as anti-Bermudian:

    a) Objecting to the creation of affordable housing for purchase by those who want to fulfill the Bermudian dream of owning a piece of the rock (Grand Atlantic)

    b) Objecting to building new housing in Dockyard.

    c) Proposals to weaken work permit legislation that protects Bermudian jobs and open the floodgates to foreign workers.

    d) Marginalising Bermudian businesses and entrepreneurs by opening the floodgates to foreign exploitation through the total elimination of the 60/40 rule

    e) Silent on Standing Up for Bermudian workers re KFC

    f) No real interest in a Bermudian workforce “They can’t make time, they can’t dress for work as they have baggy pants hanging down and wear their hats sideways. Then when they get to work the first thing they do is get on their cellphone. And people can’t come to work and bring another excuse like, I had a heavy night last night, it was my birthday and I had too many.” M. Dunkley The Royal Gazette November 25, 2011

    g) Rejecting efforts of the Government to investing in the renewal of our infrastructure and our future

    h) Hypocrisy on Good Governance policies

    Now ask yourselves is the OBA a new party or UBP 3.0?

    In my next letter I will conclude my address to My Friend Scott Stewart

    Until such time Family



    • Hmmmmmm says:

      You are wrong, you are wrong you are wrong. PLP overuled the 60:40 rule for HSBC. In this article Tori spoke. The OBA were standing up for Bermudians, because that is what they are about. You know what, your points are so foolish and off base that the minutes of my life on any further response would be wasted. Get clued up and stop spouting rubbish

    • Blackberry Cadre says:

      How is any of that anti-Bermuda? If anything, it’s pro-Bermuda.

      It’s 2012. Our leaders use race to divide. We’re over 1.5 BILLION in debt! Debt that was accumulated under the rule of the PLP as they spent and spent AND SPENT! And you’re telling me you want them back for MORE? O_o

      I mean seriously…they admit to lying to you and you STILL believe them!

      I’m out…you can only lead a horse to water…

    • The nitty gritty says:

      Famous for five minutes. We are all racist because we love our Home and want to see it prosper?
      If we are black/brown/tan/beige and do not like what we see in the last 13 years, we are racists??
      Say what you want about the UBP but for those of us who were alert and working for a living, there was prosperity, and hope. No unemployment, International business flooding IN not OUT.
      Kids shooting kids? nah. People were buying their homes and retaining the equity. Tourists were coming and could feel a lot safer than today. The UBP did not go over budget on projects by $30 million consistently, have major multi million dollar scandals follow each project. They balanced the budget ( that means they did not owe, there was money in the accounts! vs. $1,450,000,000 now owed and getting bigger) and most of all I could show you photographs of the UBP MPs as a group and you would see over 60% were black. Now what are you calling these fine black Bermudians who created the outstanding quality of life and liberty you now enjoy ?? The days of plenty or the days of collapse? soon come if you get your way.

    • Not so Famous?? says:

      Dear Chris,

      We should never forget our past but if you wont let go of it you might get stuck in it?

      My question for you would be: what has this Government done for YOU! Unless you are a deep rooted supporter or part of the friends and family list my guess would be nothing. So if I question the PLP – I am a racist??? wow, that is a bit racist dont you think? Believe it or not, I used to be a supporter ofthe PLP as well Mr Famous!

      What would you call having someone falsely arrested and fired because they questioned the government pactices because it happened to Larry Dennis and others? Bullying maybe?

      What would you call the removal of ones business and having it handed over to others, because it happened to Bermuda Cement Company? Most wuould say it is wrong?

      What would you call the gifting of contracts to someone (without experience or proven track record) because of their color – because that happened in the case of Proactive / Berkeley? Some call it 150% over budget!

      What would you call the housing purchase TAX impossed on Bermudians because they fell in love with and married a non-Bermudian? Some that were victims of it might call it enslaving?

      What would you call the disappearance of hundreds of millions of dollars of the PEOPLES NOT THE GOVERNMENTS money? Some would call it theft while others call it incompetence? You pick!

      What would you call it when a party has the people vote for one leader – then ousts that leader after the election? Some my call it deceptive! Oh ya I forgot DB admitted to that?

      What would you call it when government contracts are giiven to friends and family without others given the opportunity to RFP like TCD/ emmissions centre. Some might call it Nepatism?

      What would you call it when a government funded education system that cost 2X more to fund than our private schools has been getting a failing grade. Some might say it is “F”‘d?

      What would you call it when cruise ship companies decide to go elsewhere because the former Tourism minister didnt remember to sign contracts? Some might call it a reason to bring a past UBP leader (Mr. Furbert) to take over!

      What would you call it when a civil serbvant is told to MAKE IT HAPPEN and pay money to Faith Based Tourism . Some would call it Deju Vu?

      I could go on and on. My point is that if you do not think that I have the right to be disappointed with this government, question how MY TAX MONEY is being spent then go ahead call me racist. You might be embarrassed to find that Im not white though? Using the race card – won’t make you “famous” my brother – it simply enslaves you.

      Vote as you wish , it is your right – but please don’t underestimate my ability to think clearly. Because I now support the OBA and because I do not agree with your choices does not make me racist. If it makes you feel better about yourself go ahead call me what you wish – I just hope that you are honest enough to label your elected PLP ministers the same way! The racist card deck is worn out from being over played!

  5. Triangle Drifter says:

    Hmmmmm….lots of he saids, she saids here. Hair splitting. Was Gov late paying the premium or were they not? If so did BF&M give them a grace period? If late paying, even by a day, why?

    All is not out in the sunshine of public scrutiny. Who has a better record of being trustworthy, Michael Dunkley or the PLP? Easy answer.

  6. Lizzie says:

    Chris, I totally agree with you and was thinking of OBA as the next government but at this time I can’t possibly support a party that would stoop to such low levels as Dunkley’s and Gibbons grandparents to regain power. We need to be afraid of how they will take us backwards with the gains of enpowerment we have seen over the past 8 years.

    • Portia says:

      Lizzie, where have you been living? Because from where I’m sitting, Bermuda hasn’t seen much “empowerment” in the past few years at all! Too much debt, too little jobs…but only those who are BLIND can’t see it!

    • street wise says:

      “I totally agree with you and was thinking of OBA as the next government …”. You must be kidding, you are a PLP sycophant. You have NEVER been an OBA supporter. So stop yer nonsense, k…?

      • OBA just WRONG says:

        street wise you have what my elders would call “no common sense” – you are blinded by the OBA lies, not the people who play at mid ocean with Michael Douglas et al.

    • Hmmmmmm says:

      By your words you will never ever support the PLP . So why bother putting up a message.

    • bermy$hotta says:

      Biggest load of hot sh*t comin out ya mouth um heard in a long time. If you knew dem personally you would kno they the opposite. We ain’t goin backwards now!?!?

      • sick and tired says:

        I’m with you Lizzie! So sick of the current state of affairs and wondering if OBA is the change we need. Thanks for the reality check OBA!!!! Still rats!!!

    • Fight the Power!! says:

      Empowerment????? For who???? Who feels empowered when they are broke???

      Lizzie, please educate me? Tell me how YOU were empowered?? I might have agreed with you a little bit if you had said empowerred in the FIRST FIVE years? But empowered in the last eight? Really, no way especially with Oprah and Dr. Phil off the air?! Who are you really, c’mon tell us the truth…a Correia, a Smith, a Brown, a Furbert or a DeSilva?

      LOL, one of us is confussed here? Im sure you will cear it up for us by replying with how WE SHOULD ALL FEEL EMPOWERED.

  7. Joey-Bag-O'doughnuts says:

    When you have a bunch of people that can vote themselves raises, health care benefits and all sorts of freebies, society can kiss its arse goodbye because no matter what party is doing it they will ALWAYS benefit themselves and their families.

    People, listen up it is time to do away with life time politicians, maybe two terms max and then release them back into society.

    Look at all those towns and cities and countries such as Greece that the government made all those promises that now they cannot keep because there is not enough money to pay.

  8. Barracuda says:

    is it just me , or are the PLP getting really desperate?

  9. Spikes says:

    Michael Dunkley is hoping and praying with baited breath that power is restored to the white power structure. He would do anything possible even lie and put false information out there to attempt to sway black people to vote for the OBA. I said black people for a reason because he doesn’t have to worry about white people, they have his back. White people excluded themselves from everything initiated by the PLP over the 13 years that they were in power simply because they refuse to recognize a majority black Government. When the UBP (Use Black People) was in power they had no consideration for black people whatsoever. I was a Civil Servant for 35 years and some of the policies that were implemented by the UBP would make South Africa blush. Nobody dare say anything, and if they were bold enough to do so would have their mortgage pulled or suffer the lost of employment. We blacks as a people are too gullible and nice. We have very short memories when it comes to being treated badly. Our people have been deprived of our rights for years in this country and up to today it is taking its toll on our people. The whites in this country make it their business to disassociate themselves from us, but when the time comes around for them to sollicit our vote they get the “kissing cousin” syndrome. I agree that the PLP has made some mistakes and so has the UBP, but think twice before you give the political power back to those folk. Use the political power that we have to gain some economic power. Please don’t allow them to have the economic power as well as the political power. That would be a very foolish move. That would take us back to the 60′s. You see what happen to the UBP? Blacks were in the party, as a matter of fact they even had a black leader at one point. Racism still showed its ugly head to the extent that a black caucus was formed and prominent black members later resign because of the racism that existed in the party. Michael dunkley’s name was mentioned by at least one of the disgruntled resigning officials. Black folk, use your vote wisely don’t be fooled once again. Maintain your political power, after all it is the only thing that we have. I know I am going to be labeled as a person that hates, but who cares it is about time someone took the bull by it’s horns and express what is going on in this country.

    • WillSee says:

      Can you explain what “UBP” policies” would make South Africa blush?
      Please list them!
      I think you are telling a good story.

    • Chris famous says:

      “They can’t make time, they can’t dress for work as they have baggy pants hanging down and wear their hats sideways. Then when they get to work the first thing they do is get on their cellphone. And people can’t come to work and bring another excuse like, I had a heavy night last night, it was my birthday and I had too many.” M. Dunkley The Royal Gazette November 25, 2011

      • Be Civil and Serve! says:

        Perhaps you should list the contents of the whole article Mr. Famous? Seems a little misleading and pointless otherwise. Don’t insult peoples intelligence and try and tarnish the reputation of others by trying such amateurish and childish tricks like hand picking articles?

        Should I try the same trick with the words spoken by your beloved PLP? Typical blow tactics?

    • Bermyman says:

      This is 2012 and this is not a back v white power struggle. People on both sides, either political party should want what is best for the country. Problem with the PLP is that they want only what is best for themselves (MP’s) and the people which the Government employ. By doing so they help to ensure their voting base is secure. The reality of it is, when you look through the gilded cage. The Island is broke, it has no money to keep robbing Peter (Private sector) to pay Paul (Civil Service) so at present the solution is to borrow money. Money that will burden our children’s, children with debt. And if as you say, the White’s have all the financial power and I beg to differ as I know many, many wealthy black people in Bermuda. When we are in the situation where the Island is on the verge of bankruptcy, those with the financial where with all will leave this Island. Black and White’s. Why?? Because their houses will be worth nothing and so will their businesses.

      What the PLP fail to realize is that all shades of skin and class are in this together. It is not an US v them scenario as it was 30 years ago. If you continue to vote on emotion, you will not solve the problems of this Island. Why? Because political parties will seek to appeal to emotion and emotion only.

      The PLP made many good changes to the Island, but since a certain Doctor took the reigns, they ran the Island with greed and lost the plot. I am not saying the OBA is any better but they at least offer change and intellectual capital capable of turning this country around.

      The PLP is not exactly turning the country around at the moment. Bermuda is not exactly better for the average person or getting any better.

    • Here we go again. says:

      If you were a civil servant for 35 years YOU were a direct beneficiary of the previously non-existant black middle class that the UBP created. Just as an example , when I was a child the GPO and all sub post offices were run by whites only. How many whites do you see in the postal service now ? And you know what the ‘complexion’ of the rest of the civil service is like. Wasn’t like that 50 years ago , was it ?

      As for the fallacy about mortgages (such an old myth you know) not one person has yet produced records of a fully paid up mortgage that was NOT in arrears who claimed it was pulled ‘because they dared to speak out about the establishment’. NOT ONE ! An urban Bermudian legend.

      I know of no whites that disassociate themselves from blacks because of their skin colour. People of all races disassociate themselves from people who don’t act or think like them . So if you want some white friends maybe you should change the way you talk and act. It does kind of show in your post , you know.

      • Be Civil and Serve! says:

        He is the retired benificiary of a Government Pension funded by the same policies as that horrible UBP he talks about.

        Will todays Civil Servant joining today be guarantted the same PENSION BENEFITS! Tell somone is South Africa what you make versus what you did and you might BLUSK in embarrassement after making such an assinine statement!

    • Be Civil and Serve! says:

      What policies are you talking about exactly that would make South Afrrica blush?

      I too was a civil servant many years ago – Health Department to be exact – and I don’t recall anything being that bad! I worked in field some of those years. I quite liked knowing that I could park behind Howards, and go into the marsh and catch a few zzzzz’s with my biggest fear wondering if my sporty new digital watch alarm would wake me in time to get the truck back. By the way our contracts and rights were agreed to and and protected by the BIU!

  10. Proud to be Bermudian says:

    This is all about money, greed and politians who say and do whatever to get what they WANT in the end makes no difference PLP, UBP and OBA all the same be they white or black.. Sad days…..lies and mores lies……

  11. Politics says:

    I totally agree – politics as usual!

  12. Hudson says:

    “But here’s something anyone looking at this situation should keep in mind: Within 24 hours of this story breaking on Monday morning, BF&M returned its customers’ status to “Active” from “Inactive”. A problem was solved; a problem that had the potential to victimize working men and women who had paid their dues.

    People should be saying thankyou to the opposition instead of offering critisism IMHO>

  13. Problem is says:

    Party politics is ripping this island apart and both sides are guilty. We need a third party.

  14. Triangle Drifter says:

    Soooo….back to the issue, was the premium paid ontime & in full or was it NOT?