Photos & Video: Premier’s Cup Match Reception

July 29, 2014

Premier Michael Dunkley took the time to welcome the 2014 Cup Match teams at Camden yesterday [July 28], ahead of the upcoming Cup Match Cricket Classic.

The Somerset Cricket Club 2014 Cup Match team will include Jekon Edness [Captain], Malachi Jones [Vice-Captain], Tre Manders, Deunte Darrell [Recalled], Janeiro Tucker, Jordan DeSilva [Recalled], Terryn Fray, Jacobi Robinson, Chris Douglas, Greg Maybury, and Derek Brangman.

The Somerset reserves will include Justin Corday, Justin Donawa, and Kamal Bashir.

The St. George’s Cricket Club 2014 Cup Match team will include Oronde Bascome [Captain], Rodney Trott [Vice-Captain], Oliver ‘OJ’ Pitcher Jr, Lionel Cann, Fiqre Crockwell [Recalled], George O’Brien [Recalled], Jason Anderson [Recalled], Kyle Hodsoll [Recalled], Lateef Trott, Shannon Raynor [Colt], and Delray Rawlins [Colt].

The St. George’s reserves will include Onias Bascome, Macai Simmons, Charles ‘CJ’ Marshall III, and Nzari Paynter [Junior Reserve].

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  1. Fruity says:

    Michael Dunkley is clearly a joker!! Hmm :) poor western soul & Godpa Hudsy… I love ya but sooo not seeing eye to eye with you – LOL.



  2. Nikki says:

    Someone please explain to me what the selection process entails & what are the requirements to be a Captain….b/c surely you DO NOT have to be playing cricket all season or live on the island for that matter….just asking?!?!

  3. Enough says:

    At what point did Cup Match start being referred to as The Cup Match Classic?? There is only one ‘Classic’ on the island as it has been called from day one…….

  4. Triangle Drifter says:

    A blazer, red shorts, tie, knee socks & a baseball hat. What were the shoes? Docksiders I hope. Maybe pennyloafers. It was somewhat a formal affair.

    Only in Bermuda can a Premier carry that attire off.