PLP Confirms Leroy Bean In St George’s South

July 9, 2012

[Updated] Pastor Leroy Bean will stand for the Progressive Labour Party in Constituency #4 St George’s South, the PLP confirmed this afternoon [July 9].

Pastor Bean will match up against the OBA’s Suzann Roberts-Holshouser, who has already been confirmed by the Opposition’s candidate for the area.

The incumbent is the OBA’s Donte Hunt who [under the UBP] won 51.18% of the vote vs the PLP’s Phil Perinchief [544-519] in 2007, winning by a margin of 25 votes. Mr Hunt has moved constituencies and will stand for the OBA in Hamilton West, where he will match up against the PLP’s Wayne Furbert.

Pastor Bean is a counselor by training, and was educated locally at Francis Patton Primary School & Whitney
Institute. He obtained his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from Freedom Bible College & Seminary and also
obtained a Master’s Degree in Government Law and Public Policy from Regent University in Virginia Beach,

Pastor Bean has extensive experience in counseling and residential treatment programmes, and the founder of the anti-gang organisation CARTEL. Currently, through Transfiguration Ministries, he oversees the Transfiguration Safe House for substance abusers, and acts as a liaison between facilities overseas.

Pastor Bean is also a former Deputy Chairman of the Bermuda Land Development Company [BLDC], a situation which involved some controversy. The Auditor General said the former Chairman and Deputy Chairman [Pastor Bean] of the BLDC were paid $160,000 in “consultancy fees” while they served on the Company’s Board which she called a “fundamental conflict of interest.”

Update 3.00pm: Pastor Bean said, “The dream I envision for Bermuda under a PLP government is more cohesion and peace between black and white, rich and poor, while at the same token encouraging each of us to respect those that might have differences of opinion. The time for polarization must end in order for Bermuda to experience true freedom and wholeness which we so desperately need.”

Pastor Bean’s full statement follows below:

Good afternoon Madam Premier, PLP Colleagues, family and friends,

First of all, I would like to thank God for the privilege to serve Him and Bermuda in a different capacity. Secondly, I would like to thank the Progressive Labour Party for affording me the opportunity in a new arena to fulfill my God-given task, which is to serve.

Last but not least, I would like to thank my family, friends, my church Transfiguration Ministries, and the Executive and Members of Constituency #4 for their persistent prayers and unwavering support which cannot go unnoticed. It would also be remiss of me not to acknowledge and give special thanks to my Chairman, Mr. Stuart Hollis, who believed in me. Thank you for being there.

As a Pastor, service is not something foreign to me. So it’s with great anticipation that I look forward to this new challenge with a sense of passion and vigor; and when I am elected I pledge to serve the residents of Constituency #4 and I dare not forget Bermuda at large with this same passion.

One thing that I would like to say to the residents of Constituency #4 is that I’m not going to make a whole lot of promises that I cannot keep, but one thing I can promise is the work that is currently being done under a PLP government in our society, I will continue to support to the best of my ability. We will continue to build the infrastructure in Constituency #4 by continuing to build parks like Harlem Park, and extensions to the Sea Breeze Oval.

The PLP’s track record has been stellar as the Southside Police Station and the Harbour View affordable housing were both erected under our tender, and we must not forget the Lamb Foggo Urgent Care Centre which has served our eastern residents well. It is our hope that one day this particular emergency unit can be open 24 hours a day.

Under a PLP government, we will continue to fight endlessly against the anti-social and maladaptive behavior that has plagued our little island. We will actively pursue solutions to our current gang problem and will continue to work on behalf of the down trodden, while still upholding the morals and principles that Bermuda’s foundation is built on.

The dream I envision for Bermuda under a PLP government is more cohesion and peace between black and white, rich and poor, while at the same token encouraging each of us to respect those that might have differences of opinion. The time for polarization must end in order for Bermuda to experience true freedom and wholeness which we so desperately need.

We must put away the petty games that have derailed and divided us as a country for too long. The time for Bermuda to be healed is now. I encourage and challenge each of us to play a part in this restoration whether Bermudian or non-Bermudian. Let us take personal responsibility to do our part to make this dream a reality. For the residents of Constituency #4, in this next upcoming general election, vote PLP.

Thank you


Update 5.04pm: When asked about the Auditor’s comments on the BLDC payments, Premier Cox said, “I think what’s important to note in terms of the Government and even with the Auditor General..that time and time what comes up are these innuendos and hints of corruption. That seems to be always the subtext sometimes of certain lines of questioning.”

Premier Cox continued: “What is interesting also, it reminds me of 1998 when there was the view that with a PLP Government, international business would all fly away…

“Why are people suggesting it? Is it because they have a black government? I think the issues with regard to the Auditor General are clear. They’ve been documented, they’ve been set out. My views are also clear, as to the fact that there has been nothing that was done that indicated that there was anything that was corrupt.”

“What you have now is the playing out of the Progressive Labour Party mantra, which we believes in the fact that we have documents and a procedure for the establishment and rollout of candidates. The candidates have to have the confidence of the constituency executive, and they also have to have the confidence of the Central Committee.

Speaking on her support for Pastor Bean, Premier Cox said: “I am the Party Leader, and certainly no one who is announced as a candidate would be announced as a candidate if I had grave reservations. Either I wouldn’t sit, or continue to sit, as Party Leader or I would make my views known.

“But there are rules of engagement. And the very fact that I am here when I don’t have to be, should be an indication of the fact that Pastor Bean is part of the PLP team, who will be going out and doing his job to earn the seat for the Progressive Labour Party,” said Premier Cox.

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  1. Rockfish #1and#2 says:

    Well, I assume he paid the money back as Cox requested. Or did Burgess stand his ground?

    • hahahahahahahahahaha says:

      What’s the moral of the porcupine? Ask #4

    • pepper says:

      So where in the world is Derrick Burgess today ?

      • Yup says:

        He was there. Look at the first pic way over to the left.

  2. St. Davids says:

    Bean you are not a St. Davids islander – don’t even try it. We dont want —- in our midst

  3. Sandgrownan says:

    Huh. An unethical clergyman. Go figure.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      I guess when you have 160,000 reasons to overlook a conflict of interest, you overlook it. Even if you’re a clergyman.

      Rockfish, if he’d paid it back we would have heard all about it. He kept it.

    • Family Man says:

      Church of the Greasy Palm.

      • Smith and Paget says:

        why is it when I post that I was OBA but now won’t vote for them I don’t see the post?

  4. hmmm says:

    PLP All the Way!!!

  5. No Way Hosayyy! says:

    I believe the PLP could have picked a much better candidate than this joker!!! Rather than vote for the OBA, (ain’t never gonna happen) I’m just not voting!!! #registered voter Constituency #4.

    • navin johnson says:

      Hosayyy! as you know doubt know from the list of PLP candidates they are not exactly brimming with people who do not have challenges… they ethical or not…same reason they keep recycling the same few Cabinet Ministers…..not a lot for them to choose from…..

  6. pleased says:

    I am happy to see Pastor Bean as the candidate for this area. I think he will defeat suzanne Holshouser.

    • pepper says:

      the pastor ,will fit in well with the plp he has all of the qualities that they demand of their candidates…… lord have mercy and a big $%^&*() amen

    • pepper says:

      Suzanne , is avery caring person….she is an advocate for women and children…and she does it from her heart not for the money…..the good so calld pastor is in it for the money, churches in Bermuda are not getting the money in their collection baskets like they used to !!!!! and a lot of the churche here do not have the congregation they once had.
      So please tell us what pastor Bwan has done !!

    • The nitty gritty says:

      He will defeat Suzanne, the Lambes, Foxes, Pitchers and every other good soul out there,
      then he will defeat all the rest of us and in case you were getting excited, that aint a compliment!

  7. Morals says:

    BOTH MORALS AND ETHICS ARE IN THE GUTTER. Both trying to pretend and hide under the Jesus blanket but still morally low and ehically, can’t be trusted.

  8. Morals says:


  9. Agreed says:

    Hunte needs to come back to #4 – we have no one credible to vote 4. We candidates who aren’t religious from the middle up! Both OBA and PLP representatives are not the ones – rotten from middle down.

  10. sad news says:

    #4 has no really good candidate. where’s Phil Perinchief – you need to run – come canvas my house – we will vote you in.

    • young1 says:

      i agree with you or even his brother Wayne. i’m a PLP member and i wouldn’t for bean!!!!!!!

  11. tired of negative bda ppl says:

    I m so tired of you negative bermudian folks. Go look in your own back yard before you be judging others. No one lives in a glass house! Its funny how you all have judged him based on what was in the papers…since when has the papers always been right!?

    • Rockfish #1and#2 says:

      Pastor Leroy Bean,

      Did you return the money as per the Premier’s instruction? Yes or no?

      Are you prepared to issue a signed statement, or hold a press conference to explain your decision, whatever it was?

    • Portia says:

      I think if you are standing for office than you should be prepared to be judged – and you should also come with clean hands.

    • Mike says:

      All you need to know is that The Premier asked him to resign. Period.

      • Rockfish #1and#2 says:

        Not good enough to sit on the Board, but good enough to receive her endorsment for a seat in the House of Assembly.

        Go figure!

      • Cleancut says:

        The Premier seems to have no Power. Its all in the hands of the Branch people. How do you think Col. Burch was able to desperately run around to people after he lost in the first(Branch) constituency, if you get in bed with the Branch officials your in.

        • pepper says:

          The thought of Col Burch with earings and all being a part of the leadership of this Island !!!!!!!!!!!!after all the damage he did to the off shore companies……..but guess what when the time is right for him to hit the airways, he will be on the “peoples show” and of course the hot 107,102…. The owner of ZBM needs to monitor the host of the “peopls show” becaus he is so easily led by certain defenders of the present government….

    • pepper says:

      Hey my back yard is clean….and if the truth hurts you to bad.

    • The nitty gritty says:

      ok so I looked in my backyard and found no mismanagement, unethical behavior, scandal, corruption, incompetence and lack of transparency, especially as it is a glass house. So now that’s out of de way…yes we are going to judge these people who wish to ruin our economy and lives,
      not to mention our children’s futures. We are not conning the general public and that alone gives us the right to judge, speak out and exercise our opinions.I don’t need the papers to know what’s happening and been happening in this teenyweeny little community where I know what you had for a snack last night. Blind leading the blind.

  12. For the Record says:

    Mr. St. David’s the problem with people is that they judge people based opinion rather than fact. Just for point of information. I would like to release some history to you that is fact. Pastor Bean’s granny is Murthle Wade who is sister to Donnie Pitcher and Buster Pitcher and also the Aunt of Dolly Picture. I guess he doesn’t have a strong blood line in St. Davids, than neither of the above names called either and that would be a farce. Ib Bermuda we need to stop judging people based on people’s opinion and not fact. It is no need to respond with your opinion because these are facts. Stop looking for things just to look for them. Just people are always looking for truth and fairness and you should behave accordingly, if that is what you are.
    A personal friend of the family.

    • St. Davids says:

      “Pastor Bean’s granny is Murthle Wade who is sister to Donnie Pitcher and Buster Pitcher and also the Aunt of Dolly Picture.”

      If that makes you eligible to run in St. Davids then the Listers would be down here.

    • Concerned says:

      Just want to say in response to your remarks, For the Record. Mr. Bean, I am sure would have spent time in St. david’s as a young man and have been given many talks on honesty, pride, integrity, honor which would have lasted him a lifetime. I say that because if he was a relative (close) he wouldn’t have allowed himself to be in the position he found himself in at BLDC – any inkling of wrong doing from these adults as a young man, he would be walking knock kneed and cross eyed today. Again as you said “you guess he doesn’t have a strong blood line in St. David’s”.

      In St. David’s, we know our blood line and we have and do pick, choose and refuse those who ‘say’ they are related.

      The great people mentioned in your comments are my family as well and I know, their discipline continues to be felt by many a man/woman in St. David’s in heart, mind and spirit.

      No need to respond because these are facts.

  13. Forthetruth says:

    I am not Bermudian, so I am neither for PLP or OBA but, if the Auditor General thought an actual crime, fraud or corruption existed she has the ability to pursue an investigation similar to ones recently pursued for recent former Government employees who have been fined, imprisoned or criminally charged. It is no wonder this island is in the state it’s in with the constant maligning of people’s character based on personal opinion versus fact. The man went before the Public Accounts Committee (led primarily by OBA members)–what was the result? I am sure if it was as terrible as each of you imply the conclusion or retribution for wrong-doing would have been well publicized.

  14. kick rocks says:

    We are also judging the oba candidate on what’s not printed in the paper. Would it be be xrated if printed? Open the closet and let the bones walk.

  15. Bewildered says:

    What happened to the “morals and principles” that Church and State should always be kept separate? Is it again one of the “unethical but not illegal” issues which makes it alright because there is not a law against it?

    • BdaLuvin says:

      That is my question too!!??
      The reason Bermuda is soo far behind the other first world nations is for this very reason. The Church and state are in Bed with each other! To be a progressive country we need to LEAVE THE CHURCH/RELIGON out of politics. PERIOD.

  16. truth hurts says:

    These are so very on point true coments.

  17. Come Correct says:

    Well since your here… How do you feel about gay rights pasta? If they get rights I’m calling the first Bermuda 420 march.

  18. Amazed says:

    People should not assume just because the Auditor offers an opinion that it is automaticaly correct. While I agree that they should not have been given the report to do in the first place – it is ridiculous to expect anyone to give money back after the job was done.

    • Truth (Original) says:

      No it’s not at all. Money is clawed back all the time. Especially if I am paid extra money as a consultant to a board of which I am also the vice chairman. It’s ridiculous.

      If he knew what to do as a consultant, then they should have just executed that plan as chairman and vice chairman minus the extra 160k.

      What’s amazing is that you can’t see that.

    • Rumandcoke says:

      Of all the Government Boards in Bermuda , just who is ever expecting to be paid
      thousands of $$$$……certainly not most Chairman or Deputy Chairman that I have served under.
      Yes we are calling for you, Pastor Bean and now PLP candidate, to explain the situation and if / when you returned the taxpayer’s money. We could sure use some of it right now.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      So why did the Premier tell him to resign and pay tge money back?

  19. Forthetruth says:

    I am not Bermudian, can’t vote so an for neither PLP or OBA. But it really bothers me that in such a small place the rampant maligning of people’s character rampantky occurs based on personal opinion, biased reporting and partial truth. If the Auditor General thought an actual crime, corruption or fraud occurred at BLDC she has the authority to pursue an investigation similar to ones recently completed for for Government employees who fined or criminally charged. The man went before the Public Accounts Committee (primarily led by OBA members)–what was the result?! With all the hoohah surrounding the case, the PAC meeting (which I physically attended), I find it quite interesting the conclusion or retribution for “wrong-doing” was never publicized. Hmmm…quite possibly nothing was found…or we all would have heard just as during the “witch hunt” as I believe is the term that is normally used here.

    Be a part of the solution based on facts, real truth and stop being a part of the problem based on JUST what you read in the paper, read on the Internet or hearsay versus the law.

  20. Rockfish #1and#2 says:

    @ Amazed,

    Are you disagreeing with the manner in which Cox handled this matter?

  21. Family Man says:

    Paula fires him from the BLDC for unethical behaviour but now stands next to him and supports him as a candidate for the plp as part of her team. Obviously ethics and integrity are held to a lower standard if you’re just going to run for Parliament.

    • pepper says:

      Paula, is in need of some serious help…how the hell could she fire pastor bean then she is happy for him to be a part of her team ?? Gary Moreno please get to the bottom of this, I think she is desperate for candidates…

  22. K. Shakir says:

    Come Correct……Guess you don’t know your two cousins are gay….you surely want them to have rights……don’t you?……Check around you before you call for a march..

    • Come Correct says:

      For one, how in the f@ck do you know who i am to be calling my family out like that? Secondly I know more than just my 2 cousins are gay whether they know that I know or not. As for them having rights referre back to my post on the gay pride march in london and you’ll see exactly where I stand on it. All my above post is asking/saying is how does Mr. Bean feel about the topic being a political pastor and the fact that if you have the right to stick ***** in someone else *****, then I deserve the right to stick a cone in my mouth. Now polightly f@ck off and worry about your own family issues.

  23. bermy link says:

    all u hatters need to stop and grow up pastor is a good man if u don’t know him u should not judge him he will give u the his last if u didn’t know

    • Truth (Original) says:

      By their fruits, shall ye know them (and judge them).

    • pepper says:

      God will be his judge, bermy

  24. tired of negative bda ppl says:

    @ portia
    Folks like you are small minded and you will judge regardless if you are in a position or not. You will never know if his hands are clean, due me a favor and investigate his character without the media INFLUENCE!

  25. Dis APPOINTED says:

    “Why are people suggesting it? Is it because they have a black government? Wow , unfortunate, I am very surprised, I never thougtht that Paula Cox would stoop so low and use the race card. Many before you have used up the deck. Nobody reacts to that anymore because it was abused so much in the past, kinda like crying wolf! I am disappointed. I was one that stood up for you because I thought you were different and above that. I guess I was wrong.

    No more.

    • pepper says:

      I heard her tonight she sure did play the race card, but what else would you expect ?

      • Rockfish #1and#2 says:

        Of course she played the race card.
        She is a disciple of Brown, as her handling of the Bean fiasco clearly proves!

  26. Cleancut says:

    When the Premier uses the Race card, then you know its all out war, not with white people, or the OBA, but with the General Public.

  27. street wise says:

    So let me get this straight… Mr Bean paid himself $160 large while he was Deputy Chairman of the board of BLDC.  He gets caught out by the Auditor General.  The Premier fires him from the BLDC and tells him to pay back the $160,000. He does not pay back the money.  The story dies in the Press.  Next we hear that Mr Bean is an Approved Candidate for the PLP, and there is “no issue” about the $160 big ones any more, according to the Premier.  


    In my opinion, and thousands of others, this has to be insane behaviour, so the PLP Government must be certifiably insane! Anyway… This sends the wrong message to young people.

    • CHEES! says:

      Get it right!
      He was ‘accused’ of this charge, it went to investigation and was found that, by the companies by-laws and these mens explanations, that there was nothing done wrong or underhanded.
      If somebody says you’re gay but evidence shows you’re not, are you still gay? Come on man,are u? It irritates me how people just love to find fault in everyone and be so small minded that they can’t even choose to see two sides of a story……..please!

      • St. Davids says:

        I was “accused” of smoking weed in school. They had no evidence other than my pasty mouth and bloodshot eyes, so they couldn’t do anything to me……………… was I smoking weed? You’re damn right i was

      • street wise says:

        Thats what I call ‘slippery’… unethical, but not illegal, I presume. Clowns.

      • Walla Walla says:

        If you remember the T-Street building scandal. Many individuals were not prosecuted because our laws were outdated. That does not mean that nothing was done wrong!

  28. Got to go says:

    This is what makes me dislike the plp so much. Bean says, the dream I envision for Bermuda under a PLP government is more cohesion and peace between black and white. Then the premier says, “Why are people suggesting it? Is it because they have a black government?” Bean… you will NEVER see your dream realized under a plp government!

  29. Malachi says:

    C’mon Paula.

    As the saying goes:

    Don’t pee in my face and then tell me it’s raining!!

  30. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Can’t see him winning ..

  31. Grateful says:

    Mercy! I tell you what, I would vote this man in any day. I have personally experienced his ‘above and beyond for strangers’ approach. If it hadn’t been for pastor Bean believing in me when no one else did, I would be another statistic today, another ‘menace to society’. My kids would be in foster homes or living off y’alls taxes. The sacrifice and unpaid, unseen hours and days, weeks, months, actually years he has put into me and my families lives is beyond me. I know that I can do for others today and contribute to this Island because of mr.Bean and people alike.
    So before ya quick to tear down somebody because of what ya heard, take the log outta ya own eye so you can see ya own dirt! Because I know up to today, lists of people who have been helped by mr.Bean and I hope y’all will speak up too.

    Thank-you Mr. Bean and congratulations. Keep up the good work, Bermuda needs more people like you!

    • Truth (Original) says:

      No one is disputing his good works here. There is however, a matter of integrity that neither him nor the Premier is addressing.

      It has been well said by many of the previous posters.

      1. She asked him to resign
      2. She asked him to return the money
      3. He refused (supported by the then deputy premier)
      4. He refused (supported by the then deputy premier)
      5. The Premier then dissolved the BLDC board
      6. A few months later she is now endorsing him and acting as if nothing nefarious happened and then
      7. Played the race card in response to legitimate questions about it.

      This is not about his good deeds. It is about his questionable / unethical ones.

  32. Tru dat says:

    With all the union peeps and pastors in gomint we have even bigger conflicts of interest now!

  33. Concerned says:

    Pastor Bean – I have read many write ups and in each one, it is noted he is founder of this that and the other, but no mention anywhere of his Church or church affiliation. Just wondering!

  34. Grouper says:

    Excellent PLP candidate. Keep rolling out more just like this fine young man and we should probably see the change that is needed…..