Vigil To Be Held In Memory Of Murder Victims

January 25, 2013

victimsOn Saturday evening [Jan 26] there will be a Candlelight Vigil for Haile “Starr Child” Outerbridge and Ricco Furbert at the Belvin’s Store on Happy Valley. The Vigil will start at 7pm, and everyone is invited to attend.

The two men were gunned down at Belvin’s on Wednesday night, after being chased into the store by a gunman who was traveling with a group on motorcycles.  Mr Outerbridge, 34, and Mr Furbert, 25, sustained mortal wounds after being shot multiple times.

The police released CCTV images showing the shooter, and also confirmed the arrest of a 21-year-old Sandys man in connection with the incident.

Premier Craig Cannonier, Police Commissioner Michael DeSilva, Governor George Fergusson, Minister of Public Safety Michael Dunkley, Shadow Minister of Public Safety Michael Scott, MP Michael Weeks and MP Rolfe Commissiong have all extended their sympathies to the families, and urged people who may know something to come forward.

The double homicide remains under investigation, and anyone with any information regarding the murders is encouraged to contact the Serious Crimes Unit on 247-1739 or the independent and confidential Crime Stoppers Bermuda hotline on 800-8477.

Detectives have stated they are especially interested in speaking with anyone who was in the Curving Avenue, Happy Valley Road Pembroke area between 8:50pm & 9:10pm on Wednesday that may have seen a group of men travelling on 2 – 3 motorcycles.

The Vigil will be hosted by ‘Colford’s Family Against Violence’ and the Curve Community. ‘Colford’s Family Against Violence’ was formed after the murder of Colford Ferguson in 2011. The 29-year-old, who the police confirmed was not a gang member, was working at a construction job in Somerset when he was fatally shot.  His family formed the group after his death, with the motto of “Stop the Silence – End the Violence.”

- Photo of Mr Outerbridge and Mr Furbert via Facebook

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  1. fedup says:

    how about a vigil.. for kumi harford..kimwande “wheels” robinson.. jahmiko lashore…joshua “tati” robinson , perry puckerin?.. or because they nt from —- or have ties to them they dont matter?

    • Bernews says:

      They actually have held Vigils for some of the people you mentioned, as they try and do them for all the victims. You can view some coverage of past Vigils here:

      • Rea W says:

        Thank you Bernews for pointing that out.

      • fedup says:

        thankyou bernews. i had been off island for a bit and didnt know that a few of them did have vigils

        • Um jus sayin.... says:

          So ask before blabbing off at the mouth and assuming!!! Their family member had no affiliations with any areas…case of wrong place, wrong time. So they have no biases…glad to see it continued.

        • Jam Jam says:

          An apology would be the proper thing to do “fedup”.
          If we want Bermuda to change we have to start with ourselves. Teach the youth the right and proper way to be…the bible says rear a child int the way he should be and he will not depart rom that.

          All this stuff going on in the island is some bad stuff man. People support too much wrong for too long.
          If you love someone u have a duty and a right to show them their wrong and help guide them in the right.

        • yawn says:

          at fed up – you dont have to wait for someone else to have the vigil. set it up yourself…

    • Smh says:

      Idiot. Get your facts straight. Some of them did have vigils. We can tell who you support just by the names you called out. What about people like Jason Smith and Frederick “Freddy” Maybury who were beyond innocent? The list can go on. So please go somewhere with your bias opinions. It is up to the community to have vigils. So if you want one, go set it up.

      • Bubbles says:

        Why is fedup an idiot for mentioning those names? NEWSFLASH some of those people were the first people to be murdered in Bermuda! Slayed in the worst circumstances. In front of loved ones so on so forth. Can you @ smh imagine your family member bullet ridden?

        You @ smh have the nerve to call fedup an idiot, do your homework. Jason Smith has had many events held on his behalf. So are you saying the people from up hill were not innocent? Did they deserve to die? My cousin Kumi was a great soul a beautiful person whom was far from a trouble maker! You a*&hole!

        @ Smh you’re ignorant very ignorant!

        • Smh says:

          I never said they were an idiot for mentioning those names. They were an idiot for mentioning only those names. And I stated Freddy and Jason as examples to show of other people that they did not state. Neither was I saying that none of the people that they listed were not innocent. How do you get that out of me saying, “What about people like Jason Smith and Frederick “Freddy” Maybury who were beyond innocent?” Maybe it is the way you read it but it is not what I meant.

          Anyway, no need for me to explain how you took my comment the wrong way. But my point here is that there were many murder victims that may not have held special events in memory of them, not just the ones he listed.

        • true says:

          Yes that is so true Kumi was a great frd father brother an son as was Bigs Kimwande and Tati the rest I dont really know, they wr still some mother child an as a mother Bringing up a son I get a pain in my heart every time this madnes goes on ….. mothers fathers pls come out Tonight there familys need us Bermuda if you are really tierd of this mess pls come out stop running of the mouth pls stand up against this happpy velly should be so ramed Tonight lets see WHO is really FAD up with all this so you Tonight bermuda RIP TO ALL WHO HAVE PASSED

          • nasty b says:

            At the end of the day all the murders were not necessary. I am a mother of one of the victims no vigil has been made in honor of my son.which is neither here nor there. I have attended
            All the vigils in honor for each one of our lost love ones. No matter were they are from at the end of the day they are someones child who was loved and will be missed dearly. We need to come together and make a stand. To all you mothers of lost loved ones due to this senseless gun violence my god hold and keep you.

      • fishbwoy says:

        jason was “beyond innocent” ?

      • Islander says:

        enuf already, the person said they were off Island – perhaps you are one of those who make off before you finish reading. It has been a long hard road for everyone, please read, think and then respond. No I am not shouting, I am suggesting.

      • wow says:

        There was one for Freddy

    • ella says:

      I don’t think you should take it like that. YES, THEY DO MATTER. We can do a vigil for them as well. Name the place & time, I am 100% sure that they will have the support. Blessings to everyone in Bermy!! Especially more to the everyone of these families that have lost their loved ones thru this freakin mess. We need GOD in our lives.

      • Bubbles says:

        It’s not the message it’s the delivery. And I stand by my statement “smh” is ignorant! Every human being matters every creation of God is a blessing and matters…

        I wasn’t implying we NEED vigils either I just didn’t appreciate the delivery of “smh” message…

      • nasty b says:

        I agree

    • Free says:

      I’m so tired of hearing this argument. Who gives a F$%^! — I’m tired of this nonsense about that certain gang getting special treatment or whatever nonsense you all claim. People have had enough. Go on a smaller island and shoot each-other until you’re all dead so the rest of us can live in peace since they won’t be satisfied until that happens!

    • dummy says:

      Shut up yo. Aint nothing to do with no other side dopey. F#@k. Child had respect for eryone so dont t talk no dumbness

    • Moms gingerbread says:

      Don’t you look like an idiot, perhaps you should have started out by saying, I have been off the Island were there any Vigils held for blah blah or blah. Now the right thing for you to do is apologize.

      BTW I hope we don’t need any more vigils, the senseless murders need to stop.

  2. Organiser says:

    F.Y.I I knew many of these young men and grew up with them. I can only do so much from the goodness of my heart. I could not continue the vigils because people wanted to get paid to participate. Yes it hurts to know not everyone cares n people do have different motives. I do apologize but I could not finance the Vigils

    • ella says:

      What! Are you kidding me? They wanted to reap rewards on death! What a pathetic bunch of people. No need for your apology. Just no that you did the best that you could and have a conscious. Them other people…

  3. Back in the Day says:

    Goodness……where are the days of Clayhouse!!!!!!!! These stupid little 25 and under boys started this mess!!! They were just little kids in the 90′s. Just sooo sad! 42nd, Whitewall,Backbush, Devil’s Hole…..those were the days when we all just hung out and had no real beef…Yes people would fight but WITH THEIR FISTS!!! Who would have thought that so many guys from the mid 90′s would be dead today due to gun violence.
    What does a 34 year old even have in common with a 21 year old!!!!!!!!!! There are a group of 25 and under boys..they all went to West Pembroke Primary and started a little gang called “Parkside” seems like it all went down after Shaundae (sp) was murdered in dockyard. Come on ya’ll speak up. All you aged 30 plus…you know the deal..TALK!!!

    • Smh says:

      What are you talking about? The problem is ALL the gangs on the island. Not just the group of little boys that went to West Pembroke. It is all tit for tat and revenge. Everyone who knew Ricco & Haile knew they were headed on a good path and grew away from all of the foolishness and tried to set an example. So yes, many claim them innocent, including the opposing gangs but they don’t care because they know that Parkside is hurting from this murder because these two were their brother/neighbor/friend. If you go on twitter you see all the little Somerset boys running their mouths talking about this is payback for Freddy (Frederick Maybury – innocent man murdered). And they have absolutely no remorse that these 2 men lost their lives. In fact, they are bragging about it. Heartless right? And these boys are only between 14 and 18 because most of them live around my neighborhood in Somerset. It upsets me that children so young can be so heartless. They need all need guidance.

      • nooneinparticular says:

        twitter? seriously? i hope bps takes advantage of that information.

        • pah! says:

          NOT just twitter, instagram too. It’s SO sad that some people just don’t have a heart and are even publicly admitting to that. BPS needs to hop on these social networks ASAP if they haven’t already.

      • Berkeleyite says:

        @ Smh- So if you have seen all the bragging on twitter, I hope you’ve said something to the police- since you KNOW these young men. If not, I hope you know that you are only contributing to the problem… Become the solution

  4. Truth says:

    @ Back in the day: You are right. Im in my 30′s and yeah there were crews when i was in highschool, you heard rumors of one or two guys that had guns but never saw them, or heard of them being fired……but these guys now…are just demons on a rampage. They dont care for peoples lives or their own….which makes them no different from the Taliban in my opinion….terrorist. So, some task force needs to come in and clean up……..not one, single shot has been fired by authorities….at anyone…..EVER….what other country allows that???
    It did go all down hill after Shaundae. The gun crime just increased and increased………….its only a matter of time before someone is crazy enough to go on reid street and pull a frank lucas on someone…………..shoot them in broad day light and walk away like nothing happened with no helmet or mask on…………each generation gets worse.

  5. 90s baby says:

    As a 21 year old, it annoys me to the fullest extent when people blame my generation for what has been going on. This constant talk about ‘young people’ being the cause of all this is a very unfair and surface statement/ opinion. You need to dig deeper. These issues stem from much DEEPER issues.

    Yes, we are all individually responsible for our actions. And we are also the product of our surroundings and upbringing. IT ALL plays a part. There are NO independent variables in that equation.

    We are all should know right from wrong. However, that knowlege, that teaching comes from those who raise us. I.E. OUR PARENTS and GRANDPARENTS. I.E. Those OLDER than 30 years old. Yes, we are a different generation living in a completely different age. But the fundamentals are the same. I’m not saying that it’s anyone’s fault because every individual is indeed responsible for their own actions. My point is that the state of our island is NOT our fault. It did not just happen. It took years and years.

    That being said. I knew Ricco and my heart is so heavy right now. I did not know ‘star child’, but to the person who said “what does a 35 year old have in common with a 25 year old”, they were actually neighbors, had mutual friends, and we’re friends themselves. Who are you to judge their friendship? How do you know what it is based on?
    Anyways, my heart goes out to everyone who is hurting from this incident and others.

    • Back in the day says:

      @90s baby………read…….i said what does a 21 yr old have in common with a 34 yr old. The guy that is in custody is 21!!!!!!!! I said nothing about the victims friendship!!! Geeesh!

  6. Mbaya Avunaye says:

    The Vigil should be held outside the courts and as close as legally possible to Gov’t House. The time is NOW to take the books off the shelves, dust them off and enact the laws.

  7. Portuguese/Bermudian says:

    Getting back to the vigil, I hope that there is a mass of people there, and not just a few dozen. We need to come together like never before.

  8. 80s baby says:

    I’m not gonna comment on what I see being commented on here, the fact of the matter is that looking back at bermuda from when I was younger as oppose to now, this island has taking a turn for the worst. Despite who you are where you came from and vise versa, we all are human and live this beautiful thing called life which god from day one has blessed us with so it shouldn’t be at the hands of a gun where precious life should be lost. I feel for all the family who have lost their loved ones to this senseless act that have takin hold of our island and pray that us as a community and people come together and finally put an end to it so that no more life will be lost. Stay strong and be safe bermuda in these dire and sad times

  9. Jam Jam says:

    90s Baby …sorry for your loss and to all the Family n friends of the victims.
    I knew of Haile, we went Berkeley together. It seems like he had a very positive outlook on live based on that Concrete Jungle was excellently done! Its strange how in the end of the video he just faded away…perminition perhaps…
    This has been brewing for about 20 decades now…everyone ignored it.
    I left Bermy in 2007 to Canada for school. I aint move back yet…Before I left I had pure vivid dreams of bare gunshot in a Bermuda..Up 42 was the setting of the dreams. two years after I left bermy things popped off…but even before things got really bad, if yall remember these guys been firing warning shots from late 2007 to 2009 when Shaq got kill.Rip.Shaq.

    These things were ignored by the community and gov…How fast does life get altered…its live people are living in a movie…some boys in the hood stuff. But we made it…we want ghetto in bermy, when there werent no real ghettos. We hate our brothers enough to kill…whats even worse is like the black people hate themselves…its no way we honestly love our selves as a race–we have serious underlying issues…That also is not entirely our fault..but what we supposed to do?? let that be our downfall…???

  10. 2013 says:

    I noticed most bermudians talk a good talk

    But our actions are invisable

    If we want to end this senseless volience we must unite and react !

    Make a stand …. Physically, not sitting on bernews complaining and fighting like children in a sand box!

    Actions speak – chit chat will only continue a conversation ….

    Think about it

    And I’m from this 90′s generation you speak of !

    • Ladeej says:

      @2013 I agree that we need to make a stand. The vigil is a start. Will you attend? What else do you suggest?

  11. Burg says:

    Just because they arrested someone from Westside doesn,t mean they are guilty they also arrested three
    Park side guys tonight but that didn’t make news headlines.

    • u all r silly says:

      yes they did arrest three people from twn. do you really know why??? Before you start insinuating things tryin to add fuel to this fire find out the correct info first. twn people found out were the missing bike was. need i say anymore

  12. Jam Jam says:

    2013…I see what your sayn.
    But before people can come together to do something communication is key…If we can’t be agreeable on these furoms or any other forums how are we supposed to agree when physicallity gets involved.

    Mike Tyson sid everybody has got a plan until they get hit! How true…

    We need an agenda, a plan of action and a goal.

    I have a great idea on how the police ca track future murdereds in that small island. It will work like a charm and will be very successful in bringing perps to justice. It involves technolgies…

    Who do I talk to??

    Any suggestions?

    Bernews??? you got my email.

  13. tricks are for kids says:

    I feel that we have become an angry society period…look how viscious some of us are because we don’t like or agree with some of the comments….name calling. …put downs. ….getting defensive…..the list goes on….everyone has their opinion and we are not always going to agree….for so long it has been tit for tat and it has to stop. …yes somerset boys did have things to say on twitter….further searching will show that psc has posted that someone is going to die. …so which is the lesser of two evils?…BOTH sides have evil intent. ..the big question is how do we put an end to it?… the police CLAIM to know ALL gang members…..I find this hard to believe considering their track record…..they also at one point told us there were only 4 guns this too has proven to be a falsehood…I could say more but lately several of my comments have not been posted even though I have never called any names my comments have been “too real” and Bernews have a right to protect themselves legally which is understandable…however, with that said everyone needs to look at the bigger picture and not just what is in front of you..people are also asking what can we do as a community to start healing….well I say start right here…..start being respectful to each other when commenting…..learn to agree to disagree…learn to express yourself without having to result to name calling to get your point across… me it can be done. …

  14. time for change says:

    @ 2013 and Landee, you are both right, however here in Bermuda we take serious things that are happening in our community as a form of entertainment and water cooler and baber shop convo,people here will not really stand up for or march on these SERIOUS Ations that are taking place on this little island,,people here are Way too Proud !

    If we where really serious about things that where destroying our island home of 21 miles it could be sorted out almost over nite,,,we are quicker to run the rumour mill than to solve problems..

  15. Triangle Drifter says:

    Oh great…another vigil. Much weeping & wailing. Lots of bible thumping. Afterwards they will all go home & nothing will change till the next shooting when there will be a rinse & repeat cycle.

    Insensitive? Maybe. The truth of the situation? Most definetly.

  16. Come On Man!! says:

    Some folks take things a little bit to personal and quick to fly off the handle. That’s only one problem.

  17. The Truth says:

    There isnt much hope for the future of Bermuda. I feel sorry for those that are stuck on the island.
    Take some responsobility for the problems we have appeased: turned a blind eye to.. cuz now its in our face..
    Give up that talk about O Bermudians aint nothin, put em in a hood in so and so and so on. Stupidness. We neva had guns in bermy, we do now, and bermudians aint wat!?
    Sum serious bad mind people.
    Youts dont realize what it is to be a Budmon. These guys are bimperts, losers, guys that cant gey girls, no hustle, no charisma, but with the power we just handed ova under the wicked Ewart Browns reign, there is no social order in Bermuda, on the streets, this was stripped away by attacking large organized street financial groups and placing the recorded 6.1 billion dollar industry into the hands of silly youts led, by free masons, and snitches and bad mind, evilous people. Understand the money and drugs situation and understand whata goin on in bermuda. Dont turn a blins eye to the truth and jus label evrybody that geta shot as a gang member who had it comin to em. U will feel it one dah. Sumone you love wikk be a victim and ull hear people slandering their name shamefully. Ignorance used to be bliss. But Bermy is too small. Ask questuons of your government and police. These are the real gangs rapin our streets. Its all about the money and each man looking out for his own. Yet we afford too much morality to politicians untill they rape evry penny from us and it is exposed.
    Theres too much hate for this to stop. Each murder fuels more hate. Imagine if your brother/cousin friend was murdered by somebody u already dont like. I dont kno wat the answer is. Besides get the —- outa that hell whole

  18. time for change says:

    @bernews please give us an update on this Vigil,it would be very interesting to see the Actual Support,,,other than friends and family,,like a previous poster quoted,bermudians TALK A GOOD TALK ! (first excuse it was too cold outside) you haffe love em thou !

    Ps. can we look at some REAL ways to Compact this Evil Terror that is running Rampede in this Isle of Bermuda.

  19. Gemini says:

    to fed up
    Yes, just get ur info straight. As the organizer said the reasons for stopping the vigils, I am damn sure
    It was stopped also becuz of know support from F#%^~\! Ppl like you. A%#hole. Pissing me off today.