BIU Encourages Members To Join Demonstration

February 28, 2013

[Updated] The Bermuda Industrial Union said they are “in no way involved” with the planned march on Parliament tomorrow [Mar 1], however they are encouraging their members to participate in the demonstration.

The group behind the march is calling for 4 things: Term Limits to be reinstated, a three month extension of of the Work Permit Policy Review, a public apology from the Minister of Home Affairs Michael Fahy for his “deception and condescending attitude,” as well as requesting that OBA officials “cease and desist calling Bermudians xenophobic.”

A statement from the BIU said, “The public should be aware that the Bermuda Industrial Inion is in no way involved the ‘March on Parliament’ that is scheduled to leave from Union Square on Friday, March 1, 2013 at 10:30 a.m.

“However, the BIU is encouraging its membership to participate in the demonstration organized by “Concerned Bermudians” which is to begin at 12 noon tomorrow on the grounds of the House of Assembly during their lunch break on Friday, March 1, 2013.”

Update 3.46pm: To clarify, the march at 10.30am and the demonstration at 12 noon are two separate events organized by two separate entities. The BIU is encouraging their membership to join the demonstration at 12 noon.

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  1. Juice says:

    Since this is not a union demonstration, i wonder how many union members will show up on there own personal time.

    • Local says:

      Can someone please take a picture of these “marchers” for me? (I’d be there but I VALUE MY JOB and I actually have a brain in my head and am able to grasp the concept of term limits.)

      From this picture, I’d like to know who NOT to choose to be on my Spelling Bee team or my Quiz Night team – clearly these people do not have the intelligence to understand the term limits policy nor the desire to educate themselves on it. I wish we could add up the collective IQ of this lot. Me thinks it will be VERY LOW! Enjoy your march!

      • Black Soil says:

        People will soon realize that this “march” is in fact led by BIU officials. This “march” is in fact a BIU march without it being a BIU march. The BIU is on the wrong side of history. They have lost the support of the masses. The masses have rejected the bullying tactics of the BIU leadership. And they understand that the attitude of the BIU is an attitude that will destroy Bermuda.

        • Cleancut says:

          I wonder if Chris Furbert will be wearing GREEN.

        • navin johnson says:

          But it cannot be a BIU march because the BIU said they were in no way involved……they would not lie would they? say it isn’t so…

  2. The Real Reason says:

    If we are to march, at least march for the right reason.

    Placards should read:……………

    The PLP squanderd & mis-managed Bermuda’s money for the last 10 years.
    Where did the BILLION $ GO ??????????

    We are here because WE VOTED YOU IN, and are simply sending a message today that we will not allow you to do the same s…t as the PLP did.

    Thank you, The Crowd.

    • @ The real reason and anyone else that thinks like you,it is inmature to take such a serious issue that is on the table and combine it with your disatisfaction of the previous administration.

      Do not be confused or clouded with the real issues that are on the table and put aside your bias attitude and think of the future of the generation coming behind us and what we are really saying to them.

      Bermuda needs to stand up and make their voice heard on the term limits policy and I for one am all for marches when needed but I think we are fastly moving into the time were we need to stop marching and start shutting the island down totally and bring them to their knees,now to the jack rabbit that feels we would be only hurting ourselves if we do this,I say we wont.

      Our forefathers did it and because of it we are better off today as a result of them bringing about the riots and protest in days gone by and on a worlsd scale,even where our fore fathers and mothers brought entire justice to us all. Bermuda needs to stop selling it’s self like a prostitute and start investing more into it’s own peoples future.

      • Truth is killin' me... says:

        It’s funny how y’all have voices now but a year ago were silent and could hear a pin drop! Fearful of being called an “Uncle Tom” by the previous administration if you spoke up more like it!

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          Nah. It wasn’t that at all. Some just love unemployment, falling housing prices (resulting in people losing their homes) and the fall of the private sector as long it is THEIR Government overseeing the fall.

          If they truly cared about the plight of many struggling Bermudians and the future of their children they would have expressed the same “concern” before December 17 2012. But they didn’t, they just sat there and accepted the situation and people who led us into this mess.

          Simple politics that’s all. The protesters don’t care about all the Bermudians that are unemployed and struggling to meet their bills.

          I hope this march is successful and they drive away the last of the IB businesses (you know the ones that provide 85 cents of every Government dollar. Lets see how this would allow “investing in the people” and all the pretty little capital projects they evidence as the reason for our massive debt.

          Bye bye Bermuda. And if you think it is a joke, then look at how we got here in the first place.

          • Islander says:

            how soon will you be leaving?

            • Bermy Gooner says:

              I am not leaving. This is my home just as much as it is yours. It always has been and more than likely it always will be. But I sincerely and sarcastically apologize if you don’t like what I post. Sometimes the truth hurts. No pain no gain right?

              PS: I meant bye-bye Bermuda in terms of what we once were.

            • Local says:

              @Islander – at least the people in IB have the ABILITY to up-and-leave whenever they wish. They uprooted their lives once to make the move here, they can just as easily do it again to enjoy greener pastures elsewhere. It’s people with attitudes like you that make some IB people who USED to LOVE Bermuda and want to make it their home (despite its flaws) now think of it as just another stop on their journey.

              And yes, for the record, I DO know several exempt expats who used to think that they would someday buy a house and make Bermuda their home. Now they say “Bermuda doesn’t want our money or us so we’ll just ride this until the wheels fall off then we will move on AND take our money with us.” That’s a dam shame because these are good people who donate lots of time and money to our island home. I don’t blame them though, we tell them on a regular basis that we don’t want them here. Who wants to live like that??

        • Say that to a fool because i am not one to speak when it is convient for the hour,I speak always and always will I dont matter who is in power,it is obvious that you are such a late bloomer or one who really does not pay attention,most people on these blogs have pounded the pavement for years on talk shows,public forums and town hall meetings,Bernews is an extension to the work that we as community activist do but you would only know that if you got more involved.

          We dont always agree in any public setting or debate but we are and always will be consistent on letting our voice be heard,so crawl back up in your space and gather your thoughts before you choose to run with the top brass of this society when it comes to all out war. stick with boot camp to your troop leader releases you

      • openmind says:

        Why is it that you always have to post a negative epistle on these threads. You preach you have been around for soo long, and lived the streets blah blah in your previous posts, and go on to say people trying to tackle the crime are a joke etc… well here is an idea – take the time you waste to write these long ignorant messages and come up with some thoughtful intellectual solutions… ie – stop being a hypocrite!

        • Oh go to mommy and sulk and tell her the big bad wolfe hurt your feelings and he going to take ya candy away.let me respond to your opinion by saying ,some do more behind close doors then in public nad what you get here is just an overflow of what is taking place else where but you still benefit from the outcome,took me years to learn that principle,so stop sucking on th enipple and get off your rear and be a part of the solution and not bringing nothin to the table.

          I can handle anyone who critise me and then offers an alternative solution but dont waiste your time or energy on folk if they offer nothing. That my friend is written as an illustration to speak to others while using you as a prime example,that is called (WISDOM).

          • openmind says:

            So I challenge you to put your wisdom to use if you have soo much. Sucks that it took you years to learn that principle… that fact along with your posts can only lead readers to question your intellect.

            Nothing you have ever said on this website is useful and constructive… you are the epitome of what many would refer to as the peanut gallery.

      • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

        Well said Mr Santucci, some folks have difficulty putting aside their political positions and be objective on the issue at hand. I believe all persons have a right to march, if they deem it necessary to do so. Taking a stand, is better than not having a voice in one’s country.

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          “Well said Mr Santucci, some folks have difficulty putting aside their political positions and be objective on the issue at hand”

          Did YOU of all people just write that?


      • keturah says:

        Are you aware of the financial position this island is in? Party politics or not, the bottom line is that we are in trouble on many levels and shutting the island down will not help. Do you understand economics at all????

        • I do and when you hit the powers that be where they most feel it,you will get reaction and for the record we have survived as a people much worst condition then these but the problem with modrn day society,is how soon we forget the struggles of those who made it so that you could have running water and a bathroom in your home and could vote even if you did not own property.

          I dont want to live in reshins like my mother had to or go back to having no voice because i am a person of color,so for some of us we will always be waelthy because we appreciate the struggle on whose blood sweat and tears we have come.

          • Portia says:

            Duane, please understand this:

            1) You are NOT hitting the “powers that be where they feel it most.” You are hitting BERMUDA and BERMUDIANS where it hurts most. This march (and any subsequent industrial action) will not reflect negatively on the current Government, by any means. It will impact Bermuda’s and the people who are trying to make it here. It always has, and always will. Perhaps you are forgetting the damage that was done during the general strike of 1981? This will also impact our image as a place that actually WANTS to move ahead and get out of this financial rut.

            2) No, we have NOT been through worse conditions than these. The financial crisis that Bermuda is going through right now is unprecedented in modern history. If you can tell me of a period where we have faced the debt levels, loss of business, unemployment, etc that we are experiencing now, that I may re-think it.

            3) Who said that you have no voice because you are a person of color? So am I – yet we are both exercising our voices right now. What does term limits and the march have to do with color? It’s not racial – or is it? (Forget it – I think I already know the answer.)

      • navin johnson says:

        Mr Santucci you are a fool…..just what Bermuda needs when hanging by a thread to “start shutting the island down” what benefit would that serve…..and after 14 years of theft and deception where would Bermuda find the funds to start investing in it’s own people future? every time people like you and Furbert open your mouths one more person leaves Bermuda….

  3. me says:

    After seeing Chris Furbert dressed in green at the election, this really doesn’t surprise me! lol!

  4. Islander says:

    Anything for Chris – he has become a E Brown – I say, you do or … scare mongering is still alive. I do trust that Union members and others planning to attend the march tomorrow will be mindful of the way their fellow Bermudians have lost jobs, homes, their children have been affected by cut backs at school and so on before standing with those who have not thought about anything except for their emotions and propaganda

    • And I guess letting foreigners in here without term limits and doing menial jobs such as waitress and truck driver,van drivers,hotel maids,restaurant worker,cleaners etc. is not taking from the average Bermudian and costing them to loose anything and then ending up living on financial assistance and being slaved to a financial handout from the public purse,while people from other countries are doing jobs we should have,is not a slap in the face and a disgrace to those that are true born Bermudains.

      So to continue the same thing in the same vain as the previous administrations in you view under the O.B.A is just good,well the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results,so who is insane here.give a bone and take a bone utter stupidity,I dont recall ever seeing on my british birth certificate,or passport where my name reads jack ass.

      • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

        Great !! Mr Santucci, yes So to continue the same thing in the same vain as the previous administrations in you view under the O.B.A is just good,well the definitions of insanity is doing the same thing expecting different results,so who is insane here.give a bone and take a bone utter stupidity,I dont recall ever seeing on my british birth certificate,or passport where my name reads jack ass.

        • Bermy Gooner says:

          So you agree that the previous administration acted in a way that wasn’t in the best interests or “standing strong for Bermudians?”

          • Family Man says:

            LOL. Duane’s head is spinning trying to figure out just what it is that he’s ‘arguing’ for.

      • George says:

        Duane two simple multiple choice questions for you;

        What is the policy that regulates the employment of non-Bermudians on this Island, Is it a:the work permit policy or b:the work permit policy? Yes you guessed it – the work permit policy!

        What is the policy that restricted the entitlement to residency of non-Bermudians on this Island? Was it a: the term limits policy or b: the term limits policy? yes you guessed it right again – its the term limits policy!

        What you’re jumping up and down about and getting all hot under the collar is the work permit policy! Call a spade a spade and demand a further review of the work permit policy but continuing to bang on about the term limit policy only makes you look foolish and uninformed.

        I think the solution to the problem/question of why non-Bermudians are being hired over Bermudians is quite simple – ask the employers/Immigration to show you the list of Bermudians that have been hired/fired in those roles in the past and the reasons for their dismissal. What that will do is allow us as a country to start to have a sincere conversation about what we lack/are missing as employees…………why we are unemployable!

        We need to have a sharp/hard look at ourselves first before we start pointing the blame elsewhere!

        • just maybe i should post the letter that has been written to officials and you would clearly understand that we are almost on the same page,but it is to lengthy to put here.

          • Grubster says:

            Mr Santucci. Please post your letter, however lengthy. I’m sure people would be happy to read it.

      • Islander says:

        Blame that on Colonial burch and his gang at immigration – please Bernews print the reports from Immigration for the 14yrs that the PLP were Government.

        Also, why is that some unemployed Bermudians refuse to work for anything less than $15.00 per hour, I know of workers in Construction who won’t work for less than 40 Dlrs an hours and others that want jobs in the hotel but refuses to do menial jobs. Where do people like this fit in – UNEMPLOYED!

      • Grubster says:

        What is your solution to investing more into people’s futures. What would you do?

      • jt says:

        in which years did expat worker numbers explode in all levels of workforce – PLP

      • Argosy says:

        ….looks like your VEINS have turned in VAIN, Santuchi – result?

      • blankman says:

        Mr Santucci – if you haven’t figured it out now, term limits have nothing to do with protecting Bermudian jobs. That’s what the work permit policy is for.

  5. openmind says:

    and all members who march should get fired for wasting tax payers money when they should be working… time to start shrinking the public sector

    • Li says:

      The BIU is not the union for the public sector. I believe you’re getting them confused with the BPSU.

      • Bermy Gooner says:

        They represent Marine and Ports, Works and Engineering, Parkes and Fisheries etc.

        • Argosy says:

          Don’t forget the bus drivers….no busses tomorrow during the march – get ready!

          • Balanced Facts says:

            Only half of bus drivers are BIU members now…hmmmm

      • openmind says:

        regardless tax payers money funds both of them

  6. Conveniently planned to coincide with BIU workers lunch break…this has definitely got a hint of BIU involvement…imho

  7. I jus don't understand says:

    I don’t understand the reasoning. The previous Govt were already told by their advisors that term limits are ineffective, and do more harm than good. The new Government didn’t know this fact until they moved into office and ‘looked under the hood’ (I like that term). Its a waste of effort and time to take a further 2 years to revise term limits when the verdict is already in folks…..ya’ll wasting your time marching 2morrow…..

  8. SoMuchMore says:

    So the BIU has nothing to do with this but the headline reads – BIU Encourages Members To Join March

    LOL. Too Funny.

    The BIU and Crew need to let go and put the political differences aside for once and focus on getting Bermuda back on track.

  9. Amazed says:

    As I understand it from the news last night , there are actually two different things scheduled by two different groups, a march at 10:30 and a gathering a 12:00 noon.

  10. Nuffin but de Truth! says:

    as usual,more LIES from the bankrupt biu and Furbert!

  11. bir says:

    if you march you are ignorant and missing the point… Bermudian’s should be worrying about the debt that the PLP marched this country and its people into.

    • @ bir, No ignorance is listening to people that try and make you think your ignorant for standing up for what you believe is right but i guess that is something you dont understand because your ignorance has got the best of you.

      • jt says:

        what is it you’re standing up for the work permits don;t accomplish? it was the PLP who let an unprecedented number of exat workers in under their reign

    • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

      Thanks, and the Bermudians people should also be shocked by the high increase of our debt level under the OBA, as Mr Richards promised me on the door steps that he would lower the debt, once the OBA became the government of the day. Many voted for the OBA based upon that, but look what they have done? Yet I hear no outraged by the OBA supporters. Well here we are, and what does the OBA do? Increase our debt level, provide no creative ideas to develop revenue via other methods. I am most disappionted in this step forward by the OBA, as I expected more, based on their election promises. Yes we should be outraged, the OBA has sunk us in even bigger debt.

      • SJW says:

        So “Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness” where were you when the previous administration raised the debt ceiling during their last budget? And where have you been for the last 14 years while the previous administration spent the billions that we did not have! It is going to take us a long, LONG time to recover from this financial mess the PLP have put us in. We all need to work TOGETHER to get this our island back on track and shutting the island down for a mass strike is NOT the solution. Honestly people, put your thinking caps on and come up with real solutions – not idiotic ones!

      • Portia says:

        The OBA did not increase the level of debt – they increased the DEBT CEILING. The debt ceiling is what allows Government to pay it bills, including the interest payments on the debt we have outstanding. Basically, the raised the DEBT CEILING to authorise the Ministry to pay the bills that the previous administration committed us to. NOT paying these bills means the Government defaults – consequence being, Bermuda would be finished. Please try to understand a little bit of economics.

        • George says:

          Unfortunately Portia as I understand the situation from listening to the talk shows and reading the blogs its not a matter of people informing themselves about the reality of the situation its simply a matter of them not wanting to understand the situation. The blinders are on, the gloves are off and some are looking for a fight – this Government are the easiest target because the impression is that they do not represent them (as they were not voted for by them), so have become the default scapegoats despite only being in power for two months now!

      • Balanced Facts says:

        Please educate yourself on the issues that you raise and you may have a different view. Debt ceiling is not debt. The Economic position of the country was far worse than the PLP would reveal (ask the silenced Auditor) The OBA has to keep things going and expenditure (how much we spend) is greater than revenues (how much we make) soooo, we have to borrow AND make cuts and create stimulus for jobs ! ALL of that is happening and the public are getting all the hard facts about it.
        Thanks OBA may be the words you should be using!

      • jt says:

        All a result of what the PLP has left us SoT.

  12. thats me says:

    anybody with a brain,i bet they wont be at tha march! you could count on one hand how many white people would be there!

    • Dont under estimater the power of white folks when it comes to the future of their children and grandchildren because they are just as concerned about the future of their love ones when it comes to this term limits policy,also for the rcord it is a know fatc and has been throughout all history,that black folk are the most out spoken and demonstrated protestors for change in every country world wide.

      It was on the backs and deaths of our fore fathers and mothers that brought about the greatest changes in the history of mankind,so dont be disturbed by the fact we were born to be fighters and dont agree on a whole lot of things but when it comes the time for us to stand as a people we can put aside our differences in a flash,and united we stand,dont worry about the divided we fall,because we still stand and will continue to stand throughout all ages.

      • knowthyself says:

        That hasn’t been true since the first Africans sold us into slavery.

        However you’re right to say united we stand, divided we fall..

        I do believe we are best equipped to fix our own social issues. And the only way for that to happen is for us to stick together instead of following a system that is in many ways “foreign” and “dismissive” to us.

        Problem is the lines between “us” and “them” are only clear on paper. The numbers certainly don’t lie in that regard..and the historical relevance of those numbers don’t either. However in our present capitalistic society, one that characterizes a populace that is strictly focused on the attainment of wealth and power. The aims of the privileged (usually white) are the same and in many ways the same as mine and yours (to our own detriment).

      • Shelta says:

        Is it really a “know fatc that black folk are the most out spoken and demonstrated protestors for change in every country world wide?” I mean, right at this very minute 100,000 people have died in the last two years protesting for democracy in the Arab Spring. Pretty brave and outspoken in my books. Or the tens of thousands who risked imprisonment in Russia in their 2011 protests, or the Thai Protests of 2010.
        Don’t get me wrong, the Civil Rights movement was incredible and Martin Luther King Jr. is a great historical figure, but no “folk” have a monopoly on courage or conviction.
        What all of the above have in common is that none of them are protesting modest proposals by a newly democratically elected government to address a budget deficit and huge debt held in foreign currency. I am pro union, but the whole island needs to be on the same page and address some hard issues.

  13. keturah says:


  14. Truth is killin' me... says:

    I’d rather wrap my Belco bill and grocery bill around a brick and throw it at soembody!

    • Hopefully you can throw it at B.E.L.O and they may just lower your rates

      • Standing on Transparency, Inclusiveness and Fairness says says:

        Thanks Mr Santucci for your comments, you seem to fair and honest on most occassions, and speak to the issues, regardless of the whom the government is. I am upset the government has raised the Debt so high.

        Thanks, and the Bermudians people should also be shocked by the high increase of our debt level under the OBA, as Mr Richards promised me on the door steps that he would lower the debt, once the OBA became the government of the day. Many voted for the OBA based upon that, but look what they have done? Yet I hear no outraged by the OBA supporters. The OBA blasted the PLP for the debt, yet they are doing on more to decrease it !! Well here we are, and what does the OBA do? Increase our debt level, provide no creative ideas to develop revenue via other methods. I am most disappionted in this step forward by the OBA, as I expected more, based on their election promises. Yes we should be outraged, the OBA has sunk us in even bigger debt.


        • Real Talk (original) says:


          Mr. Richards has not “raised the debt level”, he has proposed raising the debt ceiling (ie, the legal limit on borrowing) because the projected revenue figures for the year are signficantly lower than the previous government projections. Mr Richards is not going to be able to magically make 300million dollars appear in order to balance the budget or inflate our 2012/13 revenue figures.

          I agree that very little information has been provided in the way of increasing revenue figures going forward which is very worrisome although I think by at least using realistic projections (the PLPs were wishful thinking) at least we are able to have a clear, more sobering picture of exactly how bad our economy is.

          To be honest, I’m not sure the OBA has all the answers. With the civil service gobbling up 67% (?) of expenditure, it would seem that therein lies the most logical solution to at least pulling back a bit on the throttle.

        • Sir George Somers says:

          You obviously don’t understand what a debt ceiling actually is!! The new 2.5 billion ceiling isn’t actually how much debt we have, we have about 1.4 billion dollars of debt and unfortunately it’s increasing, the ceiling represents the islands legally allowed maximum level of debt.

          The OBA decided that instead of legally increasing the debt ceiling every year in small increments,, like the plp and the states have been doing, we should set a realistic ceiling that everyone knows and will be a target for us not to reach! Then if we do reach it, then we can say oh shite we have reached this really high target which means the govts policies on controlling and reducing the debt hasn’t worked!

          At the moment if you think the debt would suddenly stop increasing overnight when the OBA was elected, you are an imbecile! The govt in its recent budget announced that they will spend more money this financial year, than they will receive in Taxes! And that 6% of its expenses this year will be spent on paying off the debt and the debts interest. Put it in perspective, the govt will spend 12% of its expenses this year on education! Imagine if we had that extra 6% to spend on education to improve it further!

          The only way the govt can stop the debt increasing like you want is by

          Increase revenue
          1) Raise taxes, introduce new taxes, attract new investment to the island, I.e. more IB business, more foreigners buying houses, spending more money and thus more taxes, etc

          Decrease expenditure
          2) cut public services, e.g less buses, less ferries, shut down post offices, police stations, etc, or privatise some public services!
          3) cut civil service jobs! Less money spent on wages, etc,

          It’s up to you to decide which way you would want to reduce the debt, IMO privatise the public services like buses, ferries and post office!

        • Pastor Syl Hayward says:

          @ stif: You really make me shake my head. It took the PLP several years to put us $2.5 BILLION in debt, and we thought that was speedy. You expect a new government, barely three months old, to bring down the debt instantly???
          The PLP left us in a position where we are FORCED to borrow more money because there was NO, I repeat, NO money left to run the country! As some wag quipped, not even a peppercorn was left in the till!
          I really look forward to seeing the PLP’s ideas for generating income, given that their policy prior to being voted out was to spend more.

        • Balanced Facts says:

          Debt CEILING! They raised the DEBT CEILING!!! The massive debt is what the PLP has left! PLEASE, please, try and understand these things before you let your head explode!

  15. The Real Reason says:

    A further note

    I bet Chris Furburps (oops)real reason is HE AIN’T GONNA GET THAT GRANT !

    And with this Govt’s financial understanding, I bet they would not even think of a loan.

    You are on your own Chris, scary without the “Freinds & Family” eh?

    Keep stirring untill your own bury You.

  16. Bermudian says:

    Where’s PLP’s apology for mis-managing our money? If you’re goign to march, do it for the right reasons.

  17. Kevin says:

    FYI – Concerned Bermudians are the group of UBP supporters formed int he 1980s to fight against their own. Unionist joining that group! This is so funny.

  18. ... says:

    Not surprising……

  19. Clive Spate says:

    I wonder if the marchers will be more articulate about their reasons than this young British fellow:

    • I jus don't understand says:

      whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……so many similarities between the mindset we see here and those ‘mis-directed’ UK people. Very Scary when people don’t know why they protest, they jus do it because everybody else is.

      this one is even more disturbing, reminds me of how the Indian and Fillipino guest worker are being mistreated. Over worked by employers, then terrorized by locals that target them for jus tryna get ahead.

  20. knowthyself says:

    God Bless America!!!!!!!

    Ooops…chuckle.. I meant Bermuda! God bless Bermuda!!

  21. Deliverance says:

    THe BIU IS the group we are calling XENOPHOBIC! What have you lot EVER done for the foreign blue collar workers in this Island? Is it because they aren’t black or because they have no vote that you don’t protect THEIR workers’ right? Hm? I can’t hear you? The Asians and Filippino blue collar workers here are the most ABUSED by their employers at almost every establishment! The BIU is just a pitiful group of people with their hand out and their head up their asses. Thank god I am no longer required to donate part of my weekly salary.

  22. Get Real says:

    So we know that Duane Santucci is racist…well, well, well! So much for caring about Bermudians (both black and white) who don’t have a job! Anyway, where were all these marches when the payroll tax was increased? Where were the marches when Ewart brought in the Uighurs (sp)? Where ARE all the marches for each and every young black Bermudian who was shot to death? Come on, people! You want an apology? For what? Did the PLP’s current leader apologize for calling OBA supporters (yes, both black and white) DEMONIC????????

  23. Translation Please??? says:

    A statement from the BIU said, “The public should be aware that the Bermuda Industrial is in no way involved the ‘March on Parliament’

    “However, the BIU is encouraging its membership to participate in the demonstration organized by “Concerned Bermudians” which is to begin at 12 noon tomorrow on the grounds of the House of Assembly during their lunch break on Friday, March 1, 2013.”

    Suppose I will go look up the word involved—sure seems like there is some involvement by the BIU by simply making a public statement in this regard.

    This is really a pointless exercise—can we PLEASE just focus on things that will get our beloved country and people working–

    It is clear what we have been doing over the last several years needs a bit of a “tune-up”–let’s put our time into making a change–not fighting over a decaying corpse…..

  24. Get over it... says:

    BIU not involved?! LaVerne is one of the ones organizing this march and promoting it so furiously, and she works for the BIU!

    This is all just a pile of nonsense, and anyone with half a brain knows that. A bunch of babies still upset about losing the election, throwing their toys out of their crib. If it weren’t term limits, they’d find something else to moan about, with the OBA as government now there will NEVER be any pleasing them. And before it’s said, yes, the same was the case when the PLP were in power and OBA supporters were constantly moaning at them – but for valid reason, given the hole the PLP were putting us in. The OBA haven’t even been given a chance, they haven’t DONE anything yet and we’ve seen no results, they’ve been in power for 60 days, let them make changes and see what happens as a result – if they don’t work, vote them out next time. Again though, these “protestors” are the folks who will never, ever give the OBA a chance regardless of what they do.

    Here’s to hoping the government take tomorrow off, and these fools show up at an empty cabinet building and are completely ignored – aside from those of us who will be there watching and laughing at them.

  25. Chris P Bacon says:

    It is indeed unfortunate that the PLP/BIU has picked upon term limits to protest against. The fact that term limits were proven not to be effective and have pretty well been applauded by all but the completely insane tells a lot about the opposition.

    Why don’t they have a march against ice melting at Cup Match? A march against apples falling from trees?

    Better yet, why not march against the PLP/BIU doing something beyond stupid – like marching for the re-instatement of term limits.

    You people are beyond embarrassing and beyond help.

    This is absolute proof that the PLP/BIU is completely and utterly finished.

    Also, expecting BIU members to come out on their own time. That’s the biggest laugh of all!!

  26. Chris P Bacon says:

    Stop Presses: BIU/PLP marches against gravity! Yes its true. Next Friday’s march will be against gravity an unnamed official has confirmed. “Its just not fair that the OBA has introduced gravity and it is holding our workers back,” the official went on to say.

    “I urge all BIU members who aren’t busy or too tired from this gravity thing to come out for this march. Don’t let this action by the OBA hold you back,” he continued.

    “Gravity has this way of working against our grass roots Bermudian workers and we demand that the OBA get rid of it immediately’.

    There was no comment from the OBA by press time.

  27. enough says:

    Are these protesters being paid to do this by the Caymans or Zurich?
    Do they realise that they are actually hurting the job prospects of themselves, their children and their grandchildren? If we discourage IB there will be less jobs for all Bermudians: Our intake of foreign currency will be greatly reduced. I don’t expect these people understand the significance of this.

  28. Pilot001 says:

    March, March March, all they want to do is sell this country right before out eyes!

    • swing voter says:

      @ pilot001 the country has already been sold out. Now run along and play in the street ;-)

  29. Pilot001 says:

    @that’s me: that’s why we are divided today because of people like you. Santucci spot on mate as others would say!

    • jt says:

      We are already sold out – 1.5 billion of Bermuda owned by foreigners. Understand the situation.