Horseshoe Facilities: Multimillion Dollar Upgrade

July 30, 2012

[Updated] A public private partnership will be formed to effect a “major multimillion dollar infrastructure upgrade” to the toilets, shower facilities and concession shop at Horseshoe Bay Beach, Minister of Government Estates and Information Services Michael Scott said on Friday [July 27].

Minister Scott said the upgrades will include two women’s washrooms containing ten bathroom stalls each and two men’s washrooms with six toilet stalls; interior women’s showers and interior men’s showers; outside showers together with lockers for visitors’ property;  fiberglass potable water tank and fiberglass septic tank system to manage sewage and a reverse osmosis water conversion system.

The concession involving food service will be included in the Phase I development, and construction will begin in October when the tourist season begins to wind down.  Phase II — which the Minister described as a future option — involves an elegant bar and restaurant dining experience constructed on the second floor.

Minister Scott said, “In this stunning setting with the award winning signature Horseshoe Bay Beach in the background, I welcome you to this press conference for a special announcement of a Public Private Partnership between South Shore Hospitality Group [SSHG], holders of the concession to operate this facility, and the Government of Bermuda to effect a major multimillion dollar infrastructure upgrade to the toilets, shower facilities and concession shop . This is a significant development and I remain excited about the prospect.

“I am deeply grateful to the Messrs. Michael Caines Jr. and Sr. for their commitment to Bermuda and to hospitality in Bermuda. We all know that Mr Mickey Caines has devoted most of his life to tourism hospitality and this venture with the Government is to be celebrated as a crowning moment for Mr. Caines, his son and the Government.

Minister Scott continued: “What is being delivered? Two women’s washrooms containing ten bathroom stalls each and two men’s washrooms with six toilet stalls; interior women’s showers and interior men’s showers; and outside showers together with lockers for visitors’ property. Major upgrades include a fiberglass potable water tank and fiberglass septic tank system to manage sewage and a reverse osmosis water conversion system.

“The Government’s concerns regarding parking, including staff parking, new landscaping and new life guard stations will be satisfied under the upgrade. And, of course, the concession involving food service will be included in the Phase I development.

“Our partners SSHG will commence construction in October when the extremely busy tourist season begins to wind down. The commitment of Mr. Caines Jr. and Mr. Caines Sr., Mr Perinchief and SSHG’s bankers have made all of this possible and offers a complete answer to the audible and most case justifiable criticism of these Government facilities at our premier signature beach.

“Plainly, the Bermudian public and our visitors will welcome the SHHG improvements and once again we can be proud to entertain our guests here at this magnificent site.

“I mentioned Phase I. Phase II involves an elegant bar and restaurant dining experience constructed on the second floor. Phase II is a future option for either SHHG or the Government of Bermuda to undertake at a future time .

“The Government wishes to salute and thank Messrs. Caines and their partners for their willingness to work with Government in order to improve the facility at Horseshoe Bay. The Government also wishes to acknowledge the tremendous contribution made by SSHG’s legal counsel, Mr. Philip Perinchief, Parliamentary counsel within the Attorney-General’s Chambers and staff of the Estates Section within the Ministry of Government Estates and Information Services for their outstanding contributions as the extremely important ground work for the PPP arrangement took place.

“Finally, the Government wishes Messrs. Caines and their SSHG colleagues continued success in their operation of the facility here at Horseshoe Bay,” concluded Minister Scott.

- Photo by John Manderson

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Comments (25)

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  1. Grouper says:

    No mention of rigorous tendering process that I thought was now required under new legislation… Oh I forgot, the “Friends & Family plan over rides….

    • Concerned says:

      who is SSHG???

      • HeyBye says:

        Sliding in under the Friends and Family plan before it closes for election time.

      • SummerBreeze says:

        SSHG – South Shore Hospitality Group…

  2. Sandgrownan says:

    PPP. Never good.

  3. Come Correct says:

    Ok picture this, its mid august and I’m standing by the water in the middle of horseshoe facing the road, wifey and yourself are soaking up the rays of sunshine on the right side furthest from the entrance when all of a sudden wifey wants a pinacalada. Nobody is happy if wifey aint happy so you get up and make that mission. By the time you get to the bar I guarentee your going to want 11 pinacaladas and that fiberglass “portable” water tank, and you haven’t even thought about the walk back yet. Not sure of all the cons, but I’ve always thought we should have a small boardwalk type thing along the back of the beach with maybe 2 or 3 small bars, maybe some small touristy shops (obviously you won’t sell pink sand at the beach), maybe and area for some tunes to get the island vibes flowing. The boardwalk would also help since walking through sand in 90 degree heat is brutal. I dunno, that’s just my idea to make this island a little less blaaaahhhhh. I mean why s miami so popular? Because there’s sh!t to do.

  4. rhode island tourist says:

    stop horsing around and build a wet and wild themed park water rides slides amusement the beaches are beautiful the dolphins are ehhh the water sprinklers in dock yard yawn ……….WETWILD theme park……= more tourism more jobs ……that is all …..ILOVEBERMUDA…….put that bathroom and gift shop money towards the theme park

    • Rusty Bolt says:

      Hate to be the rusty bolt in your plan; too much fresh water required…yes we could use salt water… maintenance through the roof (if any maintenance is done at all)! not to mention only half a years use!!!! go to florida if you want waterparks….

      • Hmmmmm says:

        Your attitude is the reason tourism is in the toilet. We’ve told visitors, if you want gaming, al fresco dining, a drink on the beach, a beach bar, a topless beach, a waterpark, etc “go somewhere else”; and so they have. And you wonder why……

        • unionmember says:

          salt water park will be exhorbently $$$$$ to run on island. It will not be profitable. every 10 years or so that idea comes up but the numbers don’t work

  5. so-n-so says:

    and just how many millions is this “multimillion” dollar upgrade?

  6. Hey says:

    So phase I is toilets, washrooms and snack place. We already have those facilites there at Horseshoe. Phase II is optional for a future date.

    I must go to Bermuda to use a toilet and change room. WOW infrastructure. Plans look modern, not Bermuda like and building will look sheap and nasty pretty soon.

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    Next comes the admission fee to use the beach, paid to the concessionaire, of course, where it gets divided up.

    Actually, a user fee to for public recreation areas is not unusual. Go to any US state park or any provincial park in Canada & there will be a day use fee, usually a per vehicle between $5 & $10. In Bermuda currency that userfee would come out to $10 to $20 per day per 4 wheeled vehicle.

    The difference between the US & Bermuda is that money collected by the parks is used for the maintenance of the parks. It does not go into a general slush fund like Bermuda taxes.

    • Doin' the Dip says:

      I would pay 10 bucks to use a park if I was guaranteed that the money I spent would go directly back into the park’s fund… I would probably go more often than I do now…

  8. unionmember says:

    Why not use about 6 million of that budget to upgrade the facilities at shelly bay and another beach. Horseshoe is sooooo rammed that its not even fun to go there at times. The water turns a shade darker when all the folks pile in. We have fabulous beaches all around the island and many have pink sand too! Why focus on one and why keep bathrooms from the 1900′s in others? Let’s spread the weatlh and upgrade the total beach package, not just Horshoe

    • Bedhead says:

      I have often thought the same thing. Since we have so many visitors concentrated in the west end. How about cleaning up Someset Long Bay. I went there a few years ago and the whole beach was covered in glass and not the coveted sea glass. It was shameful and dangerous.

      • Soooo says:

        Has’t changed a bit.. I was there over the weekend, beautiful spot.. except for the glass and the toilets!!

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Actually not much needs to be done to keep visitors happy. They are used to going to parks & beaches where the only facility is a few porta pottys. They must be serviced frequenetly however. Once a week will not do. What happened to the lunch carts that used to be at the beaches?

        The worst that can be done is to turn the other S Shore beaches into another Horseshoe bay which is getting to be no different to a resort beach found anywhere in the world.

        The best beaches in Bermuda are east of Horseshoe.

  9. Soooo says:

    wonder if they received one of those 20 year +364 day leases?? I like how SSHG’s legal counsel is the ex-AG who knows all the inside tracks … looks so “friends and family” to me!!!

    • Soooo says:

      Actually… in this public-private partnership…. Where is the money comming from? The public or the private? How much will it cost the people in the long run? If the private sector is funding is it “insured” by government? Is there an out clause for Governemt if the venture falls flat?

  10. jack says:

    how come every time someone wants to do the same thing futher down the beach along come (best with their stupid talk. we need tomake bermuda a fun place

    • Shaking the Head says:

      You’re right. Let’s build on every beach, have loud music, beach bars, gambling. Have what is called fun.
      Then wonder why fewer and fewer visitors come to Bermuda.

  11. Opressed says:

    There are some very beautiful beaches on this island, most not very well maintained, although some are not easily accessible to clean and rake. The views along south shore can be breathtaking, and then we build slums and the worlds most unsightly gas station in front of it all. Go figure? So I guess we’ll do more of the same at Horseshoe.

    The newly built Warwick Shell will surly surpass the Bank of Bermuda’s Front Street office as one of the most hideous looking buildings on the island. Shame on us.

  12. Kiddin me says:

    Miami welcomes the gay community , Bermuda is stuck in the 60s we should mandate swimming caps and full body swim suits to make it as boring as we can!