Photo Set #1: Christmas Boat Parade In Hamilton

December 7, 2013

[Updated with photos] The Christmas Boat Parade in Hamilton Harbour is set to get underway at 6.30pm this evening [Dec 7], with the always popular event involving dozens of vessels making their way across the water decorated in seasonal style.

xmas boat parade bermuda 2013 (3)

The biennial event will be broadcast on television and online, with viewers able to tune in to watch the holiday spectacle on CableVision’s new Harbour camera on channel 97, or watch the live stream here online.

2013 bermuda boat parade (17)

There are a number of road and parking rules that will be in effect from 6pm until 9pm tonight due to the Christmas Boat Parade, with the police issuing a traffic advisory earlier this week.

Update: One boat had lights in the colours of the South African flag saying ‘Tribute to Mandela’, while another vessel showcased a fully fledged casino theme along with the words “vote” in an obvious reference to the upcoming referendum.

xmas boat parade bermuda 2013 (5)

One of the entries featured bagpipers, and an illuminated peacock could also been seen on another boat. The BIOS entry featured the shapes of a turtle and sea horse, and of course there was no shortage of traditional holiday symbols such as Santa Claus, Christmas trees and more.

Update #1: You can view our second set of photos here, and photos/video of the fireworks here.

Update #2: The organisers released the results, and as some had predicted the casino-themed boat won the Best Overall. You can view the full results here.

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  1. Rick says:

    Look for the Casino boat to win ……. Great job guys

  2. D says:

    The video camera is not clear enough

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    Unfortunately this will be the first year since it’s inception that I will not be able to attend. Nothing comes close to being on the water and just 50′ away from them. I just hope that the coverage on c97 isn’t going to be a disappointment .

    This would be a good time though to thank all of those involved over the years. This event takes a huge amount of effort to pull off and Norma Thomson deserves a lot of credit for it .
    A massive thank you to everyone who participates , often at considerable expense to themselves and to not even get a prize for their efforts.
    A huge thank you to the sponsors who help with all the generous prizes and the amazing fireworks . Don’t the Froud family do an amazing job ?
    Spectators often have no understanding of how difficult is is to drive around in the pitch dark for two hours being blinded by the lights on your own boat while trying to keep your proper position in the flotilla.

    Even though we didn’t invent this event and it exists in many other places as well , besides Fort Lauderale where I believe it originated, I think the creativity exhibited in ours is unique to all the others.

    The bar was set very high in our inaugural parade thanks to the Cox brothers (Ricky and Will) and people like the late Keith Winter and a few others who had incredible imagination and creative talent .

    Again ,thanks to everyone involved in such a marvelous event that brings so much wonder and awe to all .

    • Moonbeam says:

      A wonderful tribute from “D” — well expressed by her and well deserved by all the participants and their co-workers. Indeed the late Capt Keith Winter was indeed an original ‘cog in the wheel’ and since his untimely death, his son Kevin, wife Helene, and daughter Kim (and other friends) carry on the tradition each year in his memory. It is very poignant to support and enjoy their entry each year. The team spirit is outstanding – and in my opinion EVERYONE is a winner ! Kudos too to the Froud family for their continuing presentation of spectacular firework displays. Merry Christmas everyone !

    • Norma Thomson says:

      Thank you for your comments. Yes this event takes a lot of work to organize but who really deserve the kudos are the boat owners who spend time and money to participate. I sincerely hope this event is supported by more companies entering boats so that this wonderful tradition can continue for years to come…

      Norma Thomson

  4. Tina says:

    Where is the VSB coverage of this boat parade ? so far ch 97 sucks

  5. jenni says:

    I understand what u are saying Tina. VSB and WOW were left out. Some Hell for us.

  6. Tina says:

    cable vision should be ashamed of their coverage of the boat parade…..with all of the modern technolgy out there…we had to put up with s*** coverage …..

  7. M.T. Pockets says:

    Well, despite the good intentions that was disappointing. Jerky camera movements and changing focus during the fireworks… grrrrr, amateurs!

    • M.T. Pockets says:

      Sorry, I was referring to the coverage on ch97, not the actual parade.

  8. Triangle Drifter says:

    This was my first time watching from shore. First 6 years as a participant, a few times watching from a boat & once working as a parade marshal boat trying to keep everyone moving.

    Quite the sight from Lower Ferry. Only one boat was a major hold up with something like a half mile gap in front of them. Considering who the boat was, they should have known better.

    The weather gods smiled on us once again & a better night could not be asked for. Thanks to the organisers & special thanks to the sponsors who make it all possible.

    Bermuda puts on a darned good show which rivals much larger US boating towns. Too bad the DOT never saw fit to promote the parade as a reason to visit Bermuda at this time of year. Perhaps the Tourism Authority will have some more imagination & promote it for next time.

    • Chit Chat says:

      We had a crew from Toronto Canada here many years ago. They had people on shore with Cameras and on our ship. The event was televised on the Outdoor Channel I believe. I also have the Toronto Star Newspaper which showed images of the Parade as well. I’m not sure if they were invited to attend or heard about it?

  9. Generator says:

    What a cool parade.Channel 97 sucked,Cablevision should be ashamed.

  10. science geek says:

    who won?

  11. Why says:

    I am in support on bringing in Casinos. I do not however feel that the “Christmas” Boat Parade is not the place to advertise for it.

  12. Bermyboy says:

    The BEST venue for the boat parade is St Georges. It has the most viewing areas from St Georges Town to St Davids. Maybe they could have one of their own next year?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Agreed St Georges is a great harbour with the docks both sides but a parade there is a non starter. Very few boats are going to make the trip down N Shore & back after the parade. Even a little wind makes the N Shore a nasty place especially for the small boats.

      Also consider the extra time & fuel.

      As far as St Georges doing its own parade, maybe, but it would be a very small affair. St Georges simply does not have the pool of potential entrees as the West End.

  13. Berr says:

    Who won???

    • Bernews says:

      Sorry, we are posting as fast as we can, please bear with us as far as the remaining coverage! We will have the full results and videos up as soon as able.

  14. A Bermudian says:

    Congratulations to the organizers and the participants. Another fabulous Boat Parade! However Channel 97 really was awful. Too far away on Swan Building,stacked ocean containers on the loading docks blocked the view, plus Cablevision’s amateur camera man was constantly out of focus and kept zooming out not in for a closer look. It wasn’t until the last few minutes when they zoomed in. TV viewing really sucked. Live streaming was better, though the streaming was blotchy. We have the technology. Let’s get this corrected before the next Parade!

  15. Truthbetold says:

    Cable vision provided a feed for the parade.they do not control the camera so shame on those of you who just say things to say things.Same goes for programming of networks and such.They{Cable Vision} are merely the conduit.