Aspen Reject Endurance’s $3.2 Billion Proposal

April 14, 2014

[Updated - Aspen "unanimously" reject proposal]

Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd. today [Apr 14] announced that it has delivered a proposal to the Board of Directors of Aspen Insurance Holdings Ltd. to acquire all of the common shares of Aspen for $3.2 billion, with a combination of cash and Endurance common shares.

John R. Charman, Endurance’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, said, “This transaction is, quite simply, a unique opportunity to deliver value to shareholders of both Aspen and Endurance, while creating a new global leader in the industry. The proposal offers up-front value for Aspen’s shareholders, who will receive a substantial premium for their shares, as well as the opportunity to participate – along with Endurance’s shareholders – in future value created by a stronger and more profitable company.

“The specialized businesses of Endurance and Aspen, such as Endurance’s market-leading agriculture insurance business and Aspen’s Lloyd’s operations, are highly complementary, and together we will create a company with increased scale, an attractive diversified platform across products and geographies, and greater market presence and relevance.

“The combined company will have a strong balance sheet and capital position, with an enhanced ability to pursue growth opportunities and to withstand volatility. Further, we believe the combined company will enjoy increased profitability driven by a strong management team comprised of industry-leading talent and world-class underwriting expertise from both companies, as well as meaningful transaction synergies,” Mr. Charman said.

Mr. Charman continued, “Despite our repeated attempts since late January to engage in confidential and friendly discussions, Aspen’s Board and management have rebuffed our proposal and refused to engage with us, thereby denying Aspen’s shareholders the ability to understand and attain the clear financial, operational and strategic benefits of this transaction.

“We are fully committed to this transaction and are confident that Aspen’s shareholders will recognize the value of our proposal and actively encourage their Board to begin constructive discussions with Endurance without delay, with the goal of reaching a negotiated transaction.”

Mr. Charman concluded, “Endurance shareholders will also significantly benefit from bringing these two leading companies together. Reflecting my own deep conviction about the future of Endurance and the benefits of the combination, I will purchase $25 million of Endurance common shares in connection with this transaction in addition to the $30 million of personal capital I have already invested in Endurance.”

Endurance intends to maintain the headquarters of the combined company in Bermuda, with a significant presence in London, New York and other key markets.

Endurance’s proposal to the Aspen Board of Directors was communicated in a letter, the full text of which is set forth below.

Dear Members of the Board:

As you know, we have been trying since late January to engage with Aspen in a confidential and friendly dialogue regarding a combination of our two companies, and have previously made a specific written proposal that offers your shareholders a substantial premium valuation. Since you and your management have refused, despite our repeated attempts, to engage in any discussions with us regarding the compelling value proposition this transaction presents for your shareholders, we have no choice but to advise them of our proposal directly, which we are doing this morning.

Our Board of Directors has unanimously approved our proposal, and we remain fully committed to pursuing this transaction. In the paragraphs below, we (i) reiterate the key terms of our proposal, (ii) reiterate the key strategic and financial benefits of our proposal and our approach to the transaction and (iii) discuss next steps for making this mutually beneficial transaction a reality.

Key Terms of Our Proposal

Endurance proposes to acquire all of the common shares of Aspen for $3.2 billion, or $47.50 per Aspen share (based on 66.7 million fully diluted Aspen common shares as of February 24, 2014), with a combination of cash and Endurance common shares.

Each Aspen shareholder will have the right to receive for their Aspen shares, at their election:

All cash ($47.50 per Aspen share);
All Endurance common shares (0.8826 Endurance shares for each Aspen share); or
A combination of cash and Endurance common shares.
The election will be subject to a customary proration mechanism to achieve an aggregate consideration mix of 40% cash and 60% Endurance common shares.

The cash component of the consideration will be funded from our substantial cash resources and $1.05 billion of newly issued common shares to investors led by funds advised by CVC Capital Partners Advisory (U.S.), Inc. and its affiliates, which have already completed due diligence on Endurance and the merits of the transaction, and have provided an equity commitment letter to Endurance. We would be pleased to share with you a copy of the investors’ equity commitment letter upon the commencement of discussions.

We believe our proposal represents a premium valuation meaningfully in excess of the standalone potential value to Aspen shareholders:

21% premium to Aspen’s closing share price of $39.37 on April 11, 2014;
15% premium to Aspen’s all-time high share price of $41.43 on December 31, 2013;
1.16x Aspen’s December 31, 2013 diluted book value per share; and
13.4x 2014 consensus Street earnings estimates for Aspen.
Aspen shareholders who receive cash will receive up-front value that would otherwise take over two years to achieve based on consensus Street estimates for Aspen’s ROE. For those Aspen shareholders who remain invested in the combined company, our proposal provides the same highly attractive up-front premium as well as the opportunity to participate in a combined company with meaningfully improved earnings and ROE outlook, with significant additional upside opportunity over time.

Key Strategic and Financial Benefits of our Proposal

We have devoted significant time and resources, both internal and external, to assessing this transaction over the past months, and continue to believe it is a unique, transformative transaction for both companies.

Increased scale and market presence: On a combined basis, the companies will have over $5 billion of shareholders’ equity and over $5 billion of annual gross premiums written, a size equal to or greater than many of our key competitors. This will create an enterprise of both scale and broad expertise well positioned to capitalize on the critical distribution relationships within its global markets and more effectively able to compete in an increasingly challenging market environment.

Diversified platform across products and geographies: While Endurance and Aspen share certain common businesses, the relative weighting of each is quite complementary. Aspen’s core strength in the London insurance market – including through Lloyd’s – is an attractive area where Endurance has significant management experience but currently has limited market presence. In addition, while Endurance has a market-leading and profitable agriculture insurance business in the U.S. that is uncorrelated with traditional property and casualty insurance and reinsurance, as well as a highly profitable global catastrophe reinsurance business, Aspen has historical strength in marine and energy lines. These are just a few examples where each company’s relative strengths are a natural fit and where, on a combined basis, the two companies can form a market leader of significant importance to brokers and customers.

Enhanced profit potential: While a key strategic rationale for this transaction is the enhanced scale and diversification evident in the combined company, as described above, we believe the combination of a strong management team comprised of industry-leading talent and world-class underwriting expertise from both companies, and expected transaction synergies exceeding $100 million annually (including cost savings, underwriting improvements, capital efficiencies, and enhanced capital management opportunities) will enable significantly improved profit potential.

Strengthened balance sheet and capital position: With a pro forma combined shareholders’ equity as of December 31, 2013 of $5.4 billion and total capital of $7.6 billion, the combined Endurance and Aspen will have a significantly enhanced capital position, which will allow the combined company to more meaningfully pursue growth opportunities and better withstand volatility. We also believe the added diversification of the business has the potential to create capital efficiencies. Through the unique combination of our businesses we also believe this added diversification, significantly increased size, as well as the combined strength of reserves and investments from both companies, will be viewed favorably by rating agencies.
Reflecting my own deep conviction about the future of Endurance and the benefits of the combination, I will purchase $25 million of Endurance common shares in connection with this transaction in addition to the $30 million of personal capital I have already invested in Endurance.

Our Approach to the Transaction

This transaction is not only highly beneficial to Aspen’s shareholders, but also to Aspen’s employees, customers, brokers and other constituencies. In this regard, we have developed what we believe is a constructive set of guiding principles for a transaction with Aspen:

Aspen’s team is crucial to the success of the combined company: The retention of key members of the Aspen management team, underwriters and employees will be critical to the success of the combined business.

The entrepreneurial cultures of our two companies will blend together well, yielding a combined entity that is strongly positioned to address changes facing the markets in which we operate. Aspen’s collaborative, teamwork-oriented culture will integrate seamlessly with Endurance’s collegial environment. Within the past year, many talented and experienced people in the industry have chosen to join Endurance in light of their enthusiasm for our business plan and strategic vision.

Respect for Aspen’s franchise and deep customer relationships: We have great respect for the Aspen franchise and its relationships with its key customers, as reflected in the purchase price we are willing to pay. As a result, we envision working together to enhance the combined company’s customer and broker relations.

The execution of this transaction will enhance the strengths of each company: The planning of the integration of overlapping areas will be well executed, sensitive to all views and issues, and will draw and build upon the strengths of each organization. It is our intention to maintain the headquarters of the combined company in Bermuda, with a significant presence in London, New York and other key markets.
Next Steps

As would be the case in any M&A transaction, consummation of the transaction is subject to completion of customary due diligence, execution of a definitive merger agreement and receipt of required shareholder and regulatory approvals. We are confident that all required regulatory approvals will be obtained on a timely basis.

We propose working in parallel on definitive documents and our mutual due diligence review in order to enter into a transaction expeditiously. We are prepared to enter into a mutual non-disclosure agreement, deliver to you a draft merger agreement and commence due diligence immediately. In light of the significant ownership that your shareholders will have in the combined company, we are prepared for you and your advisors to also perform customary due diligence on Endurance. Our financial advisors at Morgan Stanley & Co. LLC and Jefferies LLC, and our legal advisors at Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and ASW Law Limited, stand ready to coordinate with your advisors on next steps.

We look forward to commencing constructive discussions with Aspen regarding our proposal in the coming days.

Yours sincerely,

John R. Charman
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Endurance Specialty Holdings Ltd.


Update 2.05pm: Aspen said that after “careful evaluation with the assistance of its financial and legal advisors” their Board of Directors “unanimously determined to reject an unsolicited proposal” from Endurance.

Glyn Jones, Chairman of the Board of Directors, said: “After careful review and deliberation, the Board of Directors unanimously determined that Endurance’s proposal is not in the best interests of Aspen or its shareholders. Endurance’s ill-conceived proposal undervalues our company, represents a strategic mismatch, carries significant execution risk, and would result in substantial dis-synergies. Furthermore, most of the consideration to Aspen shareholders would be in a stock that would reflect these problems.

“Aspen has a proven track record of performance and a clear strategy to increase shareholder value. Endurance has a mixed operating track record, new leadership, an unproven strategy, and no experience with large acquisitions. Moreover, this transaction would be highly disruptive to Aspen’s corporate culture, which has proven to be a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace.”

Below is a letter that Aspen made publuc today, saying it was “previously sent to Endurance’s Board of Directors rejecting the same proposal that Endurance made public today”

The full letter from Aspen follows below:

Dear Members of the Board:

The Board of Directors of Aspen Insurance Holdings Limited has received your letter of 3 April 2014.

Your most recent letter does not add to the information the Aspen Board had when we thoroughly considered your 18 February 2014 letter and unanimously concluded that the possible acquisition of Aspen by Endurance was not in the best interests of Aspen or its stockholders and that we did not wish to pursue the matter further. The Aspen Board continues to have no interest in pursuing the matter further.

As was the case with your prior letters, we find your most recent letter to be based on uninformed and unsubstantiated assertions and assumptions about alleged benefits of the combination that do not stand up to analysis. The Aspen Board has concluded that Aspen will be able to create superior value for our stockholders based on our standalone plan. Aspen has a long history of value creation for its stockholders and has a clearly articulated growth strategy for delivering value to its stockholders going forward. We have built a diversified business with a strong balance sheet, proven management team and disciplined risk management, and are confident that continued execution of our strategy provides value far in excess of what you have suggested in the letter. The levers that we have available to achieve our ROE goals are clear and well-understood by the market and you have clearly misrepresented our 10% ROE guidance for 2014 as our long-term goal. We are confident we will be able to deliver superior growth by following our plan.

As part of our review, we have evaluated Endurance’s business mix, market presence, quality of earnings, earnings outlook and management culture, all of which we found to be either unattractive or incompatible with Aspen’s strategy. With respect to business mix, Endurance is over-concentrated in crop insurance, a business which is troubled, low margin, recently volatile and exposed to major risks. The other insurance businesses are nascent and have not demonstrated progress. Endurance’s continued well-publicized antipathy for Lloyd’s is inconsistent with Aspen’s business model, as our Lloyd’s syndicate is one of the most dynamic parts of our insurance franchise and a top quartile performer amongst Lloyd’s syndicates. Aspen has a strong and well-regarded reinsurance business with a clearly defined strategy for addressing the changes in market dynamics while, in contrast, Endurance is hesitant and uncertain about the industry. Furthermore, as analysts have pointed out, Endurance’s earnings in recent years have been disproportionately driven by reserve releases (a trend that accelerated at year-end 2013) and the path for future earnings is unclear.

Any combination with Endurance’s centralized, top-down management model, as compared to our collaborative, teamwork-oriented culture, would result in extreme personnel disruption and loss of attractive business. It is worth noting that our company is in significant litigation due to your orchestrated poaching of Aspen employees and clear breaches of fiduciary and other duties arising from this. The dis-synergies from the transaction you propose, including loss of business and personnel, combined with Endurance’s unappealing business mix, earnings track record and incompatible culture, make the combination unattractive, particularly in contrast to what Aspen expects to achieve by following our standalone plan.

In addition, your letter poses significant risks and uncertainties, including (1) Endurance’s due diligence of Aspen, (2) due diligence of Aspen by your financing sources, (3) your ability to raise the necessary funds, even the most general terms and amounts of which are omitted from your letter (we note in this regard that one of the financing sources from your prior letter is no longer included, and CVC’s commitment is no longer described as “equity”), (4) your ability to secure all required regulatory approvals and (5) importantly, approval of your own stockholders.

The foundation of Aspen’s business is our client relationship franchise, and our people are our most valuable assets. The uncertainty and distraction that would result from pursuing what your letter proposes would be destructive of value for our company and our stockholders. Your “proposal” is merely the request for a one-way option to start an investigation of our company and later decide if you wish to pursue a transaction. The Aspen Board is vehemently opposed to the hostile attempt of Endurance to address its business problems at the expense of Aspen and its stockholders and to your potential effort to destabilise a key competitor.

For the reasons outlined above, we are not interested in pursuing what your letter proposes and do not believe that any purpose would be served by meeting with you or your advisors.


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