UBP Congratulates Bermuda’s Olympians

August 8, 2012

“Nothing galvanizes people more than sports, music or the arts and in this case the Olympics has kept the people of Bermuda focused on the events in London”, United Bermuda Party leader Kim Swan said.

“My colleague Mr. Charlie Swan and I are most pleased with and proud of the efforts by all of our [Bermuda's] Olympic athletes. We see their efforts as an example to all Bermudians, especially the children of our country, that with desire, hard work and discipline they also can be vying for gold.

“Through the efforts of our athletes we see these games and the build up to them as a means to bring our people together and inspire our youth.

“We are also most proud to see the performances by our athletes in track, swimming, equestrian and in the triathlons who compete regularly and successfully on the world stage.

“We now need to set our sights on the 2016, 2020 and 2024 Olympics by identifying and developing our talent in any number of sporting disciplines and ensuring that when an athlete`s talent merits it, they receive the
financial support to compete both locally and internationally.

“Our Olympic athletes have represented us well and set the stage for a greater national focus on the development of the vast sporting talent that we have in Bermuda.

“These performances in diverse disciplines are encouraging and suggest to us that our people are talented. We would direct our focus to our primary schools, which contain prime candidates for development into fine athletes.

“We have seen this done before in track and field in Bermuda and are pleased to see the progress currently being made – let it continue.

“In closing, whilst offering our heartfelt congratulations to our athletes, we also take this opportunity to again recommend that sailing become a national sport.

“This view is enhanced by yet another example at these games that we can compete with the best. Bermuda has a great environment to develop an internationally acclaimed sailing academy with our sights set on inspiring our young people in that sport to be the greatest in the world.

“With the completion of the national swimming pool, our swimmers should also be encouraged, Bermuda has a natural advantage in sporting pursuits that revolve around the water. We should make the most of that advantage”, Mr Swan concluded.

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