Photo Set #2: Somerset ‘Zombie Walk’

October 29, 2012

Despite mildly threatening weather, hundreds of people turned out to either watch or participate in the Halloween ‘Zombie Walk’ which was hosted by the Bermuda Arts Centre at Dockyard in conjunction with the Somerset Economic Empowerment Zone on Saturday [Oct 27].

Participants in the costume parade ranged from a headless man mounted on a horse, a man whose guts were spilling out of his stomach, and a large bat. Activities included a short costume parade, a messy pie-eating contest, and a haunted house set up inside the Sandy’s Boat Club.

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  1. ty says:

    Are there anymore pics to come?

  2. Mayan says:

    All was good until the wrath from above came down and smote some poor guy’s Bimmer…

  3. It is amazing how people like to down play the power of Almighty God,it aint by happen stance that after a zombie walk that the very building they held the final event,that a freak tornado that was not even picked up by the weather service comes off the ocean and rips through the same building were the so called zobies where.

    Many think God dont allow things or orchestrate things of this nature,well let me assure you that God is a God of Mercy and grace but also aa God of Wrath,you look at the Perfect storm 21 years ago and the storm Sandy today,they are both the same and sent by God. the fact that there is a picture here of the P.L.P chairperson or spokes person of the Somerset Branch as a zombie concerns me greatly because if that is her core beliefs then heaven help us.

    • Y.N.W.A. says:

      Or it could have happened because the storm happened to pass closest to the west end of the island. I’m not religious, but I’m pretty sure the Bible didn’t say anything about zombies….

    • Y.N.W.A. says:

      Also, if God didn’t like the zombie walk, why not just send the tornado during the event, instead of after? I’m just saying.

  4. God is Good says:

    Thank you Mr. Santucci

    i am glad to know that there are still people out there that know God is in control and fear him!

  5. Progressive Bermuda Alliance says:

    @ Duane P Santucci – You are too funny. Have another drink mate!

  6. Steve says:

    Umm umm