Norris Simpson Sentenced To Life In Prison

April 3, 2013

[Updated: Simpson was sentenced to life in prison, and must serve 23 years before he is eligible for parole]

Norris Simpson arrived at the Supreme Court this morning [Apr 3] where he is scheduled to be sentenced for the murder of former social worker Ida James, who was killed in 2011.

As he has done throughout the entire legal proceedings, Simpson continued to try and shield himself from the media. During the trial he used a coat to cover his entire face each day, at his first sentencing appearance he used a notepad to shield his face, and today he had his shirt partially pulled over his head.

Simpson entering court this morning:


Ms James was found dead at her Berry Hill Road home in Paget in September 2011, and Simpson was arrested later that month. He had rented a home from Ms James at a North Shore property she owned and was behind on his rent.

His trial began in January 2013 in the Supreme Court, and during the trial the Court heard she was stabbed some 60 times, that Ms James DNA was found under Simpson’s fingernails, and that Simpson was covered in cuts and abrasions. On February 1st 2013 Simpson was found guilty of the murder of Ida James, with the jury returning a 10-2 verdict.

Video of Simpson being lead into court this morning:

Ida James, who was 66-years-old when she was killed, has been described as one of the original pioneers of Bermuda’s social work system and was a founding member of the Bermuda Social Workers Association.

She remained involved in the evolution of the social work council for over twenty-five years, and a scholarship has been launched in her memory.

Rory Field, for the Crown, is recommending life in prison, and said that Simpson has failed to show any remorse. We will update with additional information when the sentencing has been completed.

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Update 12.30pm: Simpson was sentenced to life in prison, and must serve 23 years before he is eligible for parole. Before being sentenced he spent about 10 minutes reading a statement to the Court, in which he denied committing the murder, saying he was “innocent of this charge.”

Update 12.51pm: Simpson continued to wear his shirt over his head when leaving the Court which appeared to have infringed on his sight, resulting in him hitting the top of his head on the prison van as he entered.

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  1. Jason Smith says:

    Whatever this scum gets it won’t be long or painful enough IMO…

  2. Never see the light of day! says:

    What a coward–show your face! I did not know Ms. James, but I hope this psychopath never sees the light of day again.

  3. Why do prison officers allow this scum to hide his face??Hope you get what you deserve and more!but knowing bermudas court system , he be out in 10 to 15 years..

  4. BdaBluLdy47 says:

    Life. Eligible for parole after 23 years. Ms. James and her family and friends receive a FULL lifetime sentence of not having their loved one in their lives and horribly sad memories of how her exceptional life ended. He on the other hand, has a chance of walking free again. This should not be. A life sentence should be just that…L-I-F-E!

  5. Well if the Commissioner of Prisons has his way (again) I guess a big hug, a pat on the shoulder should grant him an early release.
    While the James family will never see their loved one ever again.
    Hope he does what an egg does when left out in the hot sun……and that is ruts. Unbelieveable n most sad…….get him “Bubba”! He beats women! NOT men. (SOB)

  6. BendEm Like Beckam says:

    Send him Tynes Bay. That is where we send the rest of Bermudas trash!

  7. Barney says:

    It is silly that he is allowed to cover his face. Next he will be suing HMP for any injuries received when he knocked his head on the prison van….

  8. pah-ha says:

    the corrections officers, should not have allowed this man to cover his face. his hand should be cuffed to the back, and he should have everything removed from his face. there care be no policy that should support or condone a criminal covering their face(s) going into court.


    did Miss James get to conver her face? when will we stop giving a pass to these scum!

    • watching carefully..commenting cautiously says:

      See the following excerpt from the Prison Rules 1980, section 17:

      “Protection from public view
      17 When prisoners are removed to or from prison they shall be
      exposed to public view as little as possible, and proper safeguards shall be taken to protect them from insult or curiosity”

      The prison officers cannot stop him from covering his face in fact they have a positive duty to limit any exposure.

  9. Jason Smith says:

    How old is this man?

    • Islander says:

      He is in his 50′s…hes the guy that used to work at the second hand shop that was on Court Street.

      • Jason Smith says:

        Thanks as I just wanted to know at what age this animal would be eligible for parole. Hopefully denied when it eventually does come around.

        RIP Ms. James

  10. Mel says:

    His victim got death, he got life. Something’s just not right here. There is no justice. Murderers ought to be executed for their crimes. The ultimate crime deserves the ultimate sentence.

  11. VaLin says:

    Just string him high like they did to Gov. Sharples assassins! A life for a life. Period.

  12. nuffin but da truth says:

    should have let me hang him and I’d have slept soundly after having the wife make me a nice steak dinner for a job well done!

  13. King Jammys says:

    This POS is not worth our tax dollars.

  14. Just One says:

    Looking like Kenny from SouthPark… fool!

  15. Webster says:

    to think that we tax payers have to pay for his effing existance for twenty three years !!!!!!!!

    • Yup Yup says:

      The part that gets me is that this guy will cost us money to shelter, feed and protect him. when he gets out and although he will have contributed nothing to society we “the public” will continue to support him trough social insurance , pension, future care, housing, free tcd and all the other benefits that come with being a senior! He will get this because he will be a senior, and nothing more. And there are hundreds more like him. I say, if you dont contribute, you shouldnt be able to benefit!