Videos: Foul Smelling Liquid Floods Bakery Lane

September 5, 2012

[Updated] Bakery Lane in Pembroke is flooded with some form of liquid this afternoon [Sept 5], which has a rather unpleasant foul odour.

Some of the workers and customers in the area could be seen shielding their noses as they walked around. The flooding is only a few inches high, however all the car drivers we have seen thus far have declined to drive through the substance, instead choosing to turn their vehicles around and take another route.

The deepest of the flooding is in the area by Pembroke Paint Company and Rayclan,  and a sanitation truck has been seen in the area. Unofficial reports from people on the scene indicate the substance started coming up while drilling was being performed in the area.

We will update with additional information as able.

Update 2.00pm: The sanitation truck is coming back and forth, picking up loads of the substance and taking it away. The smell is strongly permeating the area and some of the workers from businesses in the area have expressed their displeasure with the situation, saying the stench is turning off their customers and affecting business.

Update 2.55pm: David Swift of Pembroke Paint Company said there has been overflow from the sewage tanks at a neigbouring business [Buzz Restaurant] for some time, and he has expressed concern about it before. The full video interview with Mr Swift is below.

Speaking about the drilling, Mr Swift said: “I am really upset they had to do it right now, even after going to them and asking them to do it after hours. The Health Department said they would do it after hours, but they went ahead and did it this morning, and here is the result.”

“This is all sewage. It is definitely sewage and stuff all mixed up inside this pond water,” said Mr Swift.

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  1. Cedar Beams (Original) says:

    Bermuda is sinking I told you. PLP has brought us to this! Bilges backin up!

    • HANGMAN says:

      You are the true a$$ of Bernews. Just by your tone I can tell you’re a racist person. You have some serious issues to work out in that small brain of yours.

      • Well says:

        Can’t tell if serious or just bad sarcasm. You’re the small brained one if serious.

  2. Chart says:

    They are drilling a well next to BAS.

    • Bird Watcher says:

      I could do with an observer like yourself by my side! Can you spot longtails?

  3. Familiar says:

    It’s been pretty foul smelling on a regular basis for some time now. The suspected cause is well known.

    • Future says:

      Well known to who?

      • Familiar says:

        Anyone regularly in the area.

        • Chart says:

          I just drove down Serpentine Road. Great thundering clouds of sulphur that smells bad.

          • Mayan says:

            I work on Serpentine Road near Belco and ‘unpleasant foul odour’ is putting it mildly…I could have sworn it was a dead body….

  4. Razor says:

    White online bloggers caused this. Damn them!

  5. Zombie Apolcalypse says:

    It’s a bit like when someone recently said we will soon see the economy rebound.

  6. Family Man says:

    In other countries, when they drill, they hit oil or gas. In Bermuda we hit sewage.

    • Chart says:

      Hang on, isn’t that water PLP green? It’s Smelling Strong!

  7. Green Goblin says:

    BAS Serco and the Health Department should be ASHAMED OF THEMSELVES. What the F were you all thinking? How could the HEALTH Department allow this!!!! The amazing thing to me is that they are still drilling!!!!!!!! They have not been asked to stop! Every business in the area has been negatively affected (without warning) – Buzz, Rayclan, Pembroke Paint, furniture Flair, Redlaser , Greymayne, A-Z and many others! The smell is overbearing and Im sure unhealthy for everyone in the area. Please let us know who is responsible so I can take a dump and leave it in their office and see how they like it! Thanks – BAS SERCO and HEALTH DEPARTMENT / Minister of Health for thinking of us! Business isn’t bad enough! Now we have to deal with all this CRAP..literally!

  8. Chart says:

    There’s no way this should have been allowed during business hours. Drilling always pulls tons of water to the surface – and in that location you were assured it would be nasty, with nowhere for it to run. Who’s prepared to compensate the neighbors for lost business?

  9. Chart says:

    Gotta make you think twice about what’s in those Buzz wraps too! Eeew!

  10. Staying Positive says:

    stop eating Mac n Cheese and the sewage wont be so smelly you lot!

  11. lets get serious! says:

    what the heck we gotta put our shoulders to the wheel!

  12. Sara says:

    This is what happens when your infrastructure can’t support the population. We are 22 sq miles and the maximum amount of people that should truly be here with resources available is less than half of what is currently here. I am not saying that having people here doesn’t support the economy because it does what I AM saying is that the resources on this tiny island can’t support the population.

    • Bird Watcher says:

      Ah we have another candidate! Now you seem more observant than the last…you, my dear, can spot the caHOW’s.

    • hmm says:

      The infrastructure can’t support the population….orrrrrr….the population can’t support the infrastructure. hmm

      They could have fixed this just like they did BAA Field stretch. . . o, wait…

  13. Erica says:

    It wouldn’t have taken a rocket scientist to figure out that this would be the results of drilling in this location. Wish that I could use the term unbelievable and mean it…but sadly nothing is unbelievable these days! I feel sorry for those losing business in the area and to those employees in the area that have had to smell this nastiness….who will cover the lost income?

    I truly hope it is cleared up before the storm!

    • Green Goblin says:

      Work on a construction site and you must wear a hard hat,steel tip boots etc… work in an auto body garage and you must use a ventilator. These poor workers are breathing this foul odor (and I mean enough to make you hurl)without a ventilator and believe it or they are walking in it without boots or wanding trousers on… just sneakers! All this in FRONT OF THE HEALTH DEPARTMENT STAFF!

      Nothing surprises me anymore

  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    Whoever ordered the drilling should be sued for negligence and if the Health Dept. is turning a blind eye then sue them too! Don’t play games with people’s livelihoods and business. Sue their asses. They’ll get the message!!!

  15. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Is our only energy company out there fracking for natural gas ?

  16. Haha!!!!!! says:

    Well the food at BUZZ is already bad, but now it stink like sh%# too!!!!!!!

    • Oh well says:

      Sh#% Happens!!!!! I don’t eat at any Buzz restaurants, sucks!!!!!!!

  17. Liars! says:

    M.P…you could be on to something there….but then again, look who’s at the Helm.

  18. blessings says:

    Why is that guy walking all in the sewage? Where the hell is his boots? Yes we all need money, but actually work in sh$t to earn it. Someone reason with this man. If lotion absorbs through your skin so will the Ecoli Bacteria!!!! Yuk!!
    The looks of this island is getting like full ghetto, slum

  19. Arthur says:

    “All drivers thus far have declined to drive through it” lol.
    Nobody cana cross it. It’s only who undastand it. Like a fisher man, and a fisher woman seen?

  20. Raul Carreiro says:

    What all of you morons fail to mention is this! What you are smelling is not sewage! All of these buildings are built on top of a MARSH!!!! The Sulfuric smell comes from hundreds of years of decaying plant material!! And to those who are blaming the PLP for this you are nothing more than pure uneducated fools!! IM not a PLP supporter but the truth is the truth!!