Murder Conviction: David Cox Appeal Continues

November 7, 2012

[Updated] David Cox’s appeal continued yesterday [Nov 6], with lawyer for the 33-year-old convicted murderer continuing to argue his case in front of the Appeals Court.

In August 2010, Troy “Yankee” Rawlins was fatally shot in the entrance of Spinning Wheel nightclub on Court Street, and Mr Cox was charged with murder later that month.

During the trial the court heard that Mr Rawlins was shot 16 times, viewed the CCTV footage of the shooting, and testimony was presented that Mr Rawlins had ties to Parkside, while Mr Cox was said to have ties to 42.

Mr Cox was convicted of murder, and in July 2011 he was sentenced to life in prison, with the Court ruling he must serve a minimum of 38 years in prison before he can be considered for parole.

His appeal began on Monday with his lawyer Larry Mussenden saying that part of the Crown’s evidence tendered by Police Sergeant Rollins should not have been admitted as ‘expert evidence’ and that the jury might have been unduly influenced by this treatment of Sgt Rollins.

Mr Mussenden continued his appeal yesterday in front of three Court of Appeal judges, and closed in the afternoon. The Prosecutor is expected to address the points raised by Mr Mussenden as the appeal continues today.

Heavy security as David Cox is transported back to Westgate:

The process ended around 4:30pm and Mr Cox was lead out and put into a prison van and driven off to Westgate. There were armed police present at the Court, and the prison van left with a police escort both in front and behind.

Update 12.05pm: Mr Mussenden wrapped up this morning at 10:50am, and Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions Cindy Clarke began the Crown’s response at 10:55am. The heavy police presence continues.

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Comments (12)

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  1. special island says:

    But does it really have tobe such a Parade? If someone was really out to get him they can easily just follow the noise and flashing lights. Good Job!

  2. terry says:

    Wait till the ………….
    Never mind.
    Better give the COP a heads up on my thoughts.

  3. Emma says:

    OMG! are you serious??? is he the damm Queen with such a parade??? Bermudians are funny…. Must be the highlight of the cops day

  4. SMH says:

    They need to stop giving this fool so much attention.

  5. real kid says:

    lol @emma thats funny as helll he must be

  6. U jokers! the crime here with guns is so high, it only take an a$$whole from the other gang to fire shots @ the me then u will see war,u lot not seeing nothing yet.U don’t want every1 come 2gether & start shooting the other gang members out of the houses. Yes your all seeing parkside out as big groups but its bigger then that. Who no knows & its really coming that close now.people are fed up,get out or town,no joke business now the real $hit going to come into play,will its going to out nnumber the police. Like I said & will say it again Coxy hold ya head up high don give a f$%# what people think,talk & feel about u. We that no knows the truth & the lord don’t sleep.

  7. Haha says:

    That was like the movie s.w.a.t. Lol

  8. fed up!! says:

    i so agree with you (living life in Bermy) $hit is gonna get a lot worse real soon. Parkside think they on top but they $hit soon come crumbling down, bermudians are very tired of these punka$$ little boys, and Jah know things are gonna change. cause the Lord doesnt sleep and he is the king and ruler of all. and ya, keep ya head up Coxy, na worry about what these negative bud minded people gotta say about you. those who know,know and those who dont just dont need to know, simple as that. the criminals they should be locking up they dont, they let them out on bail for $2000.$ullshit system here and they say trust the police. ya right, so fed up with that. :(

    • Big Bra says:

      Parkside dont have a strong leader to guide them. Westside really be on top they know when to cool out and when to pop off. They got the game plan. Thats why 42 n west got street ties. If you aint got a plan in the streets you aint got nothing, straight up.

  9. Common Sense Must Prevail says:

    Listen, whether you like it or not that convicted murderer is a target. As distastefull as some who have not thought it through may believe even he requires a duty of care.

    Further traditionally, the security and transport has always been the purview of the highly trained and professional but unarmed men and women of our Department of Corrections.

    Please allow the persons responsible for the appropriate risk assessments and deployment of resources do their job and trust their judgement.

    I do not think it would be a good day if a Corrections Officr was injured protecting or gaurding those in their charge, on the way to court.

    Its not a parade or romantic attention grabbing exercise.

    Let Common Sense Prevail.

  10. quilah says:

    Smd yankee is my dad his kids miss him I am 30 my son never got to meet my dad. I don’t care what nobody say who give somebody the right to take his life foh R.I.P DADDY