Bermuda Chapter Of The AFP Launched

April 4, 2014

The Bermuda Chapter for The Association of Fundraising Professionals [AFP] hails amongst the newest recruits amidst 235 chapters worldwide.

The official announcement was made at the AFP Annual Conference in San Antonio, Texas on 22 March, which boasted some 3,000 attendees for the 2 1/2 day conference. Also new to the AFP family was the Okanagan Chapter in British Columbia.

The Association of Fundraising Professionals [AFP] represents more than 30,000 members in 235 chapters throughout the world, working to advance philanthropy by enabling people and organizations to practice ethical and effective fundraising.

The core activities through which AFP fulfills this mission include education, training, mentoring, research, credentialing and advocacy. For the past 2 years local fundraisers have been working diligently under the guidance from the Toronto chapter who generously sponsored and encouraged Bermuda to establish its own chapter in the globally and professionally respected body of fundraisers.

The AFP Bermuda Board Comprises:

  • Jennifer Burland Adams – President [representing BHS]
  • Sara Corday – President Pelect [representing SPCA]
  • Theresa Hall – Treasurer [representing WindReach]
  • Kirstie Jones – Secretary
  • Gordon Johnson – VP, Education [Representing Greenrock]
  • Suzanne Wilson – VP, Communications [Representing Amnesty International Bermuda]
  • Jane Vickers – VP, Social [Representing Warwick Academy]

Representatives of the founding Charity members Comprise:

Amnesty International Bermuda, Bermuda Cancer and Health, BHCT, BHS, Bermuda Red Cross, BUEI, Caron Bermuda, Centre Against Abuse, Duke of Edinburgh, Eliza Doolittle, Greenrock, Saltus, SPCA, The Centre on Philanthropy, Warwick Academy, WindReach and Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Over the coming year the local chapter plans to offer a combination of educational, social and networking events for professional fundraisers, volunteer fundraisers and those non profit employees who have at least a part-time fundraising function. The efforts of the AFP Bermuda Chapter will complement the training at The Centre on Philanthropy, and to support their education platform, particularly with higher-level training.

Elaine Williams, Executive Director of the Centre on Philanthropy said, “On behalf of the Centre on Philanthropy (CoP) I would like to congratulate the local chapter of The Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) on their startPup. The creation of the AFP locally represents a significant milestone in the evolution of Bermuda’s philanthropy.

The collaborative relationship with the AFP is an excellent complement to our training and education offerings to our membership, while progressing fundraising in Bermuda as a profession. This is a tremendous step toward capacity building for nonPprofits. We are looking forward to working very closely with the AFP and to the collaborative work which we feel will increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the third sector as a whole.”

President of the AFP Bermuda Chapter Jennifer Burland Adams commented, ‘Each journey starts with a first step. The board of the AFP Bermuda Chapter would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who helped and supported the successes of this important step in achieving Chapter status, and welcomes all newcomers.

For more information, upcoming events and details visit and/or contact the AFP Bermuda Chapter at

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  1. Great News says:

    Great idea but were all registered charities on island included, invited?

    We would not want to start an elitist charity group!

    • Coffee says:

      Ah’s thinkin de same but you lot beat me to it .

  2. Jennifer Adams says:

    AFP Bermuda welcomes all fundraisers in Bermuda. Media outreach was made in October to the public and since then through The Centre on Philanthropy which represents about 200 local non profits.

    For more information please use the email address in the story.