National Celebration Of The Life Of Mandela

December 12, 2013

Bermuda is joining the global community in staging a National Celebration of the Life of Nelson Mandela at City Hall on Sunday, December 15 at 4.00pm. The event is a collaboration of variety of organizations and will include contributions from both the Premier Craig Cannonier, and the Opposition Leader Marc Bean.

A spokesperson said, “While Madiba’s passing has brought some sorrow and offered a time of reflection, it also provides the opportunity to express happiness for a life well-lived. Hence we are closing this week with a joy-filled celebration of Mandela’s legacy, which will include spoken word and music and dance, geared to young and old alike.


“In this time of peace on Earth and good will to all, we are inviting residents from Town Cut to Dockyard to join this global response. Celebrating Mandela’s unique example offers us a useful opportunity to draw from his legacy, which will benefit current and future generations.”

Preceding Sunday’s events, the Chewstick Foundation will hold candle light vigil in front of their mural of Mandela as a reflection of the power of reconciliation. The vigil will take place on Friday, December 13 at 5.30pm for 27 minutes, marking the 27 years Mandela was incarcerated in his native South Africa.

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  1. Well done and let’s all come together as a Nation to honor a man who in his own right helped paved the way for humanity worldwide, just to take a page out of his book will be a life time of Blessing’s that God has so equip him with to share to mankind everywhere.

    At pm local time Sunday Madiba’s remains would have put to rest in his hometown and we would be celebrating his life with the rest of the World on this sacred day, there are several States throughout the U.S. that will be hosting events on Sunday also to commemorate the life of President Nelson Mandela as a day of remembrance, as they observe his burial. The U.K , Canada are also planning events Sunday as reported in the overseas news.

    May we observe across the party lines and not use this event to try and score political points or take pot shots at each other. Madiba’s legacy deserves that much.