Video: Premier, PLP Greet Morning Commuters

December 14, 2012

Commuters were greeted by PLP supporters, candidates, banners, and even the Premier herself at various junctions this morning [Dec 14], as the PLP took to the streets ahead of Monday’s general election.

A post on the PLP’s blog said: “Stand strong for the party that is of the people, by the people and for the people by turning on your headlights while driving all day long. While you’re lighting up Bermuda, your PLP candidates will be fanning out across the island painting Bermuda green.”

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  1. Family Man says:

    They should have been standing outside White’s grocery store.

    • frank says:

      whites store was plain bad management nothing to do with the plp get it right.

      • Um Um Like says:

        It was a combination. Believe it or not, when expats leave the island, they no longer purchase groceries in Bermuda.

        …difficult concept, I know.

      • Black Soil says:

        Whites suffered from lack of customers since PLP are kicking out all the guest workers to make their supporters happy.

      • de ja vodoo says:

        Try paying redundancy on 85 staff at 6$months pay each. Hence the bankruptcy plus there are 7000 less people on the island now to buy the groceries wonder what made them all leave Frankie? May be our user friendly Enviroment??

    • citi zen says:

      PLP was not their problem. They screwed that up themselves. If you ever shopped there you would know they did not care about their customers. Produce was never good especially at SS location.

      The evidence was their a long time ago. SS location was bad from ita inception. I have had to return rotten bacon that had been frozen and don’t talk about the produce. It was just BAD. I know I live in St. Davids.


  2. Dude says:

    That store has been losing money since the UBP was in power…

  3. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    I notice they’re standing on public property. Why is it they think they are allowed to do that? Why do they get away with it?

    • Um Um Like says:

      For real! Were they “standing strong” when the rain came down?

      Check Santa wearing red. I suppose he’s voting OBA!

    • Hey says:

      They were waving goodbye, holding up traffic to hand out flyers.

      Cox wasn’t there when I went past.

      • Joonya says:

        She went to go pickup the BMW. She had it sprayed green, and I think the garage had it ready.

      • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

        I didn’t see anyone. I didn’t leave the house this morning. I haven’t had a job the 3 and 1/2 months.

    • bs says:

      Never saw them, I guess they couldn’t get their asses out of bed at 730

  4. LOL (original TM*) says:

    Still have not seen my PLP candidate Jonathan Smith guess I’ll meet him on Monday???…………


    • pebblebeach says:

      Same here, Madame Premier never showed up to discuss a few matters of importance…

    • Dockyard Lackey says:

      I have not seen a PLP candidate at my door, ever, and I have been living at the same west end residence for 35 years.

    • Autumn Fire says:

      So what!…We’re still waiting for Jeff Sousa OBA to get back to us – you think we’re letting it concern us?! No, way!…I guess it’s even now (you’re waiting for PLP, we’re waiting for OBA) – just express yourself with your vote on Monday – we will accordingly, with a smile! Peace…

      • 1minute says:

        “Get back to us” means he came to see you… Most of us haven’t even seen our PLP candidate

        • Ob-Jective says:

          Who is us? I’ve canvassed with several candidates who have been to homes 2 and 3 times with no one available.

          • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

            It didn’t occur to you to leave a flyer to let us know. I met both OBA and PLP but my neighbours were not home and they both left a pamphlet.

    • Building a better Bermuda says:

      I got a PLP flyer in my mail box, I was 30′ from it at the time and it wasn’t even Vance. They stopped long enough to put the flyer in and left, didn’t even try to look or talk to me. Apparently they aren’t interested in my vote.

      Unfortunately I was on my way out when Trevor stopped by, and he gave me his contacts to schedule a visit.

  5. wowzers says:

    I’m so glad I took a different route to work this morning and didn’t have to see that first thing.

  6. skeptical says:

    Same as the sign outside Harrington Sound Primary School!!!

  7. Ayisha says:

    Why does the PLP act so proper when waving, but can’t act proper when running the country?

  8. Soooo says:

    Didn’t see ant people, but there were about 30 of those little green signs along a 50 Yard streach of road by Barns Corner.. Guess they were trying to get rid of them…

    • bs says:

      Couldn’t get theis lazy asses out of bed

    • Concerned says:

      Mr. Furbert was by himself this morning just past the entrance to the Shelly Bay Beach on the corner going east before the 24 hr Gym surrounded by the pLP signs. Bet he didn’t realize how many people have died and been injured on that same corner where he was distracting people.

  9. Triangle Drifter says:

    Police should have moved them on for being a distraction to drivers though the PLP is very good at providing a distraction to real issues.

  10. ohno! says:

    A disgraceful mess of the holiday season

  11. frank says:

    so its okay for the oba to put up posters but not the plp hmm

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Frank: so its okay for the oba to put up posters but not the plp hmm”

      What’s not OK is to say it is illegal to use Government property for political purposes and take down a poster in a bus station, while PLP posters are displayed in bus stations and on other Government property (which to me means PUBLIC property – so Barnes Corner probably should be out of bounds too) and PLP public meetings and rallies are held in public schools (which are without doubt government property) and at the Government built, tax-payer funded Sylvia Richards facility. That is arrogant and flaunting an “I can do what I want and you can’t stop me” attitude.

      What is also not OK is to remove OBA posters and replace them with PLP posters – that is playground bully tactics.

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      Other way round frank. The OBA had to remove all its advertising from public property. Yet the PLP does what it wants on public property with no repercussions.

      • Bermyman says:

        Lol! the PLP government does what it wants with public money with no repercussions.

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      Exactly Frank – people are not upset at what they see., but rather we often see two sets of rules. The ones that the PLP runs by and the set of rules the rest of Bermuda must abide by.

  12. SoMuchMore says:

    the time for change is NOW! they should be cleaning out their desk today instead of standing out distracting the commuters.

    And Paula should know better!

    • M.P.Mountbatten JP says:

      The only change that will happen after Monday for you OBA’ers is that you WILL change your name … Only thing is that your running out of letters in the alphabet . So Maaybee it will be ..wait for it .. o.k I got it . How about THE NEW PLP , than you’ll really confuse the voters the next time .

      • Picks says:

        I agree with you, its not like the OBA has a magical stick and everything going to change.Its not going to happen. The only change they will have, it was get worse. It always get worse before it gets better. Remember that.

        • Who Done it says:

          I agree it will get worse even if the PLP get in. The difference is, if the OBA get in we would hope that the facts come to light and we get an honest understanding of where we are financially… and then hopefully put steps in place to reverse the damage.

        • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

          Yes, it got worse when te PLP got, in…but never got better!!! Are their signs of improvement – nope!

          So even if things do not improve for awhile, I would much rather know we have a chance at a brighter future someday – than not at all.

    • navin johnson says:

      and hide the shredders….does this count as a canvassing visit for the permier?

  13. D Jones says:

    Is she running for prom queen?

  14. Argosy says:

    ….another useful activity that will contribute immeasurably to:

    reduce our debt;
    lower violent crime;
    root out corruption;
    persuade Bean to return our money;
    pevent cronyism;
    eliminate racism (except when it’s associated with a political campaign, of course);
    providing the Auditor General with the financial data she has requested;
    growing our economy so that more jobs are created;

    Etc….etc…..don’t worry about all that stuff. Just go out, wave banners and shout “standing strong”.

    These people are LOSERS who’s RECORD clearly show that they have lost the plot. Time to kick them to the kerb.

  15. Keeper says:

    People would be concerned if a police officer who has been in the Bermuda Police Service for about a year was being put forward to be the new Police Commissioner? So why is it that a man who has never been in politics before is now being proposed as the next leader of Bermuda? Black surrogate if I ever saw one!

    • Fed Up says:

      Just because he is leading the party does not mean he will be premier. When you make comments like that do your research first. The premier is voted in by the party, another election within. ONe thig I will say though he is a gentleman.

      • Amazed says:

        You have no idea what you are talking about!

        • Who Done it says:

          Huh, I would feel very done in by if I voted for the OBA with craig as the leader and then they did not vote him in. Personally I think he will make a fine leader and as long as he has the support of people Like Bob and Michael, Jon etc i think he might be a great leader of a potentially great team. The PLP are not a team, they were in 1998 and then the deceit happened. Too bad I had such high hopes…

    • David says:

      He is running a successful busines and a lot of his party candidates are running successful businesses. We can see what a party without business people has done to this country. The OBA will have balance, business and caring for the people. You can grow this eceonmy, create jobs, cut the deficiate if you know how to do it, the PLP did not and do not know how. So to answer your question, people will not be concerned when a CEO of a successful business moves over to run another business.

      • Joonya says:

        Blam!!! KEEP DAT!

      • Ob-Jective says:

        …ah we tried those guys before. Ran good businesses and a poor country. Social issues didn’t matter much and the books did matter and still do – their books!

        • Let me get this str8 says:

          What do you think of the use of a blind trust to construct the taxpayer funded courthouse/police station building on Victoria Street? Or the fact that D. Burgess gave the lighting contract to one of his family members, which then required the lights to be taken out due to health issues?

          Or what about the fact that Pastor Bean paid himself consultancy fees from the BLDC while acting as a director and also mandated that a BLDC painting contract be awarded to the Chairman’s relative (Saunders) after the fact that it was already granted to another company?

          Shall we even bother getting into the numerous contract shenanigans that occurred under the previous Premier’s reign? Or we can talk about Berkeley?

          Social issues you say? I remember full employment and actual underemployment in ’98. There were also numerous housing projects built under the previous Government (i.e. Rockaway, Ducks Puddle, Happy Valley Seniors housing, Boaz Island etc). Social assistance was also readily available for people feeling the pinch. I am not too sure that anyone should congratulate the PLP for increasing the numbers of people on welfare.

          • Watching says:

            Don’t forget Port Royal Golf Club! Wait until they dig into that mess.

        • Argosy says:

          Are you refering to EFB’s books vs ZdS and DC’s books??

          Balancing social issues against ethics.

          Objective my a##!

        • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

          Social issues didn’t matter???? Would you say the PLP improved social issues??? You are desperate to find something negative to say. Is serious crime down? Serious crime is liked to poor social issues!

          THe books didnt matter??? 600 million in unaccounted fpoor money!!!!! Should we even talk about the BIU ? And don’t deny it – BIU = PLP.

        • de ja vodoo says:

          Ob J. no the country is poorer and its about to get worse. Good luck to you.

    • Bermyman says:

      You don’t need political experience to run a country like Bermuda, you need business and economic sense. On the other hand, we have a construction boss in charge of health!?? make any sense. In fact name 1 government minister who has qualifications and or professional experience in the remits they are in charge of?? None! not even the minister of finance, Paula is a lawyer not a finance person. And wow does that show!

    • Who Done it says:

      If the Person in the Police force had years of management and business experience leading senior people then I would not have a problem with it.

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      Because we believe he can do a better job as a leader – even with less experience!

      Look – I actaully like Paula Cox and believe she inherited a screwed up situation from the DrB crew before her. I trust her, think she has great morals, and represents us well publically.

      However, would I vote for her? No! Why , because she hasn’t been an effective LEADER. Could she be, yes! However, with the BIU, the Burchs Furberts, Commisiogns, Browns and crew telling her what to do, she hasn’t lead us anywhere.

  16. Victor says:

    I’m thinking those green signs and those red signs could be cut up into great “depression” Christmas decorations come Tuesday morning – the sale of which could benefit the less well off this year. Any takers?

    • Vulpes says:

      Go For It Mate – 1,999 jobs to go Bob

    • Pastor Syl says:

      @ Victor: The color scheme is the right one for the season, and, given the current economy, that kind of out-of-the-box thinking seems to be a good direction to be heading, IMHO

  17. Balanced Facts says:

    WOW…saw a post today on FB…IB Company Owner looking to set up business in Bermuda BUT not doing it if the Government does not change! People need to pay attention when they vote and what they are voting for,,,this job provider has NO FAITH in the current administration! Seriously, vote for JOBS. how post is a good reason why we must have change! Lota Flag Waving PLPL…you still have not addressed your record or given he people a solid plan on how you address the mess! OBA gets my vote…if they med it up they can be fired too!

    • Amazed says:

      You provide no evidence for people to be able to read this add for themselves so You probably placed that add yourself.

      • Who Done it says:

        PLP has provided no eveidence on where missing money has gone, where the new hotels are, what they are actually going to do, why the AG was put on leave…
        And you have not provided evidence agaist the claim by PLP standards that would make the satement a fact…

        • Who Done it says:

          And you have not provided evidence agaist the claim and by PLP standards that would make the statement a fact…

  18. Balanced Facts says:

    Hmmm… Government asked its supporters to put headlights on today! Haven’t seen ANY head lights on all day…Government spinners should have asked for headlights on after 8pm and then claimed a ton of support! Afraid no one seems to be shinning their lights for this Government…hope for change on Monday and OBA can shine some light on things!

    • Argosy says:

      Yes, like those “qualified” audit reports!

    • Who Done it says:

      OBA asked people to put headlights on Tonight… And everyone has their headlights on :)

  19. GOD 1st says:

    Sherri J and Minister Blakney are anxious to get MR.cannonier to come on the talk show lol. They and a certain % of the population seem to be very upset lol just because he decided not to come on the show lol. PLP looking for a debate lol they want an argument lol

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      If members from the PLP and the BIU spent less time on talk shows – they might get more done!

  20. andrew says:

    hope everyone can afford gifts for the children this year,hopefully in about 10years from now with the present government there is great value for our hat trade

  21. say it like it is. says:

    aw, isn;t this Public Property and not allowed? Funny how the law never applies to the PLP.

    • RFK JFK MLK says:

      Well to be fair, it isn’t exactly illegal to steal these PLP signs on public property either…

  22. Amazed says:

    Please go to the polls and Vote for whomever you want to – but it would be nice if you all stop trying to tell others what to do!

  23. Opressed says:

    What a way to ruin your morning.

  24. kevin says:

    I do believe she is interviewing for her next job …johnny be careful Paula wants your job …..hell the way things are going if it stays the same johnny you may have the only job left available

  25. Really says:

    I noticed all the OBA sign were flattened on the same roundabout nasty work again there PLP I guess you think you own the roundabout also

    • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

      Same was done at the bottom of the hill at that roundabout.

      • Opressed says:

        That’s the mentality of the Party and their supporters.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        OBA signs down all over, replaced with PLP signs. How childish! Such an organized effort took direction from on high.

        The PLP must really be running scared. Unbelievable how juvenile they can be. But then…thinking of some of the other antics over the last 14 years, not so surprising at all.

  26. GOD 1st says:

    Is it true that all us OBA supporters were asked to turn our headlights on . I wasn’t informed

  27. Voter says:

    Funny. They didn’t wave at me when I went past

  28. Honestly says:

    There are some negative people here! Unbelievable! Sounds like OBA magic wand! Don’t know what OBA has said but im not convinced yet. Not until its my time to vote! OBA will treatus just like theUBP did if u aren’t careful!