Anthony Richardson To Stand For PLP In C#12

November 29, 2012

The PLP confirmed this morning [Nov 29] that Anthony Richardson will be their candidate in Constituency #12, replacing Makai Dickerson who stepped down yesterday.

Mr Richardson will challenge the incumbent – OBA Leader Craig Cannonier – for the second time. Mr Richardson, a Chartered Accountant, previously challenged Mr Cannonier in the November 2011 bye-election. Mr Cannonier won with 504 votes [82.89%], Mr Richardson received 75 votes [12.34%] and Independent David Sullivan received 29 votes [4.77%]

Mr Richardson previously served as Accountant General of Bermuda, Vice President at Bank of Bermuda, CEO of the Bermuda Health Council, a lecturer at Bermuda College and as a Police Officer.

His previous leadership roles include Chairman of the Bermuda Hospitals Board and the Bermuda Educators Council and serving on the Hospital Insurance Commission, YouthNet, Bermuda Football Association and the Golf Course Trustees of Bermuda.

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  1. Yawn says:

    I need a nice codfish breakfast to get physically ready to listen to this one here, Yawn.

    I dont know if being second fiddle and second choice to Makai Dickerson is a good or a bad thing

  2. Family Man says:

    I guess they’ve given up on the ‘shining stars’ and are just going with the dull rocks .

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    This has to be a step up on Malkai Dickerson. Pretty good resume too. Does he have a current job or is he still at the taxpayer supplied feeding trough? Lots of ‘used to’ jobs there.

    • Amazed says:

      this is a step up from every new candidate from both parties!

  4. Rosy Hill says:

    Anthony is a smart guy, super honest therefore not sure why he is attaching himself to this group. Maybe hoping to change things from within?

  5. Dead Ringer says:

    To be honest, I have not been a big fan of the PLP but I must say his resume is impressive so I wonder why the PLP would keep him hidden? You would think that he would be one of their first options? Perhaps he wasn’t interested or willing up until now – don’t know. Just wondering. If both parties fielded candidates with his resume I would feel much better about Bermudas future.

    • Mad Dawg says:

      He’s honest and a nice guy. He probably doesn’t quite fit in with that lot. Given the circs I’d also imagine he didn’t really want to run. He can’t win this constituency, but I think he’s a decent guy, totally unlike the person he replaced.

  6. Eyes Wide Open says:

    Sorry to hear Makai…. I still think you could have won that seat… Everyone likes a bit of ‘GANJA’….. Makes us known that your part of us… (No typo)