Man Sprints From Courtroom After Sentencing

September 6, 2013

[Updated] Seconds after Senior Magistrate Archie Warner handed him a ten day prison sentence for riding whilst disqualified, Howard Ascento, 25, turned, walked towards the public gallery while indicating that he was going to collect something from the bench where he had been sitting; and then pushed through the doors and dashed from the Courtroom, evaded the Security personnel, and escaped from the Court building.

He was pursued from the Courtroom by one of the Police Officers assigned to work with the Court but she returned and advised the Magistrate that Ascento had gotten away.

Represented by lawyer Rick Woolridge, Ascento had pleaded guilty to having no drivers licence, no third party insurance, riding an unlicensed motorcycle, and riding whilst disqualified on 17th April 2013. He faced exactly the same set of four charges for similar offences on 21st April, just four days later.

The Senior Magistrate pointed out that a first offence of riding whilst disqualified could be punished with a prison sentence, but usually was not; but a second offence was normally handled by awarding a prison sentence.

Through his lawyer, Ascento avowed that he would never do that again. His lawyer also told the Magistrate that Ascento was a co-owner of a Ferry Reach garage, had children that he supported, and that his failure to appear on two separate prior Court dates to face the eight charges was due to a lapse in memory caused by a hectic work schedule.

Ascento was fined a total of $2,700 on the eight charges but he had paid $1,650 the previous evening whilst he was in police hands. The newly handed down ten day prison sentence was accompanied by a $500 fine.

Ascento may face further charges as a result of his dash for temporary freedom.

Update 3.14pm: A police spokesperson said, “Around 11am on Friday, September 6th 25 year old Howard Ascento fled Magistrates’ Court on foot, despite the efforts of police officers and security personnel to detain him, after he was sentenced for several traffic offences.

“Mr. Ascento is not a threat to the public; however police officers as well as the relevant authorities are actively attempting to locate him.

“Anyone with any information on the whereabouts of Mr. Ascento is encouraged to contact the main police telephone number 295-0011 at the earliest opportunity”.

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  1. David Henry says:

    Another suggestion for the SAGE commission. Reduced the salary or completely eliminate the position of Court Security Guard. They seem pretty useless to me.

    • Tommy Chong says:

      How about the Police Officers? Most would have been in closer reach of the escapee & supposed to be more trained than the security. I would love to see the security camera footage during all of this. I bet the officers were micing or conversing for a t least a minute before realising what was going on.

    • Just saying says:

      It’s not their job to go chasing people in the streets.

  2. markus says:

    This is probably the most ill-thought of escape plan ever. Is he gonna move to St. David’s and live in the bushes?

    • Toilet Water says:

      How to make a bad situation worse. 10 days will likely turn into 30 now. What an idiot.

  3. WOW says:

    Run Forest RUN!!!!

  4. Whistling Frog says:

    Ten days… Now he’d surely face a few months…

    • Toilet Water says:

      His “boys” probably think he is hilarious and cool. Watch and see how many of your “boys” visit him in jail now. What a moron!

  5. Double Standards says:


    What good does he think will come out of this?

    10 days just turned to 90 days…


  6. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    what a dork!


    • Tommy Chong says:

      This was a stupid move by Ascento but no where close to being as inane as a bunch of officers being unable to catch someone in a building with only one escape route with flights of stairs in between. Wonder if he distracted the officers by saying, “look there’s donuts on the ceiling!“

      • Albert says:

        Chong you are boring….

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Maybe I am but I caught your attention didn’t I?

          • Albert says:

            As in did i read your comment and think that you are boring? yup.

            • Tommy Chong says:

              Usually when I come across something or someone I find boring I don’t waste my time on it or them. Seems that either your life is so uneventful that you took the time to not only read my comment but also reply to it or that my comment actually struck a chord with you personally.

        • Rockfish#2 says:

          Actually, that is hilarious!

  7. dUMb dUMbS says:


  8. Nuffin but da Truth says:

    best thing he can do is contact his lawyer, Rick Woolridge and have him pick him up and get Mr Woolridge to take him back.

  9. Antione Dodson says:


    • Sapphire says:

      I thought one’s brain is fully developed by the age of 25…obviously not in this case because this makes ZERO sense! Where is he going to hide and for how long? It’s not like the police are going to just forget about him. Plus he’s now made things worse for himself. He probably would have done four or five days and now he’s looking at months. A real SMH moment here.

  10. OG says:

    Good luck my ****..eff off you **** **** bloggers wishing d worse for him. we in da belly a da beast yo

    • Hmmm says:

      Grow up and take responsibility for your actions. If you can’t or don’t want to, then don’t make those actions.

    • hmm says:

      hmm.. OG you sound so ignorant like!

    • Toilet Water says:

      OG ! really, LOL, sure you are an original gangsta. OG, let me guess, you probably still live at home and you let mommy pay your bills. And she feels sorry for her poor little OG son and its not his fault, its never your fault. Grow up and MAN UP! Cowards run!

  11. Noway says:

    Lol all that sercurty lol bermuda a joke kid lol

  12. Hmmmmn. says:

    Not very bright, is he?

    • Tommy Chong says:

      Bright enough to evade a bunch of officers & security. Good thing this island is so small or else this might happen much more.

      • Dave says:

        Yeah Tommy because it has never happened anywhere else in the world…

        • Tommy Chong says:

          Sure it happens in other places but in those case force is usually used to carry out the escape since in those cases a real effort is made to stop the escapee. Then again law enforcement here put as little effort as possible in doing any part of their job.

  13. Terry says:

    Give the guy a break.
    He made a bad decision. I am sure he will regret it as it does affect his family, job etc.
    He harmed no one when he ran.
    Emotions and reaction take their toll as he will soon find out.
    Be assured, there was no massive manhunt for him.

    • andre says:


    • What the hell says:

      “A bad desicion”…. You may want to read the whole story again….

    • Mayan says:

      @Terry: Give him a break? He made a bad decision? Are you for real? This guy obviously does not think about the consequences of his actions which is why he ended up being sentenced to prison to start with. He seems like a ‘live for today, tomorrow will sort itself out’ kind of person. Sometimes that works but not in a case like this! Yeah, he may have been scared but any rational person knows that this is a very foolish thing to do and that it’s only making things harder for himself.

      It sounds like this boy has a lot of growing up to do.

      • Meh says:

        sounds like you have an easy life.

        • Hmmm says:

          Nobody has an easy life. Lifemis a struggle mentally, physically and emotionally for everyone. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you have, life is hard.

  14. MsFedUpWithDisNonesense says:

    SOUNDS LIKE YOU NEED TO FIRE *** Security and hi what type of top cops are dealing with the courts over there ! criminals on d loose smh.

  15. 10 Days!!!! Lol says:

    Team Chivas!!!!

    • KARMA- She will bite you!!!! says:

      TEAM CHIVAS???

  16. jt says:

    I understand it was a flea bargain.

    • Navin R. Johnson says:


    • Islander says:

      If you’re gonna be a smarta$$ spell it right…I’m sure you meant flee!

    • Mayan says:

      I think you mean ‘flee bargain’ dude! Still funny, though.

      • jt says:

        No I meant flea bargain dude – stay with me

        • Annie says:

          @jt: No, you mean ‘FLEE.’ You’re doing a play on words of the word ‘plea’ but you should be saying ‘flee bargain.’ When one runs away, they flee. ‘Flea’ is that nasty little bug that attaches itself to your pets…

          It should definitely be ‘flee bargain’…please stop being stubborn and look it up because you’re looking right foolish right now.

          • jt says:

            well aware of all the spellings/meanings – if you can’t follow I’m not too concerned there Annie – but good for you for winning the elementary school spelling bee back in the day

            • Bain says:

              jt, not only are you wrong but you’re stubborn as hell. Just admit you were wrong and let it be over with. You’re just pissed because people have called you out on stuff we all learned back in P4.

              Have they caught this doofus yet? I can’t believe that people are actually defending him!

            • Bain says:

              Just curious jt, since you’re claiming people aren’t following you. What do you mean by flea bargain? How do the fleas play into this? The rest of us must be slow since the only one who can keep up with you is you.

              Oh-flea rhymes better with plea even though it’s the completely wrong word! I get it now!

              • Geni-a**es says:

                How smart you all are.

                Can’t you appreciate the pun for what it is?

                Typical Bermudian way; you have to criticize a perfectly good laugh.

                Please, never any of you go to a comedy show.

                Jt, you definitely got the point across!

  17. Whistling Frog says:

    Its Friday, who wants to be locked up… He’d turn himself in on Monday.. LOL

  18. Toodle-oo says:

    And guess what . In less than a year he’ll do the same thing again ,except he’ll give a false name .
    Just part of a large group brought up with no respect for law and order that laugh at all the law abiding suckers out there.

  19. Triangle Drifter says:

    Happened to be in that building, on that floor, different court, all morning. Did notice security who seemed far more interested in their phone & gazing outside than whatever might be happening inside.

    Slightly off topic but how come we have millions of overrun in the building, enough money for a $250,000 statue but no money for a few benches in the lobby for folks to sit on?

    • Zombie Apocalypse says:

      I think you’ll find the money for benches for commonfolk was spent on executive bathrooms for the mucky mucks.

  20. Whispers Run Rapid in Bermuda says:

    So how am I supposed to know what he looks like if there is no picture. Guess I will just have to look for someone who looks like they are on the run LOL!!!!

  21. Zombie Apocalypse says:

    Five bucks says he’s at his mums house eating KFC and playing Nintendo.

  22. What is really going on says:

    What a way to end my day… Thank you!

  23. I'm just sayin... says:

    You mean he got past the top shelf security that is more concerned with you bringing a helmet in a Govt. building than actually securing it?

    Say it’s not so!

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Yeah, that is the lot. Imagine, Bermuda is a place where so many people get around on bikes yet there is no place to put a helmet inside, even before you go through the mickey mouse security.

      Leave your helmets out on the sidewalk. Unbelievable!

  24. Trish says:

    Bot worth imprisonment, people need work! Only in Bermuda do you get locked up for a traffic offense I swear ! It’s sad….

    • Voter says:

      Twice in 4 days is contempt of other road users in my book. Would you be happy if as an uninsured road user he knocked you down and you had to pay your medical costs?

      • Toilet Water says:

        He wasn’t imprisoned the first time. Apparently he is a slow learner so the judge is making him understand that it isn’t a game.

    • Voter says:

      In the UK they would have confiscated his vehicle the first time and left him standing on the side of the road!

    • Dave says:

      Um Trish, Bermuda is NOT the only place where you get locked up for traffic offences….

  25. Honestly says:

    The make up of this building is definitely interesting to escape from. Should’ve had a lock down procedure or intercom in place, he would have to take his licks like everyone else.

  26. Bermewjan says:

    Hey, I think I saw him buying lots of food, fuel and water for his getaway in one of the expensive local boats sitting around on their moorings. I suspect he will sail off into the sunset on one of those expensive under-utilised yachts, which he will then sell to live off of the proceeds for the rest of his life in low cost of living country some when in the Latin American region…. then again maybe he’ll get picked up tomorrow at his house or place of business and have to spend much longer at Westgate Country Club enjoying as much cable tv, air conditioning and easy access to drugs as he likes.

    Ah, the life of the Bermuda criminal. Why do I even bother going to my job! Wait a second doesn’t “job” and “work” mean two different things here! Lol, in that case never mind. After all it’s only our children that will have to suffer because of our lackadaisical ways.

  27. Fellow HSPS Sprinter says:

    He was always good at track n field in primary school… Lets see if mommy dearest turns him in.

  28. Seen it All says:

    Usain Bolt has nothing on this guy!! LOL

    • Bermuda Boy says:

      I’ve heard of Usain Bolt but who is this guy Howard Ascento Bolt. He must be pretty fast because they can catch Usain but they can’t catch Howard :-)

  29. giddy up says:

    Put his picture up so we know What he looks like DAH!

  30. kno det says:


  31. Lifeblood says:

    Let’s all be thankful there were no Facebook posts…

  32. Future says:

    That was an Insane Bolt!

  33. Saw It All says:

    @ Trish. I was in court and heard all the charges being laid out. That took forever as there were so many. He missed 2 court dates, claiming he “forgot” and continued to drive in spite of a ban. This is clearly a guy used to doing just what he wants. As for the great escape, the police officer called him back but she was a distance away. I saw the look on his face and had a feeling he was about to bolt. When we came out my cousin asked the security guard how he let him escape. He shrugged his shoulders and resumed his position holding up the courtroom wall. I think they are so used to the routine searches that if anything out of the ordinary happens they barely blink an eye.

  34. Only in Bermuda says:

    As for the security, LMAO they all should be fired.

  35. mary says:

    Google his name and you will see he likes living on the egde.

  36. MiMi says:

    Where is the video footage of this, they have to show it OMG this is too funny! Guess he didn’t want to spend this weekend in jail. As for the officers or security guards my question is ‘what’s really going on’

    • What's Up With this Crap says:

      He has a boat race to do this weekend so maybe after that he will
      head to police station!!!He has ALL the mouth in the world now he is running scared….SMH TEAM CHIVAS you sure won that race those police need to take running leasons from Howie.

  37. Xman says:

    but where” —- it’s only 22 sq miles.
    possibly dashed out to smoke his last splif or to secure his stash………..

  38. person says:

    sad! very SAD!

  39. FTheSystem says:

    a lot of you people sound stupid as **** and that’s just an understatement!!! what are we Human RIGHT we All make mistakes sometimes we make them more than once and you learn from them so if you keep going on and talking about his nother little boy this and that and talking about him and his family you can jump off a cliff!!! And furture more did he hurt any of you in any way suck a **** and find theses shooters you a$$holes real talk!!! At the end of the day you people need to point the finger at the government and not each other!!! you dont know what he goes through or what his been through so BEFORE YOU POINT YOUR FINGERS MAKE SURE YOUR HANDS ARE CLEAN!! **** ALL you negative people let me see one more person bring his mother or family into this.. like i said we all make mistakes and do wrong like you people that wake up every morning to comment on bernews like it your job maybe it is because you still stay with ya mamma or nanny and are broke as jokes so get a life serz if not jump off a light house make yourself helpful!!!!

    • Sandy Bottom says:

      A relative of Mr Ascento, I’m guessing.

      • FTheSystem says:

        Im not buts its funny how you people can bring a mens mother n family into things but sandy seems like you are a perfect person your mother should have named you god just remember at the end of the day just make sure you dont do anything wrong and you get put on bernews or any of you bloggers children because karma is a B!*@h get Rope all you hypocrites

  40. BdaBlue47 says:

    Could have avoided all this by “fixing” it after he was caught the first time, but chose not to, thereby breaking the law a second time. When he sprinted, he wasn’t thinking of his children he has to support. Someone mentioned freezing the assets of the shop he co-owns – I think that’s a great idea. “Sorry ‘partner,’ but unfortunately you have to pay the price of my stupidity as well. He sure got past enough security people!! Maybe the courts should hire some little old ladies armed with pink parasols they can shake and wave at them as they leave the building. What an embarrassment!

  41. Justice system sucks says:

    A man gets 10 days in prison for riding offences while a caregiver gets zero time when a baby dies while in her care and she actually left the baby home unattended. What’s wrong with the justice system.

  42. Prez says:

    Let’s back up!

    Fthesystem sounds stupid
    Trish ain’t got a clue
    JT can’t spell
    Terry is an idiot
    OG is just as bad
    DumbDumb why are you shouting in caps so much?

  43. Karma says:

    He so doppy!!! And its abt time **** happen to this ***** ur whole family embarrassed and am sure his dad looking down and shaking his head! Skip u done really effed up this time!!! And no one can help him but himself!!… U always been a lame b..y n****. And its time the world started to c you for who u really are!