US Mayor Says No To Wearing Bermuda Shorts

March 3, 2014

Mayor Daniel Rivera in Lawrence, Massachusetts recently issued a memo banning casual clothing, including Bermuda shorts, from City Hall.

Rivera was sworn in as Lawrence mayor in January and has been on a shakeup of City Hall culture sparking grievances with the local unions.

The Eagle Tribune reports that Rivera also directed “all males working in an office environment” to wear ties, an edict that got him the first union grievance since he took office two months ago.

The $45,000 the city spends each year on employee clothing allowances should buy more than T-shirts, jeans, sweat suits, bib overalls, Bermuda shorts, spandex and pajamas, Mayor Daniel Rivera said.

The inspectors said the dress code is inappropriate given the conditions they face daily when they head out from their desks at City Hall to grubby sites, where they monitor compliance with city building, plumbing and other codes.

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  1. nuffin but the truth says:

    no one cares what this guy has to say,including the local unions in and around his crumbling town.

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Wonder if he has a problem with womens skirt lengths? I suppose that would depend on whether involve decent or indecent exposure.

  3. Enforcer says:

    I can bet there is nothing that resembles the ‘real’ Bermuda shorts that these employees wear. He may want to rephrase his memo and just ban shorts, period.

  4. If the City employees are allocated x amount of dollars per year to purchase attire to use at work then why not just issue them uniforms and save money…

  5. JUNK YARD DOG says:

    In the business world the male dress code standards went down hill when the open neck button down dress shirt became the alternative there by giving men a half dressed appearance.

    The tie in its various forms over the years has become the symbol of a well dressed business man. It is called dress code.

    The manner and status of a mans dress is dependent on the environment as fashion has its place in society with the ladies, I do not expect your Doctor or lawyer to dress like a rock star .

    A women should never buy a mans tie, because they never get seem it right.

    It is a mans choice with his tie selection .

    I do not expect the lawn guy to wear a tie , however I would like to see the Bermuda Taxi driver smarten up.