Dodwell Disappointed By Furbert’s Comments

September 10, 2013

In response to queries raised by Shadow Minister of Tourism Wayne Furbert, Chair Designate of Bermuda Tourism Authority David Dodwell has commented that, “I am disappointed by Mr. Furbert’s suggestions that our process has been anything other than open and transparent. We are doing everything we can to provide information as it becomes relevant.”

After clarifying some of the points raised by Mr Furbert, Mr Dodwell went on to say, “All other questions concerning the structure and functions of the Authority will be addressed when the Bill is debated, as we believe this is the appropriate way to proceed.”

Mr. Dodwell’s full statement follows below:

In response to the queries that have been raised by Mr. Wayne Furbert, Shadow Minister of Tourism, I wish to be absolutely clear.

Of course we will be following the correct procedures in our recruitment process for the position of Chief Executive Officer of the imminent Bermuda Tourism Authority.

Of course any and all positions for the Authority will be advertised locally.

Of course immigration laws, procedures and policies for advertising the post of CEO and all posts of the Authority, for that matter, will be followed.

Of course Bermudians will be given the opportunity to apply for any and all positions within the Authority.

I wish to emphasize that we are searching for the very best individual we can find for the critical position of CEO and thus our search will, literally, be global.

All other questions concerning the structure and functions of the Authority will be addressed when the Bill is debated, as we believe this is the appropriate way to proceed.

There was a tendering process for the recruitment agency and any remuneration is fully in line with international standards. The cost for this initiative is being funded by the Bermuda Tourism Board and not the Consolidated Fund of Government.

We have been very clear on the creation of the Executive Steering Committee and the Project Management Office. The ESC was created by the Minister and myself and the PMO was subsequently created by the ESC.

I am disappointed by Mr. Furbert’s suggestions that our process has been anything other than open and transparent. We are doing everything we can to provide information as it becomes relevant.

When Mr. Furbert was Opposition Leader of the United Bermuda Party and Minister of Business Development and Tourism under the Progressive Labour Party, he continuously called for everyone to take politics out of tourism. We ask him now to support this nationally important initiative and allow us to get this historic and essential opportunity for tourism underway. We have tried it the other way for decades and have not been successful. Now, as agreed by all, including the current Opposition, we need something new and that will be the Bermuda Tourism Authority.


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  1. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    Dodwell should ignore flip flop,he was useless!

    • Mazumbo says:

      Even though I like when Mr. Furbert was for the other team, LMAO he has a point, friends and family and personal business. LMAO

  2. Go For It says:

    We are sick and tired of your comments, Wayne Furbert.
    You were part of the problem as a former Tourism Minister enjoying the
    gravy train set up by the Department of Tourism. While you sang your
    way at the dinners around the globe, tourism figures plummeted.
    Now please give David Dodwell a chance to set up a Tourism
    Authority in order to finally, finally take Tourism out of politics.

  3. Amazed says:

    Mr Dodwell must know that if he had released all the relevant information BEFORE Mr. Furbert asked we might believe that the process was open and transparent!

    • Mike Hind says:

      Did you miss all the “Of course”s?

      Are you seriously suggesting that he should have read Mr. Furbert’s mind and answered these specious questions BEFORE they were asked?


      • Mazumbo says:

        How hypocritical, if a PLP Minister was a hotel owner and had this position all you Obeah/ubp diehards would have a field day even though I did’nt agree with some shady things the PLP did. I can see the biased and one sided comments in the last 9 months of all the Obeah’s/ubp diehards with not one critical outcry, and yet your still diverting attention to the PLP’S F!@# up’s and Obeah’s/ubp is F!@#ing up BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!! LMAO

        • Mike Hind says:

          This is just more smear from you, based on nothing but you’re bizarre view that everyone is a dishonest diehard party supporter, willing to say anything to promote their party, like you are.
          We’re not. Most people aren’t.

          Here’s a clue for ya.

          You want people to raise a hue and cry about bad stuff? You want people to be outraged with you?

          Stop making up things to be outraged about.
          There’s enough bad stuff to be pissed about that is ACTUALLY there.
          All this “We’re going to make a huge deal about EVERYTHING they do and then attack anyone that disagrees with us, lying when we have to and saying the most horrible things we can, even if they’re not true.” thing you got going on? It makes it REALLY hard to have your back.

          An OUNCE of honesty and integrity and even the slightest level of civility and respect for those who disagree with you and you MIGHT get some support. Until then, you can’t pretend to be surprised when people don’t get on board with you.

          • Mike Hind says:

            your, not you’re

          • Mazumbo says:

            Dose’nt feel good now that the shoe is on the other foot does it, LMAO

            • Mike Hind says:

              That doesn’t even make sense.
              Or are you even comparing the two parties.
              Let’s see… Conjecture and insidious, baseless questions about whether or not the tourism folks followed procedure vs. The Premier lying to the House and the people of Bermuda.
              Yeah. There’s a comparison.

              You’re acting like you guys have only just started doing this since the OBA has been in, which is completely ridiculous. Faux outrage about everything the other side does has been stock in trade for propagandists like you for 15 years!

              You’re ridiculous and this response is ridiculous.

              BUT, at least you admit that this is what you’re doing, so that’s a start.

    • Verbal Kint says:


    • Hmmm says:

      Nah the PLP will just pick holes. They are good at holes, look at the one they dug for Bermuda.

  4. Vote for Me says:

    Who is funding the authority!!

    It will not be well recevied of governmetn provides most of the funding but the private sector gets most of the benefit!!

  5. Bermyman says:

    Dodwell= proven tourism business success, experience and knowledge.

    Furby= A song and a dance and bibble bibble buffoonery.

    Which one should we listen too?


    • Indepedent says:

      @ Bermyman,

      I am honetly not sure. If you check the history, both have been Tourism Minister in the past 20 years or so, and we have seen a steady decline, so I am not sure if either of these men are the rigt person to bring Tourism back alive here.

      Mr. Dodwell was part of the Tourism Board all this time, so I am curious to see how this Authority will make that much of an impact. But to be honest, I hope it does work, because we need it.

      Truth be told, we should have never soley focused on IB, as Tourism was this countries bread and butter for many years.

  6. Victor says:

    Ah Yes, the PLP, experts in transparency – that’s why “We had to lie to you.” Regardless, I imagine round about now, deep down in his heart, Mr. Furbert truly regrets the decision to have crossed the aisle because he is right back on the side he started from… Shallow Opportunist.

  7. Puzzled says:

    Mr. Dodwell, you of all persons should know that Mr. Furbert is like a weather Vane.

  8. sage says:

    This whole idea that renaming a group and playing a little “musical cronies” will lead to a turn around for tourism doesn’t inspire confidence in me.What is tourism’s annual budget anyway? I know millions are tossed about for silly catchphrases dreamed up by foreign entities while nary a cent is used to sponsor Bermudians to develop local flavored acts,entertainment and fun activities to expand our product.Are we going to see anything different since there is seemingly no accountability for previously flushed millions.

  9. SoMuchMore says:

    furbert is like that damn flee that gets my a$$.

  10. lol says:

    Hey Dodwell how is the $470 a night your hotel is asking for. I mean raping 4. When you was Tourism Minister for the UBP what did you do? Nothing

  11. Terry says:

    I tell yah what. Between Comrade Marxist Stalinist and Uncle E. we are doomed; along with some other commentators.

    It’s all about them and their distractions and subtle revolution.

    Gabriel is nothing.
    It’s the undercurrents (see above).

    Neglected, unrespected, left out…….
    Have a rum Mike.

    • Mike Hind says:

      Nah. I’ll leave that to you.
      You’ve obviously been drinking enough for both of us, given the completely and utterly nonsensical content of your post.
      Ravings of a paranoid, stalking lunatic, as per usual.

  12. the ghost says:

    Why does anyone listen to Wayne Furbert.

  13. Night nurse says:

    Wayne killed tourism in Bermuda.He was only interested in living off the taxpayers!

  14. Realist says:

    Furbert goes for himself!

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Ummmmm Night nurse/realist…….you must be new to this blog! Lol