Audio: PLP 2012 Election ‘Campaign Anthem’

December 2, 2012

The Progressive Labour Party has posted their 2012 Election “campaign song” online. The song, which often repeats their campaign slogan “Standing Strong,” is performed by local singer “BLAC.” The audio is accompanied by a photo/video slideshow showing various PLP candidates and scenes across Bermuda.

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  1. Jazzman says:

    Pleeeaazzzee….give me a break. I didn’t understand a word in that video, and I am black Bermudian. Thanks PLP for helping me make my decision. Enjoy the last few days.

    • Come Correct says:

      Clearly you need to learn other languages. I speak 4 languages, Japanese, English, Bad English, and Really Bad English… This song falls under the last one.

      Kono mama me o’tojite setsunakute zutto.
      And now I close my eyes in eternal sadness. (Looking around at my island home today)


    • Out of flight says:

      I am university educated, don’t listen to that type of music but got the message loud and clear. You are probably a spoiled brat who still wets their bed. Drown in it and wake up. Go PLP. And if you don’t like what we are saying just put an X beside our candidate’s name.

      • Blurt says:

        Bottom line, PLP are turning this election into a side show. They are fully aware that they are out and have lost, because the video highlighted Berkley…cost too much money, well over budget and late, controversy as they hired construction firm that advisors told them could not do the job…guess what the advisors were right….the co got booted off the job eventually, and the PLP paid the union a premium on a perfromance bond which was forgotten. The aquatics centre…how many years overdue and now over budget, still not finished. Southside housing…2005 to 2012….. One grain of sand at a time. Dame Louis Browne building…..cost overruns and mysterious trust, who PLP won’t identify the beneficiaries of , PATI….what happened to her eh ! Dockyard thruster wall, damaged walkway and another massive cost overun…….Cartel lease on Whites island…more shootings and a lease of 21 years less a day to get around the need to declare. LED lights to friends and family …strip them out fast. It is one disaster and example of mismanagement and unethical behaviour after another. BDLC pay oneself to do a report on what they are already paid to oversee. Statute done by a Non Bermudian, the. Ever delivered new causeway, the rerouted temporary bridge on the way to the airport. The roads with holes everwhere and substandard patches. The south shore. Condos that nobody wants……It goes on and on…….. Thank you PLP for showing us failure.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      You Jazzman sir/ma’am are a certified S-N-O-B ! I’m sick of you clowns being so negative talking trash about the PLP. They’ve done a beautiful job and get my vote 100%. I’ll never vote for austere and stuck up snobs who just cannot be humble enough in their position as opposition. Maybe if you had shown some dignity and humility as an opposition we could respect you as a government. But true leaders can never disdain to be followers. Ever since the UBP/OBA lost the election in 1998 they’ve done nothing but drag our island into the mud with their disgraceful tantrums aim at regaining power to serve their own self interests at our expense. The latest “handful of black surrogates” burlesque is the death twitches. If people vote this cadaver into power they’d be enabling a very very bad power and elitism addiction. As for the song “Jazzman” (ironic) it is how people with a soul express themselves and you need to download a SOUL and heart software to feel it and understand it. Unfortunate for you your internet connection is from the UBP era. Good luck with that snob. VOTE VOTE PLP

      • Blurt says:

        Judge Dredd, yep you lives up to your name and Judges Dreadfully on who to vote for. Call BET get me on now.

    • street wise says:

      The Jamaican accent in this tune proves that Bermudians still have no culture they feel they can call their own. Even after 14 years of the pathetic plp Gumbymint. If it isn’t American mega-materialism (Sub-Zero, marble, and big Jeeps), it’s gotta be the Jamaican drug/gun culture. Wow! Just wow. How sick is that…?!

  2. Ringmaster says:

    Wow, each day the PLP dumbs down their message. Who are they appealing to for votes? It isn’t the educated Bermudian, as Jazzman has said above. It does though seem to enforce the message that the PLP takes the majority of the Bermudian population for granted, and uses intimidation and fear such as using disgusting names for anyone who doesn’t support them.

    This can’t have been what the founding members had in mind as the Party for the people, is it?

    • Come Correct says:

      Have you seen the “Stuck in reverse” video? I havent laughed so hard since I was a little school girl, they must really consider us stupid. I like how the puppets in their puppet show speak proper but the voices in “stuck in reverse” sound like grown men that just woke up from a coma that they’ve been in since primary school. They honestly think we’re all dumb as f@ck.

      As far as this song, I would say well done, if it wasnt an almost exact remake of an existing song….whoever sings it has a good voice but thats about all, and yea, it does sound like please help me.

  3. Reality says:

    How can they show pictures of the Southside condos as though that was a success? Do they not realise how many years it took for them to build them and how many time they promised they would be ready and they werent?

    I know people who were supposed to live there that had to LEAVE the island because the PLP took so long to get them done.

    • haha says:

      Thanks for showing your ignorance. In actual fact the Southside houses were not initially a Govt project. The government took over the project to ensure that these people, who were promised homes through the private company, would still get them.

      • Come Correct says:

        Or was it to promise the completion of somebodys house after cost over runs? So essentially you’re saying the BHC scandal is an achievememt by the plp?… Makes sense depending on how you look at it I guess.

      • Blurt says:

        It took forever…stop pulling the wool!

      • Blurt says:

        SDO by the Minister was signed October 2004!!!!

        • Blurt says:

          2005 was THE GOVERNMENT held lottery, and folks moved in when 2012 6-7 years it took.

      • Nitty Gritty says:

        They took it over and built them…in slow motion, not like they carried on after half the work was done and someone backed out.
        They are chicken coops stacked cheek by jowl with a four foot lawn in case there are kids who dont want to play in the street.

        • Blurt says:

          I think the people who live there are happy with their roof over their heads. It should have never taken that long and people messed around so much.

  4. Reality says:

    *how many times

  5. Cleancut says:

    Come on OBA its your turn, put on some Bob Marley, that will really reach the crowd the PLP are after.

    • Judge Dredd says:

      You need a soul to do that, something OBAwe zombies find repulsive.

  6. seriously says:

    Why the photos of Opposition members? I guess the PLP are making them into the next Government?

  7. Soooooo says:

    So after 14 years. The best they can do is ugly green bus and poorly produced song/slide show… Kind of describes ther leadership…. All show, no substance and poor quality…..

    • Nitty Gritty says:

      GREEN….the color of money? Well the type of money that’s worth something anyway.

  8. Blurt says:

    Instead of PLP , I keep hearing Please help me. Very catchy Jamaican accented song, show some smiling faces and fun. I guess it serves quite nicely as a goodbye end of movie twee pick me up ending to showcase the best times of the failed PLP party. We must remember it wasn’t all a complete and utter shambles. Just like mafia bosses, they put on a good show for the people they took everything from . Smile and wave cog, smile and wave burgess, smile and wave Ewart,smile and wave rolf, smile and wave burch. If we smile and wave with a catchy Jamaican accented song, then the people will forget everything, yes they are that gullible here……or so you thought PLP, but we are not bought that easily or that stupid.

  9. Real advice says:

    So this is what the PLP do on their spare time with our dollars…..

    Idiot and immature commercials with now ghetto music videos.

    Thanks for showing your real colors this last month.

    OBA all the way…

  10. 4Dppl says:

    Looks like a LOT of talking and watching!!! All the ‘action’ looked comedic, especially the guy on the computer!! haha

  11. Boom Bye Bye says, 'me no deh pon dat" says:


  12. Cleancut says:

    Has anyone noticed that the PLP diehards are not responding to our blogs anymore?
    Maybe they are coming to their senses. God bless you all!

    Remember! we have the power to vote the OBA out as well, especially if we see no turnaround within 4 years.

    Also, the PLP are not going anywhere, they will still be around. The PLP will continue to put up a good fight as the opposition, however i very much doubt that people like Paula Cox or Col. Burch will still be in the mix, these two people caused more damage to this country than anyone in history. I am sure it will be a huge shock for them to be waiting in the unemployment line along with the masses they created.

    Change them!!!

    • RFK JFK MLK says:

      OBA can easily win popular vote but as I’m looking I sadly don’t see how they’ll win the most seats.

      Another 5 years of this bunch will be the Death Knell of Bermuda. The Old Town of St. George’s Bermuda is a preview for the ghostown of the Bermuda in the future.

      Hopefully Bascome wins in #1, Dunkley in #10 (with changes to boundary looks likely) and others. But I just don’t see them losing power, they can easily deceive the majority of the electorate when so many University students are gone and the BUI will be out in force along with the PLP fossils that have nothing better to do.

      • formidable deviant says:

        Yes, I agree, it won’t be easy, but seriously if you vote PLP on 17th you should take a long hard look at yourself. The irony is of course, for the OBA the inspiration is Obama, because white america embraced him sufficiently to give him a shot, will black Bermuda do the same for Cannonier? Yeah, I get it, he’s no Obama, but of course he isn’t we are a pin prick island. I do know however that the PLP make Sarah Palin look like a genius.

        • Blurt says:

          It ain’t about black and white, it is about Bermuda And Bermudians. Anything else will fail Bermuda and Bermudians

          • Building a better Bermuda says:

            Agreed, the only way for Bermuda to be to move forward is if we stop voting out of any party loyalty.

            The PLP have had their time and while they have put some useful minor legislation on the books, their major core policies, like immigration, and their attitude toward the international business sector have been tainted by the nationalistic and entitlement views of their vocal minority. They have also been more reactionary than progressive, failing to address the critical social foundations like education from the beginning and only actually act it when it had already hit a point of melting down. And even then, as the true impact of the global recession was evident and budget cuts were starting to creep in, the first ministry to receive cuts was education, while the premier of the day’s tourism ministry received an increase.

            Their ‘Standing Strong’ slogan is by far their most blatant election propaganda lie yet, not that long ago two of their candidates were having an all out brawl. The PLP is at its foundation a divided party, it is formed from left wing and right wing parties whose only purpose for being together is to pool their votes in the pursuit of power. The constant struggle over which side wields that power has been key to the weak social leadership they have thus far provided, after all how can they unit a country with such a core political divide in themselves.

            None of us are willing to follow a leadership that calls us house n#%%@!$, plantation masters, coloured, ignorant or racist dogs (these are all phrases used by central PLP figures at one time or another in public) when we have the audacity to exercise our democratic right and responsibility to question that leadership.

            So far the PLP’s platform has lacked any defining substanance, but so long as their membership is willing to let themselves be scared by rhetoric, then they just secure enough seats, even if they don’t get enough votes. This is where party politics fails us.

            Vote for the past and that is what you get, cast your vote for our future and maybe we will get there.

      • lol on Dec 18 says:

        Thanks for stating the truth. The OBA will fail again in 14 days.
        Now change the name back. : )

  13. RFK JFK MLK says:

    PLP: Standing Strong with Windows Movie Maker and WordPress in spamming facebook.

  14. Interesting says:

    If times are so good under the PLP, then why does everyone in the video look so MISERABLE?


  15. Come Correct says:

    Bermaica, oh, oh, oh.

  16. JT says:


  17. Bermudican says:

    I wonder what “Demographic ” this is supposed to “Reach”….., ……. ?
    i am not certain buh i think the guy is saying moth pole
    must be a new slogan..

  18. Fitting says:

    How very fitting. A video with photos of almost every capital project that went over budget. A political party that claims that they are for Bermudians, but they have some Bermudian who is so ashamed of his accent that he has to use a fake Jamaican accent. The opposition can run an untrained animal against the PLP in this election and I will vote for the opposition’s untrained animal. An untrained animal will do a better job at taking us out of this massive debt than this PLP government.

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    Managed to listen to half of it. Enough. Could not understand a word of it. Not prepared to waste any further time of my life.

  20. M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

    That was FANTASTIC . Now I’m waiting for the Y.O.B.A. tune . Put your hardhats on and join up with the Village people .

  21. Pitts Bay says:

    Coulda swore it said, “… Don’t vote PLP….” over and over and over !

  22. Small fry says:

    I can now see why Int’l Business is leaving. This is no longer a place that they are welcome or belong as they can see that we have Govt that only cares about buying votes with massive social programs funded by borrowed money. In 5 years time our Govt. debt will be well over $3B at the current rate of spending/borrowing and the Govt. will be paying over $500,000.00/day in interest or over $180M/year – 20% of Govt. budget.

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      At the moment the PLP debt servicing charges are running at something in the area of $210 per MINUTE every hour, every day, every week, every month, every year & GROWING.

      This is far more important than some silly campaign song.

    • Luis Usarez says:

      Yeah, welcome to Bermuda. The home of free market finance, managed by the Socialist PLP Government. Power to the workers, Brother Furball.

      • Blurt says:

        They don’t have ant money, the PLP spent it all. Interesting lyric on stopping violence, followed by a shooting, 4 arrests for violemce, and last week kids gang beating a kid at a school… This is the Bermuda the PLP dreamed of.

    • dthtoo/ says:

      small fry, why don’t you pack up and join them. Ya free to leave NOW!

  23. down de road says:

    I love the flash of OBA candidates when they are singing about negativity! Are you kidding me. The PLP campaigns have been some of the most negative, fear mongering in Bermuda’s history! If they continue with another win, this will convince them that they have a mandate to keep borrowing and spending. Someone needs to cut their credit cards and set them up with a budget, just like many of the working class Bermudians!

  24. Bieber says:

    They could have done better than that. Wannabe Jamaican fake accent. Standing Strong n Wrong!!

  25. Really says:

    Why don’t they just wave a Jamaican flag and be done with it !

  26. Nitty Gritty says:

    What the hell they saying or is that singing?
    The quick shot of the CCTV camera was not located in the Ministry of Finance
    where it is sorely needed.
    The only “yoof” they could get to appear were clearly too young to know they have no future here now and a clue should have been the puppet show they were promised could not make it as they were not out of their emergency dock dispute meeting.

  27. Ghangumstyle says:

    It is just me but doesn’t the Chorus sound like they are saying “Don’t VOTE, PLP”!

    Another idea – that could have been a good idea, rushed and turned into a bit of a marketing joke. Much better than the PLP budget production muppet show advert , but still a joke production.

    How is it that you want us to believe in he PLP and Bermuda when it sounds like you are selling Jamaica!?

  28. Building a better Bermuda says:

    Not too bad, catchy tune, reflects the PLP’s government quite well quite well, lot of show, little substance.

    Noticed that a lot of the video of non-candidates where pretty much the same people over and over, could they not get that many people out to be in a video for them that wasn’t a publicity shot. Even the video that looked like it was at a PLP party or rally didn’t seem to have many people in the background.

    I saw them use the new National Aquatic center too, another project behind schedule, over budget and questions about is it will meet international requirements. Southlands appeared as well, a reminder how community outrage forced the PLP to change their plans, and now the taxpayers are paying to clean up a mess that the PLP failed to make sure that the US clean up when breaking their lease, in order for that deal to go through.

    Hard to understand most of wha was being sung, but the underfunded FutureCare came around too. Didn’t hear about them sing about the role of their nationalist, entitlement policies played in the decline of our economy.

    Taking a page from the ancient roman policy that saw rise of gladiator games in coloseums, give the people a show to keep them from seeing the truth. Still little focus on major platform policy that could help turn this country around.

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      Oh, forgot to mention that the only sign of their policy to manage the debt they have rung up is to sell bonds with guaranteed intrest rates… Means they have pretty much applied for a new credit card to pay off an old one, and now we owe more than what we paired off. Any financial advisor would tell you that is a bad way to deal with your debt.

    • over soon.. says:

      of course its catchy… it was written as a proper song…

      • street wise says:

        Wonder if the plp music committee contacted Demarko and asked him if they could rip off his song?! Are they paying him royalties? Thought not….
        Vote wisely.

    • over soon.. says:

      haha can you say unoriginal?

    • Mad Dawg says:

      Is the PLP paying royalties to the person who actually wrote the song? I know they think plagiarism is fine, but they are breaking copyright if they copy an existing song.

  29. John E. Thorne says:

    The only thing missing from this video is the closed captioning:-
    Thank you Bermuda for allowing us to put you in debt to the tune of $100 million on average per year for fourteen years. We will do our best to increase the debt even more in our next term should you be stupid enough to re-elect us. We apologise for having to mislead and or deceive you on occasion and for some of our unethical behaviour during our fourteen years in government. We hope that you will allow us to sweep all of the above under the massive green carpet that you paid for and allow us to start with a clean slate on December 18th. Please stand strong with us on December 17th and vote PLP.

  30. Out of flight says:

    A lot of envy and jealousy. The negatives above are included in that secret report to dupe black people.

    • Ryan says:

      … which, as was adequately proven, is a fake. Nice try, though.

      • Judge Dredd says:

        NO it wasn’t a fake you snake. Kim Swan confirmed that it was indeed in the document he received in May 2008. You will stop at nothing to deceive will you?

        • Argosy says:

          Kim Swan. Is this the same person who wanted to have a “stop and let people out” driving week?

          And you take him seriously?

        • Um Um Like says:

          Dredd, do you believe Kim Swan enough to vote for him?

    • street wise says:

      You don’t seem to have much faith in the intelligence of black people. How could a faked so-called secret report “dupe black people?”

      Is that all you got?

      Vote wisely.

  31. Choir Boy (Original) says:

    Out of flight: Black people were duped 14 years ago when the PLP got in.

  32. Choir Boy (Original) says:

    The fake jamaican accent is the biggest insult of all. Really trying to appeal to the dregs and riff raff of society. They are the only people who would still vote PLP. But are there enough of them to return the PATHETIC LEECHING PARTY to power? I hope not are we are all SCREWED!

    • Judge Dredd says:

      I’m not surprised to see you repeat the document item that “the new black voters who voted for PLP are downscale and uneducated and thus unlikely to vote for “US”. Yeah I read you loud and clear, people who listen to reggae music are the dregs and riff raff of society. I bet you don’t complain about Collie-Budz’s fake Jamaican accent. GTFOH stuck up elitist, who are you to call voters “dregs and riff raff”? We know what you mean.

      • Choir Boy (Original) says:

        For the record, I think Collie’s fake Ja accent is pathetic too! I am no elitist – and GTFOH is a typical answer from some PLP supporter who think everyone who disagrees with him is a foreigner or racist. I just want a government that does its job and doesn’t lie cheat and steal from the public. Now you GTFOH!

        • Choir Boy (Original) says:

          And for the record, I believe that anyone who still would vote for the PLP after all they have done, is unintelligent or at least brainwashed. Perhaps brain dead. By the way, I AM home. Bermuda is home to more than just ignorant people like you JD!

  33. Vulpes says:

    I would say this election has become an IQ test…

  34. Um Um Like says:

    Great to see white people in that video, even if they were the plp’s only two white ministers!

    Why was Southlands filmed? Aside from nearly destroying it by granting an SDO, what good did the plp do with regards to Southlands?

    • Judge Dredd says:

      “Great to see white people in that video”……….what do you mean by that? I’m tired of you racists making fun of our struggles and trying to extract/hijack our identity from us to demoralise us and impassion your own false claims to disenfranchisement. You’ve done nothing but deny and minimise our experience yet you think it’s a strategic time to steal it as your own to reap the benefits of being wrapped in a mantle of unassailability and blamelessnes, something we’ve never been afforded. It’s the biggest slap in the face and most repulsive insult to intelligence. You people go insane at any symbolic portrayal of blackness in government which doesn’t come packaged as “a handful of black surrogates”. I only need to point to your day of rage after the Sally Basset (a black slave) statue was placed on parliament grounds. Why does that trouble you so much? As if whites are under-represented. As long as I’ve lived Bermuda has always been predominantly black yet we’ve NEVER EVER had a black governor. I would be happy to see THAT. There’s never EVER been a black face on our money. So stop with the insults and the snobbery. Do you know what it’s like never being able to show your black child a note of money with a black face represented? Never being able to show a black governor? Worshiping a white depiction of G-d’s ONLY son as the saviour of all humanity for centuries? Please don’t insult us like that again.

      • Um Um Like says:

        If you find my comments so insulting, I have a few suggestions for you:

        1. Stop visiting Bernews.

        2. Talk to your plp government and see if they’d be willing to target white voters.

        3. Ask the Queen of England to make sure the next governor of Bermuda is black.

        4. If you want a black face on your money, move to a country where black faces are on money. Until either Bermuda goes independent or England has a black queen or king, I think we’ll continue to see white faces on our money.

        5. If your religion depicts G-d as white (or any color for that matter), perhaps you should consider other religions.

        And no, I’m not a racist. I’m just pointing out the truth.

        • dthtoo/ says:

          Um Um Like you are a racist, and you and yours are what has brought trouble into the world. Be gone!

      • Les B. Frank says:

        Old pirates, yes, they rob I;
        Sold I to the merchant ships,
        Minutes after they took I
        From the bottomless pit.
        But my hand was made strong
        By the ‘and of the Almighty.
        We forward in this generation
        Won’t you help to sing
        This songs of freedom
        ‘Cause all I ever have:
        Redemption songs;
        Redemption songs.

        Emancipate yourself from mental slavery;
        None but ourselves can free our minds.

        • Les B. Frank says:

          …BTW…lyrics extracted from Bob Marley’s Emancipation Song.

        • Building a better Bermuda says:

          LBF you found a great song for the times, I have always loved Bob’s message in in that set of lyrics. I would only add the need to emancipate ourselves from emotional slavery as well as mental, for those are the greatest shackles used at this time to keep us from realising a better social democracy.

  35. Big Dog says:

    Catchy tune but what rubbish video editing….. I could do better.

    And the message I take away is that the reference to “standing strong for Bermudians” is standing strong for “black” Bermudians. There were precious few white Bermudians in the video (perhaps 3 not including ministers). So for all you white voters, don’t sing along….. it isn’t for you. You will need to look elsewhere (as if you didn’t know that already). And for the rest, it is a plea for a racial collective – once again. Look beyond, they say, the huge mistakes, unemployed and the economic disaster they have created. Look to the color of our skin.

    How sad are the PLP? I can only hope they are voted out, along with their divisive nasty attitudes.

  36. Will says:

    wow..very very pathetic..yes lets support the plp using a phony jamaican accent which is harder to understand than real jamaican. banana republic anyone?
    why do Bermudians either want to be American or from the Caribbean? what ever happened to wanting to be Bermudian. We are unique in ourselves and do not need these trashy out of country imports to make ourselves look good.well 20+ years ago we didnt..seems in the past 14 we have been introducing foreign influences on our tiny island and look how thats ended up..GANGS F$%^NNG EVERYWHERE…the thug life from BET has spread like wildfire amongst the communities here and its a a bloody shame. guess we are no longer the Jewel of The Atlantic but instead the De Ice PLP Rock pon Chain

  37. Xman says:

    The PLP can sing until the cows come home , it’s still not going to solve the big problems that they have made for Bermuda.
    I guess there going to sing there way out the door.
    just a bunch of Foolishness.

  38. International Business CEO's who love BLAC says:

    LOVE the lyrics.

    much respect for the friendliness
    much respect for the confidence
    much respect for the free marketing material

    PLP for life

    • Blurt says:

      Wow is your name mean’t to give you credibility. So ou are happy with the violence, thevfailed education and as an international CEO, a lack of accountibility and ethics, epic cost overuns, late financial statements, qualified audits and race baiting. Which comany are you the CEO of and who is you board that appointed you? Getting mixed up in politics, your shareholders want to know.

  39. Observer says:

    The song was fine; kind of catchy really..the chorus says …Vote, Vote, PLP…couldn’t understand most of the lyrics in the verses but the chorus is memorable…have no idea what the voiceover is saying when they flash photos of the Opposition so the use of those images is questionable but other than that it all seems fine to me. They choose to use the perfectly acceptable reggae genre which is also fine; if you like reggage than it works…

    • Les B. Frank says:

      I’m feelin you on that one Observer. Catchy tune copied from …
      But lyrically marketed to a more hard core reggae audience. I like reggae but could not understand most of what was being sung. Plus the fake Bermacian accent put me off. Methinks the PLP are hoping that ‘the feel good ‘party principle” will sway votes their way. I’m also thinking ‘The Party’ is over … In more ways than one. I think that after this election the PLP will have to go through a rebranding/image makeover similar to what the UBP did.

  40. Sean Soares says:

    Ahahahahaha, pretty much everyone of those projects highlighted in this video were delivered well over cost and well over their due date.

    PLP – Spending Strong for Bermuda!

  41. Jus sayin says:

    @ Observer
    The song was catchy because the original song was written by a professional Demarco and the PLP may have ripped this off without asking permission from the artist.

    Another distraction from the PLP so no one will closely examine their poor record and putting us all in a mountain of debt.

  42. Choir Boy (Original) says:

    I love the original – such a positive message “I Love My Life”. Shame that the guy who redid it ruined all that positivity.

    It is so badly made it sounds like ‘Don’t Vote PLP’. In fact just about every utube video PLP has put out has pretty much been an ad for OBA. As I said in a previous post – you should fire your PA person – although its a bit late now.

    After watching all the PLP videos, I will definitely vote OBA. Oh the power of advertising – it really works!

  43. bdermy music says:

    What a pathetic attempt to get votes, you think by sending out a dumbed down remix of a popular song which doesn’t even originate from this country is a good move just to get people of less intelligence to vote for you. The sad part is that due to your awful management and decisions behind the eduction system it may actually work.

  44. frank says:

    so after all this negative talk let me just say that i have seen the secret plan and it is true once again to all the young blacks in the oba if you don’t know you are being used.ask ms.davis the so called single mother when is her next press statement hmmm

    • Blurt says:

      The PLP have a secret plan…..they let you see it!! Wow, their security needs sorting.

  45. Familiar says:

    Great. Now an anthem. Do you think they could spend some time paying attention to and talking about the issues like … say… the economy, education, violence. So glad to see what they’re priorities are.

    • Come Correct says:

      You didn’t hear the song? They said they’re making Bermuda safer and stopping the gang wars…and all this without the help of the police, amazing. Apparenty the plp are superheros, but when crime is up, oh we don’t control the police the governor does…smh

  46. Tyrone says:

    It’s already been said but I agree that Bermudians with fake Jamaican accents just show that many here are blind followers.

  47. Will says:

    i hope this artist (BLAC) realises he is a sell out and puppet for a political party..a pathetic one at that.
    Does anyone see a correlation between the PLP and the PNP of Jamaica, who used reggae singers to gain the masses attention and support..and then Jamaica went to s$ lets go Bermuda, do we want to be Jamaica or do we want to be once again the proud Jewel in the Atlantic, you know, the past 400 years im talking about..or are many people to blind and caught up in the struggles black people had back then to realise the glory an greatness of what once was (several decades ago)a great Bermuda we called home.

  48. Argosy says:

    Another joke from the bunch of jokers called to PLP/BIU government.

    Their political rhetoric is pretty childish – moronic is probably a better description!

    No wonder BDA is in such a mess with this lot in charge for 14 years!

  49. Choir Boy (Original) says:

    The video was a great idea that was completely and utterly ruined by the fake Jamaican accent. It is not Bermudian at all and is disgraceful. More to the point, many of the lyrics are impossible to understand and I have listened a few times. It has no commercial or marketing value at all. I hope the PLP didn’t pay much for this because they were ripped off!

    When Bermuda was featured in ‘Bermuda Grace’ people complained that the accent wasn’t Bermudian. When Bermuda was featured in ‘Gulliver’s Travels’ people complained that the accent wasn’t Bermudian. But at least you could hear what they were saying. From an advertising point of view this ad is about as bad as it gets. You cannot hear the message. It is worse than the other two ads put together.

    Its as if PLP is TRYING to lose the election.

  50. Sorry Sir says:

    What a sell-out. I guess that’s one way to communicate to stupid people.

  51. Verbal Kint says:

    Standing strong for Jamaica.

  52. PLP says:

    This Government is a JOKE . All I keep seeing and hearing Immature Political Adverts each day!!!