Man Remains At Large After Fleeing Courtroom

September 17, 2013

howard A[Updated with photo] Police officers continue to search for 25 year old Howard Ascento, who fled Magistrates’ Court on foot 11 days ago after being sentenced for several traffic offences.

A police spokesperson said, “Mr. Ascento has reportedly been seen in the central parishes since his escape and efforts are ongoing to apprehend him.

“Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Mr. Ascento is encouraged to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity.

“The public is reminded that harbouring a fugitive is an offence punishable under the law.”

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  1. Common sense says:

    Maybe it would help if the police atleast released a photo of this person so the public could look out for him?? It is pointless to keep notifying the press about this guy missing if we don’t even know what he looks like. I am sure they can get a photo of him from TCD or even his facebook or something.

  2. ya well says:

    Police in this country stop you for nothing. The 12 point system is a joke. People going off the road for doing 55k is a bunch of BS. Police are more of an annoyance if anything.

  3. Fugitive says:

    Oh I do hope this guy starts posting on facebook like the last fugitive we had.. Small island, I give him 2 weeks.

  4. Milton says:

    Why tell us if you won’t even show us a photo?

  5. Hmmm says:

    Photo already ! Come on.

  6. Sheldon Says says:

    If he had just manned up, he would be out of jail by now and moving on with his life. it’s been 11 days now in hiding. SMH. was it really worth it?

  7. Karma says:

    What a fine example he’s setting for his (numerous) children. Once captured, he’s going to be doing a WEE bit longer than the original 10 days he was sentenced.
    Man up, dude.

  8. tricks are for kids.... says:

    A photo has already been released…probably just need to repost it…..

    Probably not even here anymorw…….

  9. chief says:

    Lol u people really think its about the 10 days smh..
    Typical bermudians small minded…somethin more serious happened to Mr. Ascento prior to his court date…and before u all get up tight no i am not condonin wat he has done.

    • Hmmm says:

      Well tell us then,oh mighty fountain of knowledge of the underworld, and while you are at it give us a photo.

    • The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

      @Chief you are a first class idiot! If something more serious happened then the idiot should have never shown up for court in the first place,but he did and he received a slap on the wrist ..10…i bet he is one of these wannabe thugs who talk a good game but is scared to death of prison,..and if he had other things a real G would say here i am give me what you got judge, and he would be an example for his children, that if you do wrong you stand strong and face the consequences, not bolt out and run like a coward…
      you are an extremely small minded individual who thinks that they know some facts which 99% of what you know is street logic lies…
      truth is he ran from 10 days, if there was anything prior he would have had a court date set……why do i respond to morons lol
      maybe the police should look into chiefs computer and see where they live because they could be giving the fugitive a place to stay.

      • chief says:

        Lol so um because he jus thought it was goin to b a fine he shoulda never showed up? That makes alot more sense now doesnt it? Furthermore have u not heard of someone being remanded in custody after their time served for a pendin case?Guess not to make the references u r makin lmao…jus because u heard it from the street and wasnt in the vicinity of the time of the incident makes it a lie lol ok i get it…check ur relatives first im sure he supplyin them with goods and/or services

        • The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

          I had a court day the same time i had to go away..i went away and came back with a warrant and went and took care of what i needed to do…this fool shows up to court then runs from a 10 day sentence, say whatever the hell you want he is a coward and you are most likely one of his family members or some mindless bimbo that likes him….if someone is remanded in custody for a pending case then that matter is handled in court..and you cant bolt out of court ..why …because you would be wearing your orange colors and cuffs……..he went into court, and the Judge told him 10 days..his heart started to beat fast as hell and he darted like a bat out of hell….
          HE WAS SCARED…..
          And lastly your scum friend/or pathetic excuse for a man, has never had any interactions with any of my family,by supplying them with anything, dont assume cause you only make an a$$ out of u not me

          • Indepedent says:

            @ Ombudsman,

            You sound like you know him. You are going off what the police tell you. You don’t know all the facts, so how can you pass judgement? Who cares if you had a warrent, and came back and dealt with it, that’s your business. Evenryone is different. I personally wouldn’t have done that, but hey, he aint me. Lol

            To be frank, you can’t sit there and talk about Chief, when you don’t even know all the facts yourself. Take it easy mate.

  10. Roll Eyes says:

    It’s so sad how someone can stay at large for this long on a small island and he is dumb for fleeing for having to serve only 10 days (and I hope he reads these comments too).

  11. Black Kat says:

    @ Common Sense – Point Taking were is the Photo of Mr. Ascento

  12. Black Kat says:

    @ Chief – REALLY!!!!!! If he is going through something he should have told the courts. We all go through stuff in life!! Get Help!!! In the Phone book it’s a section called HELPING SERVICES!!! At the end of the day guess who is suffering THE CHILDREN!!!!! These are the last Days!!!!!!!!!!

    • chief says:

      I did say i dont agree wit wat he has done…i guess i typed that in fine print

      • Bozey says:

        So why make the stupid comment??

        • chief says:

          Cuz its a free country im sure wen ur parents birthed u im sure they didnt say i hope we have a stupid mute

          • The Ombudsman makes a statement and says:

            im convinced that Chief is helping to hide the scum bag, and chief has to be a dumb bimbo who thinks that this guy is her knight in shining Armour,….most likely she thinks its love, and the whole of Bermuda is wrong…..but poor wittle Howard did no wong, the babylon system is wicked, and unjust,once he is caught i bet Chief will get a tattoo that says free howard and have that on all her social networking sites
            …..pah hahahahahahahahhahaha

  13. Nok says:

    It is def more to the story PPL and IT would not last a minute on Bernews or any media outlet.IT MORE TO WHAT METS THE EYE!!!!WHO WOULD RUN FOR THIS PETTY CRIME?God SEES AND KNOW ALL!!!!God bless our country.

  14. Terry says:

    Bermuda is doomed.Read all what you wrote all of you of every subject/title.
    Ali Akbar.

  15. MAKE MY DAY says:

    Someone is definitely looking at some “jail time” for harboring a wanted fugitive!!

  16. SNS says:

    Lol reading all these messages, I’m surprised no one really commented on the reason WHY he ran. my guess…he knew he’d be somebody’s b^*%#