Foul Smell & Liquid Remain At Bakery Lane

September 6, 2012

As of 8.30am this morning [Sept 6] both the liquid substance and foul odour remain at Bakery Lane in Pembroke. The substance started flooding the area yesterday, with the foul smell permeating the area.

Bakery Lane at 8.15am this morning:

Some workers in the area are extremely unhappy with the situation, pointing out Hurricane Leslie is bearing down on us and saying they really do not want the foul liquid to be blown all over their businesses as the storm winds come to pass.

We asked the Department of Health for comment about this situation yesterday, they have not yet responded however we will update as able. You can  view the story and videos from yesterday here.

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  1. swing voter says:

    yuck…..this shudda been taken care of within hours

  2. David says:

    Again somone does what they want and gets away with it. Where is the planning permission number displayed, or was there even permition asked or granted? Why was a building that size allowed in an already congested area? Why was a restaurant and preparation kitchen allowed to be in that building without proper sewage facilities? This morning the road is still a mess and the drill still there. In other countries the job would have been worked until it was finished.

  3. Dr. The Hon. Sooper Trooper Pooper Scooper says:

    It’s a clear case of DILLIGAF NIMBY

    Do I Look Like I Give A F…


    problem is Not In My Back Yard…

    Mediocrity at it’s best!

  4. Family Man says:

    A few inches of rain over the weekend and we’ll have a good sized lake there.

  5. Skeptic says:

    Why is it that the Dept of Health never seems to have any response to public health challenges until weeks after the event? Isn’t public health important enough to that proactive engagement with the media and the public be a required attribute of the Public Health Dept.? Shouldn’t they be sending samples for high priority testing? Shouldn’t they be evaluating the range of possible impacts to the area? Where is the professionalism and science to protect and serve the public?? In the dump fires, BELCO fire and HWP fire, it took weeks for any useful information to be obtained and fed back to the public – in the meantime, thousands of area residents were left with little affordable option but to continue to drink the water and breathe the air. And in the case of Pembroke, it is the most densely populated area which also supports a disproportionate amount of potentially hazardous materials for industry. Should the effort be greater to protect the public health of Pembroke?

  6. Chart says:

    Health Dept really mal-performed here.
    1. Allowing a food business in a building without adequate sanitary resources in the first place.
    2. Allowing this “kludge” to take place in such an unsupervised fashion.
    3. Putting surrounding businesses at such risk and disadvantage by allowing the work to take place during business hours.
    BAS has a lot of burned bridges to repair with their neighbours!

  7. timsrty says:

    the stench is from buzz

  8. Man in the Mirror says:

    I am amazed. I thought it would have been the PLP’s fault, since thats the ONLY words TD and a few others know.
    I bet TD and his boys are Republicans.

  9. William says: