Packwood Appointed To Washington, DC Office

October 23, 2013

cherylpackwoodThe Cabinet Office today [Oct 23] confirmed former Cheryl Packwood’s appointment as the Overseas Representative for the Government of Bermuda and Director of the Government’s Washington, DC Office with effect from November 1, 2013.

The post was previously held by Director of the Department of Communication and Information Beverle Lottimore, who was seconded to head the office in Washington DC in 2011.

A statement said, “As the Overseas Representative, Ms. Packwood will be responsible for maintaining relationships integral to Bermuda’s economic partnership with the United States such as with congressional committees including the Senate Finance Committee and the House Ways and Means Committee.

“Ms. Packwood has also been charged with identifying and developing influential networks in the United States, the Americas, and Asia to sustain and promote Bermuda’s position as a leading international financial services centre. The primary goal of this activity is to steer and diversify the flow of foreign direct investment to Bermuda from North America, Central and South America, and Asia.

“Having recently held the position of Chief Executive Officer of Business Bermuda for more than six years, Ms. Packwood brings to the post a depth of experience in building business and commercial relationships for Bermuda.

“Prior to joining Business Bermuda, Ms. Packwood held senior positions as the General Manager of Digicel Bermuda and the Director of Legal, Enforcement and International Affairs at the Bermuda Monetary Authority.

“Ms. Packwood has extensive international experience having worked in Africa and North America. She held senior positions with Western Wireless International as the Managing Director of Cora, SA in Cote d’Ivoire. She was at the forefront of developing GSM cellular telephonie in Africa.

“Before joining Western Wireless, Ms. Packwood built a thriving legal practice at N’Goan, Asman et Associés in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. She started her legal career at the global firm of Shearman & Sterling in New York City. Ms. Packwood graduated from Yale University with a Bachelor’s of Arts Cum Laude and then Harvard Law School with a Juris Doctorate with honors.

Ms. Packwood stated: “It is an honour to be selected to represent Bermuda and work with the Government of Bermuda in this capacity. Indeed, in many respects, this position represents everything that I have worked toward in my career – bringing together my experience as a business executive, lawyer, and advisor in the United States, Africa, and Bermuda. It also represents my continued commitment to Bermuda’s economic stability and success.”

She continued, “Bermuda is a leader in the global community, and there is so much we can and should be doing to ensure that we not only maintain but enhance our position in the world.

“The United States is our most important market both politically and economically, and we must continually work to strengthen our relationships and advance our alliances with its government and business leaders.

“In addition, China is Bermuda’s second largest trading partner with growing economic and political importance. I look forward to this new challenge and the opportunity to further advance Bermuda’s political and economic agenda in the Americas and Asia.”

Premier Craig Cannonier stated: “Government is delighted to have Ms. Packwood heading up our Washington DC Office. She is highly experienced in international business and international relations and will do a good job for us in Washington.”

Earlier this year when discussing the budget, the Premier said the Washington DC Office will receive $474,000. The Government’s other overseas office is in London, and is budgeted to receive $1.1 million for 2013-2014.

The Washington, DC Office was established in September 2009.

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  1. Hmmmmm says:

    “The Washington, DC Office was established in September 2009.” – really? By whom ? Or does the writing of history consist of one abrupt sentence? I bet if this was an announcement of the closure, this account would START with who was responsible. It’s a funny old world. And by the way, did this guy mention China ? Well damn. Now where have I heard that before ?

    • SAGE look out says:

      SAGE please take a look at this wasteful spending when Bermuda needs to be cutting back. We have been told space has been leased for 10 years of which presumably 4 have gone by already. Surely might have been possible to sublet?

      • pick and choose says:

        SAGE is only a medium for the OBA to pick and choose their favors…dont get it confused for anything more than this.

        • Mike Hind says:

          Nonsense. You made that up. You have no evidence that this is true. It’s just smear.

          Do better.

  2. $424,000 says:

    Where can I find a line by line break down on this $424,000? Admin and support staff are cheap in the US but I can t see this figure doing much, is it separate from the lease on the premises? Is it salary and utilities, come on OBA you went on an on about transparency thats why you got my vote and Mrs Packwood’s “selection” will eventually raise questions as we dont remember people being interviewed for what appears to be a Civil Service position, yes, in Washington DC.

    • pick and choose says:

      Try Governments “Approved Estimates of Revenue of Expedenture” … While you are at it, you’d be disgusted to see the budgets of many of their Departments…And dont forget, funds can be re-allocated from their intended purpose…with what oversight?

  3. Rockfish#2 says:

    Is this some sort of reward or something similar? All hades broke loose when Beverle Lottimore was posted there as a temporary fix until the tale of the missing Government owned television blew over.

    “Ms. Lottimore, Director of the Department of Communication and Information for the past eight years will undertake the responsibility of managing and developing the DC office for a period of 3-years beginning July 2011″. Press release dated 7 June 2011.

    This gift is a continuation of the waste!

  4. Yahoo says:

    Boondoggle! Complete waste of money…

  5. will see says:

    This office should be closed.

  6. Balance says:

    It’s good value for money to have someone on the ground that can speak for bermuda. And who is right in the middle of where it all happens.

  7. Watcher55 says:

    I thought this office was only created to give Dr Evil a greater sense of grandeur and clearly serves little or no purpose anymore and we are creating a position because we have a lease…really??

    • Hmmmmm says:

      You should be wondering what other lies you believed and were fed in the last few years by your team. Wonderful to watch all this validation day by day.

  8. watching says:

    Didn’t you all vote for change? LOL!

  9. Two Bermudas says:

    This office has great potential. Let’s hope that the current administration provide Cheryl Packwood the support that the previous holders of this post did not receive.