Photos/Webcast Replay: PLP East End Rally

December 6, 2012

[Updated] The Progressive Labour Party is holding an East End Rally this evening [Dec 6] at the St George’s Cricket Club starting at 7pm. All the candidates from Constituencies 1 through 12 are scheduled to speak, and the promo poster said the event is scheduled to include live performances, entertainment, food vendors and a special appearance by Premier Paula Cox.

The candidates who are scheduled to speak, and the constituencies they will be running in are: Anthony Richardson in C#12 Devonshire South Central, Neville Tyrell in C#11 Devonshire East, Patrice Minors in C#10 Smith’s North, Vance Campbell in C#9 Smith’s West, Wayne Perinchief in C#8 Smith’s South, Diallo Rabain in C#7 Hamilton South, Wayne Furbert in C#6 Hamilton West, Derrick Burgess in C#5 Hamilton East, Pastor Leroy Bean in C#4 St. George’s South, Lovitta Foggo in C#3 St David’s, Renee Ming in C#2 St. George’s West and Dame Jennifer Smith in C#1 St. George’s North.

The rally has ended & the 2.5 hour webcast replay is below. Drag the bottom bar to fast forward:

Update 11.30pm: The rally ended just before 10pm, with all the candidates taking the stage while B.L.A.C. performed the PLP song.

Patrice Minors was one of the first to speak and said the PLP has come too far to wave a flag of surrender “They say it’s his,” she said presumably referred to her competitor in C#10 Michael Dunkley. “They say that the boundaries are in his favour. But I am not surrendering.”

Wayne Perinchief said: “We are not anti-business, but we are pro Bermudian. And the last time I checked, that’s who we represent. And we don’t have to hide people or send surrogates to tell the story.”

Wayne Furbert sang a few bars before beginning his speech saying “This is my first rally. I couldn’t do this on the other side.” He went on to quote Martin Luther King Jr. saying “Free at last, Free at last, Thank God almighty we are free at last.”

Derrick Burgess noted that at one point some war veterans did not get a pension, saying:”It took this Government to correct that discrimination.” He went on to say: “We have done so much for seniors and will continue to do that.”

Lovitta Foggo told the audience “You have to vote,” and pointed out the struggles people went through so that all people were able to vote.

Renee Ming walked out while the 1970′s hit “We are Family” was playing, and was accompanied on stage by her family including her mother, grandmother and 96-year-old great-grandmother.

Premier Cox was the last to speak and said the upcoming election is a “defining moment” for Bermuda.

“Politics is not a spectator sport,” said the Premier. “Each one of us has a stake in the outcome of this election. And we have a choice to make in this election. Your PLP party needs you, your PLP candidates need you”

“And the choice is really very simple, you can choose to go forward or you can choose to go backwards,” said the Premier.

The times listed below by the person’s name indicate the approximate time they start speaking on the webcast replay. You can fast forward the video above to the applicable point by dragging the bottom bar.

Anthony Richardson at 18 mins, Neville Tyrell at 25 mins, Patrice Minors at 33 mins, Vance Campbell at 36 mins, Wayne Perinchief at 44 mins, Diallo Rabain at 52 mins, Wayne Furbert at 60 mins, Derrick Burgess at 1 hr 15 mins, Pastor Leroy Bean at 1 hr 21 mins, Lovitta Foggo at 1 hr 40 mins, Renee Ming at 1 hr 51 mins, Dame Jennifer Smith at 2 hrs 2 mins, and Premier Paula Cox at 2 hrs 14 mins.

Click to enlarge photos:

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  1. Webster says:

    Hey Wayne, you said you were a ladies man…. are you dating a women half of you age ?

    • Black Gurl says:

      More people on stage than in the audience.

      • Uh oh!!! says:

        You’re right, not many. . . I would say they lost money on this event! Lol

      • preachingToTheChoir says:

        It looks so empty cus the only people there are the old people all at the back sharing the oxygen tank.

        • citi zen says:

          preaching you are very very disrespectful. You may just get old one day or even get sick so be nice.
          I am middle aged and they have my vote. Tone it down a knotch peachin.


          • Y.N.W.A. says:

            He/she isn’t being disrespectful, he/she is probably pointing out the fact that the only people who would even consider voting PLP are those that were alive back when race was actually an issue. But I may be wrong. What you and your fellow PLP supporters don’t understand is that it is the young and unemployed that will benefit from the PLP being gone. I am going to assume that because of your age, you’re more than likely gainfully employed and don’t find yourself affected by whats going on in Bermuda. I can’t understand why any intelligent, logical thinking person would vote PLP.

          • Formidable Deviant says:

            I am interested to know – why have they got your vote? I’m trying to think of one reason why you would reward the PLP Govt with your vote? Go on then, tell me…?

      • Come Correct says:

        Sorry, but no self-respecting person would diminish their own self-description/”tag” down to the color of their skin. If you are a black girl, I’m sure you have other attributes you could use, your complexion doesn’t mean jack, your character is what defines you. If you aren’t, thanks for the kick in the nuts as I call out political bloggers when I see then, some of us would like to see things done the right way.

        • status! says:

          @come correct—as a BLACK person my color means EVERYTHING to me! my character means nothing to people who have no character, and never has!Your opinion can never define who I am so u r incapable of even knowing the meaning of character if you neglect my color.It doesn’t matter what I am called it only matters who I am as a BLACK person. And if you want things done the right way find out about black people before passing your trivial opinion..learn some facts about life!

          • Agreed! The audacity of some people to try and tell others what black should or should not mean to them. To “black gurl”, you have every right to use whatever title you please as our ancestors did.

            Fools like “come correct” are very condescending. He/she probably thinks slavery wasn’t that bad either.

            • Keturah says:

              Yes you are right. That person made a thoughtless comment.

              • Keturah says:

                Let’s not assume what they feel about slavery though. Then you are wrong too.

              • Blurt says:

                People have the right to label themself how they want. We all look for a path in life, an identity, something to cling onto.. Black Gurl has chosen hers with her own free will, just as everyone else in the populated free world has. Own it Black Gurl. I think the original commenter got trapped by the PLP divisiveness. The PLP don’t own the rights to being black as much as they pretend they do.

                • Come Correct says:

                  You lot are idiots. I’m not saying being black doesn’t matter, but using something you have no control over to define yourself is pretty stupid. Two days ago I held a door open for an elderly lady, she said thank you, and I smiled and said your welcome. Not once during the split second decision to hold the door did I consider the fact she was black, and I held the door because that’s how I was brought up. When I say no self-respecting person would define themselves like that, its because you could call me any name you like aimed at the color of my skin and it means nothing to me, I’ll laugh in your face, because WHITE IS NOT WHO I AM. You people that define everything by skin color make me fuckin sick, my white counterparts included. This island will never unify as long as we judge eachother based on something none of us can change.

                  @status/meow/swingingfromthechandaliers, STFU until you can pick an identity, or do I have to go back and throw some of your comments in your face too. Also I’m part Irish so I know a thing or two about slavery, probably even more than you because I felt a need to further my education on the subject beyond what I was taught in school.

                  None of you above wish to see a united Bermuda, or you would start seeing people for people and judging them as individualsbased on personal interaction.

                  @black gurl, own it if you want, but I’m sure there’s more to you than what can be seen on the surface.

                  • Y.N.W.A. says:

                    Well said mate. You hit the nail on the head. What we (black people) need to understand as well is that we were 1) Not the first slaves 2) Not the only race to be enslaved and 3) Were not in bondage as long as some of the other races.

                    There are black millionaires and billionaires, CEO’s, heads of state, a black president, TV hosts, top paid athletes and black people STILL think that the white man is out to get them. It looks very silly

                  • tfrm says:

                    Wow – that was very well said.

                    • Come Correct says:

                      My original comment was not aimed at denouncing the color of ones skin, my appologies if it was taken that way. We as people from all different cultures and background should always remember who we are and where we came from, while recognizing the injustices and asking ourselves, what can I do to make things better, even if it means self-reflection. Status seems to believe their skin color is everything to them, when their ancestors are the ones who faught hard to prove their skin color didn’t dictate who they were or what they were capable of. You can’t honstly sit there and claim to want EQUALITY by seeking revenge or restitution for the wrong doing of the past, that in itself keeps racism alive. Our job now, is to make sure it never happens again and to take a stance against it wherever we can no matter who its for. Only by working together will we be able to defeat this mentality. For those that still don’t get it and missed my post on a different article, my position is clear here and we should all ask ourselves this question…

                      Come Correct says:
                      November 27, 2012 at 7:21 pm
                      Ok well, while I respect your opinion, you ask who suffered like blacks and jews? The Irish to name one. Injustice is a huge part of the worlds history, HUMANS of all kinds have commited attrocities on others because they were different. The crusades of the Templar knights are in a league of their own, gladiators were enslaved from all parts of Europe, Asia, and Africa to simply entertain the people of the Roman empire. Some blacks were sent back to Liberia after the abolishion of slavery only to go back and enslave their own. The story of the Irish slaves is hardly ever acknowleged because most of them never made it back to tell their story. The world we live in today has literally been built with the blood sweat an tears of slaves, and it was wrong, but the thing is, at what point do we let go of revenge? At what point do we stop pointing fingers and demonizing eachother? At what point do we put aside our differences to work for fairness and equality for ALL? Then the next question is how? It all comes down to an individual mentality and the passing on or teachings of these mentalities. By laying the blame, continually hating others different than us and seeking some sort of restitution or revenge, essentially we are no different than our primitive thinking forefathers. Ghandi said “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, this doesn’t mean you have to constantly fight for justice but you can simply do your part by not accepting injustice. It will take all of us, together. Whether this is even feasable, I don’t know, I hope it is because it depresses me to think there will be no end to the constant hate of those that are different by appearance. At what point does this end?

                  • Judge Dredd says:

                    She showed more of her than “Black” you arrogant @$$#O!£. Did she not refer to herself as a “GURL” also? YOU are the one who chose to focus only on that and you have no idea why she chooses to name herself that. You didn’t care about what she had to say. You only cared about the name. Has it even occurred to you that her name is also a way of expressing a part of her that cannot be changed? That it is a packaging to be unwrapped? You cursed the package without giving a $#!+ about what was inside so save your well disguised racist bull $#¿+ for the birds bie. No body wants to hear your “I did something good for a black person” garbage because racism isn’t about “I hate black ppl” or “I don’t have black friends” it’s about political, cultural, economic and educational hegemony and how DARE you losers compare the African slave trade to other forms of slavery? Always minimising our experience and exalting yourselves to determining the impact of it. At least you know who your ancestors are. You disrespected ‘black GURL’ and now pulling that “kumbaya”card S-T-F-U and apologise you arrogant $#¿+#£@d

                • status! says:

                  @Blurt—you kinda miss the point, I question your meaning of “the populated free world”–free as much as we have been allowed to be free !true freedom will only come when Black people truly know who they are. The Plp never pretended to have rights to being black, they don’t even try to pretend, if they did, Johnathon Smith nor Zane Desilva would have positions.

                • Come Correct says:

                  Just so you all know, if I’m right in what I think since the name is geared at definition by race, and their comment has nothing to do with who they replied to, they’re laughing at you because they did exactly what they came to do, stir the pot. If I’m wrong, well I guess I’m the goose but at least I’ll call it on both sides.

                  • Judge Dredd says:

                    And your name is all about being “correct ” which is why you can’t simply apologise for your arrogant narcissistic outbursts. Why do you choose to diminish your identity down to being right all the time. Why don’t you open up to cultivating your character and true qualities by accepting the part of you that is also wrong sometimes? Or did I focus on the wrong part of your name? Maybe “coming” is the part you mostly identify with. It would explain your verbal masturbation.

                  • Tony says:

                    You have to be the racist fool on this site. Come Correct NOT!!

          • Here some facts that some of u seem 2 forget! The “white man” invented slavery!? WRONG!!! The slaves built the pyramids for who!? Not the white man! For the “black kings” of Africa!!! FACT!!!! Ya own fleas bite the hardest!!

            • Judge Dredd says:

              What the flying you know what does that have to do with the social injustices and inequalities that blacks have continued to be on the receiving end of in THIS SOCIETY huh £U©kh€@d? I’m amazed at the lengths you racists go to minimize the black experience. You are proof that we are still battling this sickness. If anyone said something like that about the Jewish holocaust they would be condemned but our holocaust was thousands of times worse yet it’s swept under the carpet and minimised.

        • Um Um Like says:

          And since nobody has mentioned it, I might as well stir up more s&!t.

          Isn’t it fitting that B.L.A.C. perform for the PLP!?

          • Hey says:

            I think he wants exposure and jumps at the chance of getting his tones heard where possible. Bermuda is small, but it is still hard to get exposure…Everyone had heard about the election…if he wants to target the most people then this was a good choice of media to use.

        • Judge Dredd says:

            See when you pretend that you don’t see color you are really saying that you cannot see us as equals unless you can’t see our color. There’s a huge difference between equality and sameness. Typical closet racism! Who the hell are you to determine what aspects of a person’s identity are important or dispensable? Did ‘Black Gurl’ not also refer to themselves as a GURL??? Why didn’t you attack that??? Why wasn’t THAT “diminishing their self description”?? “No self respecting person would diminish their own self-description….” You responded to ‘Black Gurl’s NAME and NOT their comments. So who is the one “diminishing someone’s self description/”tag” down to the color of their skin”?? YOU! What about their comments? Could you not see that they have a sense of humor? That they care about the direction of the country by coming on this site and commenting? That they are intelligent and have an opinion? No you couldn’t. The minute you saw ‘black’ you attacked and projected negative attributes upon them and denied him/her the chance to represent themselves or present any other character trait since you extracted the noble trait of attending to character from ‘Black gurl’ effectively denying it for them and claiming it all for yourself. People often name themselves after traits they cannot change when they present themselves physically. You can’t change the color of your skin when you present yourself to people. Now it has been my experience that people like you do exactly the same thing when you see black SKIN as you did when you saw the name ‘Black’. The only one diminishing someone down to a “tag” here and disrespecting themselves and others is YOU. Bet you didn’t even know you were lifting your skirt up. Racist clown.

          • Hey says:

            I see everyone as people, some will probably be better some will probably be worse, but I don’t waste time looking at that, I judge myself to make myself better at every opportunity. If I give warmth then people will feel warm around me, if I bring ice then people will move away from me. DOn’t wait to be found, because you are already there.

          • Come Correct says:

            Did their comment have anything to do with the poster they replied to?… No. Which tell me its someone stirring the pot, looks like it worked.

          • Come Correct says:

            You have to be intelligent to notice the number of people there? Really? I think you’re taking it a little over the top, but call it what you want to call it, not like you aren’t outwardly racist on here, so I guess you know all about it.

          • tfrm says:

            WOW @Judge Dred – you are clearly a racist. No matter what a whiteman thinks or does YOU will always see racism….that isn’t even there. ITS 2012 HHELLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Quite frankly if I have to hear anymore of this racist crap I may blow my ears off.

            • Judge Dredd says:

              Can you please describe what attributes of 2012 make it a year in which racism has been banished from the earth and the long term effects of political, religious, economical, cultural and educational hegemony are of zero importance? I’m a “racist” in the same way a police officer is a “kidnapper” when they drag criminals against their will to a cage and lock them there. I’m a “racist” in the same way a Judge is a “murderer” for sentencing one to death. I’m not surprised you call me a racist, you have not one atoms weight of inclination to social justice in your apathetic decrepit little peanut of a heart. As long as you behave this way you have no right to comment. Just stay on the sidelines because clearly you have no passion or empathy for anyone’s experience but your own. You think calling out a year and saying hello is enough to silence the inequalities of the present day. Inequalities that you have and continue to benefit from. I’d respect you if you took responsibility but you don’t and for that reason you don’t deserve the bubble you live in.

      • what now? says:

        Hey there, Black Gurl,
        It must be the Jamaican PLP song that was the attraction.They must be trying to get all the WIVES of Jamaicans to vote for them.They might be the swing vote.

    • Politican says:

      no Michael Dunkley is. Dunkley came on the news saying he could not remember the email, but could recall the report who wrote the RG story years ago. Man that Man is a bold face liar. THey are saw the plan and Michael whas the cog for the plan – he turned the wheels.

      • Keturah says:

        As mr. Dunkley said he gets thousands of emails every day as do I. The older ones gets the less reliable ones memory is, believe me, especially if you are a very busy person.

        • Are you seriously suggesting that Dunkley forgot an e-mail which described blacks as surrogates?

        • Free says:

          Please. Michael Dunkley is a business man, he doesn’t forget anything. Whether he gets thousands of emails a day or not. He knows what each of them are about.

      • Blurt says:

        Got nothing to do what is best for Bermudians and Bermuda…read both the OBA economic and jobs platform thoroughly and then read the PLP FULL platform for the e onomy and jobs part….make your own decision which is best, don’t believe the show on stage, the rallies the town halls…..Don’t believe the HYPE…(FF)

      • Zombie Apocalypse says:

        So Cox is telling the truth? Markham is a card-carrying PLP supporter and a long-time PLP contultant. But he did this report, in 2012, about how to use race in elections, out of thin air, for on-one in particular?
        Sounds a extremely unlikely. But still, if you want to believe any old nonsense Paula Cox says, I guess that’s up to you. It’s all part of Markham’s strategy actually. You’re playing along quite nicely.

        • Amsterdamned says:

          @Zombie …. maybe you didnt watch the press conference, the “report” you mention was not a report, it was simply a discussion paper. Also Ms. Cox said very clearly that Mr. Markham did NOT have any role in the 2012 election campaign. But I guess you dont concern yourself with facts. As for the paper being Mr. Markhams strategy, you obviously did not read the paper, or have any idea who he is or what he stands up for.

    • Mary Simons says:

      I trust Wayne Furbert. I will do what ever he says. I know he speaks from the heart and he has too much integrity to to say one thing and then do something else! stick

  2. Blurt says:

    It is all big production and image with these PLP folk, some people get fooled by it, but all this does absolutely nothing to help Bermuda and Bermudians….don’t they see that yet….How many rallies, how many dinners…it is all a big show, but when the show ends…there is nothing of substance. Just the next party planned for themselves.

    • Webster says:

      I agree with you did you here about the student that went to school with an empty lunch box? and she said to her teacher my mom said could you give me something to eat,ask Mr Peets if this happened,
      and all we are hearing on this rally is a bunch of idiots… that do not give a rats ass about you….. and to think they just might get away with this sh#t..

      • Blurt says:

        They have lost the election and now Cox will come out with vile race dividing and them and us dividing Comments desperate to claw back some votes. There is a them and us… They are the PLP living it large, they never cut their salaries, but partied hard with our money a d then there is the test of us, the average Bermudians.

        Markham my words, she has sold Bermudians out. She will pretend she is like us, she is nothing like us….the game is up and she has lived it up on the backs of the average Bermudian and pretended to be transparent and innocent for far too long. She must be scared of what we will find when she is gone. Come on Bermuda and Bermudians , lets pull ourslves out of this mess and Vote for people who like us want Bermuda to work for Bermudians and who are going tangible things that benefit Bermudians and not this PLP who just plan to plan to propose to plan to do something, and even fail to do that properly.

        She wore camouflage because she knew the PLP have lost unless she does something. Watch out, she will sell her soul to the devil desperate to cling onto power over the next 11 days…

        • street wise says:

          Why would Paula do that when the back room plp shot-callers are gonna replace her right after the election…??

    • frank says:

      well were is the oba rally or thats right they don,t know where they could have one

      • Blurt says:

        Why do you need a rally. Who you vote for is not about who can dance on stage, it is about who can make a better Bermuda for Bermudians. This is a no brainer, the OBA platform is light years ahead of the fluff the PLP came up with…..Cox has divisiveness and race baiting according to the Markham strategy left….if she uses that, well what will that mean. Hmm

    • status! says:

      @Blurt–the blind will never see..

    • what now? says:

      Ewart had a big party for himself on the way out too.
      Good riddance to bad rubbage. The picture of them on the stage looks like they are praying but we all know they were preying

  3. Webster says:

    This music is geared up to the potential young voters, and guess what these young voters see right through this crap, young people need jobs !!!! what a lot of B.S.

    • RFK JFK MLK says:

      Many of them will be away so it wont’t matter sadly…

  4. Robb says:

    Does not look like many people turned out based on the picture and lack of applause. What’s up with that?

  5. me says:

    Doesn’t look like a lot of people showed up! Ha! Bermudians are smarter than the PLP think!

    • Uh oh!!! says:

      Damn right, we’re a lot smarter, though they try to keep us stupid with the pathetic public education system!

      • status! says:

        @un oh—PLP did not invent the public education system imbecile!
        you call yourself smart? uh oh…oops upside your head..

        • Keturah says:

          No they didn’t invent it, but 14 years is long enough to change it.

          • status! says:

            @Keturah—-i,anyt took hundreds of years to condition the black mind to believer the bs of the oppressor, it will take more than fourteen years to undo the unfair,unequal,system of the UBP which in thier first fourteen years had Bermuda on lock down by British Troops,paid education (so lots of Blacks couldn’t afford school,and now are called illiterate and too stupid to maked decision), segregation (black/white theatre seats, drinking fountains, no vote if you don’t own property, more deaths on the road than ever recorded to date! there was gunplay and curfews. So fourteen years in PLP versus first fourteen years of UBP, I would say PLP win!!!know your facts before spouting !

            • Hey says:

              Welcome to the 21st Century…we are talking about the future, we need to work together or we are done. This country is in a mess. Do you not want to work together for the benefit of Bermudians and Bermuda?

              • Uh oh!!! says:

                @ Hey, agree with you! The PLP government has had 14 years to improve it, but instead they kept changing ministers . . . Big mistake to remove Randy Horton & or at least put Dale Butler in as they were two great educators & damn good headmasters!

            • just a thought says:

              The UBP didn’t invent segrigation either. The comment was about the education system. The education system is failing, and in the last 14 years it has done nothing but get worse. Perhaps it is all part of their plan. For keeping people at a certain lever of intelligence while feeding them rhetoric regarding race would possibly keep people in power. The past that people endured should be used as stepping stone, not a crutch. Many people white and black have died to end slavery. It was a consciousness of the human spirit. Join the modern world and try to put race behind you, that is what so many of us others are trying to do.

        • Concerned says:

          oh dear dear dear – pathetic public – I take it you are not up to date on this: lack of teachers, cut back on books, etc, schools having to cut back on so many things, programs being slashed. This has been on hell of a ride for our students and don’t forget the ‘free’ bermuda college – many students hoping to attend, didn’t because the ‘free’ was dropped very quickly. Pay attention dear, pay attention

  6. Free says:

    Is Wayne Furbert DRUNK?! What is he rambling on about? And did he just do the MOON WALK as her left the stage? Lawddddd.

    • Someonegetmeadrink says:

      I thought I had lost my mind as I said to myself surely we do not have a GOVERNMENT MINISTER trying to MOONWALK on stage. God help us all.

      • Free says:

        Same thing I said! These are the people running our country and they are on stage moon-walking and acting the fool!

        • frank says:

          get a life we are real people not stuck up like those other fools

          • Please Leave Politics says:

            You call it stuck up… I call it responsible

          • Free says:

            Real? What’s real about politicians dancing and acting the fool? Is that who you want leading your country? Gee who knew being a responsible adult and running a country was “stuck up”? No wonder the country is falling apart. I’d take stuck up over childish any day. With a name like “frank” you’ve probably old and stuck up yourself.

      • Uh oh!!! says:

        Yikes, Michael Jackson must be rolling in his grave!

  7. SMH says:

    LOL this has to be a standup comedy show!

    • Uh oh!!! says:

      I think so, don’t need to buy tickets to the comedy show in January when this will be on YouTube! Lol

  8. Webster says:

    This rally is got to go down in history as the worst ever…. but guess what there are supporters of this crap……..

  9. RFK JFK MLK says:

    Wayne Furbert almost Flip Flopped off the stage.

  10. East End Massive says:

    How many people are there? 10 maybe 20? So far they have said nothing! We will not be voting for more of the same. We need fresh faces & fresh ideas.

  11. SMH says:

    This music man must work at the Grammy’s too….please if they talk too long fire up the selection again !

  12. jt says:

    It’s cold out tonight you know.

    • Uh oh!!! says:

      You would have thought they would have picked an indoor venue, not ver bright on them, but then again they are not very bright!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Oh puhleeze, it is at least mid 60s. I was at an outdoor music festival a few weeks ago. Temperature was upper 40s/low 50s. People sat for hours & enjoyed. Bermudians are plain old soft. A bunch of wimps in so many ways.

      • Free says:

        You are always at some festival-who cares. Is everyone supposed to feel the same as you? 60s is cold to some people so you call a whole country full of people wimps and soft? Grow up. If I said the cold doesn’t bother you because you are most likely white then you’d have a problem with that right?

        • tfrm says:

          @Free – see its people like you – youa re the ones submitting to the orders of your PLP to continue and propel racism in our community – but you blame white people. Aint no one trying to be back years and years – we are trying to live today united not in the past full of hate

          • Free says:

            Did you read what I wrote or saw “white” and just pounced? I was making a point about his generalizations. Re-read and with emphasis on comprehending what you are reading.

            • Triangle Drifter says:

              You had better do a re read & quote where I brought race into generalizations. Oh, & thank you for keeping track of my traveling habits.

              Yes, I do attend quite a few music festivals, but not the $150 a ticket Bermuda variety. My type of music festival usually cost around $200, but that covers 2 people & it pays for 3 days entertainment & camping accommodation.

              All of this ‘Drifting’ gives me a much wider perspective of the world around me.

  13. jt says:

    Children? – wow.

  14. Terry says:

    Crawl Hill, drugs, go figure.

  15. ROFL!!!! If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance then baffle them with the moonwalk!!!!!!!!

  16. GOD 1st says:

    Special appearance by paula cox and a word of prayer ,i am sorry PLP GOD doesn’t like ugly

    • status! says:

      @GOD 1st—–Paula is closer to God ten you will ever is evident by your comment…You ought to know he don’t like ugly!lmao..

  17. SMH says:

    Honestly…what must people around the globe think watching this? I do not know what is louder the silence after the continuous rally cries or the crickets in the backgroud. These have to be some of the WORST public speakers I have heard.

  18. Robb says:

    Sad song!

  19. skeptical says:

    In my opinion as an educated voter, this was appalling! I don’t see anything here that would make me choose the PLP candidate in my neighbourhood. In fact, my PLP candidate has only made one appearance at my house in 14 years!!! And she had the nerve to say she came to make sure she had my support….NEVER!

    • RFK JFK MLK says:

      Wonder if you’re in Jennings Land lol, haven’t seen Minors since 2003. Dunkley meanwhile has been here 6 times since the 2007 election finished.

      • frank says:

        did he leave milk,eggs, orange juice,or sobe and pepsi

      • skeptical says:

        How did you know @RFK JFK MLK!!!! Just over on the North Shore side of this constituency :)

  20. Surf's up! says:

    Seriously …..this is the people that lead our country at their best. I am so embarrassed !!

  21. bermydude says:

    what a joke!! who is the artist???????? the 2 people in the stage evenleft the stage!! once again what joke!!!!! PLP at its best!! party and more part, wasting our more !!!

  22. bermydude says:

    no solutions!!

  23. Furby says:

    Stand strong family!
    Act like nothings wrong
    We’ve got slogans!
    We’ve got sound bites!
    We sing we dance!
    vote for us pleaseeee!

  24. Umjussayin says:

    Shameful! Reading these blogs is enough to make anyone sick. The vile and malicious comments are exactly what Bermuda doesn’t need. If the writers of these comments are OBA supporters then lord help us all; because there can be no unity or harmony amongst Bermudians if this how the supporters REALLY feel. On December 17, Bermudians have a really serious decision to make, what we need is UNITY,TOGETHERNESS and LOVE; which Party best repesents this?

    • RFK JFK MLK says:

      Perhaps Not the party with Rolfe Commissiong.

    • Blurt says:

      The OBA, is for all Bermudians and Bermuda… The PLP are trying to pretend the OBA are not, listen to the vile nonsense and LIES Cox spews over the next week or so. It is ugly and full of hate. Actually read the OBA economic and job recovery platform, the read the PLP economy and job sections of their FULL Platform,

    • Keturah says:

      At least they don’t focus on race. Um just saying.

    • Keturah says:

      At least the comments don’t focus on ripping people apart because of their race. Unity and love from the plp? You have got to be kidding. Um just saying…..

    • Blurt says:

      . These comments reflect the PLP failures and pain caused by the PLP to the average Bermudian. Has nothing to do with the OBA.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      When you talk about “vile and malicious comments”, are you talking about John Gibbons, who resigned over his comments? Or Wayne Furbert, who talked about how “white people are genetically predisposed from their mother’s wound (sic) to vote a certain way”
      in a tirade against an 18-year old?

      Those were vile comments. Do those “make you sick” as well, or is it different somehow when a PLP person is vile and malicious?

  25. bermydude says:

    Wayne is says ” this party has a vision”!! to Bermudians, of backrupcy !!

  26. bermydude says:

    The bartender at HP and now running for MP!! really!!

  27. bermydude says:

    Pastor Bean…. Chairmaon of TCD board… Bens vans aproved!! companies have a hard time to get working truck!! and hes a pastor??? pastor for $$$$$$$$$$

  28. Les B. Frank says:

    Dayum ….. What an embarrassment. …. Totally out of touch, 3rd world and desperate. At one point begging for a dollar.
    The last desperate breaths of an organization that was given a goldmine to nurture in 1998, who turned it into a mine … A big empty hole that we now have to dig ourselves out of.
    Paula looks tired and beaten. She knows its over … And she has to take the fall. …. She shoulda stood up to EB. I actually blame him for killin the PLP and the country. He used the race card to screw every curly haired thick lipped person like me together with all my other Bermudian people.

    • Oh this is Funny says:

      Please make sure you are on suicide watch come the 17th as you may kill yourself.

      • Les B. Frank says:

        Kill myself with joy to finally see an end to this train wreck … I can’t wait

  29. unemployed says:

    this is a joke really you can stand on stage and say what ever you want to no educated person could really believe it due to the examples you have shown in your last years of power…
    the new condos by south shore not one has been sold how much is that costing tax payers?
    what do you plan to do to get us out of the debt you have put us in or how to regain all of the job losses….
    bermuda is in a terrible place right now

  30. Bullseye says:

    As the singer said “JAMAICA!!! BERMUDA!!! We affi stop de violence an crime!!”

    Bermuda and Jamaica in the same sentence with violence and crime at a Government rally. Well done PLP.

  31. .am says:

    Tried watching the replay – couldn’t even make it beyond the prayer.

    In any case – aren’t church and state meant to be separate?

    • BdaLuvin says:

      ripped the words right out of my mouth. Couldn’t watch past the prayer either… “Obey the call” *end video*

    • status! says:—with your limited capacity to comprehend I can understand why you couldn’t make it beyond the prayer the church is validated through the state !d!0+!

    • lets get serious here says:

      …..Well you missed all the fun.
      It should be screened in the arrivals hall at LFWI so our tourists and future investors know exactly what they are dealing with.
      The internet will effectively spread the “message” on its own and has already started as I have heard from IB execs overseas who are less than impressed particularly after also hearing from Sen. Ingham yesterday

  32. As Bermuda sinks! says:

    Wow, Wow, Wow…… how embarrassing!

    • frank says:

      why don,t all you oba bloggers put on your own rally or shut the f==ck up you are all so about hate on the plp you will never change so how the hell you can talk about change.or is that another secret plan you have

      • Keturah says:

        Considering how the plp have tried their damnedest to rip this island apart using hateful race rhetoric to win votes I’m not surprised the comments are negative, and neither should you be. We won’t even go into the debt, unemployment etc. you reap what you sow.

      • Les B. Frank says:

        Whassup Frank
        Im neither OBA or PLP … I am Bermudian. And incredibly proud of it. You are Bermudian too and not PLP … think about it. Look at your passport.
        I dont hate the PLP at all. I actually dont give a rats a$$ about any political organisation. I only care about my country. I suggest you try to remove your green glasses and see your country for the way it is right now. It is not in good shape at all dude.

  33. Hmmmm says:

    Although this was nothing short of an outright debacle, especially flip flops bizarre speech, I have to ask is the OBA planning to have any town halls or rallys? They seem to only operate in a controlled setting, such as press conferences they end when they don’t like the questions.

    • frank says:

      they can,t stand the heat one thing in bermuda there is a bunch that can,t stand to hear the truth.they just wish you would never ever bring up their wicket pass.take note i will no longer ride at the back of the at last free at last

      • Keturah says:

        Meanwhile, the rest of us are working towards a better future TOGETHER. As ONE Bermuda.

        • Keturah says:

          Lol…when was the last time you had to ride at the back of the bus, exactly?

          • Keturah says:

            I was at school in the 70′s catching the bus. Black and white alike sat wherever the heck they pleased. Move on.

            • Keturah says:

              I’m not trying to diminish the black experience, and in fact sympathize. But you seem to think there is an evil white bogeyman around every corner trying to take you back to slavery and segregation. This is simply not true and doesn’t help us all to move forward. All this bickering and fighting over race in the last 14 years has done more harm than good in bringing us all together.

      • Les B. Frank says:

        Lets be frank, Frank
        Rally’s are designed to incite passionate emotional buy-in to a specific cause. In this case to solicit emotional voting.
        The now mature Bermudian electorate see that our issues are wayyyy bigger and more important than an empty-speech filled (green) party.
        And re riding at the baack of the bus, I suggest that you free yourself from mental slavery. The past is history. Today is tomorrows history.

  34. As Bermuda sinks! says:

    One thing is for sure @Hmmmm, if they do, they certainly will not embarrass themselves. It would definately be more mature that what I just watched. I thought I was in Church…. I was on the floor with the prayer… and then when Mr. Furbert said he feels like Moses, I was no more good.

    • Come Correct says:

      Lol the Moses speech had me too, I skipped ahead to watch waynes moon walk, not worth the wait if you ask me, and right as I’m about to turn it off, next up derreck ‘sluggo’ burgess! I like how they brought up his recod of 4 consecutive knockouts, not sure if they were in the house or in the elections. I made it up to pasta ’160g’ bean, I couldn’t make it through his whole speech, my BS meter was off the charts.

  35. status! says:

    @asBermudasinks—–We don’t want maturity we want justice!

    • Keturah says:

      What do you mean by justice? Equality….nobody has a problem with that. We all want to move forward.

      • just a thought says:

        in the context it was used justice certainly sounded more like revenge.

  36. Vulpes says:

    The present day PLP Government and its assorted hangers-on reminds me in many ways of the last UBP Government: a complete and utter sense of false entitlement and a God given right to run things, so much so that when they are staring disaster right in the face, they cannot accept it. It really makes very little difference if this Goverment squeaks a narrow win because like the last UBP Government they will quickly collapse under their own weight. There will be an OBA Government, it is only a question of how bad do things have to get – and with a PLP Government in every sphere – legitimate investment, corrupt practices, cronyism, education, jobs etc – they are about to get a whole lot worse. Not to forget the Godfather lurking in the shadows…

  37. Bermudican says:

    You ..Know…..,
    Ummm EEszend tryin splain as bezz they coowood.You Know..You Know..

    Thaxz,… buh , heaid that party beck verr it came from…


  38. Really says:

    Does not look all inclusive to me wonder why ?

  39. Furby says:

    Rallies like this are straight from the Markham playbook:
    “Any intellectual platform development is secondary to the race issue, the emotive issue is first on the agenda, and the intellect is last. Development of slogans not substance is the order of the day; introducing more campaign things like music,spotlights, parades,flags.”

  40. C.B.A says:

    I really want to see Wayne Furbert lose in his constituency. He thinks everyone likes him, shows how he is so far removed from reality.

    • RFK JFK MLK says:

      Wayne’s boundary changes are in favour for the PLP this time, the complete opposite of #10.

  41. Interesting says:

    Wayne Furbert is an ass that omg this is pathetic

  42. Minister Moonwalker says:

    interesting new approach to a political rally mc by a comedian and song and dance routines,funny but very hard to take seriously now out of work ! maybe I should just wear my cap backwards and sing the best is yet to come :(

  43. Interesting says:

    suck on that voters

  44. Interesting says:

    this is back in the days before he got ahold of that green koolaid

  45. Where's the new hotel Wayne says:

    Minister Furbert
    You are an embarrassment to the people of Bermuda.
    I trust your stand up routine will be replayed to our potential overseas investors time and time again especially the comment you made about “them shooting me”.
    …. and where is that new Hotel


  46. down de road says:

    I love that Derrick Burgess appear wear a baseball cap backwards on his head like some street thug. As the potential future leader of the PLP, is that really how we want our political leader representing us and themselves. It is pandering.

  47. Small fry says:

    I’m simply lost for words..

  48. Small fry says:

    But I would really like to thank Bernews for broadcasting this event so that all of Bermuda has the opportunity to see the complete rally and hopefully assist Bermudians in deciding how to cast their votes on Dec. 17th…

    • C.B.A says:

      LOL I agree. Nowhere else in the world would this party and politicians like Wayne Furbert have a chance.

      • Come Correct says:


      • preachingToTheChoir says:

        i dont even think the party running all together would be able to make it as class president in some high schools anywhere else!

      • Who done it says:

        Chicago…. LA..

  49. Bermyman says:

    I sincerely hope that international business leaders did not watch this circus event, banana republic sore excuse for a rally. To top it off with what Vince Ingham said about the private sector the other day!!! Yeah we are going to be standing strong with no employers left on this island pretty soon.

    • preachingToTheChoir says:

      Don’t worry about it, we still have the workers. that’s all that matters! as long as we have the workers.

  50. Les B. Frank says:

    Banana Republic

  51. George says:

    Testing Testing One Two Three – just checking that BERNEWS has plugged my mic back in? Can you all hear me out there?

  52. Leeann says:

    Wow. You all were up all night and first thing this morning following the rally and posting comments. Really….you all have got to be kidding. Why do you care about a PLP rally! IT WAS NOT FOR YOU.

    @Keturah …As a black women I don’t for one minute believe that there is an evil white bogeyman around every corner trying to take me back to slavery and segregation. However we as black people must never let our children ignore our past and tell them that this is a new day and that all is well because it is not. As someone once said to me. “In its own way slavery and segreation has messed up whites folks also,” and those of us who work and live in the real world see it every day. Many comments on this blog are so racist with the words black or white not even being mentioned. Written as if blacks are too stupid to see exactly what it is they are saying. When blacks respond to what they are actually saying we are labelled racist. I for one have my eyes wide open and I teach my children as I was taugh, to do the same. Racism is alive and well in this island home of ours and we need to recognise it and call it out when we see it no matter where it is comming from. If we are labelled racist for doing so than so be it.

    @ skeptical, I am a highly educated voter also. As I said before this rally was obviously not for you, and by the way I have not seen a UBP candidate in my area in 14 years. My OBA candidate has the NERVE to drives in my neighbourhood on a regular basis to give a family member a ride home but has never bothered to canvas the area. None of my neighbours have seen your OBA candidate. In fact when they were rolled out the only thing most of us could say was …FOR REAL OBA…

    • Bermyman says:

      Well said,

      Enjoy the continued recession under the PLP for many years to come. Enjoy the high crime, poor education and lack of jobs. While our ministers drive free cars, dine at the finest restaurants on their expense accounts and travel the world in first class to watch space shuttle launches, royal weddings and attned obscure forums that have nothing to do with Bermuda.

      Yes racism exists and it goes both ways, it is alive and well and as long as the PLP are in power they will seek to divide the voting public on race, the only way they can win. But national debt, loss of jobs and the failing economy. We need to fix that too, we need better public education to prepare kids of all classes and races for the modern world. What we do not need is a Government that window dresses education stats to make the public education system seem like it is good when it is far from it. When in comparison young people are only passing at a rate of 30% for basic English and math exams that all public school students in the U.K. take and pass at a rate of 69%. At the same time we have financial statements that are now 6 months out of date and a national debt that is currently unsustainable @ $ 1.5 BILLION.

      So FOR REAL! think about the real world and what our future looks like under the PLP. Pretty bad right now.

      • Leeann says:

        What exactly are you ranting about? I was making a point about racism and the comments from OBA supporters. I never once said I was a PLP supporter. I wonder what gave you that idea?

    • Let me get this str8 says:

      So which actions of the PLP do you support Ms. Educated Voter.

      Is it the record unemployment and underemployment?

      Is it the depressed real estate market which has created negative equity for homeowners who in turn are having their properties snatched by the banks? Or is it because Col . Burch said that seeing all these for sale signs made him smile?

      Is it due to our dismal tourism numbers and false promises of hotels and Platinum Periods? Or is it the construction of a dock that was $25 million over budget and broken down within a year and now needs to be modified once again?

      Is it the fact that the PLP policies have chased away the industry which provides 85 cents of every dollar in revenue received by the Government?

      Is it the raising of the foreign currency purchase tax by the PLP which made Bermuda that much more expensive? Or is it the raising of duties across the board (you know the “harmonization” of rates as Prem. Cox stated)?

      Is it the fact that only 28% of senior school students were able to achieve a C or better in the last school year’s GCSE exams?

      Is it the $1.5 billion of unsustainable debt that they have accumulated in the space of less than a decade?

      Is it the numerous local business closures that have occurred due to the decline of the private sector?

      Is it the numerous “overruns” on capital projects that have cost the taxpayer numerous of additional dollars?

      Is it the fact that the Government can find umpteen dollars for GP cars while simultaneously cutting the budgets of the Mirrors Program, Sunshine League, Salvation Army etc.?

      Is it the fact that they have sold our future to foreign investors via the two bond issuances in the last several years?

      Is it the fact that they give themselves numerous insider contracts for capital projects that just happen to run millions upon millions over budget?

      Is it the fact that several of your MPs, candidates, Senators and supporters feel so comfortable spewing their nasty racist rhetoric with no impunity?

      Sorry got to get back to work. But please let me know which one of those reasons make you feel inclined to vote PLP. I am pretty sure I know what the main factor is, and no I didn’t include it in the above list as you have made it quite clear as to why you vote the way you do.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Well done sir/madam. You have been keeping notes. Given a little more time I’ll bet you could write a journal, maybe even a report.

        The wheels on the PLP bus are falling off. Maybe the OBA would like it, at a greatly reduced price of course.

      • Leeann says:

        You tell me nothing I don’t already know. I could probably make a list longer than yours. Like Bermyman you missed the point of my comments but I did’nt expect anything more.

        I was making an observation about comments I read on this blog. I never once said that I was a PLP supporter or that I was voting for the PLP yet you seem to know why I would be. Your response jsut proved my point.

    • skeptical says:

      What kind of experiences have you had that were racist? I can say that I have not had any that make me want to “teach” my children about and are wondering what ones you say you teach your children about? I think I have had more problems with people of my own race rather than any other race.

      • Leeann says:

        Another one who never bothered to read what I actually said. I never once said I was teaching my children anything about racism based on any experience I may or may not have had.

        Stopped reading the comments on this blog sometime ago. I never made any comments, just read with a listening ear (as my college professor would say). Made one comment on my observations and have been reminded why it was and is a waste of my time. you can continue to comment but I am out of here.

  53. navin johnson says:

    can you imagine having to sit through this “event” for alomst 3 hours? dare not leave in the middle no matter how much it hurt.. everything screams of desperation….secret plan press conference…markham report..muppet commercial and my personal favorite the 2 idiots babbling on in contrived Bermudian accents about their OBA car….what age are they striving for that they would trivialize and joke about the problems facing Bermuda that are mostly of their own creation….the mind boggles….Wayne Furbert?

  54. Minister Moonwalker says:

    Im looking at the man in mirror, I asking him to make that CHANGE!

  55. GOD 1st says:

    What a way to go live performances, a comedian, and very high unemployment rate, increasing debt.

  56. GOD 1st says:

    @ Status How far is Paula away from becoming the new opposition leader.

  57. Sandgrownan says:

    I’m concerned that there has been no comment about what is wrong with the local economy. I get that they’re not going to accept any responsibility, they are after all lying scumbags, but at least public recognition of the problem might give some comfort.

    After all, unless you can publically articulate what is wrong, how can you hope to present real solutions. All we have is race baiting, identity politics and more plans and initiatives to think about possibly doing something. Maybe.


  58. GOD 1st says:

    @ Status for your info whites and blacks were enslaved,you have yet to face reality that their is only one race ( human race) . GOD created us all in his own image and likeness.

  59. GOD 1st says:

    @ Status You have a personal issue and seem more focused on dividing the people and you are sure to fail.

  60. Beam Me Up Scotty says:

    So painful to watch. :\ Sigh.

  61. navin johnson says:

    and who was the fool from Jamaica supposed to be……any of the people in the audience able to translate anything he said?

  62. sensi says:

    I am going to get whatever Wayne was on. This is what we need in this island. Some serious serious hallucinogens. FREE AT LAST are you kidding me. I was sitting here getting drunk and couldn’t stop laffing at these bafoons. If this is what it takes to have some jamaican that nobody could understand actually he probably made the most sense Pull up selecta. Why they never bring out Jonathon SMith to these rallies and dance to an Elephant Man song. Guess he will turn blood red and say man they are using me like a surrogate. you go plp you are better the DEF Comedy Jam anyday.

  63. Sean Soares says:

    Uh, Wayne, you actually did do a very big rally for the UBP at the Southampton Princess, when you were first their leader. It was one hell of a turn out, completely packed.

  64. Really says:

    He was more like billy jean and he caused a scene owhhhhhhhhhh lol boy don’t make me roar!