Dodwell, Minister Respond On Derrick Green

July 22, 2014

[Updated w/PLP response] Both the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] Chairman David Dodwell and Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell have responded to the news that Derrick Green worked on tourism matters, saying that Mr. Green was hired by Cosmic Ltd., not the BTA.

According to Mr. Dodwell, Cosmic was hired — at a cost of $80,000 — to provide a casino gaming education program, and Mr. Greene “was employed by Cosmic and BTA had no role in his employment agreement….”

Mr. Green is an American political consultant who was employed by the OBA leading up to the election, and he was also one of the two signatories on the account that received the $350,000 in the “JetGate” affair. 

The matter was investigated by Thad Hollis, who recently released his report into the matter, and has just resigned as OBA Chairman.

Mr. Green and Minister Crockwell walking into the OBA emergency meeting in May 2014:

Derrick Green Shawn Crockwell

Earlier today, Shadow Finance Minister David Burt said: “The revelation that OBA political consultant Derrick Green has been linked to lucrative contracts with the Bermuda Tourism Authority should concern all Bermudians,” Shadow Finance Minister David Burt said.

“Considering Mr. Green has no experience with tourism and is the former college roommate of Tourism Minister Shawn Crockwell, the news that Green has pocketed thousands of taxpayer dollars is even more disturbing.

Mr, Burt added, “Minister Crockwell has refused to answer questions, refused to be held accountable for his involvement in the JetGate scandal, and now finds himself wrapped up in what appears to be yet another OBA friends and family scheme.

This has actually been brought up in the House of Assembly on multiple occasions, with Shadow Tourism Minister Zane DeSilva having asked the Minister to provide information about the relationship between the BTA, Cosmic Consultants and Green Associates.

Mr. Dodwell’s full statement follows below:

On January 13, 2014, the BTA entered into an agreement with Cosmic LTD to provide a casino gaming education program in concert with the Ministry of Transport and Tourism. The scope of the agreement was for a limited time of six weeks and entailed the following objectives:

  • Provide facts to Bermudians concerning the economic impact of casino gaming
  • Allow Bermudians to have a voice in how casino gaming should be structured
  • Make the public aware of the benefits of casino gaming

The tactics used by Cosmic included: gathering and distilling extensive research on the subject, developing a PowerPoint presentation and other collateral materials, helping conduct town hall meetings, outreaching to social service providers, conducting news events, and executing on social media and public relations efforts. All of these tactics were in support of better educating Bermudians concerning the future of gaming on the island.

The cost for these services as quoted by Cosmic was for $80,000. These expenses had been previously budgeted and approved by the management committee overseeing the transition between the former Bermuda Department of Tourism and the new BTA. The BTA was not officially in existence at the time of the contract execution and BTA management staff was not involved in hiring Cosmic.

It should be further noted that Derrick Greene was never awarded any contract by the BTA and that Mr. Greene was not, and is not, a consultant to the BTA. Mr. Greene was employed by Cosmic and BTA had no role in his employment agreement with Cosmic.”

The full statement from Government is below:

The Minister of Tourism Development and Transport, the Hon. Shawn Crockwell, JP, MP, provided the following response regarding today’s reports about the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] and Cosmic Ltd.

And Minister Crockwell this evening strongly refuted allegations being suggested by the Opposition regarding anything improper on his behalf.

Minister Crockwell said, “The BTA has provided a very comprehensive assessment regarding the work conducted by Cosmic Ltd. And I think it is very important to stress that at no time was I involved in the hiring and/or retention of the advertising firm Cosmic Ltd.

“Furthermore, I think it is very important to note that the BTA has never contracted any work to Mr. Derrick Green. In fact the BTA has clarified that any services for them were undertaken by Cosmic Ltd.

The public should be aware that Cosmic Ltd. is a reputable business, and one that has done quality work throughout Bermuda on numerous public awareness campaigns.”

Regarding the Opposition’s assertions of anything improper regarding he and Mr. Green, Minister Crockwell dismissed the inference noting that while Mr. Green attended the same university, at no point was Mr. Green a roommate of the Minister. Furthermore as it relates to the Washington DC trip, the Minister stressed that he has been “nothing but forthright and forthcoming on this matter”.

The Minister concluded, “Once again, the Opposition has spoken irresponsibly without the benefit of the full facts. And to suggest anything improper regarding my relationship with Mr. Green is extremely careless. I take great issue with such inaccurate inferences which only serve to unnecessarily sensationalize the matter.”

Update July 23, 8.43am: Shadow Minister of Finance David Burt said, “The Tourism Minister must think that Bermudians are stupid given his inadequate and evasive response to serious questions surrounding the granting of lucrative contracts to his good friend Mr. Derrick Green.

“The OBA promised that the Bermuda Tourism Authority would take the politics out of tourism, but it seems that politics has been replaced with OBA secrecy, lack of accountability, political cronyism‎, and potential corruption.

“It is a matter of public record that OBA consultant Green was hired by Cosmic to work on a contract provided by the BTA. Yet Minister Crockwell omitted this fact in his response in a feeble attempt to downplay the fact that Bermudian tax payer dollars were indeed funneled into the hands of Mr. Green.

“After months of parliamentary and media questions, Minister Crockwell continues this pattern of deceit‎. It is time for Minister Crockwell to stop deflecting and start answering legitimate questions as to how taxpayer funds ended up in the pockets of his college friend and OBA political consultant Derrick Green who has no tourism experience. ”

Update July 23, 10.53am: Sean Collier of Cosmic said, “I am in agreement with what the BTA has stated, and will continue to drive Cosmic to provide professional advertising and communication materials, as that is the line of our business, and what we are focused on.”

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  1. Here comes the truth. Why does the PLP always put out blatant inaccuracies? This happens over and over with this party. Yes the OBA have their problems but trying to hurt and discredit people for political points is simply wrong.

    • Kunta says:

      Did you feel like that with the P.L.P and Dr. Brown?
      Karma is a B—

      • haha says:

        you’re a *****!

        • Bettty Trump says:

          The entire truth has not been told, that is why Mr. Hollis has stepped down ! Let the truth come forward !

          • X man says:

            The big question is — were did the money go ? – did somebody buy Boat or something or was it shared up between a few. — Joe Public want’s to know.- one thing for sure this will carry to the next election and the biggest help is
            going to come from the OBA – especially if they cannot find out were the money went.
            To the common man it looks like Premier Dunkley is the Captain of a sinking ship.

    • Catalyst says:

      Travis – you are so naive if you think that Crockwell and FAhy and friends had no say in having Green at Cosmic. Cosmic is run by squeaky clean Collier, so I am positive he only accepted Green cuz he came with the $80k contract – which in his business for 8 weeks work is not something to pass up.

      Believe me, Collier did not go out and miraculously hire Green as a Consultant on this project. Further, as Cosmic has no track record in this space, someone wanted Cosmic to have this contract and merely placed Green there to “help him along”.

    • X man says:

      Welcome to the World of Politic’s in Bermuda Travis.– we don’t have a Putin style Govt. were your
      political adversary’s are given a high Radiation shot to silence them .- by now you should know that it’s an
      all out war between both Political Party’s – but it seems that hear lately the OBA may be beating up itself.

  2. LMAO fi reel says:

    I don’t believe Dodwell nor Crockwell!

    They are both knee deep up with the BDA UBP MERGER into the OBA. I wonder how much Dodwell knew about the funds for the grassroots politicking campaign?

    Let Dodwell tell us about what he knows. THey are all bedfellows and now the truth must be known about it all

    • Bermy says:

      I personally doubt Dodwell knew anything about the money and jetgate.

      It’s these founding BDA members you have to watch out for, they quit the UBP as they didn’t like how the party was being run. Cannonier. Crockwell and Fahy!! The irony is that they are the dodgy members of the OBA, not the ex hardcore UBP members.

  3. Then if possible Minister Shawn Crockwell,(and others) sue them that are insinuating you’re responsible for any wrong doings! There has been / is far too much bull-crap coming from the other side of “The House” e.g. the Opposition Progressive Labour Party!!!

    • Time Shall Tell says:

      I don’t see any threats of suing, what I do see is a lot of running & ducking for cover like roaches when the light has been turned on. So there must be some validity to the accusations even after initial denial, if the issue wasn’t pushed by the PLP then much that has been revealed would still be hidden. I also see reports with clear statements revealing that there’s even more shady business going on then what has been exposed thus far.

  4. truth be told says:

    Derrick Green needs to be put on the next plane smokin’
    Do the right thing Crockwell and say bye bye to him.

  5. Hurricane says:

    Travis, what makes this “the truth”? SMH

  6. OnionSeed says:

    Are you kidding me ? This guy just left Vasco Da Gama and walks in your office with another company and takes a paycheck. Are you really wearing dark shades with your eyes shut in the night time to not know that this guy was a consultant for the OBA.

    Please ??? What truth are you looking at.

    • Thelma Foster says:

      the FISH maybe A SHARK will save you

  7. Kunta says:

    I ain’t trusted Crockwell since he tried ripping off de Courts, I tried to give him de benefit of de doubt but he’s just about used up all his “get out of jail free card” no pun intended.

    • coolieh says:

      To the PLP from a former supporter:

      There is something very sinister about “behavior” under the new leadership. Unfortunately, I have to point out the bad behavior, particularly mean spirited discourse by PLP politicians, only results in worse discourse by the general public; and therefore the younger generation. Race baiting at all cost is not acceptable for any side… Except for continuous chaos, what is the new leadership’s philosophy? How can they ever be trusted to operate “above board”?

      I’m really ashamed of the PLP’s behavior over the past months. Personal attacks and innuendo (half truths) as you see in this article, ARE the worse form of leadership. Making accusations where this is no fire or evidence; and worse before any facts are known is reckless. The Terry Lister attack was most shameful! I can only imagine how the founding fathers of the PLP would view the party! Frankly, they are acting like children (no thought or substance) and NOW refuse to show up for work? If I refused to go to work because I didn’t like what the boss said, I’d be fired! (and particularly if I tried to blame my boss for the issue). Crazy!

      Not a statesman with integrity left! Few God fearing either by the way they behave and misrepresent facts! What a shame! Joke!

      Blinded by money and power – no longer are they concerned for the welfare of all Bermuda, just themselves. Don’t mention their screw ups in their last 7 years as government… Yet, they accept NO responsibility and don’t mention or focus on the gravity of Bermuda’s financial status. Lost me then and are continuing the same…

      God help our small nation!


      • seriously says:

        That is why its called Politricks.

        So if the youth listen to good music. It talks about how the government and politicans trying to corrupt the ghetto youth.

        So yes I agree the constant battling back and forth does not look good or sound good. But kids also know what happens in the dark always comes out in the light.

      • Hurricane says:

        @ coolieh, are you serious; David Dodwell & Shawn Crockwell come out with statements and they are to be taken as GOSPEL. I mean, really, what rock you been living under?

      • Kunta says:

        So you say your a former supporter of de P.L.P, you ranted about de P.L.P, and wrote a THESIS about de P.L.P and not ONCE mentioned any of de BULL S— that this O.B.A/ubp GOVERNMENT is experiencing, you must be one of de SURROGATES that was on de payroll for de Grass Roots Scandal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • JustAskin2 says:

        Interesting read. If we take out the PLP, dates and the second paragraph, doesn’t it seem like we are reading about the OBA? If what I have been reading over the past 18 months is correct, this description appears to fit OBA to a tee.

  8. Rockfish#1 says:

    Minister Crockwell,

    Did you encourage Cosmic Ltd to hire your friend Derrick Green after they were retained by the BTA?

    • Kunta says:

      Can we say this is a classic example of Friends and Family !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      This is a Total Disgrace, Pathetic, Disgusting, Absurd, Illogical, Embarrassment, Condescending, Conniving, help um running out of words.

      • Kangoocar says:

        @kunt.a, let me help you with some more words, how about this classic example of friends and family, EB was good friends with the dude that headed up that sham of an ( foreign ) advertising agency global hue, Infact I think they were school friends as well, ( imagine that??) and low and behold we were spending a heck of a lot more $$$ on them with declining visitors than we have now with the TMA who with less $$$$ are bringing in more tourists??? Hopefully I have given you a reason to come up with more words????

        • Hurricane says:

          @ Kangoocar, let me help you with some words and maybe you’ll be able to move forward. EB in no longer in politics. LET IT GO!

        • Hurricane says:

          @ Kangoocar, let me help you with some words that may help you to move forward. “EB is no longer in politics”. GET OVER IT

        • Kunta says:

          @ Kangoocar, Scotland Yard already investigated P.L.P, O.B.A/ubp are being investigated by de Bermuda Police, well not Scotland Yard but its a start.

    • flikel says:

      Also, since Green has no experience with tourism or casino gaming, how did he even get the job? How was he given a work permit and was this position advertised?

      Why would Cosmic reach out to and hire Green, considering his lack of experience on the subject matter?

      Technically, Green may not have been hired by the BTA, but to suggest the Minister had nothing to do with him being hired by Cosmic is ludicrous.

      • Hmmm says:

        Huge experience with campaign management perhaps. Being that it was a casino education campaign. Just guessing.

        • LOLOLOLOLOLOL says:

          You do know that Cosmic is a design agency not a consultancy firm?

    • Evie says:

      Shawn Crockwell no one believes a word you say. the truth in not in you hahahahaha SMDH

    • I C U says:

      Rockfish, the man was the roommate of Shawn Crockwell!!!! What a coincidence!!! SHAWN CROCKWELL, NO ONE IS LISTENING OR BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SAY! .I saw this coming!!!

      • JustAskin2 says:

        Looks like no one is trusting or believing anything that Dunkley and Fahy are saying either. One thing I have to give them… They seem to be absolutely amazing at omitting facts and sculpting the truth to suit their own purposes. Same old UBP, different name.

  9. Dreary says:

    Dunkley,Pamplin,Scott and Gibbons vs Desilva,a Burgess,Bean and Roban . Who do you think can do better for us Bermudians?

    • truth be told says:

      even I could do better than ANY of them…….
      and I know more about Tourism than the lot of them together!

    • WAW says:

      drop wayne scott. all he is doing is promoting himself…

    • JustAskin2 says:

      Not Dunkley or Gibbons, don’t know about Scott or Pamplin. Dunkley and Gibbons have a previous track record with the arrogant UBP which as I recall was booted out.

  10. Independent Thinker says:

    Let’s see: old college roommate gets contract to assist with election. He has no experience with tourism or gaming. Cosmic gets a contract for tourism. Did it go out to tender? Who is behind the company? Regardless, Green gets hired to do something outside of his remit. Did he have a work permit? Did Fahy push that through? He gets paid money from BTA. The BTA won’t say how much they pay their top brass, but they are quick to give a number on Green who is being dismissed now that he is embroiled in allegations of scandal and dare I say corruption. What am I missing?

  11. Concerned Citizen says:

    Crockwell, in his usual way, is here again! He is the one constant in all this mess, yet he is the first to deny everything and claim innocence. He is the last person in the OBA right now that I would trust. Please resign from politics Mr. Crockwell, and try and salvage a law career. BTW, since you NOW feel to tell us about Cosmics 80,000, care to tell us where the rest of our money is being spent?

  12. JB says:

    Did we forget about the Faith based tourism debacle created by the Opposition? Those contracts were worth many times more than Green’s cut of the Cosmic contract.

    • Impressive says:

      ummm hello,, its 2014 and there is a issue in front of us at the moment,, So are you saying that because of the issue you mentioned above, that the present issue shouldnt not be discussed,, cool,, bless

  13. Patrice Dillas says:

    Apparently there are several sides to a story. What would Minister Crockwell and Dodwell gain from lying about this issue? Cosmic is free to hire who they want to hire. We are playing a dangerous game when we start wanting to know what private companies do and why. Who on here knows what Derrick Greens experience is?

    There are statements regarding Greens lack of experiences. What is the bases for this assumption? It is apparent that the opposition is pulling at nothing here. My sincere concern is that talented oversea professionals will think twice prior to investing, assisting, and/or donating to Bermuda. What exactly are we trying to prove again? Bermuda has battled with understanding that Bermuda needs the outside world to survive. PLP and OBA have both utilized overseas professionals for certain things.

    The only thing we can infer is that the OBA is politically immature and has some serious issues within. I still have not seen any evidence or proof of any illegal wrong doing. To sit around and assume that Crockwell and Dodwell are concocting some crazy plan to trick Bermuda is insulting to the Bermudian people.

    This entire situation is an embarrassment to progressive minds and frankly is merely propaganda meant to divide a nation at a time when it needs to come together. We are talking about private funds, private accounts, private investors and a developer that did not even apply to develop in Bermuda. What does this have to do with the public? Cosmic is a private company that can hire whom ever they want to.

    I love the art of networking and Bermuda is far to small to be ranting on and on about a friends and family plan. We are all friends and family! Get over this and move on… If you network your way and prove your abilities then why should that stop you from obtaining work in this country?

  14. ….Surely you jest. says:

    Really Crock ? Cm’on man…..really ? Cosmic just happened to stumble on your buddy from school days, your paid election consultant and he ends up working on a project under your ministry? People be not persuaded, questions remain:

    1. How did Cosmic get the contract in the first place?
    2. How did they come to engage Derrick Green?
    3. How much was Derrick Green paid ?
    4. Having been engaged to “Provide facts to Bermudians concerning the economic impact of casino gaming
    Allow Bermudians to have a voice in how casino gaming should be structured and to
    Make the public aware of the benefits of casino gaming” and having NOT done any of that, how much has Cosmic refunded of the $80k they were paid?

    For months these questions have been asked in the House and the Minister refused to answer and NOW its all harmless and misunderstood. Really Crock ? Really ?

    • Hurricane says:

      @Surely in jest………well put. I hope Patrice Dillas gives a read.

  15. Jarvis Trott says:

    Cosmic is a design agency. They do not do PR. They have zero capability in the areas listed for the casino gaming program. They were clearly told to hire Derrick Green. There are many, many Bermudians who could have done this job. Cosmic should have hired one of them.

  16. Coffee says:

    Once again, the Opposition has spoken irresponsibly without the benefit of the full facts. Wow … Wow , who are the principles behind Cosmic ?

    Resign Shawn , only because YOU seem to be the central figure in this sordid experience Bermudas reputation is being battered for .

  17. Triangle Drifter says:

    There you have it. There are some who will not believe no matter what evidence is presented to them. To repackage it in any form is a waste of time & effort.

    They will believe what they want to believe or what they are told to believe.

    Sad really.

    • I C U says:

      AND YOU ARE ONE OF THEM!!!!HAHAHA What a hypocrite!!!!

  18. desmond says:

    Minister u hve just contradicted wat u sad. The tourist authority acts as it own entity n tht it contracts n figures r not to b made public. Well thee is another lie cause u just made this public so everthing n every cent should b made public. We r not fools Plse stop d lies. We need a general electio yesterday

  19. Coffee says:

    Resign Shawn , only because YOU seem to be the central figure in this sordid experience Bermudas reputation is being battered for .

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      While he may not have done enough to warrant resignation as an MP, he sure should consider tendering his resignation as Tourism Minister, even if the the BTA are taking over many of the roles formally done by a Tourism Minister.

      What he has or has not done does not hold a candle to the antics of the former PLP Minister of Tourism, people are expecting much more from the OBA which do not include questionable relations with former school friends.

      We had enough of that.

      • Coffee says:

        The field of OBA apologist is shrinking very fast . Catch the drift , the gulf stream is going against you !

  20. cromwell says:

    If this is true it more than looks like the casino gambling program and draft legislation was part of a organized propaganda program (possible deception)to sell casinos to the Bermuda voters.

    Mr. Green his American clients and friends now seem to have compromised and damaged the Bermuda political party system (PLP & OBA) both locally and internationally.

    Who knows how long this has been going on with whom behind the scenes.

    This has tainted all the gambling debate and the political process presenting and developing the legislation which the OBA was going to table in November.

    The bill and further movement to casino gambling should now be abandoned before the scandal encompasses both parties and individuals at a much deeper and destructive level.

    On of the reasons historically Bermuda did not develop casinos was the organized crime and corruption that goes with gambling.

    Its impossible to stay clean when you are playing with all those covered in the mud and stink.

    Pursuit of casinos are not worth the political, social and economic costs to the country.

  21. Chris Famous says:

    So how he get hired unless he had a work permit approved by Fahy?

    • flikel says:

      I never recall seeing this position advertised. So, how did he get the work permit?

      Technically, he was not employed by the BTA, but I am sure the Minister Crockwell had something to do with him getting this position and securing a work permit, without the position being advertised.

  22. Bettty Trump says:

    I expected more from the OBAubp, Transparency, honesty and openness seems only to be buzz words, but no real evidence of it by this party.

    • truth be told says:

      there is no such thing as the OBAubp,
      this only exists in your perverted and tiny mind!

      • X man says:

        The word UBP/OBA is used because of the majority of People who were once UBP went over
        on to the OBA to rebuild it as a more powerful Political Party.– many PLP voters went to the OBA too!
        but Betty prefers to use such a title because it simply irritates the OBA base.

        • Rockfish#1 says:

          That may or may not be true. However, this is a very serious matter, and should not be trivialized by the desire to irritate anyone just for the hell of it.

          This matter must be sorted out as soon as possible so that we can ALL move on!

    • somuchless says:

      I was hoping you was gone to no point of return and out of the blue you show up. I just can’t win.!

    • I C U says:

      Yeah, Transparent and accountable ONLY if caught!!! Transparency and accountability to WHOM?? The OBA? DEFINITELY NOT THE PEOPLE!!!!

    • Joonya says:

      Let me ask you Betty… did you expect the same from PLP when in power? Probably not because you were one of them… hmmmmm

  23. Smh says:

    Lol @ all OBA supporters you all talk about the PLP’s 14yrs as Govt ok kool, what about your UBP Govt of 33yrs that you all supported first?

  24. Need Peace says:

    @Triangle Drifter – even from JetGate you couldn’t see the full picture. You’re still making excuses as the plot thickens. Stop drifting for a while and let reality set in. It goes much deeper! Hang on!

  25. Bermy says:

    Can someone help me? I think these points should be clarified

    Did Cosmic specifically hire Green for the BTA contract, or was he already working for Cosmic way before they got the BTA contract?

    Did Green actually specifically work on the tourism project? If so, did he work on his own or in a team of consultants working for Cosmic?

    If he was working on the tourism project, how much of the $80,000 did he get, or is he paid an annual salary by Cosmic?

    The 2 main points though are
    1) how long has Green been working for Cosmic?
    2) when did Cosmic get awarded the contract?

  26. lifetime says:

    Let the implosion begin.

  27. flikel says:

    “Mr. Green was employed by Cosmic and BTA had no role in his employment agreement with Cosmic.”

    So, are we to believe it is pure coincidence the Minister’s college buddy and OBA consultant secured employment with Cosmic’s Bermuda Tourism Authority contract …without any experience in tourism, without any experience in casino gaming, was able to obtain a work permit without the position being advertised…all without any intervention, interference or help from the Minister of Tourism?

    Technically this quote is true as technically the Minister is separate from the BTA, but it is obvious the Minister helped out his college buddy.

    • Starting point says:

      I tend to agree, Politicians need to be very careful when they engage with close associates, difficult given Bermuda size but they still need to be aware. Similar to when Brown gave Mark Charley (think that is the guys name) money though Mirrors, just to close for comfort, hated it then and hate it now.

  28. JustAskin2 says:

    Well OBA, you wanted the job, welcome to the real. I’m reminded of a wonderful line from the moving ‘Death Becomes Her’ — “You’re in the [crap]house now, pal!”