Cannonier: “Proud & Excited” By Candidates

November 29, 2012

Speaking after today’s [Nov 29] Nomination Day OBA Leader Craig Cannonier said he was “proud and excited” by the team of candidates the OBA has fielded for the election.

“We are Bermudians who have come together from all walks of life. We are single mothers, shopkeepers, business people, lawyers, teachers, taxi drivers, community workers, seniors, artists and accountants… you name it.

“We have come together to give Bermuda the opportunity to change course, to build a Bermuda based on social and economic equity for all, leaving no one behind.

“We are on a mission to get Bermuda working again for the thousands who are without a job, for the thousands who are under-employed, for the many who are feeling less safe and for the untold numbers who are deeply worried about the direction the Island is headed.

“Our plans are built on thousands of conversations we’ve had, on the doorstep, in churches and homes and at the clubs. Our plans are where Bermudians want their government to be,” continued Mr Cannonier.

“We will be a government that grows jobs, setting job-creating targets, committing to deadlines the people can hold us to. We will be a public safety government, making our streets and homes safer. We will be a government that makes sure our children get the education they need; supporting our teachers to make it happen.

Mr Cannonier continued: “We will be a public service government, operating from a foundation of fairness for all, in everything. We will put in place laws, regulations and best practices – all the architecture – to give the people of this country a government they can trust; a government that is open in its work, transparent in its spending and accountable for its performance. We believe in Bermuda, and we will get the job done.

“In the days ahead, voters will have a choice between change for a better future or more of the same; between our plans to get this Island working again or five more years of rising unemployment, soaring debt and national drift. It’s time for change,” concluded Mr Cannonier.

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  1. Let's Have at It says:

    I need to get me a red tie! Time for change!

  2. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    Damn Cannonier , didn’t you read that document ? There shouldn’t be any doubt in your mind that you are nothing but , ..But a surrogate !

    • Bermudian Overseas says:


      damn some people are just going to keep this document going to keep ‘deceiving the public’ just like Ewart did.

      some people sicken me

      • Um Um Like says:

        To actually believe that document simply proves one’s ignorance. Don’t blame Mountbatten, it’s not his fault. Maybe his parents shook him when he was a baby.

    • Bullseye says:

      That’s all you have to get re-elected?


  3. Limey says:

    Its funny because everywhere else in the world, red is the colour of the socialist labour movement

  4. US Observer in Pink Sand says:

    The only green I do see in the Bermuda flag is the grass. Just something I noticed. :-) VOTE!!!

  5. Judge Dredd says:

    They all look so proud. Too proud for me.

    • Bullseye says:

      Striving for good always feels good, especially when they are standing strong against a rain of lies and negativity from their opponents. The PLP has made up the platform for the OBA yet have failed to deliver their own. They can’t even answer the same questions they ask of the opposition yet they persist in juvenile attacks.

      Bermuda has nothing to gain from a PLP win. Nothing at all.

      • frank says:

        so i take it that you would like to go back to the plantation the oba have 22 out of 36 black people running in the election so they clearly want that black vote,the blacks in the oba are being used just like their leader. don’t think for a second that michael dunkley does not want to be the leader.

        • Watching says:

          And don’t think for one moment that Zane is not eyeing top spot either!

        • Bullseye says:

          I don’t think for a second that there is a plantation in Dunkleys closet he is waiting to bring out.

          Characterising the black members of the OBA as lemmings is silly. They are not. Their message is clear, but you don’t want to hear it.

          The PLP carnage is clear also. Maybe your pockets are being lined by the PLP with the money being lost by Bermudians so you don’t care. Maybe you have something to lose if the OBA come in and restore hope.

        • being mindfull says:

          so you dont thing your on a platation now under the plp, what are have they done to help the so called blacks. the country is failing, thats not a black or white issue, its a people issue. If i have to go back to plantation days to have good opportunities for my childm thats what ill do.

  6. Stop Complaining for 1 sec says:

    Looks like the same RED to me that the UBP used to wear. Lemme see if i can find one of those good ole boys pics.

    • Um Um Like says:

      Maybe if the OBA wore blue idiots like you wouldn’t even think to make a comparison between the OBA and UBP.

      That said, a job well done for learning your colors! I’m sure your elementary school teachers would be proud of you!

  7. welldone says:

    Funny – this is the first time we’ve seen Nadia Hamza and Ras Mykkal since their rollouts.

    • Liars says:

      maybe it because they are very busy learning the issues that bermuda will face over the next five years, regardless if they win or lose as it is not supposed to be a lottery but a chance to put Bermuda back on a fiscally level playing field.

      This is no game, this really is your future…choose/vote well!

      OBA for change!

      Vote PLP in in 5 years people, its only five years, PLP will not get us out only deeper with there plantation comments and fiscal irresponsability, vote the wicked Liars out!

  8. Honestly says:

    Lol…even though they don’t have a plan?

  9. Bullseye says:

    The PLP likes to label the OBA as the both ways party, but let’s look at the core “secret plan” the PLP is making their strength for this election.

    They claim the UBP planned a restructure to gain black votes. So the OBA was formed to make blacks find an alternative to the PLP more attractive. The PLP thinks this is racist and divisive.

    Well…. the PLP used “a vote for the UBP is a vote back to the plantation!”

    How is that not a racist or divisive statement. Right now the PLP are trying to paint the OBA as the party of the slavemaster behind the scenes. How is that not racially divisive? They certainly arent looking for the white vote. How is calling black followers of the OBA brainwashed anything good? The OBA is a new collective of individuals from all walks of Bermuda who recognise that the island needs new guidance. That’s it. The PLP will tell you that the slavemaster is pulling the strings of the puppets and everything is just fine under their command even though we can all look around at loss and lack of hope everywhere we look.

    Both ways PLP for sure. They have no idea where to go.

    All inclusive OBA is the reality. They will try to restore the hopes that are fading. It won’t be easy and it won’t be quick, but at least we will have hope and transparency and trust. Let’s at least turn the corner from going deeper into the storm with a blind captain.

  10. All that matters this election is Nandi Davis and her pretty smile

    even if OBA lose she would have been worth the time invested to prove that black surrogates can be pretty good _____

  11. joe says:

    They are great photos of proud Bermudians standing for a political party that has the diversity needed to run this country. Compare photos of the two parties and you can almost feel the old school failure of the PLP vs. the younger and more vibrant OBA images. It is so clear: which do you think can better help our country move into its next -and more successful- phase? We know where the PLP has taken us. Why leave tomorrow in doubt.